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150+ Dachshund Dog Names – Perfect Puppy Name Ideas for Sausage Dogs

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best dachshund dog names

Do you have a Wiener dog at home? Then our list of Dachshund dog names will help you tremendously. We have collected the best Sausage Dog name ideas that relate to your unique pooch. Worry not, because today will be the day you find the perfect Dachie name for your new furry friend!

The Dachshund breed is known to be independent, lively, smart, and intrepid. Therefore, you’ll need a name as bold as its essence. And our list offers you exactly that! Instead of filling our list with generic names, you will find only relevant options.

Just read our list and use our guide to orientate yourself, so you can find the perfect name for your pet. If you want dozens of other categories, check out our Dog Name Center!

List of Dachshund Dog Names

Here are several options of dachshund dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abby
    Father is rejoicing.
  • Adelina
    Noble, and kind.
  • Aimee
    Dearly beloved.
  • Alicia
    Noble, and kind.
  • Allie
    The greatest.
  • Alysia
    Of noble kind.
  • Amado
  • Amisha
  • Amos
    Andy Warhol's Dachshund name.
  • Amy
  • Angel
  • Angus
    One choice.
  • Anissa
  • Antonia
    Beyond praise.
  • April
    To open in Latin.
  • Archie
  • Arlen
    Land with hares.
  • Armando
    Man in the army.
  • Arnold
    Powerful eagle.
  • Aron
  • Ashwin
    Of great wealth.
  • Astro
    Adventure lover.
  • Atom
    Indivisible in Greek.
  • August
    E.B. White's Dachshund name.
  • Axel
    Father of peace.
  • Badger
  • Bambi
    Little girl.
  • Barry
  • Basil
    Royal and kingly in Greek.
  • Bastian
  • Beau
    Handsome, admirer and sweetheart in French.
  • Bella
    Beautiful in Italian.
  • Bentley
  • Bernie
  • Beryl
  • Betsy
    God's promise.
  • Bijou
    Small, elegant, and simply beautiful.
  • Billy
    Will, desire, helmet, and protection.
  • Binky
    Field of Beans.
  • Biscuit
    Lves to eat.
  • Blackie
    Black creature.
  • Blaze
  • Bo
  • Bogey
    Bow strength.
  • Bonnie
  • Boodgie
    David Hockney's Dachshund name.
  • Boomer
    Sluice gate.
  • Boris
    A title common in Germany.
  • Boy
    Queen Victoria's Dachshund name.
  • Bram
    The father of many nations.
  • Brandy
    The beverage.
  • Brenda
  • Briley
    Briar wood.
  • Brodie
    Adventurous and always into something.
  • Brownie
    Moist chocolate cake with nuts.
  • Bruno
    Brown haired.
  • Bulle
    Jасԛuеѕ Cоuѕtеаu's Dachshund name.
  • Buster
    Andy's dog from Toy Story.
  • Carina
    Beloved or friend in German.
  • Carlo
    Free man in Spanish.
  • Cassie
    She who entangles men in Greek.
  • Cedric
    Bounty in Celtic.
  • Charlie
    John Wayne's Dachshund name.
  • Cilly
    Max Schmeling's Dachshund name.
  • Clyde
    Wayne Gretzky's Dachshund name.
  • Cody
    A helper in Irish.
  • Commissioner
    Carole & Clark Gable's Dachshund name.
  • Coral
    A wonderous coral reef.
  • Cyril
    Lordly and masterful in Greek.
  • Daisy
    Daisy Miller in Henry James' stories.
  • Darcy
  • Darwin
    Gifted friend.
  • Dash
    Mary Tyler Moore's Dachshund name.
  • Deckel
    John F. Kennedy's Dachshund name.
  • Dieter
    From Dieter's dance party.
  • Dolce
  • Dora
    Gift in Greek.
  • Dot
    Gift of God.
  • Doxie
    Common nickname for a Dachshund.
  • Dunker
    John F. Kennedy's Dachshund name.
  • Edie
    Strife for wealth.
  • Edwin
    Wealthy friend.
  • Elva
    White, noble, and bright on Irish.
  • Ernie
    Earnest and serious.
  • Esme
    Eteemed and beloved.
  • Espresso
    For a very energetic pooch.
  • Eva
    Dita Von Teese's Dachshund name.
  • Everest
    Courageous like a boar.
  • Ezra
    Shared by actor Ezra Miller.
  • Faussete
    Napoleon Bonaparte's Dachshund name.
  • Felicity
    Fortunate and happy.
  • Franz
    Popular name.
  • Fred
    E.B. White's Dachshund name.
  • Friedrich
  • Fritz
    Peace ruler.
  • Gerhard
  • Ginger
    Spicy canine.
  • Gingerbread
    Beautiful dark-colored coat.
  • Girlie
    Brooke Astor's Dachshund name.
  • Grenouille
    Napoleon Bonaparte's Dachshund name.
  • Greta
    Dita Von Teese's Dachshund name.
  • Gunther
  • Guss
    Great and magnificent in Scandinavia.
  • Hans
    Jehovah has been gracious.
  • Hansel
    Little Hans.
  • Harper
  • Hazel
    The hazel tree in Old English.
  • Heinrich
    Home power.
  • Heinz
    Home ruler.
  • Helena
    William Randolph Hearst's Dachshund name.
  • Helmut
  • Henry
    Ruler of the household in German.
  • Herman
    Man who serves the army.
  • Hermes
    A Greek god of speed.
  • Herschel
  • Hexl
    Kaiser Wilhelm II's Dachshund name.
  • Honey
    Elegant, sweet, and pretty,
  • Jazz
    Adores music.
  • Jeb
    Beloved friend in Hebrew.
  • Johann
    God is merciful.
  • Juno
    Queen of heaven in Latin.
  • Justice
    A virtue.
  • Karl
  • Karma
    Fate and destiny in Hindi.
  • Klaus
    People's Victory.
  • Lana
    Little rock in Gaelic.
  • Loeki
    Napoleon's Dachshund name.
  • Louie
    Adele's Dachshund name.
  • Lucky
  • Lucy
    Light in Latin.
  • Ludwig
    Famous war.
  • Lump
    Pablo Picasso's Dachshund name.
  • Manfred
    Man of peace.
  • Maria
    Marlon Brando's Dachshund name.
  • Matilda
    Patron Saint of families.
  • Maximillian
  • Melvin
    Polished chief of Gaelic.
  • Milo
    Soldier in Latin.
  • Mina
    The pure love in German.
  • Minnie
    E.B. White's Dachshund name.
  • Nolan
  • Olaf
    Ancestor’s descendent.
  • Opal
    A gemstone.
  • Oscar
    Largest manufacturer of hot dogs.
  • Otto
    Wealth and prosperity.
  • Ozzy
    George Harrison's Dachshund name.
  • Paris
    City of love.
  • Pearl
    Loves the sea.
  • Pebble
    Pebble like markings.
  • Queenie
    Queen of the household.
  • Racer
    For Dachshunds that loves to run.
  • Raina
    Migthy in German.
  • Ralph
    Counsel and wolf.
  • Reva
    Rain in Hindi.
  • Robinson
    Dorothy Parker's Dachshund name.
  • Rocco
    The 14th century French Saint, rest.
  • Rolf
    Renown wolf.
  • Rome
    Ingrid Bergman's Dachshund name.
  • Romeo
    A romantic character.
  • Rommel
    Mark Badgley's Dachshund name.
  • Romy
    Shortened for Rosemary in Latin.
  • Ruby
    A precious gemstone.
  • Ruffian
    For a clever and priceless pal.
  • Sadie
    Princess on Hebrew.
  • Saffron
    Yellow spice.
  • Sarah
  • Schatzi
    Little treasure in German.
  • Schnitzel
    A Germanic delicacy.
  • Scout
    To listen in Old French.
  • Sebastian
    Venerable and revered in Latin.
  • Senta
    Kaiser Wilhelm II's Dachshund name.
  • Sigfried
    Victory, protection, and peace.
  • Sigmund
    Victorious defender.
  • Skip
    Teddy Roosevelt's Dachshund name.
  • Speed Bump
    Submimtted by a fan.
  • St. Tropez
    Brigitte Bardo's Dachshund name.
  • Stanley
    David Hockney's Dachshund name.
  • Sunshine
    Absolute sunbeam.
  • Terra
    Brown and tan.
  • Thor
    Norse god of thunder.
  • Tootsie
    Girl or young woman.
  • Tulip
    Nature lover.
  • Uniqua
    Only one in Latin.
  • Uric
    Power of the wolf in German.
  • Valentine
    A Roman Saint.
  • Valiant
    A comic strip character, Prince Valiant.
  • Van
    Cloud in Vietnamese.
  • Venice
    Beautiful canal city in Italy.
  • Venus
    Roman goddess of lov and beauty.
  • Wadl
    Kaiser Wilhelm II's Dachshund name.
  • Waldi
    The first-ever mascot of the Olympics.
  • Weenie
    Very popular name for a Dachshund.
  • Whiskey
    James Mischka's Dachshund name.
  • Wiggles
    Frequent wagging tail.
  • Wilbur
    Resolute and brilliant in German.
  • Wilhelm
    Resolute protector.
  • Wolfgang
    Wolf path.

Dog Names for Dachshund Puppies Inspired By Their Temperament

These dogs are special and it is largely due to their iconic and unique temperament. Therefore, we have explored a wide myriad of sources, to come up with names that match their original attitude and behavior.

Dachshunds are very people-oriented, and therefore, they love their family. Despite their size, they would anything to protect their family, and therefore, the name Helmut is an excellent choice. It means “protection”, and therefore, it will be a worthy pick for a tiny watchdog.

If you would like to incorporate other attributes to our previous suggestion, then you could name it for Sigfried, which means “victory, protection, and peace”.

These dogs are also courageous, despite their lovely temperament. Therefore, you can honor this nice blend by naming your dog, Gerhard. It sounds bold and strong from the beginning, so it will make a superb Germanic name for your pet.

As we said, these dogs have a lovely temperament. Therefore, their families usually fall in love with them within the first moments they get their puppy, and in consequence, the name Amado comes as an excellent choice. It means “loved” in Spanish, so now you see why we suggest it.

If you would like something in German, and for a female puppy, but that means almost the same, then you could name it Mina, which means “the pure love” in this language. In addition to its beautiful meaning, we love it because it is short and easy to recall.

They are also adventurous, which is a double-edged sword. Nonetheless, in honor of this trait, you could name your dog Astro, which is a word used to describe an adventure lover.

Now you have wonderful suggestions that contrast the different features of the temperament of this unique dog. However, you have still a lot more to see. Below, find even more suggestions.

150+ Dachshund Puppy Names!
The best dachshund dog name ideas for your new Sausage Dog!

Dachshund Puppy Names Inspired By Their Body and Appearance

Apart from their temperament, these dogs are also special thanks to their appearance and body. Their long body makes them stand out from the rest, and therefore, we have used such traits to obtain the following names.

Even though they do not look especially powerful, these hounds can be surprisingly strong. Therefore, we recommend you then name Bogey, which means “bow strength”. Without any doubts, a fun and meaningful name, and therefore, a good choice.

You could also name your Dachshund, Sausa, a name inspired by the word “sausage”. If you look at them, you will see that they look like a Hot Dog, and therefore, it makes a fun name for them that will match their appearance perfectly.

The Opal is an enlarged precious stone, and therefore, it makes an excellent name for your Dachshund. We like this name because it is short, iconic and exotic, three features that will help your pet to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Most Dachshunds are mostly black so check out our list of black dog names. Now that you have three suggestions of this kind, let us check the next section, where you will find even more names to consider, based on German culture.

Names for Dachshunds Inspired By German Culture and Language

Since this lovely breed comes from Germany, it is only wise to use their culture and language as a source of inspiration.

Because these dogs are courageous, brave and even territorial, you could use the name Thor to represent these traits. Like the mythical Norse god, it will be a name that will impose respect and spark curiosity when people hear you calling your dog.

Are you looking for a sweet name? Then look no further than Schatzi, which means “little treasure” in German. Without any doubts, one of the best picks you can select, and therefore, an excellent option.

As we said, they can be territorial, and therefore, they will pretend to be the boss of the house. Of course, you need to correct this behavior, but this tendency gives space for us to suggest a good name, Henry. It means “the ruler of the home” in German, and therefore, it matches this trait from this personality.

Furthermore, they are smart and resolute dogs, and therefore, the name Wilbur is an excellent choice. It means “resolute and brilliant”, and evidently, it will match two of the most important temperament traits from this breed.

Now you have a handful of great names inspired by German culture. As you can see, it is not that hard to come up with these names. However, we have taken care of it, so you can simply check our list and select what you like.

Closing Down

Did you like our guide and list of the best Dachshund dog names? We hope you did! Our only objective is to help you, so you could find the perfect sausage dog name!

Make sure to check our list patiently, and to pay attention to our tips, so you can select the perfect name in the end. Furthermore, do not be shy and contact us if you need more help. We will be more than happy to assist you! We’ve got thousands of dog and puppy names you have yet to discover!

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