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7 Must-Have Puppy Tube-Feeding Supplies

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Published on
Thursday 22 February 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Tube-Feeding Supplies For Puppies
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In most cases, a puppy’s mother will take care of its cleaning, feeding, and even entertainment. Rarely, dog breeders have to step in and assist the mother by either complementing the puppy’s (or puppies’) diet to fuel the growth. Seldom, the breeder must replace the mother and nurse puppies entirely.

Such responsibilities are extremely stressful, especially for new breeders and first-timers. However, as you already know, there is no other choice and if the puppies are very young (e.g. a few days old) you probably have to feed them within a few hours now. Remember that tube-feeding differs from bottle-feeding:

  • Tube-feeding puppies is for very small breeds who cannot suck on a nursing bottle’s nipple
  • Bottle-feeding puppies is the most used process but some breeds just find it hard to use it

This article is reviewing the must-have tube-feeding supplies for puppies; the list is short but there are a few additional items we recommend to buy since they are very cheap but will make a world of a difference during each seating.

1. Disposable Feeding Syringes

These HSB Veterinary disposable syringes for dogs comes in a 12cc size and are one of the best supplies you can get to hand-feed puppies. Such a syringe comes in handy when your puppy is being fussy and you have to force-feed it during its feeding times, whether as a one-off or as its long-term taker. It is recommended to buy several for hygiene reasons, especially because they cost very little. This is important in order to avoid using the same syringe for two seatings and contaminate other puppies for example.

These disposable feeding syringes come with a tapered curved tip for convenient usage and are purely used for oral dosing. It helps puppy owners to feed their little dogs in lesser time without irking them or over-dosing them. Such syringes help you feed puppies only the required amount of milk so you know when to stop, and can easily monitor what was given (see our puppy forms!) These syringes are well-received by most puppies, of all shapes and size, so expect them to respond well and eat the required amount of feed given to them.

One of the great features of a disposable feeding syringe is that its rubber end makes an excellent seal for the syringe so you don’t have to worry about the feed getting soiled or any harmful bacteria getting to the food. This is important because if you are feeding a sick puppy with the syringe, it is crucial to keep such precautions and preventing anything that can cause more infection to your little one. The disposable feature is yet another ideal feature because you can rest assured that your puppy is not exposed to something contaminated, harmful or unhealthy. And there is no sterilization going on, just unwrap and use it!

2. Tube Feeding Kit

This lifesaver kit is an amazing yet simple kit for beginners and includes a sterilized bag, a sturdy tube, and a syringe. It is recommended for all beginners who have just recently started to feed their young pups using tube-feeding (rather than bottle-feeding). Below details would help you understand the features of a tube feeding kit better. You can always look for tips and techniques about tube feeding here.

The tube feeding kits are available in a variety of sizes of feeding tubes so you can pick and choose which exact size you should be using for your pup. These also come in handy for your pups if they are ill and are unable to nurse. These tubes can be reused but have to be sterilized before every usage so that any infection or disease is not carried forward and the tube doesn’t pose a threat to your pups. The tubes can also be kept soft and easier to use for future seating by keeping them in lukewarm water. This approach also makes them flexible for future uses.

This tube feeding kit contains a French-styled feeding tube, a 12ml syringe made up of all plastic, and a microwave-friendly steam sterilizer bag is also one of the components of the kit. Each bag can be used 20 times before they should be disposed of. This tube-feeding kit comes in various sizes:

  • 3.5 — for small puppies and kittens
  • 5 — for small puppies and kittens
  • 8 — for large kittens as well as puppies
  • 10 — for large puppies

3. Pet Heating Pad

In order to keep the newborns and young pups warm during and after feeding, pet heating pads are perhaps the best puppy nursing supply that will come in handy for your whelps.

These pet heating pads are the most appropriate pads for your senior pets as well as newborns. It is also very useful if your pet is going through any kind of arthritis pains. For pregnant dogs, these pads would help them soothe and be comfortable while sitting on them when they are not walking or doing any other activity.

Especially when the pet is ill or recovering from any kind of injury or illness, the heating pad facilitates the healing process and soothes the dogs so it doesn’t act stressed out or irritated. During the wintertime, the pad helps them keep warm and cozy. They feel happy and comfortable sitting on them.

This pet heating pad is waterproof. This means you can easily and very comfortably clean them. These are also moisture-proof so you do not have to worry about electric shock concerns; your pet will remain safe on it. These pads are made up of durable fabric that keeps these puppy heating pads working for longer than ever. These are dust-free as well as flexible and easy to clean.

The chew-resistance feature of these pet heating pads’ steel cords helps in zero damaging of the pad. You should also read how you can keep your pet warm during the winter.

4. PetAg Esbilac

PetAg Esbilac is a puppy milk replacement of high quality. These are the best replacement milk cans for newborn puppies until they are of six weeks of age. The nutritional value that Esbilac offers is great for your pet as it is enriched with minerals and vitamins. Another great feature is that they are easily digestible so you wouldn’t have to worry about any post-feeding stomach issues. It is also very palatable. Diets for newborns are really something that you’d have to take extra care of in the same way that you would like a human kid to be taken care of and given all the required nutrition.

As a pet owner, you should also be aware that goats’ milk is also an option when you feed your pets. However, you should never use cow’s milk because of the lactose it contains. If your female dog (i.e. the puppy’s mother) is the victim of lactation failure, you must avoid breeding her again as explained in our in-depth article on lactating dogs.

Let’s go through a few eminent features of PetAg Esbilac: it is made up of all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any preservatives whatsoever. It should be considered as a holistic nutrition source especially for puppies who are stressed, orphaned as well as those that are nursing and require additional, supplemental feeding. It is one of the best feeding sources for growing puppies because that is the time they require the most amount of dense nutrition to develop their inner strength. It contains highly digestible ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It is a complete feeding diet for very young puppies. The formula is easily mixable with water and there is no extra care that you have to take while making the feed. It matches the food content of a bitch with regard to its high protein content.

5. PetAg Complete Nursing Kits

These nursing kits are specially designed for puppies as well as kittens that are hand-fed by their breeder. These can also be easily used for any other small newborn animal. Since they come with exclusively designed nipples, they replicate the action of a mother’s nipple to give the same kind of feeling. It is important to give such a nursing feeling to puppies so that they are ready to take the feed and don’t feel reluctant.

Young whelps are already at a stage where they are prone to developing diseases or become feeble and weak due to malnutrition. Thus, these nursing kits work as an ideal savior since puppies and kittens respond to these pretty well. Since these tools are handheld, you can easily monitor how much you tried to give, and how much was actually given to the puppy, or puppies. It is important to wash and clean them after every seating, which is why they are designed to be easily cleanable with a cleaning brush.

PetAg Complete Nursing Kit should be used with water, it is for kittens and small dogs (e.g. toy breeds) and therefore will suit even the smallest dogs and puppies. The feeding bottle that comes with the kit has tablespoon measurements clearly marked for you to give an appropriate amount of feeds. The kits come with soft comfortable nipples that are mimicking the design of a mother’s nipple. PetAg Complete Nursing Kits come with a cleaning brush to make it easier for you to clean the equipment. The dimensions of the kits also make them easy to carry. It has a length of 7 ½ inches, a width of 5 ½ inches and a height of 1 ½ inch.

Remember that everything from the kit should be properly sterilized like the nipples, the bottle as well as the bottle brush. It is as easier as sterilizing them in boiling water.

These nursing kits are very handy when it comes to easy feeding newborn dogs, especially when they are not in the best of their health, or when the mother is unable to attend their needs. Such nursing kits for your dogs are the best way to keep an all-inclusive tool suite with you so you don’t have to get the refills or any other extra item to complement your tool gear.

6. Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Puppies

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal for puppies is a very dense source of minerals and vitamins as well as dozens of other important nutrients for puppy growth. It offers quality nutrition to your puppies that is enriched with calorie dietary supplement.

Some key features of Tomlyn Nutri-Cal are that is boasts a palatable taste, with great flavors. Dog breeders who have already been using this on their puppies have seen very positive results from their pets following a few feeds. Additionally, Nutri-Cal comes with easy-to-feed gel texture and is specially formulated for puppies who are finicky and tend to go away from their meals. It helps you give your puppies the nutrition they require and can’t get from the little food they eat. Whether they are still nursed by the mother or weaned off, it is an ideal additional energy source for your puppies. It is exclusively for dogs and the formula is specially designed to give the right nutritional profile to growing or recovering dogs.

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal is a well-known and loved health supplement for dogs; it is concentrated and enriched with minerals and vitamins. From now on, choosey puppies will not lag behind in getting the required nutrition. The nutritional value of Tomlyn Nutri-Cal offers great appetite stimulation and it’s just not you who will love it but the taste of it will make your puppies want it often. It’s a winner!

7. Puppy First Aid Kit

Emergency first aid kits are not merely important for us humans. Puppies and small animals are more susceptible to such accidents or bad episodes. More so, once they go through any mishap, their reaction is absolutely opposite to that of humans. They become aggressive and can’t handle such an emergency situation so it is important to calm them down and keep an emergency gear handy so that any other worse scenarios can be easily avoided.

The puppy first-aid kit is the best go-to kit in case of emergency for your puppies. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. More so, since you have to be really careful with how to take care after an emergency situation has occurred with your pet, it is essential to keep everything necessary and accessible because puppies tend to get really aggressive and panicky in such scenarios. There are certain items that are substantially important to be kept: disinfectant, wipes, gloves, and bandages; these are the must-have vet supplies to have at home for your dog.

This particular first-aid kit for puppies includes an informative pamphlet that guides you through the various first-aid procedures, a pair of exam gloves that are latex-free, a first-aid tape, and a bunch of gauze pads. This first aid kit also includes four antiseptic wipes and a gauze bandage roll, two patches of adhesive bandages and an elastic bandage.

The kit has the ideal size for portability and ease of carrying. It is also very much lightweight. It contains an easy attachment feature for a backpack hook. The features mentioned above make the kit pretty friendly to carry. Even if you are taking your puppy for a walk or any outdoor activity, you can always keep it with you as it measures an approximate size of 11cm x 14cm. It is as light as approximately 92g for everyday use.

This round-up of the most important puppy tube-feeding supplies is here to reassure you: you do not need much to tube-feed puppies. A syringe that is small enough for your puppy’s mouth, a healthy puppy milk replacer, and you are good. A dog blanket or a heating pad are added goodies and can help to soothe the whelps.

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