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225+ Awesome German Dog Names w/ their Germanic Meanings

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German dog names are simply incredible, that’s why we built a list completely dedicated to them, bringing you over 225 options. All at your entire disposal.

If you own a puppy from a German breed like the German Shepherd, the Boxer or the Rottweiler, then this list will be everything you need, because it compiles the best dog name ideas that this fabulous country and culture can bring us!

German Dog Names from Artists and Celebrities

Germany is home to authentic stars in different aspects of human knowledge and talent like music, cinema, literature, science and sculpture. Without any doubts, loads of amazing contributions.

Beethoven comes to mind because he is one of the most famous composers in the world. The same goes for Mozart, Bach, and Strauss. All of them amazing choices of a name, because they sound powerful, classy and sophisticated, and they will be a perfect match depending on the kind of message you want to convey.

List of German Dog Names

Here are several options of german dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ada
    Noble, nobility.
  • Addie
    Also noble, nobility.
  • Adler
  • Adolph
    Noble wolf.
  • Alaric
    Noble Ruler.
  • Albern
  • Albert
    Noble, bright.
  • Albrecht
    Also means noble, bright.
  • Alder
    Alder Tree.
  • Aldo
    Old and wise.
  • Alena
  • Alger
    Clever warrior.
  • Alphonse
    Noble, ready for battle.
  • Alvin
    Noble friend, friend of the elves.
  • Amelia
  • Ancel
  • Anka
  • Annette
    The Lord Has Favored Me.
  • Annika
  • Arabelle
    Beautiful Eagle.
  • Arlo
  • Arnold
    Ruler, strong as an eagle.
  • Arvin
    Friend to All.
  • Astrid
    God is Good.
  • Audi
    German automobile manufacturer from Ingolstadt, Bavaria.
  • August
    Great, magnificent.
  • Ava
  • Axel
    Father of peace.
  • Bach
    A famous composer and musician during Baroque period.
  • Baldwin
    Brave friend.
  • Ballard
  • Barrett
    Strong As A Bear.
  • Bavaria
    A federal state and famous region in Germany.
  • Beatrix
    She Who Brings Happiness.
  • Beethoven
    One of the world's famous German composer.
  • Benz
    The German luxury automobile brand.
  • Berlin
    The capital city of Germany.
  • Bernadette
    Brave as a Bear.
  • Bernard
    Strong, brave as a bear.
  • Berta
  • Bierkrug
    German for beer mug or stein.
  • Blitz
    Sudden Attack.
  • Bock
    Strong bitter-sweet lager with high-coloured malts.
  • Brezel
    Soft white pretzel perfect mate with German beer.
  • Britta
    Strength or Exalted One.
  • Brunhilde
    Armed for Battle.
  • Bruno
  • Bärchen
    A quite adorable name meaning little bear.
  • Caroline
    Free man.
  • Chance
    Good Luck.
  • Claudia
  • Claus/Klaus
    People of victory.
  • Clovis
    Famous Warrior.
  • Cologne
    German city famous for its stunning cathedral.
  • Copernicus
    A renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer.
  • Danube
    The second largest river in Europe.
  • Dedrick
    The people's ruler.
  • Deutsche
    The German language.
  • Dieter
    Ruler of the people.
  • Dietrich
    A classic Hollywood actresses from Berlin.
  • Dino / Dina
    Warrior of the People.
  • Dirk
    Also the people's ruler.
  • Donner
  • Dresden
    City that suffered huge losses in WWII.
  • Dunkel
    A dark german lager.
  • Duxi
    Warrior of the People.
  • Düsseldorf
    City known for international business and financial center.
  • Ebba
    Strong as a Boar.
  • Edwina
    Prosperous Friend.
  • Einstein
    Theoretical physicist from Germany.
  • Elbe
    Another major river in Central Europe.
  • Ella
    All, completely; fairy maiden.
  • Ellard
    Noble & Brave.
  • Emery
    Industrious Ruler.
  • Emma
  • Emmet
    Universal, truth.
  • Emmett
    Industrious, Strong.
  • Ernie
    Serious, resolute.
  • Falk
  • Felix
    Happy, fortunate.
  • Ferdinand
    Adventurous; Courageous.
  • Fischer
  • Floriane
  • Frankfurt
    Large city in germany.
  • Franz
    Free man.
  • Frau
    Mrs. in German, respectively.
  • Frederik
    Peaceful ruler.
  • Frederika
    Peaceful ruler.
  • Freud
    Austrian neurologist who founded psychoanalysis.
  • Frieda
    Also peaceful ruler.
  • Fritz
    Also peaceful ruler.
  • Fritzi
    Also peaceful ruler.
  • Gabby
    Woman of God.
  • Garin
  • Goulash
    A soup or stew of meats, vegetables and seasonings.
  • Greta
    Also pearl.
  • Gretchen
  • Gretel
    Gretel was the sister of Hansel.
  • Griswold
    Gray Forest.
  • Gunther
    Battle warrior.
  • Guttenberg
    Inventor of the printing press.
  • Hamburg
    Germany's second largest city and home of nearly 2 million people.
  • Hans
    Variation of Johannes.
  • Hansel
    Hansel was the brother in the story of siblings captured by a witch.
  • Harbin
    Little Shining Fighter.
  • Harvey
    Army Warrior.
  • Hase
    Translated as bunny and commonly used for woman.
  • Hefe
    German yeast for beer fermentation.
  • Heidi
    Of Noble Birth.
  • Heinrich
    Home of the king.
  • Heinz
    Also home of the king.
  • Helga
  • Helmar
    Famous Protector.
  • Herr
    German for mister.
  • Hertz
    Kind Hearted.
  • Hessia
    A beautiful name for female pup based from another German state.
  • Hilda
    Battle Woman.
  • Hopfen
    Hops for creating the beer.
  • Hund
    German term for a dog.
  • Ida
    Industrious One.
  • Ido
  • Ines
  • Jacques
  • Jarvis
    Skilled With A Spear.
  • Jäeger
  • Kaiser
  • Kaja
  • Kasper
  • Keyla
    Beautiful as the Night.
  • Klara
  • Klum
    A television personality and model from West Germany.
  • Knödel
    Boiled dumplings dish in Germany.
  • Krombacher
    One of the largest German brewery.
  • Kölsch
    Highly fermented beer brewed in Cologne Germany.
  • Lamar
    Famous In The Land.
  • Lambert
    Radiant Land. Bright.
  • Lance
    Knight's Attendant.
  • Lando
    Famous Country.
  • Lara
  • Lena
  • Leona
  • Leonard
    Brave lion.
  • Leopold
    Bold Leader.
  • Liebchen
    A term for a person very dear to you.
  • Liebling
    A German word for darling.
  • Liesel
    Pledged to God.
  • Lola
    Lady of Sorrows.
  • Lothar
    Famous Warrior.
  • Luther
    Famous Warrior.
  • Maibock
    A pale lager brewed during spring.
  • Mandel
  • Marta
  • Matilda
    Mighty in Battle.
  • Maus
    German word related to English word 'mouse'
  • Max
    The greatest.
  • Medwin
    Powerful Friend.
  • Mercedes
    German brand famous for luxury vehicles.
  • Miles
  • Millie
    Gentle Strength.
  • Milo
    Form Of Miles.
  • Mischa
    Who is Like God.
  • Mozart
    A child prodigy and a prolific composer during the Classical era.
  • Munich
    Third largest city in Germany and home of Oktoberfest festival.
  • Märzen
    Malty lagers that are traditionally served in Oktoberfest.
  • Nia
  • Nixie
    Water Sprite/Fairy.
  • Odo
  • Oettinger
    The top-selling German beer brand.
  • Oktoberfest
    A traditional German beer festival held every October.
  • Olinda
    Protector Of Property.
  • Oskar
  • Otis
    Son Of Otto.
  • Otto
  • Ozzy
    Divine Spear.
  • Panzer
    WW-II German tank.
  • Paulaner
    German brewery who provide beer for Oktoberfest.
  • Petra
    Solid as Rock.
  • Pilsner
    Name of a pale lager.
  • Porsche
    Brand of high-end car from Germany.
  • Prost
    The German word for 'cheers.'
  • Quincy
  • Raina
  • Rapunzel
    A fairy tale about the long-haired princess.
  • Raymond
    Wise protector.
  • Rhine
    A major European river.
  • Richelle
    Brave One.
  • Rico
    Strong Power.
  • Ritter
  • Roland
    Famous throughout the land.
  • Rolf
    Famous Wolf.
  • Roth
    Red Haired.
  • Rowland
    Famous In The Land.
  • Rudi
    Famous Wolf.
  • Rudolf
    Famous Wolf.
  • Rudy
    Also famous wolf.
  • Salzburg
    Austria's other popular city and famous for its picturesque views.
  • Sauerkraut
    German food that undergo acid fermentation.
  • Saxon
    Sharp Blade.
  • Schatz
    German term for jewel or treasure.
  • Schnapps
    Alcoholic drink.
  • Schnitzel
    A fried, thin slice meat dish.
  • Schnucki
    Sweetie pie or simply sweet.
  • Schwartz
    Black hair or dark complexion.
  • Schwarzie
    A bodybuilder, movie star and politician from Austria.
  • Selma
    Divine Protector.
  • Siegfried
    Victorious peace.
  • Sigmund
    Victorious protection.
  • Sofie
  • Spätzle
    Popular small dumpling dish in southern Germany.
  • Stein
  • Strom
  • Stuttgart
    A city famous for its automotive industry.
  • Terrell
    Thunder Ruler.
  • Thea
  • Tillie
    Powerful Battler.
  • Trudy
    Spear of strength.
  • Udo
    Rich, Prosperous.
  • Ugo
    Mind, Heart, Spirit.
  • Ulf
  • Ursula
    Little Female Bear.
  • Vienna
    Capital city of Austria.
  • Vilhelm
    Form Of William.
  • Waldo
  • Walker
  • Walter
    Army ruler.
  • Waltz
    Austrian-German actor is known for Quentin Tarantino films.
  • Wanda
    Shepherdess; Wanderer.
  • Wolfgang
    Traveling wolf.
  • Wurst
    A German sausage.
  • Xanten
    German city.
  • Yohann
    Form Of Johan.
  • Zaki
    Pure or Virtuous.
  • Zelda
    Gray Fighting Maid.
  • Ziggy
    Victorious Protector.
  • elsa
    Pledged to God.

German Male Puppy Names

The German language is full of amazing names for a male puppy. For example, you can choose Adolph, which means noble dog. One of the best names for a German Shepherd.

If you think the idea of nobility for your dog, then you could name it Alaric, which means Noble Ruler. It’d be a heavenly name for a Great Dane, for example. There’s something about such breed and the name that go strongly together. In our opinion, it’s one of the finest Germanic puppy names.

Following the same line of noble names, we have an excellent suggestion: Albrecht. It means noble and bright. It’d go very well along with Weimaraner, one of the best hunting dog breeds that Germany has to offer.

You could also name your puppy Axel, which means Father of Peace. It’d be a good match for a breed like the Giant Schnauzer, because they are big and imposing yet gentle and calm.

For big and strong dogs, the name Bernard will fit the bill. Strong and big as a bear. Therefore, if your puppy resembles a bear in more than one way, then now you have an amazing choice of name!

Alger means Clever Warrior. It sounds cool and has a deep significance. It’d be a good choice for water and hunting dogs. One of the most powerful German dog names.

For dogs that love to explore the wilderness, and whose owners are fond of mythology and fantastic stories, this name will be an amazing option: Alvin. It means noble friend and friend of the elves. Then, if you got a little puppy with the blood of an explorer, and you love reading authors like J.R.R Tolkien, then you’re in front of, possibly, the best name for your pet.

Finally, we have another amazing suggestion for hunting dogs: Blitz. It’s the name for sudden attacks, what a better choice than it for a dog that’s as fast as a thunder and as effective as a sniper?

German Female Puppy Names

If you would also like to connect your pet to the sense of nobility, then you could name it Ada or Addie, for both options mean noble.

You could opt for the name Arabelle, which means Beautiful Eagle. It sounds cute and sweet, and as you’ve just seen, its significance is up to the level of the message you want to convey, that you have the most beautiful puppy around.

You can also name your puppy Beatrix, which means “She who brings happiness”. It’d be a nice pick for a female Pomeranian pup, because such dogs are a real joy to have at home. Always eager to please and happy to see you. They will bring loads of happiness into your life.

For strong and robust breeds, you may want to choose Britta, which means strength. It’d be a very good choice for a female German Shorthaired Pointer, for example.

Amongst the coolest German dog names, we have Edwina, which means prosperous friend. Ideal for any kind of breed, be it Germanic or not.

Another excellent female Germanic puppy name is Elbe, which is one of the major rivers in Central Europe. It’s strong and flows freely, perfect if your dog shares such characteristics as well. On top of that, it’s one of the most beautiful German dog names.

Finally, if you have a female puppy that you believe is going to evolve into a very loyal yet imposing dog, like a Great Dane, then you could opt for naming it Frederika, which means Peaceful Ruler. Powerful yet gentle, what a beautiful combo and cool-sounding name.

What Name Should You Pick?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. However, now that you have our complete list of the best German dog names, your life will be much easier, especially since we have given you specific recommendations. Explore what makes your dog breed unique, analyze what kind of message you want to bring with your puppy and then choose the name that better fits the mold.

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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