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10 Best Dog Pillows & Cushions

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Published on
Wednesday 13 April 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog pillows and cushions
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A pooch will always enjoy his comfortable dog pillow or dog cushion. It can be placed in its crate or even on your bed for them to enjoy whenever they feel like having a snooze.

Dog pillows and cushions are just like human ones: some are super nice looking, some are super comfy, but rarely both. In this article, we are listing pillows for dogs that are both comfortable and great-looking. Let’s not forget that looks are subjective so we’ll try to cater to a wide range of tastes here.

Advantages of Buying Dog Pillows

Essentially, a great dog pillow is a functional pillow especially because dogs don’t have that judgment on looks. Dogs prefer an ugly pillow that is super comfy over a super cute cushion that does not feel right. 

Purchasing dog pillows have great benefits for your pets. Since their sleeping routine can affect your dog’s overall health, you might as well purchase something that will give them a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the best advantages of buying dog pillows for your furry friend:

Keeps you dogs warm

Just like us humans, our dogs love a comfy and warm sleeping pillow bed. Some nights can be chilly for them to sleep on the floor (which leads to illness or fever) so it’s best if they’ll have their dog pillows.

Dogs can be vulnerable to weather changes so you need to ensure that they have the proper insulation for comfort during winter. The same goes during hot temperatures, a cooling bed can give them proper sleep for them to gain more energy. 

Preserve your furniture

I’m sure that you’ll experience having a sofa or a rug with lots of dog hair. It’s very exhausting to clean and vacuum, right? To prevent this from happening, giving your dogs their comfy pillow will let them know what’s yours and what’s theirs.

Once they are properly introduced to their pillow beds, you can preserve your furniture and prevent them from ruining your designer couch. This is also a great way to teach them that your furniture is off-limits.

Own space to rest

I know that as pet owners, you love to snuggle your dogs in your bed but sometimes you do need your personal space to relax and rest, same goes for your dogs. They love to have their own space where they can rest and sleep in peace.

Make sure to pick the right dog pillow bed size for your pets so it will be more appealing to them. Also, you must be aware of your dog’s sleeping habits to know the style of their beds.

Support joints

Choosing dog pillows for large dogs breeds, working dogs, and senior dogs can be crucial since they need dog cushions to support their joints. Sleeping on the floor is okay but having a dog pillow to support their needs is better. 

Usually, there are dog pillows that feature memory foam to ensure that your dogs will feel at ease and comfortable during their sleep.

Ensure better sleep

As mentioned before, sleep is essential for everyone, even your pets. For your dogs to gain more energy and have healthier well-being, they should have 12-14 hours of sleep per day. 

Yes, it’s normal for them to sleep that long. That’s why having a warm and pleasant dog pillow is a must if you want your dog to have a peaceful sleep. 

Easy to maintain

Compared to your pillows at home, dog pillows are easier to maintain since they are made and designed for dog use. Most dog pillows that are available in the market are waterproof inside for you to clean easily.

Unlike your living room and bedroom pillows that can be easily stained or collect all dog hair, most dog pillows are made of high-quality materials to make them durable and long-lasting. 

Regular Pillows vs. Dog Pillows

There are instances where you can use a regular pillow for your dog but for your dog’s comfort, it’s better to buy them pillows that can provide all their needs.

Regular pillows for humans are made to fulfill our needs. It’s designed to give you a night of better sleep and rest, some are even shaped for our heads to give comfort to your neck. In short, regular pillows may not satisfy your dog’s needs because they’re not for them.

On the other hand, dog pillows are mostly durable, have thicker foam, are waterproof, and have raised edges to provide support on your dog’s head. Some also feature an orthopedic foam that relieves joint and muscle pains. Also, dog pillows have larger sizes that are compatible with your dog size.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Pillows and Cushions

Before you purchase cushion and comfort pillows for dogs, make sure that you consider these important factors for you to buy the perfect dog pillows that will suit your fur buddy’s needs.

Dog’s sleeping style

It’s necessary to know your dog’s sleeping style first before purchasing dog pillows and cushions. Does your dog sleep curl up like a ball or do they love to stretch their legs and body while sleeping?

This factor will help you decide the type and style of your dog pillows and cushion. For example, there are circular dog pillow beds with raised edges called donut cuddlers that are perfect for pets who sleep in a curled position

Overall health condition

Does your dog have joint pains or experience anxiety?

Some beds are designed for senior and working dogs who often feel joint pains. Also, giant dog breeds need a more thicker and comfortable pet pillow since they have different bone structures compared to smaller breeds. The right dog pillow and cushion will prevent your dogs from feeling any muscle pain, hip and back problems, and sore joints.

When it comes to dog anxiety, there are types of dog pillow beds that are made for dogs who have the anxiety to keep them warm and calm. Usually, these dog pillow beds have a close compact foam design so your pets can feel secure.

Types of Materials

Buying a high-quality dog pillow and cushion is important especially if you own large or giant dog breeds. You have to make sure that it’s made of durable and sturdy materials so it can last for years.

The most common materials used in dog pillows are memory foam, microfiber, cooling gel foam, orthopedic foam, Polyester, etc. Waterproof dog pillows are also a plus since it’s easier to maintain and clean, you’ll just remove the cover, wash them and they’re good to go.

Design and color

Surely you want your dog pillows to match your home decor and to blend with your style. No worries because there are plenty of stylish and modern dog pillows and cushion designs that you can purchase online.

Colors are also important, in my opinion, I would rather purchase a dog pillow that has darker colors since we all know that dogs won’t mind stomping on their pillows even if their feet are muddy. 

Easy to clean

Dog pillows that are machine washable are blessings sent from above. If you want a less hassle way to clean your dog pillows, make sure that you’ll purchase a washing machine-friendly foam.

This will not only save your time and energy but will also keep your dog’s pillow clean and sanitized from any insects or germs building up. 

Size of your dog

Last but not least, the dog pillow size should be appropriate for your dog size. Your dogs should have enough space to stretch but also should not be too big for them to feel secure.

Ensure to know the right measurements of the dog pillow and cushion first especially if you’ll purchase it online. Most owners don’t check this and only based on the images, this prevents you from having the expectation versus reality moment.

10 Best Dog Pillows and Cushions

Here is our comprehensive list of the best cushion and comfort pillows for dogs for you to check out.

Disclaimer: These products are not recommended for aggressive chewers, so if you have one at home, read our review of the best chew-proof dog beds.

1. K&H Manufacturing Cuddle Cube

Available in grey, green and mocha colors as well as small, medium-large sizes, the K&H Manufacturing Cuddle Cube is an amazing winner because it would fit in all homes and offers such a comfortable rest for any dog.

It is soft and warm on the outside and smoothly padded inside. It is over 12″ thick which offers a super agreeable spot for bigger dogs too. The non-slip bottom is useful for dogs that tend to move and turn around a lot.

K&H is famous for only using long-lasting durable materials of high quality so you know that you are getting a bang for your bucks. This is an eco-friendly big cuddly pillow since the fill is made from recycled plastic bottles. It is obviously non-toxic for dogs!

2. Best Friends by Sheri Ortho Comfort

The perfect dog cushion for owners who want to look after their pet’s aching joints. It offers maximum support thanks to its innovative design that provides premium comfort for more fragile dogs, smaller breeds, and senior pets.

The Sherpa fabric makes it ultra-soft and gentle to the skin while the cleaning is as easy as throwing it in the washing machine and letting it air dry.

This super comfy half-cushion half-bag has a unique design: the high (12″) overstuffed rear wall that offers back support and relieves any unwanted pressure on the joints, while the front wall has been carved lower (9″) in order to support your dog’s head and neck.

Because of its unique shape, this sleeper bed for dogs has the versatility required to accommodate various sleeping positions! And hey, it does look pretty cool and inviting to me…

3. Armarkat Pet Bed with Waterproof Lining

Finally, a thick design that doesn’t flatten out the minute your dog lays on it. No more pancake effect with this Armarkat dog bed. Plus, setting it all up is almost instantaneous: push the filling inside the zipper, zip it up, and you’re done!

If your dog gets warm and panting during the summer, you’ll be pleased to know that many people noted how breathable the fabric is with this dog bed, so it should be a great item to have throughout the hot summer days.

The inside bedding has 3 slots on the inside to make sure the support and the inside filler are evenly distributed so it does not fall out to the outside of the bedding. This big cushioned dog bed also has a non-slip material on the base so it will not slide around on hardwood floors.

4. MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed

Such a great-looking dog pillow that you may use on its own or in your dog’s crate. It is made from super-soft synthetic fur and has a non-skid bottom surface to avoid slippery accidents.

The MidWest Quiet Time Pet Bed looks so good, especially when you have it in your hands, and is softer than most pillows and beds for dogs. It is completely suitable for your washing machine and lasts a long time with most dogs. It is a great product from a very popular and respected brand in the dog world, MidWest.

Great bed. It is soft and comfy for my dog. It has held up well with him lying on it every day for 6 months. I was also able to stuff it into a bag to take on a trip. When I took it back out, it went back to it’s regular shape.

Elizabeth S., Amazing Reviewer

I would use it in a crate or a hard floor for some added padding and comfort. Surely not an orthopedic dog bed but it is definitely worth every penny.

5. All for Paws Lambswool Pillow Bed for Dogs

When you receive this pillow, you’ll get a big package and unbox it to find a gushy, comfortable, smooth dog pillow. After a few weeks, you’ll realize how great construction is since it doesn’t flatten out easily and if you have a couple of dogs or cats, you’ll soon find them both lounging on it.

The lambswool is a very comforting material, adding a little warmth on top of the feel-good it provides to dogs. I find this Lambswool cushion very reassuring for dogs suffering from separation anxiety, especially for the first training sessions. It really has a great soothing feeling!

It is available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find the right cushion for your home. Machine washable too so you can have a weekly cleaning to make sure your dog always sleeps in a fresh spot.

6. Furhaven Cozy Pet Pillow Beds

Sometimes, products are just average copies of similar items — not the Separation Anxiety Relief Dog Bed. It is a unique and smart dog pillow that acts as a potent separation anxiety reliever. The cover opens up so you can insert your own pillow in it to make a comfy dog bed that has your scent.

Studies have repeatedly shown that dogs recognize one another using scent primarily so having your scent in there will soothe their stress while you are out and about doing your chores. In other words, your dog will feel that you are right there with him as they fall asleep.

Half of this unique patented pillow bed has your pillow in it while the other half is a blanket. And don’t worry if your dog has a little accident, the cover is machine-washable! If your dog is a victim of severe separation anxiety, check out these anxiety vests and wraps for dogs.

7. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam

No products found.

Favoring the comfort over the looks, the Milliard orthopedic dog pillow bed has some amazing features that beat regular pillows for dogs:

  • memory foam for therapeutic comfort (fighting arthritis and aching joints)
  • high-density foam base to contour your dog’s body regardless of its body weight
  • highest quality materials for a long-lasting shape avoiding the flattening syndrome
  • non-slip bottom to be sure the bed stays where you put it
  • machine washable and fully dryable for quick and easy cleaning

This pillow bed cover is lined with plastic on the inside and the outside shows a beautiful yet discreet light tan color. On top of all these pros, you can also enjoy a waterproof cover to keep everything clean when accidents occur.

8. Bedsure Calming Dog Pillow Beds

This circular design donut dog pillow and cushion is recommended for pets that have a habit of curling up when sleeping. Its raised edges create a sense of security and provide support to your dog’s head and neck to prevent any muscle pain.

It also features a super warm plush filled with air loft fibers and an ultra-fine fiber that can resist cold nights during winter. The Bedsure calming dog pillow bed also ensures that your dog is safe since it has a non-slip bottom that can be fixed on the tiled and hardwood floors of your home.

These dog pillows are available in four sizes – 20x20x6 inches, 23x23x8 inches, 30x30x8 inches, and 36x36x10 inches. It also has three colors to choose from – camel, dark grey, and frost grey that will perfectly match your home decor.

9. PETMAKER Couch Cover Collection

This unique dog pillow and cushion feature a design that will compliment your home decor and will satisfy your dog’s needs. The PETMAKER Couch Cover dog pillow can protect your furniture while keeping your pets comfortable.

It’s perfect for owners who want to stay close with their pets and have quality time while watching a movie. It has a water-resistant bottom layer that can prevent any damages and serves a protection to your furniture. 

When it comes to cleaning, you can simply use a vacuum to remove dog fur, debris, etc. You can also use a clean damp cloth with mild soap to remove spots and spills. It’s available in two sizes – medium for dogs 60 lbs. or less (30”x30.5”x5”) and large for dogs 60 to 110 lbs. (35”x35”x5”)

10. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam

If you’re looking for a sleek and elegant dog pillow and cushion made of high-quality materials, the Laifug orthopedic pillow foam got you covered.

This pet pillow and cushion has an exclusive bold contrast design that’s available in four colors with a full fashion sense. Its orthopedic high-quality memory foam provides maximum comfort and support. Surely it won’t flatten and will retain at least 90% of its shape for the next 3 years.

It also has double protection with a soft removable cover and waterproof liner that makes it more durable and sturdy to use. The head neck pillow is 4 inches high and is designed to provide maximum comfort and support security to your pets. 

Top Dog Pillows and Cushions: FAQ

Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the best dog pillows and cushions.

Why do dogs need pillows?

Just like humans, our dogs love to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Dog pillows are designed to be soft and fluffy so your dogs can find the perfect position or spot when sleeping. Another purpose of dog pillows is to give support to their muscles and bones to prevent any complications, especially to senior dogs. 

Is it good for dogs to sleep on memory foam?

Yes. Memory foam is one of the best choices for dogs who have physical conditions. Since your dogs sleep at least 12-14 hours a day, it can help your pets to ease aches and pains and to prevent arthritis, joint issues, and hip dysplasia, especially in elderly dogs. 

Do dogs need their bed?

Yes. It will help your dogs to understand “personal space”. Most pet owners love to cuddle their dogs but there are instances where you want to rest peacefully alone on your bed. This is also the same with dogs. Some dogs prefer to have an undisturbed sleeping time so they can rest well, that’s why they need to have their bed where they can relax. 

Why do dogs like to sleep on the floor?

Dogs sleep on the floor especially when the weather is hot. Usually, dogs look for the coolest spot in the house, and if the weather is too hot for them, they’ll usually sleep on the floor. Another reason why your dog sleeps on the floor instead of their bed is that they probably feel uncomfortable or the bed size is too big or too small for them.

Are pillow beds good for dogs?

Yes. Dog pillow beds are designed to give your dog a comfortable and restful sleep. It can also improve their health, especially their muscles and joints. Sleep is important to dogs for them to regain their energy. That’s why we owners need to provide them with a comfortable dog pillow bed so they can rest peacefully during the day and night.

Dog pillows and more generally dog beds are not a one size fits all kind of item. You don’t necessarily need to do trial and error either, you just need to understand what your dog requires and choose the most suitable pillow accordingly. If your dog has no specific requirement, you can give the looks and ergonomy more value in your final decision process. Check out our other reviews of top quality dog beds:

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