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75+ Guard Dog Names – What’s Your Favorite Loyal Dog Name?

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Here are several options of guard dog names for you to choose from, which resemble the true nature of your puppy. Be it a Dobermann, Rottweiler or German Shepherd, you will find the best name for your watchdog right here.

We’ve examined different languages, cultures, shows, artists and more to come up with a unique list of names that will fulfill all of your wishes, and therefore, meet your expectations. Perhaps, even surpass them!

List of Guard Dog Names

Here are several options of guard dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ammo
    Short word for ammunition.
  • Anax
    Greek tribal king or ruler.
  • Ares
    The god of war in Greek mythology.
  • Athena
    The goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology.
  • Attila
    Brutal ruler of the Huns.
  • Axel
    Badass name of a dog.
  • Bane
    Strong and intelligent fictional super villain in comic books.
  • Baron
    Rank of royalty.
  • Beast
    Big and burly name of a dog.
  • Besnick
    Albanian, means loyal.
  • Blaze
    Brightest name among badass dog names.
  • Blitz
    Great name for a sharp and strong dog.
  • Bolt
    Cool dog name for tough and fast running dog.
  • Bones
    A name for a badass but cute dog.
  • Boss
    Badass name for a bossy dog.
  • Brahman
    Member of the highest Hindu caste.
  • Bruiser
    Brawny and tough name for a pup.
  • Brutus
    Brutus is another baddie name.
  • Bullet
    Fun name for a speedy dog.
  • Butch
    Cool strong name for your canin.
  • Caesar
    Julius Caesar of the dreaded 'Cesarean Section'
  • Cal
    French, means faithful.
  • Caleb
    Hebrew, means faithful.
  • Cersei
    Fictional character in Game of Thrones.
  • Connor
    Fictional lead character in The Terminator movies.
  • Daenerys
    A gorgeous, strong and brave fictional character.
  • Dagger
    Fictional leadcharacter in The Terminator movies.
  • Damon
    Greek, means loyal.
  • Danger
    Cool badass dog name.
  • Dauphin
    French word meaning son of king.
  • Denali
    'The Great One' in Sanskrit.
  • Diesel
    A name for a strong but not outwardly aggressive dog.
  • Diva
    Female name for a dog with bit of attitude.
  • Duke
    Highest title of nobility.
  • Earl
    English nobility rank.
  • El Cid
    Spanish state hero.
  • Fang
    Sounds cool and cutting name.
  • Fidel
    Latin, means loyal.
  • Fido
    Latin, means loyal.
  • Gamora
    Fictional tough and talented female character.
  • Gentry
    People who landed with good social position.
  • Goliath
    The giant in a Bible Story.
  • Gunner
    A strong and sporty name.
  • Hades
    Ancient Greek god of the dead and the underworld.
  • Harley
    Inspired by a DC Comics super villain Harley Quinn.
  • Hera
    The goddess with a mean streak in Greek mythology.
  • Hercules
    The divine hero from Greek mythology.
  • Hulk
    Fictional giant green superhero in Marvel comics.
  • Huntress
    The female version of Hunter.
  • Jesse James
    The infamous American outlaw.
  • Jinx
    A badass dog name for a female pup.
  • Justice
    Doesn't this name just sound badass$1
  • Kaiser
    A German emperor.
  • Katniss
    Fictional character heroin character of The Hunger Games.
  • Khan
    Means 'lord' in Turkish and Mongol.
  • King
    No one messes with the King.
  • Knight
    The basic rank of the aristocracy.
  • Laird
    Feudal Scottish title of rank.
  • Leal
    English, means loyal.
  • Leia
    Princess Leia of Star Wars.
  • Magnus
    A house of might or power.
  • Malik
    Arabic and Hebrew term for king.
  • Mansa
    Malian Emperor.
  • Maverick
    A rebellious person.
  • Medusa
    A human female monster with living venomous snakes in hair.
  • Nitro
    Short word for the highly explosive chemical Nitroglycerin.
  • Noble
    Latin word meaning well known or famous.
  • Paladin
    One of the 12 knights of Charlemagne's court and a knightly champion.
  • Patrizio
    An Italian word for patrician.
  • Perandor
    Greek word meaning imperator.
  • Pyro
    Short word for pyromaniac.
  • Queenie
    A fun and sassy name.
  • Raja
    An Indian word for a ruler.
  • Rambo
    The famous Sylvester Stallone character.
  • Ramesses
    Pharaoh who ruled Egypt for 66 year.
  • Raven
    Gorgeous name, perfect for a dark-colored furbaby.
  • Rebel
    A person who is against authority.
  • Rex
    Rex is used for 'the King'.
  • Rian
    Gaelic word for little king.
  • Ripley
    Ripley of the Alien franchise.
  • Riptide
    Opposition tide that causes disturbances in the sea.
  • Rocky
    Tough character played by Sylvester Stallone.
  • Rogue
    Popular name following the release of Rogue One.
  • Ruari
    Scottish word meaning 'red king'.
  • Sable
    This name just sounds cool.
  • Sarge
    The informal version of Sergeant.
  • Sassy
    A name full of attitude.
  • Semper Fi
    A motto from US Marine Corp which means 'Always Faithful.'
  • Shah
    A Persian word meaning 'He who rules'
  • Sharif
    Title of tribal protector in Arabic.
  • Sheba
    Inspired by the Queen of Sheba.
  • Sheikh
    Title for an Arab leader in Arabian Peninsula.
  • Shield
    Celtic, means loyal.
  • Spartan
    Feared warriors and self-discipline race of people.
  • Spike
    Cute and badass name of dog.
  • Starbuck
    Fictional badass character in the tv series Battlestar Galactica.
  • Sultan
    An Arabic position which literally means 'One who has power'
  • T-Bone
    Fictional badass character.
  • Tank
    Cool name for dog.
  • Tenno
    Heavenly sovereign in Japanese.
  • Thor
    As in the Marvel superhero.
  • Titan
    Race of ancient Greek deity.
  • Trapper
    A sporty, athletic name.
  • Trinity
    Sound's great name for a female dog.
  • Truman
    English, means faithful.
  • Ursula
    A fictional villain character from The Little Mermaid.
  • Valor
    Great courage in the face of great danger.
  • Viper
    Stinging and tough name for a pup.
  • Vixen
    An attractive and quarrelsome lady.
  • Waren
    German, means loyal.
  • Worthy
    Showing qualities that merit recognition.
  • Wrath
    Extreme anger.
  • Xena
    As in Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • elektra
    Inspired by the Marvel character.
  • mystique
    The blue, shape-shifting baddie from X-Men.

Guard Names for Male Puppies

If you got a brave male guard puppy, then this is exactly what you are looking for. They are strong, powerful and showcase tons of confidence, exactly the kind of message you want to transmit with your soon-to-be guardian that will protect your home.

For example, you can opt for the name Anax, who was a fiery Greek tribal king. If you want to convey such a powerful message with your dog (why wouldn’t you?), then this is exactly what you need. On top of that, it sounds very cool and original.

If you’re fond of mythology, you will love our next suggestion: Ares. You can name it after the ruthless and almighty Greek god of war. Enough said about its importance and outstanding power, and therefore, a worthy name for your pup.

Besnick is another fantastic name for your dog. It’s the Albanian word for loyal, which is one of the most important traits of all guardian dog breeds. Moreover, it’s not a name you get to hear every day, therefore, it will make your puppy stand out from the rest.

On the same page, we have Damon, which is Greek for loyal. Again, a beautiful and meaningful name for any dog whose mission is to watch and guard your home.

For the big, brave and strong guard dog, you can opt for Beast. Self-explanatory. It’s enough to make people think twice about messing up with your four-legged friend. It’d be an outstanding name for a Great Dane or Rottweiler, for example.

A similar name, but cuter, would be Bones. It still conveys a strong message, but for some reason, it sounds sweeter, so to speak. So, if you to tone down the impression a little bit, then here you have a fabulous option.

If you have a bossy and imposing dog, then what a better name than Boss? It will automatically impose authority and let everyone know the attitude and power of your friend. Without any doubt, one of the best-sounding and most powerful watch dog names from this list.

Guard Names for Female Puppies

Because the girls also do an exceptional job at protecting your home, here you have some spot-on suggestions for naming your little four-legged cutie.

You can name it Daenerys, as the brave and strong character from Game of Thrones. It will make even more sense if you’re a fan!

If you prefer to take inspiration from mythology, then you only have to explore the Greek pantheon a little bit to find out one of the most powerful and beautiful guard dog names in this list: Athena. The Greek goddess of war and wisdom.

Following the previous idea, you can also opt for Hera, a mighty goddess from Greek mythology. It sounds very well and the message it conveys is overwhelming, exactly what you want to achieve at the hour of naming your guard dog.

You could also name it Perandor, which is a strong and beautiful Greek word for Imperator. A guard dog is some kind of a ruler in its own sense, and therefore, it makes a lot of sense to name it that way.

Our top list of guard dog names for your new watchdog!

Some Extra Watchdog Names

Our list offers you over 75 names that will fit the bill because all of our guard dog names are the product of intensive research, which brings you options that truly identify the most important traits of your pet.

For example, you have Rebel, El Cid, Elektra, Bruiser, and Ammo. All of which are strong, beautiful, unique and meaningful names, and more importantly, they communicate strongly what your dogs are good at, guarding and protecting!

All you have to do is to explore all of our guard dog names and play around with the options. We’ve got more categories, too. As simple as that. Because you will definitively find exactly what you are looking for, guaranteed!

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Friday 7 June 2019
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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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