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How to Report an Unethical Dog Breeder?

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Published on
Sunday 11 June 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
how to report an unethical dog breeder
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Have you noticed an abusive or unethical dog breeder? This article is for those who want to know how to report a bad dog breeder who is either having low breeding standards or has shown actions of animal cruelty.

On one hand, before we start there is a truth we must explain to you: low dog breeding standards are not illegal, but they can indeed be penalized by some organizations the bad breeder is affiliated with (Kennel Clubs, for example.) On the other hand, animal cruelty is clearly defined in the law and animal abuse utterly illegal and can be severely punished by a jail sentence.

This is why when you are noticing something unpleasant or shocking with a particular dog breeder, you need to be a lot more specific in the facts you want to report than just using words like unethical, bad, cruel, dangerous, abusive, or disgusting. A lot of situations people judge as abusive (breeding dogs back to back, breeding unhealthy dogs) are completely legal.

Don’t get your feelings in the way of what the law says.

What Is Animal Cruelty?

The definition of animal cruelty or animal abuse is physically hurting the animal by any means possible, intentionally or unintentionally.

ASPCA recognizes animal cruelty through a number of common physical signs, such as the following:

  • Unnatural thinning of the dog, in which the bones may be exposed
  • Wounds that are open and aren’t healing anytime soon
  • Neck wound that may be caused by an extremely tight collar
  • Striking, hitting and performing any act of cruelty to the dog
  • Inability to stand or walk properly due to a leg injury
  • A skin condition that may cause rashes or excessive hair shedding

PETA looks into the issues in particular for chained dogs that cannot escape the cruel hands of their owner or breeder who abuses them day by day. Dogs that are chained may experience:

  • getting tortured in any way
  • be used for an experiment by laboratories
  • might get poisoned by foreign substances
  • used for dogfighting and get injured in a severe way
  • possibly fall victim to the dog meat trade

Low breeding standards should not be confused with animal cruelty — as unethical breeding has to do with quality whereas cruelty has to do with abuse as defined in the Law.

difference animal cruelty poor breeding standards
Both animal cruelty and bad breeding practices should be tackled, but they are solved in very different ways.

What Are Low Breeding Standards?

Low breeding standards are defined differently from animal abuse, as it means having a poor rating for being a dog breeder because of various actions or lack thereof, such as:

  • not screening breeding dogs for common health concerns
  • breeding dogs too often or too many times
  • keeping too many dogs in one shelter
  • not giving the dog enough attention

Breeders must have their puppies or dogs registered in the AKC, UKC, CKC or any governing organization in your country. Therefore, they should comply with their rules and guidelines, allowing you to report them to such organizations if you judge they are failing.

The sad truth on dog breeders is that some of them will be allowed to bypass the animal abuse law because they are not really “hurting” the dogs. Instead, they are obviously and clearly leaving them in unfavorable conditions, which is very wrong to most of us but not penalized as per most legislations. We recently wrote a great article on why unethical dog breeding cannot be criminalized.

Because a dog breeder is only showing poor animal welfare practices in their kennels does not mean you cannot do anything. It just means you cannot prosecute them as is. If a dog breeder is truly honest and responsible, he will share all of the health records and will show you the living conditions beforehand. Breeders who conceal their dogs’ living conditions are often hiding bad hygiene and potential mistreatments.

Ways to Report a Bad Dog Breeder

Dog breeders can be different from each other in terms of kennel management, dog breeding program, and handling their puppies. For some it is a business, for others, it is a hobby. Some bad breeders don’t even have a good reputation in the first place. Either way, breeders must comply with general principles based on common sense. If they don’t, you are entitled to have your opinion and express it, and in some cases, you may report and complain about bad dog breeders.

What may be animal abuse to someone is just a case of animal neglect for someone else. There are different forms of concerns with regards to unethical dog breeders, for example:

  • you should not contact the AKC if you are noticing a case of animal abuse (instead, inform law enforcement and humane organizations)
  • you should not contact the Police if you know the breeder doesn’t health check his dogs (instead, inform the Kennel Club or local shelters)

For instance, just because you see kennels with poor hygiene doesn’t mean you need to call the police right away. Make sure you know which organization you should call or contact for reporting what you saw or experienced. If you get that wrong, chances are nobody will ever investigate and get back to you.

Police and Law Enforcement

If you believe that the animal cruelty you have just witnessed could be a criminal offense, you can contact your local law enforcement agency. They should normally be trained to deal with such issues thanks to The National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse. The goal of the NLECAA is to spread awareness to people about animal cruelty and offer means to stop and punish the abusers (dog breeders, or else.)

The organization believes that if a human can hurt an animal then it can hurt another human as well, which is why they agree that breeders or people who abuse dogs need to face the law for charges, especially if the abuse is intentional and serious.

The Humane Society of the United States, or HSUS, is also the partner of the NLECAA when it comes to handling crimes that involve animal cruelty. Videos that are submitted to them by various concerned citizens are taken into action by the law enforcement body. They also train law enforcement agencies across the country on how to act in case of animal abuse.

Recently, they have also featured the BlackBox Digital Witness app, in which reports can be submitted in the form of videos to the National Sheriffs’ Association and will be sent to the local authorities for taking action. You can find out more about the NLECAA and ICEBlackBox here.

The Dog Factory BBC Documentary 2015
The Dog Factory: a shocking documentary by the BBC in 2015.

Local Rescue Centers and Shelters

Wherever your locality is, you can contact a local shelter or animal rescue organization, such as the LA Animal Services for those in Los Angeles, or the Arizona Humane Society if you live in Arizona. Nearly every state in the U.S. has some governing body or animal rescue organization for you to contact in case of animal abuse, especially dog abuse which is one of the most common. Some organizations are city-based, making them a closer interlocutor if you feel the need to complain.

Most reports to the local shelter or rescue center are due to the mishandling of dogs or being kept in poor condition by their owners or breeders. Some reports involving dogfighting and other forms of violence may be forwarded to law enforcement by the shelter. Such organizations have some quicker channels than commoners when it comes to liaising with the local police department.

However, in the event that a local shelter being abusive to dogs itself (and possibly other animals as well), you can try contacting the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ADLF) to address the situation. They will relay your evidence, such as a photo or video, to the authorities for further investigation.

Local and National Medias


In case of a lost or missing dog, or even with a case of animal abuse that was dismissed multiple times by the police and other organizations, you should contact local newspapers or even national news bodies such as ABC News and the New York Post.

Media publishing will also help spread the awareness of animal cruelty and put the offender to shame and because of the number of reports and requests they receive daily, you should get much luckier with a local media outlet, be it print, TV or radio.

Ideally, you do want to provide them with clear details such as compromising photographs or any other proofs you can come forward with. Having your word only will make it difficult for them to make it worthy of a mention. Media love a shocking image so it would be the ideal approach, but don’t put yourself in an illegal zone by trying to take a picture (always respect the law yourself.)

Humane Organizations

Humane organizations are one of the last resorts if the police don’t take action. PETA currently accepts various forms of animal abuse with the use of this reporting form. You will be asked to fill in some details, as well as some photo evidence.

In addition, the Humane Society also accepts reports of chained dogs, abandonment, neglect and the like; find out more here. They are closely affiliated with law enforcement teams around the United States so contact them if the severity is lower, and contact the police directly if it’s extremely serious.

American Kennel Club

The AKC’s Investigations and Inspections Division can also be contacted when it comes to dog registration and information about the breeder to see if dogs are living in proper condition. The standard penalty for anyone convicted of animal cruelty involving dogs is a 10-year suspension and a $2,000 fine.

Obviously, the American Kennel Club should only be contacted in cases of animal neglect, poor kennel hygiene, and worryingly low breeding standards.

how to report bad dog breeders
Infographic: how to report animal abuse and bad dog breeders.

Last Words of Caution

Before you go, it’s important to highlight some very important takeaways from this article:

  • judge facts without your passion interfering
  • animal abuse and cruelty are very different from low breeding standards
  • animal abuse and animal cruelty are criminal offenses
  • bad breeding practices are not punished by the law
  • abuse and cruelty should be reported to law enforcement and humane organizations
  • poor breeding should be reported to kennel clubs and local shelters

And, in order to be convincing, you need to build a case without crossing the line yourself. Don’t enter anybody’s property without being invited. Don’t steal anything from anybody. And obviously, it would be very helpful if you could try to take compromising photographs showing the abuse or the lack of hygiene, for example.

7 comments on “How to Report an Unethical Dog Breeder?”

  1. Bella

    Buyer Beware of Great Pyrenees Breeder: Cheryl Grimshaw Westtown, New York. Her advertising on the AKC Market is false. She is not licensed by NYS. She breeds other dog besides Great Pyrenees. She doesn’t have a website that shows pictures of the dogs or kennels. She will not send you the contract first. Be sure to get it before picking up the puppy. There are time constraints you should know about. Also by NYS Law she also has to offer a refund of a sick puppy’s vet bill except the amount of the vet office visit (Department of Agriculture and Marketing). It is not in the contract. After you have picked out your dog via online photo, she does not tag it in anyway. You do not have anyway of knowing if it is your dog. She promises photos and never sends any. She lies in her ad that she will give you AKC papers but she insists on filling them out herself. She asks for the name but leaves just enough room to add her kennel name after you leave(easy fix though call AKC and change it over the phone). You have a right to see the NGD x-rays she says she done. Neither the parents or my puppy had them done. Not only did she sell me a sick puppy (of which I didn’t get the vet bill paid for) she has put my puppy at risk for hip dysplasia. She always seems to have puppies advertised on the AKC Marketplace web site. She maybe a member of the GPCA but with my sale I discovered 15 violations of the Code of Ethics! I also happen to know that the Hudson Valley SPCA has her under watch. This is only a small snapshot of my experience. Be very very careful.

    1. Bella

      Cheryl Grimshaw, sold me to my mom while I was sick. She nursed me back to health, exercises me twice a day, feeds me well, taught me everything I need to know but most important loves so very much!

      However, I have been a huge challenge to her. I’ve injured her many times. But she has stood by me and has done everything she can to stop me from hurting her. She always said something more was wrong with me. As usual, she was correct.

      She took me to the doctor today. I am only just seven month old. I have Sudden Rage Disorder. It is a GENETIC BRAIN DISEASE! I’ve had it since the day I was born and will have it until the day I die. THIS CAME FROM YOUR DOGS. THAT PUPPY MILL I WAS BORN INTO!. THAT’S WHAT GENETIC MEANS. JUST LIKE NGD THAT I WAS NEVER X-RAYED FOR! It is possible that I could take medicine daily for the rest of my life (we don’t know yet) or mom and I will have to say goodbye and I’ll be sent to heaven so I can’t hurt her anymore.

      Because of YOU either way she gets hurt by me or a broken heart.

      You are a horrible person, a terrible breeder, a con artist, a fraud and an all around piece of trash. I will make my mom promise to make your life a living hell as you have done to me and her!


      1. Bella Luna

        To whom it may concern:
        I am writing today about Code of Ethics violations perpetrated by Cheryl Grimshaw and her kennel bearing the following names: Cheryl Grimshaw, Cherlyns, CH Cherlyns, and Patewood Farm Pyres.
        I will provide you with the background of the transaction, a list of violations , explanations of the charge and general actions of the transaction. Due to redundant explanations, all violations affected will be listed concerning similar issues. After the violations list will be the Marketplace ad which carries multiple false and misleading items.
        The advertisement will be referred to as the letter A. Everything pertaining to her contract will be the letter C. AKC violations by their own letters.
        Its length is for more comfortable reading. It is however, important to read it all to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Email snippets are in quotes. Complete emails are available upon request.

        My 12 ½ year old Purebred Chocolate Labrador died of a stroke February 9, 2017. I became permanently disabled in November 2011. She was my companion and also my service dog.
        For my next companion, I decided on a Great Pyrenees. I’ve had this breed and know their disposition. When matured, we will be at the same pace.
        This breeder advertised thru the AKC Marketplace a litter of Purebred Great Pyrenees born January 25th of this year. I contacted her, decided on the ONLY all-white female puppy picked out via photo and sent the deposit. She was to be picked up around March 24th weather permitting, due to the almost four hour drive between us.
        On March 8th she writes to me: “She will be ready for you after the 24th. Do you still want the little one in the picture?” Of course I did. I find that a complete incompetent question at this point. I picked out Bella from photos she provided and she had received my deposit. My first inkling she never tagged Bella as claimed by me.
        On the pick-up date she ‘penciled’ me in for noonish. I was instructed to call her when I was one hour away. Having never been in this area of NY, I called when I thought it was prudent and gave her the exit I just past.
        Arriving at the appointed time, she was nowhere to be found. After no answer at the front door while calling for her, efforts of screaming at the gate, entering via the gate to ring the back door bell with no answer, more efforts of screaming; I proceeded towards the pens still hollering her name, when she appeared from somewhere. That is when she informed me she couldn’t hear very well. This whole process took nearly seven minutes. I found this to be unprofessional and rude as I was expected.
        Anxious to meet my new companion, I was directed into a building and found TWO puppies. She didn’t know which one I put the deposit on because she never tagged her in any manner as being mine. I have no idea if the dog I have is the dog I put the deposit on.
        Before we left, she asked for a picture of Bella and me via her phone. She didn’t even extend the courtesy of showing the photo to me as most people would. I emailed to ask if she would send it to me; which she did, followed by this: “the photo was for me – not you – I was kind enough to send it to you when you asked. “
        Upon leaving with the puppy and all that went with it, she let her dogs out of the house. She was standing a fair distance from the gate with a Pyrenees too clean to be an outside dog and a yapping smaller dog. In one arm was the puppy (holding her like football) and in the other, papers, magazines and other extraneous items from her.
        While trying to unlatch the gate she screams at me: “Don’t let my dog out!” I ended up rushing thru and quickly trying to latch it shut without falling down the steps. Not an easy task. I didn’t use my cane because I couldn’t. Without it I have to be very careful not to fall. She never moved a muscle to help.
        Four questions:
        1. Why was she shoving all these items into my hand while I had the puppy?
        2. Why purposely let the dogs out of the house before I left and stand so far away?
        3. Why wasn’t the breeder at the gate to help?
        4. Why didn’t she ask to help me carry anything in either hand?

        She was waiting for me to drop the puppy. She was obsessed about dropping the puppy as pretending the gate was locked. She kept telling me how properly to pick up and hold the puppy. Then I watch as she took the second puppy by the scruff with no bottom support to put back with the litter.
        She told me the puppies weighed 13 lbs. give or take. My Bella weighed in at 15 lbs. four days later. She should NOT be handling the puppies in this manner and weight. There is great potential for an injury.
        The puppy did squirm out of my arm falling onto the driveway. This wouldn’t have happen if she offered to hold the puppy. I was holding other items from her in the other arm trying to get them in the truck so I would have two free hands for the puppy.
        I couldn’t wait to leave. However, she pushed me aside to rearrange my positioning for the puppy in my truck. I could not believe what I was seeing when she took the new white blanket I just sewed for the puppy and put it down on the dirty plastic floor mat! Soon to be taken up the second my tires hit the road.

        List of Code of Ethics Violations:
        1. When you buy a dog represented as AKC-registrable, you will receive an AKC Dog Registration Application, properly filled out by the seller. When you complete your portion and submit it with the proper fee, the AKC will process the application and you will receive an AKC Registration Certificate.

        2. Each dog should have its overall health and behavior assessed daily. Any deviation in health condition must be addressed expeditiously and appropriately.

        3. Dogs should be free from internal and external parasites.

        4. All animals to be bred shall have sound, typical structure, conformation and type, and shall be of sound temperament and free from crippling or disabling hereditary defects.

        5. Dogs being bred shall have been x-rayed for hip dysplasia. The results of these x-rays shall be made known to the owner of stud and bitch and to all buyers of pups.

        6. Upon releasing any Pyr, pup or adult, the breeder shall follow these guidelines:
        6.1 He shall release only animals which are to the best of his knowledge in good health.
        6.2 He shall request that buyers take the animal to a veterinarian of their choice upon receipt and if the animal is unhealthy, allow buyers 72 hours to return the animal at their expense for a full refund.
        7. A breeder, for the protection of both breeder and buyer, shall provide adequate written contractual proof of sales and guarantees. No promise shall be made orally which is not put into writing.

        8. Dogs should be afforded regular grooming to ensure health and comfort

        9. Bedding material made available to dogs should be clean and not pose a risk to the dogs.

        10. A sufficient number of staff must be provided to carry out appropriate levels of care and conditions for the number of dogs kept.

        11. No member shall have more dogs than can be safely and adequately housed and cared for. No member’s dog may be treated in an inhumane manner subjected to cruel or unusual punishment or abused. Nor may it be subjected to any conditions likely to eventuate in unnecessary danger to the dog’s life.

        12. All advertisement of puppies and adult dogs, written or oral, shall be factual and as forthrightly honest as possible in both substance and implication.

        13. It is recommended that a breeder supply a Copy of the Code of Ethics to all buyers and explain to them its provisions.

        14. I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.

        15. A breeder shall be discriminating in the sale of all dogs and concerned with the type of home in which they are placed.

        Marketplace Advertisement
        AKC Marketplace © 2017 AKC. All rights reserved.
        Health & Vaccines: Health clearances have been done on both the Sire and Dam…including NDG…The puppies are clear by parentage for NDG. All puppies are vet checked, and receive at least their first shots; and are sold with a contract and health guarantee.
        Breeder Info: Cheryl Grimshaw
        Breed(s): Great Pyrenees
        AKC proudly supports dedicated and responsible breeders. We encourage all prospective puppy owners to do their research and be prepared with questions to ask the breeder. Make sure you are not only choosing the right breed for you, but also that you’re getting it from the right individual.
        Kennel Name: Cheryl Grimshaw
        Breeder Name: Cheryl Grimshaw
        Breeding for: 26 years.
        Breeder’s Location: Westtown, NY 10998
        Contact By Phone: 845-726-4476
        Cheryl Grimshaw’s Profile
        Yes I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.
        Yes I am a member of an AKC Parent Club.
        I am a member of Great Pyrenees Club of America, Inc.
        Yes I am a member of an AKC Specialty Club.
        I am a member of Garden State Great Pyrenees Club, Pyrenean Fanciers of The Northeast
        Yes The applicable health screens have been performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.
        Yes I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.
        Yes I provide a health guarantee for the puppies I sell.
        Yes I permanently identify all my breeding stock by microchip or tattoo.
        Yes My dogs compete in AKC events: Conformation, Obedience
        Yes I have been breeding for: +20 year
        Litter 1:
        Breed: Great Pyrenees
        DOB: 1/25/2017 (12 weeks old)
        Sire: CH Karolaska The Guardian Upon A Midnight Clear (WS47814501)
        Dam: Cherlyns Georgy Girl (WS45358101)
        Males: 2 Females: 5 (one being Isabella)

        (She wrote when I inquired: “I will send pictures of three females for you to see…” How about the other two? She sent six pictures to choose one.)

        Litter 2:
        Breed: Great Pyrenees
        DOB: 2/8/2017 (10 weeks old)
        Sire: Cherlyns Mr. Blu By U (WS51036901)
        Dam: Cherlyn ‘N Summerhills Winter Waltz (WS49107501)
        Males: 1 Females: 2

        • Violations: 1, A, C, AKC

        The breeder states in the ad SHE provides AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy Buyer. This is a false statement. In an email to me she wrote to bring a check for $30.00 for the AKC paper. She would take care of the paperwork and now I know why. She changed my dog’s name without my prior knowledge or permission. She was very crafty by shoving the paper under my nose for my signing while I was trying to write the check.

        I spelled the name for her as Isabella Luna Critz. I immediately noticed she started Isabelle about a third of way to the right on the application; not the left which I found quite odd. I never saw the Registration Paper again. When the certificate came with the registered name as Cherlyns Isabella Luna, I was not only livid but called the AKC and had the named changed immediately. I was beyond anger with her scheming. And her, a Parent Club member.

        I do understand that some breeders want their kennel name first. I can understand that being true with Conformation or Obedience dogs, but not my companion puppy! This is exactly why the BUYER fills out their owner registration. This eliminates immoral unethical breeders such as Cheryl Grimshaw to do as they please. To me, this demonstrates her need to add another dog to her list trying to prove her worth as a breeder. It also shouts of dishonesty.

        The ad states: “I provide AKC individual dog registration applications to the puppy buyer.”
        The contract states: “Companion quality dogs are sold without registration papers, since they are not sold are breeding stock. Registration papers will be released upon receipt of veterinarian’s certificate of spay/neutering”.

        Which one is the truth? The breach of the contract, the false advertising or the underhanded way she gets you to sign the registration paper so she can name the puppy the way she wants?
        The AKC doesn’t register breeders. When speaking with them, they will not talk about breeders to you. Their recommendation is for you to call the Parent Club. It is this kind of sleight of hand that makes potential buyers feeling safe because the letters AKC seems directly associated with the breeder. It is exceptionally misleading. Breeders are members of the Parent Club which falls under the umbrella of the AKC.

        The registered litter number is WS559539 with two added numbers to identify each puppy. I would like to know why my puppy’s last two numbers are 09. I believe that’s more than seven. Yet, there are seven dogs registered 04 – 10.

        I am interested to know why 01 – 03 aren’t registered. I do not have the day of the dam’s birth to pretend to go thru registering a litter online to find out myself. Any of the online manuals for breeders don’t go thru line by line instructions. Hence, not knowing how the litter is registered, I’m still curious for the answer to my question.

        Were two puppies taken out to be sold as Conformation or Obedience dogs without the proper health screenings? The breeder told me herself that one puppy was being shipped to California.

        Using logic and simple reasoning, why would a person from California go to all of the expense for a family pet dog from New York? We were specifically talking about the litter my puppy came from. She very well may have kept them for herself. Odd they haven’t been registered if that is the case.

        • Violations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, AKC, A, C
        The breeder was upset I didn’t bleach the bottom of my snow boots at the gate. There was no sign saying to bleach your feet. There was no sign saying ‘DO NOT ENTER’. The breeder will argue the gate was locked. She doesn’t seem to understand the difference between locked and latched. I wouldn’t have achieved access if it were locked. I entered because I was getting tired of screaming her name with no reply.

        What is the point of bleaching your feet then walking thru the mud/snow? Unless you have flat soled shoes on; how does the bleach get into the grooves of other shoes and boots?

        A bigger safety concern is the gallon of bleach on the sidewalk inside the enclosed area where the pets roam and have easy access to it. The breeder pours it on the cement sidewalk to step in. How dangerous and easy for an animal to lick up. How detrimental it would be when the bleach container is punctured by one of them? What if it was one of the puppies who got loose?

        I never once saw her wash her hands after handling other puppies before mine. Gloves were not used either. This can transmit bacteria and parasites from dog to dog/puppy to puppy/dog to puppy. The immunities they receive from their mother while nursing doesn’t cover them for everything and not forever.
        Within 24 hours of my puppy coming home, she was dribbling urine and had thick sticky discharge; I believed it to be a UTI. When I was sure by late afternoon Friday, I had to wait until first thing Monday to see my veterinarian (of my choice as set forth in the contract).
        She had a UTI, vaginitis and ear mites. My veterinarian agreed with my assessment completely in that these illnesses are directly link to her kennel. Except the vaginitis. The amount of discharge was so much and stuck to her hair like glue; my veterinarian had to shave her down first. Please refer to the enclosed Veterinarian Bills.

        I informed Cheryl via email about the puppy’s outcome from the visit. I suggested she carefully re-check the litter. These diagnoses don’t happen in 24 hours. I did tell her I truly believe her hygiene protocol was causing the transmitting of bacteria and parasites. The breeder’s response to me was:

        “Dear Monica,
        As I told you when you were here, you have to keep a girl puppy clean in her private area, as she doesn’t know enough to lick herself until she comes in season…her mother doesn’t do it any longer… (Never said that to me, however I knew that) As for the ear mites…she nor anyone else on the premises has them…the puppies were vet checked two days before you got her. Do you have a cat? I assume you washed her private parts?? Puppy vaginitis is VERY common in young female dogs….and sometimes does not go away until they do come in season…antibiotics will NOT help unless it is a UTI…”
        The litter was seen by a veterinarian in New Jersey. Are there any different protocols in New York or other states?
        I did receive her Veterinarian’s Visit Certificate; however there is absolutely no way of knowing that Certificate is my dog. The name on the paper is Girl 13.4. There absolutely no proof it pertains to my puppy. On her hand written record there is no note it is for Girl 13.4 or the litter registration number.

        There is no correlation between the two. It could be any puppy from anywhere. I would think a breeder should have better record keeping than what is on display here. Due to her lopsided contract, your only option is to give the dog back. I can’t have faith in a Parent Club that allows such low questionable practices. Please see enclosed Veterinarian’s Report and the Hand Written Record for comparison.

        Her notes look like they could be Xerox copies. But to avoid that she hand writes seven of them. How very shady is that. There evidently is no personal contact with each puppy; which lends to the fact there is more work than she can handle. She spouts great power in matching personalities between puppy and owner. I don’t see one note on her records that she spent any time evaluating each puppy’s personality traits. She never marked my puppy; do you agree she is doing assessments also?

        Furthermore, there is NO evidentiary proof of this equation:
        Girl 13.4 seen by the veterinarian = AKC# WS55953909 = her written record.

        This puppy could be from a pet store and I would never know it or prove it. More and more the words “Puppy Mill” comes to mind. It will to you also as you read on.

        If the exam was thoroughly done, the veterinarian should have seen the discharge from the genital region. Why was there no urinalysis result? The veterinarian would surely have seen the white blood cell count as the start of a UTI. Why is there no fecal analysis result? The puppy has been going thru deworming. As a breeder, I would want to be sure there were no worms before I sold an unhealthy dog. In Bella’s case it didn’t seem to matter.
        The breeder said she bathed the puppy on pick-up day. She didn’t notice the discharge? I bathed her the next morning and I noticed it. I could not wash it off.
        You will see on the enclosed Certified Pedigree, neither parent has the OFA, OFLE, NDG, Penn Hip, CHIC or CAN information proving no screenings were done on the parents. One cannot say the parents are cleared by the grandparents. The litter’s grandmother was never tested.

        Your own website says there is test for NDG. . The breeder’s ad claims they have been done. There is even a Grant/Research available. That makes Bella’s mother not cleared which automatically puts Bella at risk. Why wasn’t it done? No x-rays were taken for hip dysplasia. That rule is for EVERY breeding pair regardless of prior parent’s and whether the puppy is companion or show.

        That puts the inherited chances of disease or disorders into question. If this breeder is only following the Ethic Codes for Conformation, or Obedience breeding dogs, that is just as unethical. Look at the Certificate carefully.

        Whose responsibility is it to procure the results of these tests for the buyer? Shouldn’t the breeder have them with her to show the byer proof they were done? Does the buyer have to ask for them? Or you suppose to trust that they were done because she says so in ad and contract?

        I myself had to research all the acronyms after I saw them on the Certificate Pedigree. I immediately noticed they were not on the litter’s parents. Once I informed myself, I was quite upset the breeder was being dishonest and underhanded preying on buyers who are not educated about these matters; including me until now.

        This sleight of hand not only violates the ethics of GPCA, AKC, False Advertising and Breach of Contract, it makes this woman a fraud. And the GPCA seems to supports it. Does the club do any policing of itself? Fortunately I came across who does!

        • Violations: 8, 9, 10, 11, AKC

        The penned up adults outside were way past the point of grooming.
        I asked her what she did for them in the summer, trying to solicit an answer about clipping or shaving their coats in hot weather. She answered: air conditioning. That’s all. Where are those large breed dogs and litters put all day/night for air conditioning?
        The litters for each adult pair were in a building attached to the outside kennel via a doggie door. The litter was contained in a long shoot like box. Although on concrete, I saw no straw or bedding material on the cold concrete floor for them to lie on. There were no top coverings on the kennels and I was concerned what she was doing for them during inclement weather or shade on hot sunny days.
        The prospective puppies were in a boxed area with little newspaper. There was a very clearly visible puddle of urine on the floor; she never cleaned it up or covered it with newspaper. This is one method bacteria and parasites get passed on. It doesn’t bode well with clients to see the sale was more important than the hygiene of the puppies. However though, you must bleach your feet.
        There were two litters going on at the same time about 10 days apart. It was obvious they were too much for her to handle. She needed at least one more staff person, possibly two.
        These are not the actions of a professional business owner and breeder. It also points to the fact she could not handle the parents and two litters on her owe. I seriously was beginning to doubt that she was able to properly execute her job. A clip from an email says: “I am usually asleep by the time he gets home I am so exhausted.”
        I was very surprised at the kennel size holding two adults. They did not seem big enough for the space this breeds need, particularly to exercise. They were climbing the fence, aggressive and barking like I’ve never experienced with this breed before. I am not trained as a dog psychologist but it does not take long to see and feel their unhappiness. I still don’t know my puppy’s voice; she hasn’t barked once yet.
        I’m concerned about the adult dogs having freedom, room to run and roam protecting their territory which is what they were bred for. She owns 5.1 acres of land. I did not see one large fenced in area for such a purpose. It saddened me because I could see a beautiful pasture like area with no fencing.

        Violations: 11, AKC

        I am going to voice my concern here again. The gallon of bleach on the sidewalk inside the enclosed area, where animals are loose, is putting them in mortal danger.

        This is an unfathomable safety danger. I emailed a request for chest/girth measurement in order to ascertain the size harness I needed. I do not use collars as I dislike the pulling on the neck/throat area when introducing a leash.

        The breeder’s response: “‘Waste of money. No harness. I will have a leash for you.”

        The word ‘leash’ here is extremely important. A leash would require a flat collar also. I determined that I would get the leash I wanted, follow up with measurements at home for a harness and left it at that.
        I was given a ‘leash’ I had never seen in all my years of training my other five dogs to walk on leash. She showed me how to loop it over Bella’s head, tighten it and make sure I had it with the proper side toward me.
        Before using it, I researched it. It was a “Slip Lead”. I was infuriated as I read on thru several articles and videos from reliable sources as to what and how to use this training equipment! Without having been given ANY proper guidance or demonstration from the breeder, I could have unknowingly fatally injured my puppy by choking/suffocation or breaking her trachea!
        The average consensus between veterinarians and trainers is a slip lead should NEVER BE USED ON DOGS LESS THAN 16 MONTHS OLD. Proper use is under the chin then up behind the ears, worn high on the neck and tighten with figure space. How does one find the chin of a Great Pyrenees fluffy puppy?
        This breeder should NEVER be allowed to hand these out as ‘leashes’. She is putting every puppy in danger especially a first time owner. I believe she does not know what a slip lead is and thinks it looks easy. It is a great gimmick to give out as her ‘present’ to you.
        On the AKC website is an article: The Best Collars and Leashes for Puppies and Dogs ~ Liz Donovan | June 15, 2016. It does not mention a Slip Lead as a ‘leash’ as it well shouldn’t; it is training tool. It is not a LEASH! It also includes their assessment on harnesses. It is there for an owner’s consideration. I have enclosed this article and another 2014 article concerning the benefits of harnesses.

        Violation: 12, AKC, A,
        I take umbrage with many parts of the above advertisement being false and misleading.
        As I wrote earlier about this particular point, it most certainly applies under this violation. The AKC doesn’t register breeders. When speaking with them, they will not talk about breeders to you. Their recommendation is for you to call the Parent Club. It is this kind of sleight of hand that makes potential buyers feeling safe because the letters AKC seems directly associated with the breeder. It is exceptionally misleading.
        I never saw any records to prove that clearances had been given on both the Sire & Dam for Neuronal Degeneration or NDG, as reported in Great Pyrenees dogs. This directly concerns the health of my dog putting into question her risk.
        I was never shown the parents x-rays for hip dysplasia. It is known ALL pairs that are bred have to undergo this test. It then needs to be updated on the Certificate Pedigree that it has been done and clearances were given. Again, putting my Bella’s health into question.

        The breeder goes by different kennel names: Cheryl Grimshaw, Cherlyns, CH Cherlyns, Patewood Farm Pyres. If they are all the same person, physical location and breed, why then all the names? In the ad it states Kennel Name: Cheryl Grimshaw. Yet she tried registering my puppy under kennel name Cherlyns, not the kennel name in the ad.

        The long list of clubs is intentionally misleading once you realize it’s all just one in the same club. Except Pyrenean Fanciers of The Northeast which uses the Code of Ethics of the Great Pyrenees Club of America and has to be in good standing with the AKC. It is repetitive to make her appear more than she is. A perfect example of intentionally misleading the public.

        Exactly what is the health guarantee on the puppy? Does it come from her say so; which can’t be trusted. The veterinarian exam that can’t be proven or the contract (the contract will be discussed later under a different violation)?

        As of April 30th, the ad above for the first litter had not been updated to reflect that a female has been sold. I’m sure others were too; most likely all. This is an old advertising trick. While it is still there, people will still call and you may have snagged an interested party. Does the GPCA promote this obvious deceitful, dishonest and the artful skill of a con job? I would hope you have higher standards than that.

        An interesting fact on the Marketplace site as I write, she is selling Purebred Dachshund puppies. She is not a member of the Parent Club Dachshund Club of America (at least in NY where she claims the kennels are). The ad contains basically the same information as the Great Pyrenees advertisements but she slips in this one line:

        The applicable health screens have been performed on the sire and dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.

        The misrepresentation is adding the Club Insignia on the Dachshund page. As you now know, she isn’t in the club. For the second time, a bold outright lie.

        Not being a member and a home breeder in this case, do you really believe she follows their Code of Ethics for health screens? She didn’t follow them for the Great Pyrenees. I’m positive (my intuition is that strong), she did not.

        My opinion: she is a deceitful, dishonest, scam artist and slippery breeder. Her lies seem like reality to her they come so easily. Her ego believes by now her unethical and unprofessional actions will never be discovered. This is the person out there representing your club.

        Violation: 13, AKC
        I never received a copy of the Code of Ethics. I never knew there was one until she mentioned it in an email. “…I have been breeding for close to 30 yrs, and I am a member of the Great Pyrenees Club of America and adhere to their code of ethics”
        Although it is only a recommendation, I can see why she didn’t want me to have a copy. She tripped herself up there. Notice it is not mentioned in the Marketplace ad. It contains the truths about all her lies and unworthiness as a breeder.

        Violation: 14, AKC
        Look at the hand written notes. That’s as far as it went and barely that much accept, “Don’t drop the puppy” three times over. She wrote she was feeding Eukanuba and can dog food. She did not convey which brand or whether that had stopped. We all know by now what shoddy work this is.

        Violation: 15, AKC
        The breeder never inquired about my home, living conditions, my physical and fiduciary ability to take care of this puppy. Do I have a fenced in yard? Do I have a place to exercise the dog daily? What other pets do you own now? Where will the dog sleep? What is the extent of my disability? Will my disability prevent proper care? Not asking these questions is irresponsible.

        Violations: 6.2, 7, and The Contract
        Enclosed please find a copy of the contract, especially the date signed. I was not given time or privacy to read it. I cannot stress enough how unprofessional and unethical this type of business practice is. If you could see the original (currently with my lawyer), you would see that the exact blue pen was used to fill out everything but my signature.
        On pickup day only black ink was used. I would also like to say for the record, I would have dated it myself if it was received by me prior. Furthermore, I have NEVER seen a contract that doesn’t have a Date Signed line next to each signature line.
        I never saw the contract before I got there. It was not sent to me prior to pick up day. I request the information about what the contract contained. Here is what she said in an email about the contract:
        “The contract just states you will take care of the dog, not let it run loose, and not breed it…”

        That’s not all it states! She kind of left out the most important part! For the purpose of this report, Code of Ethics 6.2! Nothing about a veterinarian appointment within 72 hours! I think that is most important part of the contract! Now you will see why I think she’s an untrustworthy person.
        She never sent it to me to look over before I drove all that way. I didn’t exactly say: “Email it or put in the mail now!” Being in the business world and having owned my own business, it is a professional standard business practice to give the contract or copy of same to your client BEFORE the date of the transaction! I doubt very much she would have if I requested it. It is all part of her game plan. See how she makes it so unimportant?
        People like time and privacy with such a document. Many have lawyers look them over. The way it is written, presented to you and have turned to the signage page before you can breathe is all part of her snake oil sales performance.
        If I had seen it earlier, I would have made a pre-appointment for the next day (Friday) and found out Bella was ill. As it was, I could not get to the veterinarian (of my choice per the contract) until the following Monday which passed the 72 hour deadline. Of course that’s the point of the whole idea. I never even had a chance to look at it until Friday evening because Bella was sick.
        Once you’re there everything she does is a hustle. Not mentioning the Veterinarian clause is the start of the contract scam. She doesn’t let you read it. She has it all filled out to her liking. Emotionally you are in such a state, and so busy with the puppy; it could be a day or two before you get to read it. And like magic, you’ve just been had!
        She knew she was giving me an unhealthy puppy. I will never believe different. Note how the contract does not specify three consecutive days (impossible for anyone with a weekend involved like me) or business days. She allows you no time to read it much less in private.
        First you can’t get into the veterinarian within the limits. Then you notice the screenings are a lie. Then there is the AKC registration lie. All this adds up to (complain or not), is the 99% chance you will never bring it back. She wins the money. And you’re stuck with vet bill.
        I think she is too stupid to think of this on her own. She has no moral integrity but is too dumb to pull it off. She must have had one sleazy lawyer to write up this contract; then proceed to coached her how to pull off the sell job. What a game she has going on:
        1. Not there to great you
        2. Opening the gate trying to find her
        3. The bleach she pretends is so vital
        4. Going thru a locked gate which is laughable
        5. Putting in more than one puppy to look at and because she doesn’t know which one you picked out
        6. Confusing you with all her purposeful running around
        7. Intentionally acting so unorganized
        8. Drill into your head “not drop the puppy” so when you do out of nervousness or lack of her help, she can blame it on you.
        9. That puts her in the clear if any injury resulted.
        10. She gives you an unfit dog that’s why she wants you drop it
        11. Letting out the house pets and not standing anywhere the gate. This adds some anxiety with your arms full plus her not restraining her ankle-biter dog
        12. Not helping you at all
        13. Numbers 11 and 12 to intentionally get you to drop the puppy
        14. Nasty emails when you call her bluff
        15. And the last one which is the best, “Selective Hearing” “Oh, I didn’t HEAR you. I told you I couldn’t hear very good.” A Worldwide classic perfect unprovable excuse for anything

        Code 7: A breeder, for the protection of both breeder and buyer, shall provide adequate written contractual proof of sales and guarantees. This is not an unbiased contract. She leans it to benefit her and her only.

        First, it would go a lot further in the honesty department if her breaches favored you and not her. I was given an unhealthy dog and she knew it. None of proper screenings were performed. She was underhand about the AKC papers. These are some of the breaches of contract all in her favor because you cannot prove damages in a court of law.

        I have a sick puppy. To verify, my veterinarian bill was $271.00. I could drive four hours to bring her back and be refunded my $1500.00. Or trade her in for another like puppy. Either way, I don’t get my vet bill refunded now that I have made her well, as she should have been to start with.
        With having been given an unfit dog, whatever makes this breeder think I would want one of like quality from her substandard kennel? That is absolutely absurd! At this point, I have invested much emotion into Bella. Do you seriously think I would just drop her back off?
        People who drive long distances (or not), to spend a significant amount of money (for me anyway) are not the type of people who would just return them like a library book. We love them before we see them as if we birthed them ourselves.

        This list is information about the transaction yet not violations:
        There were pictures she promised she would send as Bella grew. After three weeks of nothing, I emailed asking for a picture of Bella. Her response via email:

        “The problem is I can’t take any more pictures with my phone…and I can’t free up storage…also I am so busy with the puppies I can’t get to the verizon store…I stopped two weeks ago and they said nothing they can do – I need a new phone…If I can grab Domenicks I will take pic for you..I am usually asleep by the time he gets home I am so exhausted.”

        I suggested she should get a backup camera, such as a disposable one, so she could keep her promises. Keeping promises to customers is not her forte. I never saw another picture of Bella.
        Her phone was working when she wanted the picture before Bella and I tried to leave. Guess she got a new phone after all.

        Please take a look at this website for Patewood Farm:
        You will quickly realize where the priorities are. It appears she has horses as well. Beautiful website, pictures of the farm and stables, riders and trails with all the links you need. The very last link is for the Great Pyrenees which brings you to a page spouting winners. There is NOT ONE photo or dedicated web page to the kennel in Westtown, NY. Why do you suppose that is?
        The papers, contract, records, AKC registration, magazines, blanket and toy were everywhere. I told the breeder and now I’ll tell to you: “She was much unorganized making the sale difficult and confusing. All those important items should be in a folder and ready to go before a prospective client arrives.”
        However, now I see it is exactly what she wants you to think. I truly believe she was hoping I wouldn’t notice and get me out as fast as she could. By using this unorganized method to confuse you and play on your emotions.

        I feel duped and a witness to a well ran ‘where’s the pea shell game’. She accomplishes this by always running around room to room for papers and magazines. Hand written health records that weren’t complete and legible. Not barely letting you get a word in yourself. Not giving you time to read the contract, then shoving it under your face to sign it; using the same underhanded technique with the AKC papers.

        What about not sending you the contract ahead of time? Why all the deception in the advertisement and at the kennel? I was waiting for her to show me the parents; she said I didn’t ask. As the breeder, isn’t that part of your job when selling a pedigree dog? Were they not the ones in the pen because the mother stopped nursing? Or were they so grungy she didn’t want me to see them?

        I felt this under lying current that something was not right. However, with your emotions running very high, a four hour drive home with an eight week old puppy in the front seat; you just can’t put your finger on what is bothering you at the time. You can later though I cannot possibly believe I am the first one to figure this mendacious way of her well planned tactics.

        I am certain by now you’ve asked yourself many times, why did I take the puppy from the breeder in the first place? And why did I keep the puppy knowing all I’ve put before you?
        The answers are simple. After five other purebreds, I knew about 1/3rd of what I know now about the breeding side of a puppy like Isabella. All these years, I believed that people who represented themselves as AKC Breeders were cleared and registered by the AKC. I’ve never had a problem before. I trust people to be honest and didn’t listen to my ‘gut’. Shame on me.
        I was still mourning the loss of my Lab and best friend. It was an emotional day; not replacing her but bringing a new member of the family into my home where Millie once was since eight weeks old. I had spent eight long lonely sad CNY winter weeks waiting for Bella. I drove an eight hour round trip because I wanted Bella very much. Once we locked eyes, I knew I had to take her away from there and that I just met my new best friend. I didn’t bring her back because I didn’t want her with that breeder ever again. My feelings for Bella were much too invested already.
        I hope you will investigate this unscrupulous breeder with these charges. I spent many hours of research once I listened to my ‘gut’ to write this comprehensive report. I believe that is why you have this club; to be sure you only have honest well informed breeders. At this point you don’t.
        I feel deeply for the dogs still there. I feel even worse for every past/future buyer who was or will be cheated by this breeder.


        Monica Critz

        Character references available upon request
        My Veterinarian’s records and report available upon request
        Emails available upon request

  2. Paw

    I know of a breeder of Bernese Mountain dogs who is only breeding for money, she re breeds same gene pool over and over, 3 of her dogs have died have had deadly diseases that we know of.
    She was told of the diseases, still bred with the same Mom and Dad a least 2 or 3 times after she was told of what disease our dog had.
    Not sure how to try to make people beware, that are looking to buy a Berner from her.
    our dog was only 4 when she had to be put down, one of her litter mates was put down before our dog, cancer, our dog had SH systematic hestotois, not sure of spelling, 3 kinds CH SH MH
    Her brother from another litter same parents, 6 months before her, was just put down, he had the MH malignant one.
    Another person we know that lives by us has one of her dogs, she is only 3 has had knee problems before she was 3, both knees, she couldn’t get up, once again the breeding is only about money. she was bred with our dogs parents, after breeder was told about our dogs SH.
    They aren’t breeding to make the breed live longer or stop a bad gene pool, they are only creating heart aches that cost in every way.
    Buyer beware…
    Ken and Cynthia Mcleods berners of Sonora, ID 219740

  3. Louis

    I have recently learned that there is a Guy training Pit Bulls to attack training them to be vicious I have contacted local sheriff and they are of little help. This guy just a few days ago was looking to buy smaller dogs to FEED to his pits.
    I need REAL HELP. This guy has posted on Face Book his ideas of breeding dogs.

  4. Zoraya Quintano

    I bought a puppy from Hall Of Fame Bulldogs in 7484 Market Avenue N Canton, OH 44721, owners: Mark Drown & Yvonne Garber Stratton, I picked her on 12-18-2020, I had her vet checked and then one day when she didn’t have 2 months with us she started limping, I took her to the vet same day, got X-rays on her and she didn’t had anything wrong, just beginning of hip dysplasia, normal in her breed, but then suddenly 4 days after that she passed away on 2/3/2021, when I took her to the vet she take her another X-rays and make biopsy and necropsy and she came out with a bacteria that killed her in 4 days, when I told him what happened he told me that another dog that he had, same age and mostly strange his puppy started limping as mine 1 day before, I send him the necropsy and biopsy report cause she had a 1 year guarantee when I bring her home and when he took a look on it he just said that he can’t give me another puppy neither my money back, so he offer me another dog for less money so I confronted him stating that he sold me a sick dog cause, what kind of dog can pass away so suddenly with regulars vet checks and with no reason, she dies for a bacteria in her hip, how that can happen? Please let me know how can I report him, when I told him that he just told me to fuck up and stopped communicating with me, so he took my $3,200 on the puppy value plus I already spent in her another $2,000 and he didn’t do anything to help me out.

  5. Jean Payne

    We bought a pembroke corgi male from a breeder at Dakotas Corgis in McMinnville, OR. We noticed that he had a weakness in his back legs before we had him checked at a vet. This vet, Dr. Fisher at Newberg Vet Clinic in Newberg, OR and recommended by the breeder, told us he hadn’t developed his back muscles yet. He seemed to stay weak so we took him to our vet who we have used for other pets in Sherwood, OR. Our vet took X-rays and told us his spine was deformed, that it was a birth defect and not due to trauma. She recommended a Neurologist so our corgi went to a VCA Clinic in another city for an examination. This specialist told us it was too risky to do surgery, that our puppy might be paralyzed by it. She recommended two other places that were starting to do this type of surgery in other states. We were told the puppy could not fly in cargo but when we called the breeder we could not contact her. I sent a message to her and she responded she would take him back. Thereafter, we tried repeatedly to reach her and were never successful, so she did not honor her contract. We are leaving the state so Oliver the puppy has to go by pet transport to our vacation home. We have not given up on him. My message to everyone is DO NOT trust Jennifer Tadlock at Dakotas Corgis to provide you with a healthy puppy.

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