Top 10 Best Moist Dog Foods — Reviews and Brands

Top 10 Best Moist Dog Foods — Reviews and Brands

Studies have shown that semi-moist, wet and moist dog foods have much higher palatability than dry kibble. However, due to their higher water content, moist dog food recipes have a much shorter shelf life and once opened, they will have to be consumed immediately for safety reasons.

Kibble has for long been the food of choice thanks to its convenience. Over the last few years, dog owners have been more careful in what is embedded in their dog’s diet and kibble loses its pole position in terms of healthiness and freshness. Remember that a dog’s food intake also includes potential treats and biscuits given in between the regular meals.

We’ve handpicked and selected the best moist dog foods currently available so you can quickly decide what will be best for your dog.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Dog Food

The Rachael Ray brand is a top competitor in the market for wet dog food due to its added vitamins and minerals. Nutrish provides a healthy alternative to most wet dog foods as there is no soy, wheat, corn, nor fillers added. The Rachael Ray dog food is made with real meat and comes in a variety of savory flavors including lamb stew, beef stew, and pot pie.

With no artificial flavors or preservatives added, the Nutrish wet food for dogs adds an intense flavor inspired by the recipes cooked up in Rachael Ray’s kitchen. That’s why each package is made with care from the most natural, wholesome ingredients for your dog to enjoy. Due to their hearty flavors, dogs can’t seem to get enough of the Nutrish by Rachael Ray.

2. NUTRO Kitchen Adult Classics

The Nutro Kitchen Classics provides a scrumptious, yet digestive-friendly, canned dog food for your pets to enjoy and benefit from. This moist dog food is a premium alternative to ordinary dog food and every 12.5 ounces can come with the best quality ingredients and proteins including slow-cooked chicken, tender thigh, fish, and even rice and oatmeal recipe. Each can is carefully crafted by trusted sellers and farmers, making natural ingredients a guarantee.

The Kitchen Classics canned dog food is created to encourage both coat and skin health making them shiny and soft thanks to its complete nutrition and added nutrients. The Nutro has helped many dogs who suffer from digestive issues, including ailments such as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. This is one wet dog food that does what it promises. Dogs enjoy the smell and the robust flavors keep them coming back for more.

3. BLUE Homestyle Moist Dog Food

Another wonderous wet dog food to feed your pet’s senses is the Homestyle Recipe made by Blue. Blue is a super popular brand of kibble and now their tasty recipes are made as canned food for dogs. This wet version provides the most essential amino acids and proteins to support your dog’s health and vigor.

This rich chicken dinner features real meat as its first ingredient and is made with delectable deboned chicken. The barley and brown rice incorporated into these flavors add a richness of whole grains and the needed complex carbs to your dog’s diet, adding the energy required to fuel them. Nutritious garden vegetables are added for enhanced health benefits.

One thing that sets the Blue food apart from other wet brands is that it contains no wheat, as others tend to use wheat as an agent for thickening, making this brand an all-around natural wet food for dogs. With no corn, soy, chicken by-products, preservatives, or artificial flavors, the Homestyle Recipe by Blue is a top choice in canned dog food.

4. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adults

With the Purina adult wet dog food on today’s market, there’s a guarantee that buyers will be getting the most for their buck. Purina is known for creating their meals with top ingredients with natural origins, while always inspected by top nutritionists. With chicken being its number one ingredient, this 13-ounce canned dog food provides an appetizing meal made of chicken, carrot, and health-giving peas.

The aperitive wet food for dogs made by Purina guarantees a complete balanced meal full of wholesome vegetables. Your adult dogs are taken care of while this recipe brand comes grain-free as well as being a no poultry by-product meal. Buyers can appreciate the simplicity of Purina’s canned food that comes with no additives, soy, wheat, corn, or artificial colors and flavors. Other wondrous flavors available include a chicken and lamb blend with spinach, beef and potato, turkey, and whitefish and salmon.

5. I and love and you Grain-Free Canned Food

With so many canned food for dogs on the market today, none beat the taste and potency of the I and Love and You brand. With its original look and feel, this canned dog food is exactly what dogs need for optimum nutrition and flavor. This grain-free moist dog food contains no fillers and is made with complete love from its makers.

With no by-product meals, soy, corn, rice or any artificial colors and flavors, your dog is guaranteed a more active lifestyle. What makes this canned dog food special is its legendary ingredients including flaxseeds and fish oils to provide that ultimate boost in omega 3 and 6 nutrition. The I and Love and You brand contains no harmful carrageenan thickener. For a boost in carbohydrates, instead of wheat, nutritious sweet potato is added to their ingredients. Wonderful flavors are available including various meat stews with real fruit and veggies.

6. Hill's Science Diet Stomach & Skin

A great brand of wet dog food should not only provide maximum nutrition but also be easy on the digestive tract. With Hill’s Science dog food, you get just that. Created for dogs with sensitive digestive systems and skin, the Hill’s Science canned dog food is made from the highest quality ingredients that are easy to digest and are soft in texture.

The natural fiber from the vegetables supports a smooth transit for your dog’s tummy troubles. The Hill’s Science food for sensitive skin and stomach is a clinically proven blend of vitamins C and E as well as antioxidants that provide nourishment and strengthens your dog’s immune system. It helps create and maintain shiny coats in your pet’s appearance. Complete and nutritionally balanced, various appetizing flavors include salmon and chicken with vegetables. Hills Science is a top recommendation by vets so you can be assured you are receiving the best ingredients.

7. Happy Howie's Turkey Roll

For a change of pace, the Happy Howie’s Turkey Roll, although not a canned food, still provides an exquisite alternative to some meat plates that still packs an intensity of flavor. Made in the USA, this succulent gourmet meat roll weighs in at two pounds and is made with premium turkey. Although not meant for a complete meal as it does not provide the nutrition from hearty vegetables or fruits, this turkey roll is a great topper for most foods. Aside from the usual meal replacement, the Happy Howie’s meat roll can be applied or grated on top of your dog’s favorite kibble mix or used as an alternate healthy treat. Also great for those picky eaters, dogs love the taste and it looks appetizing as well! Due to its big size, the Happy Howie’s turkey roll can easily feed more than one dog at a time.

8. Weruva Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Cans

What you see is what you get with this appeasing wet dog food. And it happens to taste just as incredible as it looks. The Weruva food provides a minimally-processed meal replacement for your dogs to not only enjoy, but can greatly benefit from.

Containing no grains, gluten, or carrageenan, this wet food for dogs in a can provides an incredibly balanced and complete meal that your pets will love. It features cage-free boneless and skinless chicken breast which provides a high source of clean protein free from the usual additives such as GMOs and MSGs. The chicken comes hand-packed, shredded and packed to your dog’s liking making it easier to chew and handle.

This wet food maintains the health and weight of adult dogs providing just the right diet based on the family-owned Weruva grade. Every 14 ounces can combine essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is meticulously produced in human food facilities based on the strictest global standards ensuring top-notch quality.

9. Wellness Mini Meals

The Wellness Mini Meals is the perfect meal complement to complete your pet’s meal to ensure an overall balanced diet. Grain-free, versatile, and packed with essential nutrients, the Wellness wet food for dogs contains only five ingredients or less in each can. This simple and delicious recipe is made with real chicken, pumpkin, and salmon.

A recipe formulated with all-natural ingredients, dogs are assured a healthier lifestyle as it contains no additives or wheat. The Wellness Mini Meals are convenient due to its easy to open individual serving cups. These complements make the perfect topper for your dogs’ food or kibble or simply mix them in with his usual food. They also provide an excellent healthy snack. Other scrumptious flavors range from chicken liver and broccoli, tuna with beef and carrots, and a chicken with beef and carrot mix.

10. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs

For a more economic approach, the Cesar Gourmet variety packs come with thirty-six delicious trays of assorted flavors. They range from classic and porterhouse steak, classic filet mignon with potato and bacon, prime rib flavor, as well as grilled steak. Your pet is provided with an array of options for authentic ingredients including real meat.

Cesar Gourmet wet dog food trays are bound to satisfy any dog’s appetite and even appease the fussier eaters. These gourmet food packs are served in single-serve trays and are fortified with minerals and vitamins. Just simply peel away the top seal and the food is fresh and ready to nibble on. Adult dogs are guaranteed a complete, nutritious meal with Cesar.

Moist Dog Foods — Reviews and Brands
Moist Dog Foods — Reviews and Brands