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150+ Husky Dog Names – Perfect Siberian & Alaskan Husky Names!

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Husky dog names

Husky dogs have a very unique and beautiful appearance that makes anyone who sees them immediately recognize them. Therefore, if you have this kind of dog, we have good news for you because we have made a list of the best Husky dog names, so you can choose the perfect one for your pet.

It’s true that there are many breeds of huskies, but they all are called this way because of the geography where they are from and the characteristics that make them similar.

Also, most of them were originally sled dogs that became pets over the years.

Husky dogs don’t only have expressive blue eyes and a gorgeous black and white coat, but also a personality that combines sweetness and strength, so the reasons why they are so loved are obvious.

Therefore, we have had many sources to take inspiration from, and have finally come out with a long list of names for your husky dog, and some categories with special suggestions, so you can pick easily the perfect name for your dog. Let’s start then!

Nature-Inspired Husky Names

These dogs can endure the toughest climates and conditions, so it’s not a surprise that we have taken this fact to find names inspired by nature.

Therefore, you can name your dog “Storm” or “Blizzard” to show how powerful and strong they are.

If you have a female dog, then you must consider this name: Winter. It sounds adorable and accurate for it since it must love this season because of the cold weather. Also, you can perfectly picture the image of any husky dog with this name, right?

Next, we have the name Nova that refers to a star that increases its light. So, this name is perfect for female husky dogs because they have many striking traits that make them stand out from other breeds.

Finally, we think that Wolf is also another good name since husky dogs have many resemblances to this animal.

List of Husky Dog Names

Here are several options of husky dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ace
    Expert, master.
  • Alaska
    A state in the northwestern United States.
  • Alpha
    A dominant person.
  • Alpine
    High mountain areas.
  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Nikolaevna, a grand duchess in Russia.
  • Artemis
    The daughter of Zeus and Leto in Greek mythology.
  • Aspen
    The home rule municipality of Pitkin County, Colorado, United States.
  • Ava
    Life in Latin.
  • Avalanche
  • Axel
    A jump performed by an ice skater.
  • Ayla
    A feminine Turkish name.
  • Baloo
    A main character featured in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.
  • Balto
    A Siberian Husky sled dog who led the team to bring serum to stop a diphtheria epidemic.
  • Bandit
    Robber, raider.
  • Banshee
    A female spirit in Irish legend.
  • Banzai
    Long life in traditional Japanese.
  • Bear
    A big strong carnivorian mammal.
  • Beau
    Dandy, gallant.
  • Bella
    Beautiful in Spanish.
  • Bianca
    A popular Italian name.
  • Blaze
    A large burning fire.
  • Blizzard
  • Blue
    Of a color intermediate between violet and green.
  • Bolt
    To move suddenly or rapidly.
  • Bond
    Join, connect.
  • Bones
    Forms the skeleton of the body.
  • Bravo
    A word to express pleasure.
  • Brisket
    Meat cut from a cow's breast.
  • Bullet
    A small elongated missile.
  • Bumper
  • Burger
  • Caesar
    A name used by Roman emperors.
  • Carlton
    A common man in Old English.
  • Casanova
    A charming man.
  • Chalupa
    A fried boat-shaped tortilla.
  • Chase
    Pursue, hunt.
  • Cheese
    A food made from curds of milk.
  • Cheyenne
    The capital city of the U.S. state of Wyoming.
  • Chief
    Chieftain, headman.
  • Cinder
  • Cirrus
    A kind of cloud.
  • Cooper
    A repairer.
  • Cujo
    Unstoppable force in ancient Indian.
  • Dallas
    A city in Texas.
  • Danger
    Hazard, risk.
  • Dante
    An Italian poet.
  • Dash
    Sprint, run, race.
  • Denali
    The highest mountain peak in North America.
  • Dirk
    A short dagger used by Scottish Highlanders.
  • Dove
    A kind of bird.
  • Draco
    Dragon in Latin.
  • Duke
    A British nobleman.
  • Dusty
    Dirty, grimy.
  • Elena
    Light in Greek origin.
  • Fabio
    An Italian man every woman is in-love with.
  • Fang
    A sharp long tooth.
  • Fargo
    An American black comedy–crime drama TV series.
  • Foxtrot
    A ballroom dance.
  • Foxy
    Similar to a fox in appearance.
  • Fraya
    Lady in Norse mythology.
  • Gelo
    Ice in Portuguese.
  • Glacier
    Made of fallen snow.
  • Gracie
    Name for a graceful lady.
  • Grizz
    Grizzle, having white and dark hair mixed.
  • Guinness
    A popular beer brand.
  • Hawk
    A large bird.
  • Houdini
    Harry Houdini, an illusionist and stunt performer.
  • Huck
    Huckleberry, refers to several different plants from the Ericaceae family.
  • Hunter
    An animal or person that hunts.
  • Iggy
    Short word for Igloo.
  • Igloo
    A house made of blocks of snow.
  • Irina
    Peace in Greek origin.
  • Ivan
    A Russian soldier.
  • Jag
    Short for a Jaguar car.
  • January
    The first month of the year.
  • Jericho
    Ancient city of Palestine.
  • Jet
    An airplane powered by jet engines.
  • Kanut
    White Geese in Native Alaskan.
  • Kavik
    Wolverine in Native Alaskan.
  • Kayuh
    Mountain in Native Alaskan.
  • Kenai
    A city in Alaska.
  • Kima
    Candy in Native Alaskan.
  • Kylo
    A dark warrior in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Lily
    A type of flower.
  • Logan
    Wolverine's name in Marvel Comics' X-Men.
  • Lola
    A popular female name in Germany and Spain.
  • Lone Star
    To fail despite being acclaimed.
  • Maggie
    Pearl in English origin.
  • Magnum
    A wine bottle of double the standard size.
  • Mako
    A big fast-moving oceanic shark.
  • Malachi
    One of the twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament.
  • Malakai
    Messenger of God.
  • Marvel
    Miracle, wonder.
  • Max
    To the max.
  • Maya
    A 3D computer animation software.
  • Medea
    An enchantress in Greek mythology.
  • Meeko
    A raccoon in Disney's Pocahontas.
  • Miki
    Little in Native Alaskan.
  • Milkshake
    A cold drink made from milk.
  • Milo
    A chocolate and malt drink.
  • Moana
    The brave main character of Disney's Moana.
  • Molly
    Bitter in Hebrew origin.
  • Moose
    An Elk.
  • Mulan
    A young brave Chinese maiden in Disney's Mulan.
  • Nanook
    Cute in Native Alaskan.
  • Nanuq
    Polar Bear in Native Alaskan.
  • Nestle
    Snuggle, huddle.
  • Nitro
  • Nomad
  • Norman
    People of a group from northern France.
  • Nova
    A star that instantly increases its light.
  • Nukka
    Little Sister in Native Alaskan.
  • Oakley
    A popular sunglasses brand.
  • Odessa
    A girl version of Odysseus.
  • Oliver
    Olive tree in Latin origin.
  • Olly
    Elf warrior in German origin.
  • Orca
    A large tooth whale.
  • Otis
    Wealthy in German origin.
  • Parka
    A kind of jacket.
  • Pluto
    The god of the underworld in Greek origin.
  • Polar
  • Powder
    A dry substance made of fine particles.
  • Quake
    Quiver, shake.
  • Quinn
    Counsel in Gaelic origin.
  • Rain
  • Ranger
    A keeper of a forest.
  • Riot
    Rampage, uproar.
  • River
    A natural flowing watercourse.
  • Rocky
  • Ronnie
    Short for Veronica.
  • Rose
    A beautiful garden plant.
  • Roxy
    Short for roxicodone.
  • Rusty
    Rusted, tarnished.
  • Saber
    A long sword with a curved blade.
  • Saga
  • Sakari
    Sweet in Native Alaskan.
  • Sarabi
    Simba's mother in Disney's The Lion King.
  • Scruff
    The back of an animal's or person's neck.
  • Shila
    Flame in Native Alaskan.
  • Siberia
    A region of eastern and central Russia.
  • Sierra
    A long mountain chain.
  • Siku
    Ice in Native Alaskan.
  • Skittles
    A popular fruit-flavored candy.
  • Sky
    The upper atmosphere of the earth.
  • Slater
    A person who slates.
  • Slowpoke
    A person who moves slowly.
  • Smores
    A sweet campfire snack.
  • Sonya
    Wise in Greek origin.
  • Sophie
    Wisdom in Greek origin.
  • Storm
    A disturbance of the atmosphere with strong rain and winds, thunder, lightning, or snow.
  • Suka
    Fast in Native Alaskan.
  • Swag
    A modern word for cool.
  • Swift
    Prompt, rapid.
  • Tango
    A ballroom dance that originated in Buenos Aires.
  • Timber
  • Titan
    A large and powerful person.
  • Token
    A voucher or a docket.
  • Tucker
  • Turbo
    A turbocharger.
  • Uma
    Tranquillity in Sanskrit.
  • Vapor
    Mist, Spray.
  • Vertigo
  • Willow
    A willow tree.
  • Winter
    The coldest season of the year.
  • Wolf
    A wild carnivorous mammal of the canine family.
  • Wrangler
    Someone who handles animals professionally.
  • Wurst
    Austrian or German sausage.
  • Yaktag
    Cape in Native Alaskan.
  • Yeti
    A big hairy creature said to live in the highest part of the Himalayas.
  • Yuki
    Snow in Japanese.
  • Yukon
    A region in northwestern Canada.
  • Zara
    Seed in Hebrew.
  • Zeus
    The God of the Sky and Thunder in ancient Greek.
  • Zip
    Speed, hurry.
  • Zorro
    Fox in spanish.
  • Juliana
  • Lady

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Ice

Despite their tough appearance, Husky dogs are actually a very friendly and affectionate ancient basal breed. Huskies resist hypothermia as very few dogs do!

Based on that, Igloo can be a good alternative, because it shows that even they are built of snow and keep people warm.

Husky dogs are extremely athletic and agile, so a good name to give it is Axel. Do you have any idea what this word refers to? If you’re fond of ice skating, you will know that this is one of the oldest and most difficult jumps. This actually matches really well the physical capabilities of these dogs but remember that it is only for male ones.

To match the idea that husky dogs are used to traverse icy terrain, Glacier is another good name to give your dog, whether it if female or male.

Husky Names Inspired by Famous Characters

Is your female dog independent, loyal, and brave? Then, you must consider the name Mulan since those are the most outstanding characteristics of this heroin and princess.

Do you want to give your male dog the name of a dark character? Then, one option is Kylo, the major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise.

Then, you have Rocky, the iconic character played by Sylvester Stallone. This name is perfect for these dogs that are strong and have muscular bodies.

And what if you have a female dog? If she has a bold personality, a free spirit, and is fearless, you can choose Moana since this is the personality that this character has, too.

Finally, Logan, which the name of Wolverine, is the ideal name for male dogs that are fierce, loyal, and loving.

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Geography

Is your female dog an Alaskan Malamute or an Alaskan Husky? Then, the perfect name to give it is Alaska, since it has its origin there. We even have a list of Alaskan names for pups! The same if you have a female Siberian Husky. You can give it the name Siberia.

Those names above don’t seem innovative and charming to you? Then, what about Polar for your dog? This is an easy name to pronounce and is also very cute.

If you have a male dog, then another appealing option is Alpine. It’d be a great name for a big and tall dog like the St. Bernard. It’d be a superb name, because, on top of resembling a towering presence, it sounds soft and sweet enough, which is a top match for its personality.

Husky Dog Names that Show Dominance

Due to the fact that husky dogs often look imposing, Alpha is an excellent name idea for both female and male dogs because this term refers to the dominant dog in a pack.

Chief is another good Husky puppy name since it is a short and easy name to pronounce, and it has also a strong meaning. However, take into consideration that this name is for male dogs.

Ace is the perfect name to give your male dog that is skillful, smart, and it has outstanding capabilities. It means an expert or master.

Husky Dog Names Inspired by Foreign Languages

Since you must know that husky dogs adapt extremely well in cold weather, it would be a good idea to look for words related to that in other languages.

That is why we recommend the names Siku and Gelo. They both mean ice, and while the first one is in Native Alaskan and for both female and male dogs, the second one is in Portuguese and is only for male dogs.

Something similar occurs with Yuki which means snow in Japanese. While Sakari means sweet in Native Alaskan and is perfect for dogs that are playful, affectionate, and good companions for people of every age.

Husky dogs are also very intelligent and easy to train. So, Sophie would be the perfect name for female dogs that fit that description since it means wisdom in Greek.

names for huskies
You can choose a name for your husky that is related to cold weather.

Closing Down

Obviously, you want to give your husky a meaningful and attractive name. And we have provided you with many good ideas, but we’ve got many more dog names to choose from. Now you only have to shortlist your top five and choose the best among them.

Feel free to write in the comments section your opinions and the name you went for, because that will make us know that our guide has been helpful for you, and we would be very glad to read your responses!

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