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10 Bestselling Dog Foods in the United States

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Published on
Thursday 16 August 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Bestselling Dog Foods in the United States (Review)
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Dog foods come in different shapes and forms: dry, wet, canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried, human-grade, organic, grain-free, low fat, sensitive formula, and many more. It is hard to figure out which dog food brands to trust, and which to stay away from. This article reviews the top 10 bestselling dog foods in the United States.

Granted, it is not because a lot of people buy specific dog food that is synonymous with quality. The brand may execute a wonderful great marketing campaign. Or, the dog food may be sold with a very low and enticing pricing strategy. However, what is great when dog food is on a bestselling list, is that you know thousands of dog owners serve it daily and so far, everything is ok.

The pet food industry is constantly changing which makes it hard for us, dog owners, to find a brand, a range, and stick with it for years. There is that FOMO — Fear of Missing Out. We always see new something new and trendy popping out, with yet new incredible nutritional benefits.

10 Bestselling Dog Foods in the US

Read up on these reviews of the bestselling dog foods, try some out, and see how your dog reacts to them.

1. Taste of the Wild Natural

— #1 on Amazon (For Good Reasons!)

Protein-rich dry dog food that provides optimum nutrition for strong bones and muscles. This dog food has been rated as #1 on Amazon. Made and operated in the US in a family-owned business, Taste of the Wild foods brings a complete, well-rounded meal alternative for health and well-being. Packed with rich anti-oxidants, this protein booster is created with safety protocols in mind and backed by scientific research and data.

Ideal for adult dogs, the ingredients have origins traced back to the most trustable sources offering a grain-free blend and is considered a true superfood. High Prairie contains natural ingredients including real meat, roasted bison, essential amino acids, and added fruits and vegetables that give the nutrients an added boost. The proprietary probiotics (80 million CFU/LB) and fatty acids assist in smooth digestion and give your dog a shiny coat.

Users appreciate the immune support that Taste of the Wild kibble offers. Then, due to this blend being free of fillers, wheat, corn, colors, and preservatives, dog owners are assured that their dogs are receiving one of the healthiest foods on the market. With one package weighing in at 30 lbs., reviewers rave saying the price is proportionate to the quantity received. Some buyers claim that Taste of the Wild is better than the Blue Buffalo in regards to ingredients. Dog owners have noted that their older aged dogs show a higher increase in energy levels after consuming Taste of the Wild dog foods.


  • Rich in probiotics to promote healthy digestion
  • Contains healthy fatty acids
  • Rich in antioxidants


  • Makes some dogs poop more
  • Kibble size is not suitable for large dogs

2. The Honest Kitchen Human-Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

— HUMAN-GRADE Dog Food… Yep!

The Honest Kitchen has inspired many dog owners with its rich, dehydrated dog food because of its organic nature. The Honest Kitchen has created the first of its kind in supplying organic human-grade food with 100% ingredients. Because of this, this whole grain, the chicken recipe is specially designed with quality and safety in mind. Made with free-range chicken, this dry food has been dehydrated that provides optimum nutrition for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s all-natural and contains no preservatives, GMO ingredients, or by-products. Made in the US, one package contains 14 ½ lbs. of product and all you need to do is add some water to it and it’s ready to eat.

The Honest Kitchen Human-Grade blend has been tested by professionals to meet the standards of food for human consumption. So yes, even humans can eat this dog food. The method used in dehydrating this food has made it easier to digest and highly concentrated by removing all the water for compactness and nutrition density. Buyers love this brand claiming it deserves more than 5 stars for ultimate quality and they say that it is well worth the little extra effort put in for prepping. However, not all users particularly like the texture, and just be aware that it does contain sodium selenite, as one user had warned.


  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Easily digestible
  • Nutrient-dense


  • Contains sodium selenite
  • Some picky eaters do not like the flavor

3. BLUE Life Protection Formula

— Many Wholesome Recipes!

Another highly-respected dry food formula specially made for adult dogs, Blue Life Protection offers a delicious and satisfying blend. The Blue Life kibble is made with hearty meats that add flavor and protein to your dog’s balanced diet. Made from deboned chicken and brown rice, this blend is free from protein by-products, soy, corn, or wheat. Additionally, no artificial colors or preservatives are found in this product. For a nutritional punch, this protection formula is packed with wholesome grains, fruits, as well as vegetables. Blue Life offers a unique brand that appeals to any dog breed, size, and condition. Your dog’s cognition and mobility are greatly enhanced with its blend of DHA, glucosamine, and chondroitin. These are especially helpful for aged dogs, or breeds of larger size prone to arthritis and musculoskeletal problems.

Blue Life is specially formulated and designed for your dog’s health and wellness. Made in the U.S. and offering 22% crude protein, it comes packed with the essential amino acids and vitamins including B-12, B6, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. Buyers say their dog’s coats have come back to life with more shine and luster and this food has greatly optimized their pet’s energy. This brand has helped alleviate and even prevent stomach issues such as diarrhea and vomiting. On the downside though, few reviewers have reported increased thirst and runny stools after use.


  • Rich in essential amino acids
  • Promotes healthy bones and joints
  • Helps in brain development


  • Inconsistent smell and taste

4. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

— Absolute Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food!

Stella & Chewy’s has made it to the top of the list for being the #1 bestselling freeze-dried dog food on today’s market. Appropriately labeled “Only the Good Stuff!”, these beef dinner patties made for your dog supply a whopping 95% grass-fed beef along with bones, organs and organic veggies and fruits for maximum nutrition and strength. This organic blend, made in the US, has been enhanced with antioxidants and probiotics. Minimally processed, it contains no added hormones or antibiotics.

Pets enjoy the flavor and buyers can appreciate the fact that this dog food contains no gluten or grains for dogs who suffer from food sensitivities. This brand even supports a vibrant coat and skin, as well as healthy gums and teeth. Users like how the patties are versatile such as, they can be crumbled, mixed, or soaked in water. One buyer, however, complained of finding bone shards in the bag so it may only have been a bad batch.


  • Made with beef, organs, and organic veggies
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Free from grains and gluten


  • Can be crumbled or mashed inside the bag
  • The size got smaller

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural

— With Chelated Minerals (And Farm-Raised Chicken!)

This nutritiously delicious, and super-premium, dry dog food is made with real, U.S. farm-raised chicken which counts as its #1 ingredient. Containing 26% crude protein, this is a natural food that provides wholesome chelated minerals and is free of by-product meals, wheat, gluten, and fillers. Natural prebiotics is added to sustain a healthy digestive flow and promote beneficial gut bacteria. The peas, carrots, and beet pulp provide the essential fiber for your dog’s diet, while the brown rice gives him the carbohydrates necessary for energy support. The fat from the chicken adds essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for optimum skin and coat health.

Rachael Ray kibbles provide a sensible eating plan that helps your dog transition from his old food to relying solely on Nutrish Natural. Users rave about how this dog food has aided in their dog’s digestive health and treated their loose stools. One user advises waiting at least 3 months before seeing results as some of its benefits may take time to develop, however, they have already seen great improvements within 5 to 6 weeks. On a side note, however, one buyer believes that a relatively bad batch of Nutrish Natural was distributed as it seemed to provoke diarrhea in dogs, even when the same batch had been given to other dogs with similar results.


  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Made with farm-raised chicken


  • Not suitable for dogs with chicken allergies
  • Some dogs had diarrhea

6. Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken

— Packed With Prebiotics!

With this ideal dry food blend, Purina offers a full blend that both aids in digestion as well as offering the protein your dog needs for maximum health. This pro, the special blend offers real chicken meat as it’s #1 ingredient. Alongside this, the rice offers your dog his daily carbohydrate intake which aids in digestion and provides sustainable energy throughout the day. What makes this Purina blend a top source in the market is its prebiotic fiber which is sourced from natural wheat bran. Prebiotics assists in smoother digestion and promotes intestinal health.

Purina’s nutrition is backed by research and expertise as well as years of experience. It’s also the choice of dog food for competitors and holds high praise in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Shows. Dogs who are normally picky eaters have no problem accepting this wonderful treat blend and find it palatable.

Recommended by vets, the Purina Pro Plan is easily accepted by dogs of all types and sizes while some say it is easy to chew. It’s definitely praised by many buyers saying it’s their #1 pick and favorite dry dog food of all time. However, some users have complained of finding worms and moths in their bags upon receiving them.


  • Made with real chicken
  • Highly palatable
  • Helps keep the gut healthy


  • Shredded parts can become crumbly
  • The bag does not keep its freshness

7. Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin

— Added Omega-6 Fatty Acids!

Hill’s Science Diet dry food is recommended by vets and is specially designed for dogs who suffer from sensitive stomach upsets and skin issues. Formulated for adult dogs, this complete blend offers rich nutrition packed with vitamins C and E and antioxidant benefits. The vitamins give your dog a rich, shiny coat and skin. It comes with high-quality protein and natural ingredients. The omega-6 fatty acids and essential vitamins also assist in promoting a healthy immune system. This blend is backed by vets as their #1 choice in dry blends in feeding their own pets. This unique formula is not limited to any dog size or breed type.

Some of the high-quality ingredients that Hill’s Science incorporates into their foods are Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, D3 and C, oat fiber, apples, broccoli and much more, providing a well-rounded complete nutritious meal replacement. This premium dry food for dogs is easily digestible and promotes the nourishment of the skin.

Dogs who normally do not accept new foods have no problem eating Hill’s Science food. One user gives much praise to this brand claiming her dog who suffers from extreme allergy symptoms was able to completely eradicate the condition after consumption of Hill’s Science. The taste seems to be well palatable according to most users, however, several buyers have complained of bouts of diarrhea in their pets after regular use.


  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Helps in healthy digestion
  • Packed with antioxidants and vitamins C and E


  • Some dogs had diarrhea in the first week
  • Some customers received a moldy product

8. Diamond Naturals

— Family-Owned & Family-Run!

Diamond Naturals dry dog food is renowned for being a family-oriented business with the handling of operations completely run by the family unit. Made in the United States, this real meat recipe offers high quantities of protein made from real pasture-raised beef and quinoa which promote strong healthy bones and muscles.

The vitamins, minerals, and proprietary probiotics packed into this dry food give Diamond Naturals a place in the market as a high-quality “superfood”. With a guaranteed 80,000,000 CFU per lb probiotic count and a blend of both insoluble and soluble fibers, this dog food offers optimum digestive support. Some added nutritional benefits include chia seeds, omega fatty acids, coconut, as well as flaxseed that aid in the development of shiny coats and healthy skin.

One very satisfied buyer of Diamond Naturals complained that her dog was constantly licking his paws until they turned red. She had tried various methods and foods to no avail until Diamond Naturals was able to eradicate the condition. This brand has also helped some dogs replace some of their glucosamine and chondroitin supplements with this food as it already provides the essential minerals and nutrients. Just make sure you take note of how your dog reacts as some have been documented experiencing sickness and vomiting after consumption. Transitioning a dog to a new food must be done gradually.


  • Contains high-quality superfoods
  • Made from real pasture-raised beef
  • Contains many essential fats


  • Some dogs experienced vomiting
  • Not for picky eaters

9. CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food

— Not The Best, But a Cheap Wet Dog Food!

For a pleasant change of pace, Cesar Gourmet Classics offers a wide variety of wet food of different flavors all packed together to give your dog some variety in his life. Just like humans, dogs also like a bit of variation in their day-to-day eating routine. With over 40 flavors to choose from, Cesar Classics ingeniously blends together the most essential dog ingredients into a soft pate to give your dog that extra kick in flavor and nutritional benefits.

This classic, wet food comes at a very affordable price compared to other food brands, so if prices are a concern you can always opt for Cesar. However, you still get the benefits of certain vitamins such as A, B1, and D3.

Each package contains 24 trays of pate with flavors ranging from duck, oven-roasted chicken, turkey, and grilled chicken. The trays are convenient, ready to eat, and come with freshness. Dogs tend to love the texture that meaty pates offer, which works as a great alternative to their ordinary dry food. You can either serve them the trays alone or mix them in their kibble. Users say that the Cesar Classics make great snacks for larger-sized dogs. However, considering the price, it may not be the healthiest choice of dog food for your pet.


  • It is very affordable
  • Dogs love the texture
  • Suitable for large dogs


  • Not the healthiest choice on the list

10. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

— Delicious Meat & Veggie Stews!

Another great nutritious wet food is the one from Rachael Ray. Indeed, Nutrish Natural dog food equips your dog’s savory diet with specially formulated meat and veggie stews. Each meal pack is inspired by Rachael’s Kitchen which gives your dog maximum flavor for the buck. With added vitamins and minerals, you can choose from a delicious array of creative dishes such as:

  • rustic duck stew,
  • chicken paw pie,
  • savory lamb stew,
  • hearty beef stew,
  • chicken meatballs with pasta, and
  • beef stroganoff.

Dog owners appreciate the fact that Rachael Ray’s wet food will never contain fillers, corn, soy, or wheat. Users give praise to Nutrish Natural as they personally feel Rachael Ray is a reputable, trusted brand. This wet food provides a high-quality source of nutrition for your dog’s health compared to other versions and brands. Though considering its brand reputation, one user claims that Blue Family Favorites is actually better qualified.


  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • No fillers and artificial flavors
  • Rich in meaty flavor


  • The sodium content is not suitable for senior dogs

Bestselling Dog Foods in the United States: FAQs

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the bestselling dog foods in the United States.

What is the number one selling dog food in the United States?

The number one bestselling dog food in the United States is Blue Buffalo with Chicken and Rice recipe. Blue Buffalo always make sure that their food is made with real meat as their first ingredient. It is high in protein which helps dogs develop strong and healthy muscles

What is the #1 rated dog food?

The number 1 rated dog food is the Purina Pro Plan. It has a wide range of formulas suitable for all dog breeds of all life stages. Purina Pro Plan is well-researched by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

What dog food is most recommended by veterinarians?

Royal Canin dog food is the most recommended by vets especially if your dog needs a breed-specific formula.

What dog food brands are considered premium?

There are dog food brands out there that use not only nutritious ingredients but also premium ones. Here are the dog food brands that are considered premium.
1. Eukanuba
2. Nutro
3. Hill’s Science Diet
4. Iams
5. Royal Canin

What are the safest brands of dog food?

There are lots of brands of dog foods out there that can cause several ailments to your dogs. Here are some of the safest brands that you can trust:
1. Solid Gold
2. The Honest Kitchen
3. Canidae
4. Victor
5. The Farmer’s Dog

There are lots of different brands of dog food on the market. Sometimes, you will be confused about which one of them is the best. Just remember that when picking the best dog food for your dog, you should consider their breed, age, and other needs.

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