5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds (+ The Kong Dog Bed)

5 Best Indestructible Dog Beds (+ The Kong Dog Bed)

A dog sleeps approximately 10 hours a day and lounges most of the remaining hours. Having a durable and chew-proof indestructible dog bed is vital for everybody owning an aggressive chewer or a large and powerful dog. Chewproof dog beds are not easy to find but we’ve got your back covered!

Indestructible dog beds that are long-lasting, chew-resistant and durable may cost more than your average pet shop dog bed, but they will last you years.

  1. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed
  2. Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed
  3. K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Dog Bed
  4. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge
  5. Kong Dog Bed

People forget that large dogs with powerful jaws do not need to be “aggressive chewers”, they have that strength from day 1 and can destroy most beds without even fighting for it.

Having a dog destroying its beddings is annoying, and can get quite expensive after a few beds purchased and getting destroyed. However, indestructible dog beds may actually save your dog’s life. When destroying a bed, dogs will chew and swallow materials that aren’t meant to be digested by dogs. Depending on how low and cheap the quality is, it may provoke diarrhea or even worse.

We’ve listed the current best 5 indestructible dog beds, and even added a little review of Kong dog beds.

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

— Best Chew-Resistant Bed For Big Dogs

My favorite of all premium quality dog beds. Definitely not a cheap buy, but it has over 3,000 Amazon reviews with 5 full stars. For such a price not having loads of complaints or disappointed people speaks for itself. This is one of the (if not the) best long-lasting durable dog bed of all. It is built and calibrated specially for larger dogs and giant breeds, it would not be suitable or recommended for small and lighter dogs.

This dog bed will not flatten after several years, it has been designed specially to avoid the famous pancake effect, and it does it perfectly, even after years of use with a heavy dog. Or several heavy dogs. The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is put together in the USA by craftsmen with decades of experience in their small California workshop.

Very convenient, this chew-proof and tear-resistant dog bed is easy to clean and machine washable. Its microfiber cover is soft to the touch and the materials used have been handpicked so they can proudly offer the guarantee that their foam will retain at least 90% of its original shape and support for the next 10 years or your money back! No questions asked.

Simple and effective. That’s what I like.

2. Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

— Virtually Indestructible

Offer your dog a raise with orthopedic support from this patented chewproof and long-lasting dog bed design from the popular Kuranda brand. These elevated dog beds offer a firm, even support that pillow or cushion beds rarely match.

Because this dog bed is raised, the air circulation underneath allows for much cooler temperatures during hot days and the summer season. During winter, your dog will be kept away from the hard cold floorings, making this indestructible dog bed the perfect all-year-round dog lounger.

Easy to clean thanks to its tough PVC frame, you can then pick your fabric of choice that suits your dog best and you are ready to go. We feel like it is important to mention that durable and chew-proof dog beds from Kuranda are developed and manufactured in the USA, while all their fasteners are made of stainless steel. There is a UV resistant polish on the frame to resist fading over time

3. K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Dog Bed

— Ultra Resistant

When talking about the health and wellbeing of a dog’s body frame, bones and joints, one of the most effective types of bedding for dogs is what we call the memory foam bed. The benefits of a “true” memory foam dog bed can be found in how correctly the foam provides sufficient support to the dog’s body. It is not difficult for virtually any supplier and manufacturer to profess that they develop and sell a memory foam dog bed given that they use a foam, yet cheap foam often is considerably less supporting compared to regular cheap stuffing.

The K9 Ballistics orthopedic dog beds implement a firm 5″ thick of dense foam. The lower 3.5” layer is a supportive dense foam while the upper layer is made of a 1.5″ thick high-density medical grade memory foam. This combination delivers comfort and proven support, it lessens pressure spots on joints and bones for improved body support and quality of sleep. Fewer stress points lead to a much better blood flow which rewards the entire body and functions.

For excessively aggressive chewers, we would highly recommend the Kuranda PVC Dog Bed, K9 Ballistics offers a similar product that is also virtually indestructible however the Kuranda yields better rankings.

This orthopedic durable dog bed from K9 Ballistics is built for moderate chewers and will last years with such dogs, without any worry.

Kuranda indestructible dog bed
Kuranda’s indestructible PVC dog bed is the toughest of all. (credits: kim levin)

4. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

— Bang For Your Buck

PetFusion has hit the market with a wonderful product that is long-lasting, chew and tear-resistant while keeping the price as low as possible. It does not offer a fully indestructible product but definitely strong and tough enough to resist most chewing dogs will attack it with.

Many have reported what follows so let’s address this immediately. Simply put, the memory foam stinks to dogs at first! When memory foam is packaged, it is chemically compressed. That is why it needs time to “puff up”. Some people may notice the chemical odor when unpacking the memory foam, and some may not. Either way, your pup’s sense of smell is up to 200,000 times more sensitive! Dogs can smell the compression chemicals even after you think the scent has gone away. Memory foam needs plenty of time and ventilation for the compression chemicals to evaporate.

Once puffed up and ready to be lounged on, this bed is fantastic, it is thick and plush. But don’t be fooled! This bed remains very resistant against intensive chewers. The removable cover of this almost indestructible dog bed is machine washable, and the bottom part is non-skid. The outer layer is water-resistant and very soft to the touch which is rather unusual for dog products (as if dogs do not enjoy smooth-and-silkiness!)

Overall, a great product that will be suitable for most dogs unless they are crazy chewers.

5. Kong Dog Bed

— A disappointment?

Wait what, Kong making dog beds…? But what are they worth? The problem with Kong dog beds is that because most people love their dog toys so much, the expectations are extremely high for their beds, too. And in all honesty, Kong dog beds are not as good as the toys stamped by the same brand.

Actually, reviews all over the Internet and our tests have shown that Kong has failed to deliver an actual chew proof indestructible dog bed. And even worse, it charges a premium for its beds while not delivering on quality.

Therefore, I would highly discourage anybody who is into Kong to fall for their beds. I love Kong toys myself, they are amazing and the only ones that last with my Border Collie! Yet, the Kong hype that is justified for dog toys is totally uncalled for with their resistant beddings.

Brands listed above and below do genuinely specialize in ultra-resistant (and indestructible) dog beds rather than just doing it because it brings revenue. Stick with Kong for their amazing toys, and go for other top brands for quality durable dog beds.

The only fully indestructible dog bed out there is the Kuranda PVC dog bed thanks to its PVC frame, but it is also the least appealing to the eye. The other options are amazing solutions if your dog is a chewer but not an obsessive one. Take your pick but make sure your search for an indestructible dog bed does not remove comfort from your list of priorities.

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