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Kenchii Shears & Scissors Review — Dragon, Scorpion, Five Star, Viper?

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Published on
Saturday 29 October 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
kenchii scissors shears reviews
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Kenchii shears, thinning shears, and Kenchii scissors are amongst the absolute best professional hair supplies money can buy. They are pricey but the quality of cut and durability have no equal in the pet grooming industry.

Kenchii is a premium scissors brand offering a wide variety of styles and always favor attention to extreme details over mass production. Kenchii sells futuristic designs using the latest materials and metal alloys as well as cutting-edge technologies.

As soon as you start browsing Kenchii scissors and shears, you’ll realize they have different ranges available with each different alloys used to offer the best cutting performances while keeping the ergonomy at the forefront to avoid muscle fatigue. Kenchii scissors are perfect to accompany your favorite pet hair trimmers.

Material Levels From Kenchii

Cutting hairs and through coarse coats demands high-quality materials along with new technologies to provide a long-lasting smooth, powerful cut that stays the same from day 1 through year 5. The quality of a cut is not just about the shape of the grooming shears, but also about the metal alloy used and treatments applied post-manufacturing.

kenchii metarial levels
Kenchii has chosen a special vacuum heat treatment process ensuring an outstanding tool with guaranteed durable cutting edge, extremely high corrosion resistance, and an immaculate finish.

Kenchii provides five material levels for their grooming shears and thinners; each has its own resistance level over the years and each is destined to satisfy a particular audience.

Material Level Rockwell Score Usage
Level 1 54-55 Beginners
Level 2 55-57 Occasional stylists
Level 3 58-60 Professional stylists
Level 4 60-62 Performance and design
Level 5 60-63 Ultimate performance and technology

If you just want to groom your one dog at home, you can do with their cheapest Level 1 scissors. However, if you groom several dogs with very coarse coats, getting a better Kenchii product will be required.

Kenchii Shears & Thinners Ranges

The material levels and alloys used for different dog grooming scissors are not all it takes to build quality cutting tools. Indeed, a buyer has to also think about a variety of important points before deciding whether or not a pair of grooming shears are suitable for their type(s) of usage.

difference between beveled and convex shears
Difference between beveled and convex shears. (credits: hairfinder)

Amongst other aspects, there are points that buyers have to keep in mind when picking the right shears or chunkers for their own very specific use:

  • Length — longer isn’t necessarily better, it depends on the areas and dogs you will groom
  • Teeth (Thinners) — size, depth, and number of teeth are all important when picking thinners
  • Handle — offset handles have a shorter thumb handle than the finger ring handle, therefore putting less stress on your thumb tendon to help reduce the risk of CTS
  • Edgebeveled refers to the clearly-delineated cutting edged honed into the blades of the shears
  • Shape — straight is the regular occurrence while curved blades help in the shaping of top knots, tails, feet, etc
  • Weight — some shears use heavier alloys and materials which make them perhaps more robust but less ergonomic
  • Ergonomy — our hands look all the same but we all have our specificities which most cheaper tools don’t take into account
  • Durability — Kenchii shears are perhaps the most durable out there, so that’s a given here
  • Cost — because Kenchii scissors are amongst the World’s best grooming products, prices can seem like a lot

Kenchii has come up with multiple ranges and some more through partnerships with World-famous hair stylist or pet groomers. Here, we’ll focus on their core shears and thinners and not succumb to marketing campaigns.

Comparative Table

Below is a table comparing the core ranges of Kenchii shears and thinners.

Range Price Handle Edge Material Recommended For Straight Curved Thinner Description
Bumble Bee $$$ Offset Semi-Convex Level 3 Every day, Finishing 8″ 8″ 44 Teeth sleek finish of the black titanium for an effortless cut through even the coarsest of coats
Evolution $$$ Offset Convex Level 3 Finishing 7.0″, 8.0″ 46 Teeth Kenchii Professional’s original bestselling convex shear for an unmatched smoothness of cut
Five Star $$ Even Bevel Level 2 Everyday 4.5″, 5.5″, 6.5″, 7.5″, 8.5″ 4.5″, 5.5″, 6.5″, 7.5″, 8.5″ 26T (Total Length 4.5″
38T (Total Length 6.0″)
reliable durability and cutting performance for everyday grooming needs
Five Star Offset $$ Offset Bevel Level 2 Everyday 6.0″, 7.0″, 8.0″, 9.0″ 6.0″, 7.0″, 8.0″, 9.0″ 46T (Total Length 6.0″) reliable durability and cutting performance for everyday grooming needs
Viper $$$$ Offset Convex Level 4 Professional Finish 8.0″, 9.0″ 8.0″, 9.0″ 10T, 44T (Total Length 7.0″) perfect for everyday grooming or for a beautiful hand scissor trim
Flame $$$ Offset Semi-Convex Level 3 Every day, Finishing 8.0″ 8.0″ 21T, 37T (Total Length 7.5″) to lessen fatigue and increase control
Scorpion $ Even Bevel Level 1 Everyday 7.0″, 8.0″, 9.0″ 7.0″, 8.0″, 9.0″ 46 Teeth (Total Length 7.0″) affordable range of shears and thinners perfect for home groomers and beginners alike

For very occasional groomers or individuals looking to give their dogs a trim, the Kenchii Scorpion or Kenchii Five Star is wonderful.

For more professional usage, you will most likely favor a high-quality Bumble Bee pair of shears. Obviously, if you truly are a professional, you will require multiple sizes, shapes, and types of grooming shears or chunkers.

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  2. Roy Cull

    I have a Lagotto Romagnolo, which it is recommended should be cut with scissors. So I want to purchase the very best scissors, to make grooming my dog’s thick curly coat, easy. What scissors do you recommend ?..
    Roy Cull

    1. They would all do the job pretty well, I would recommend the Evolution maybe :)

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