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Dog Breeding 101

Breeding Business Monday 7 December 2020
Dog Breeding 101

Breeding Business is the #1 online destination for current and aspiring dog breeders looking to succeed at dog breeding. Self-described dog breeding devotees, our columnists enjoy reading about successful breeders and awing over photos of your great accomplishments.

Our philosophy here is to help you start a reputable kennel using modern breeding styles backed by canine genetics. but we also focus on new-age marketing and ethical selling techniques.

Who is this website for?

  • aspiring dog breeders who want to learn how to breed dogs the right responsible way
  • experienced dog breeders who want to learn modern methods of the breeder and selling dogs
  • passionate dog owners who know their favorite pooch will have a litter sooner or later

Check out our recent post if you are breeding your dog for the first time.

Where to find relevant information?

We’ve created a few comprehensive pages tackling each a series of related issues:

  • The Dog Breeder’s Handbook — our bestselling ebook covering canine genetics, breeding strategies and modern kennel promotion
  • How To Breed Dogs — plan a breeding program, master canine genetics and heredity to use the right strategies
  • Kennel Management — run your day-to-day operations such as licensing, bookkeeping, promotion, and more
  • Health, Care & Nutrition — all about your dogs’ fitness, nutrition, grooming, health and special care
  • Kennel Website — create, run and manage your breeder website using reliable tools
  • Supplies & Resources — series of unbiased buying guides and reviews for dog breeders

Because we have provided so much value already, we wanted to do a little recap for the first-timers visiting us, so you too can get quality tips to level up your dog breeding activity.

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dog breeding 101 must read article

Our Must-Read Dog Breeding Articles

There are foundations every dog breeder should have before even planning the first litter. Mostly about genetics and breed-specific health conditions, these articles will help you understand what you must strive to achieve for the sake of the dog breed. A lot of purebred dogs are being victims of a bad selective breeding and we now need to responsibly improve the breed to lower those risks.

Check out our #1 dog breeding guide, The Dog Breeder’s Handbook, if you really want to learn how to breed dogs.

dog breeding templates and resources

Freebies You’ll Need Very Soon

We all like free stuff, especially when it is of great quality! Here you go, amazing resources you will need as soon as you will become serious at what you are doing.

psychology of the dog breeder

Psychology of the Dog Breeder

An efficient person focuses on himself (or herself) too! Regardless of how healthy and beautiful your dogs are, you also need to take care of yourself and when we talk to people about dog breeding, they often have misconceptions about the profession.

improve online marketing strategy and seo

Improve Your Promotion & Online Presence

Everybody is on internet and now, even on their mobile. All businesses shift slowly to mobile marketing and dog breeders are no exception: you have to improve your online presence and digital marketing strategy.

In 2016, we’ve created a new dog breeder website timeline: a free, step-by-step guide to creating your dream website in just a few minutes.

For a comprehensive dog breeding guide, you want to get your copy of our bestselling dog breeding ebook now.