New Puppy Owner’s Shopping Checklist To Print

New Puppy Owner's Checklist

Because welcoming a puppy is a lifetime commitment, preparing ahead is essential so once the new owner returns home with his new dog, there is no need to run around and buy essential things such as dog food, hygiene and care products, bedding and so on.

This is the very same reason why we have prepared a simple yet exhaustive puppy owner’s checklist for you to download and print. Every breeder should print several copies of this shopping list for their new dog owners and clients and give them few days before the puppy joins its new forever home.

Download The New Puppy Owner’s Checklist

Our checklist is broken down into five categories as described below:


The bedding has to be comfortable, clean and easy to change or wash. Use quick-dry materials and soft, padded beds.

  • Crate
  • Basket or Bed
  • Sheets or Covers

Hygiene & Toilet Training

Especially when welcoming a new puppy, most owners need to potty train their new dog. Accidents will happen, so have the cleaning products ready for when it occurs.

  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Urine Clean-Up Products
  • Toilet Training Pads
  • Poo Bags

Food & Treats

The best advice here is to ask the dog breeder or for the dog breeder to let the future owner know what brands to buy for the first week. The owner can then handle the transition to a new brand himself.

  • Food & Water Bowls
  • Food (same brand as the breeder, at first)
  • Training Treats

Terrier Dog Chew Toy

Equipment & Toys

On top of the common supplies such as the collar and identity tag, toys should be present from day one so the puppy feels enthused and excited to be in his new environment. A great variety of toys is indispensable even if some might be used only a couple of times.

  • ID Tag
  • Collar or Harness
  • Leash
  • Dog Carrier
  • Balls & Ropes
  • Chew Toys
  • Squeaky Toys
  • Cuddly Toys

Grooming & Care

A dog is amazing but a dog is even more amazing when it looks groomed and smells fresh. Washing, shampooing and overall cleaning of the dog itself is how you will avoid further medical conditions and that will save you many trips to the vet!

  • Comb or Brush
  • Dog Stripper
  • Dog Shampoo
  • Conditioner or Spray
  • Dog Toothbrushing Kit
  • Ear Wash Solution
  • Dog Nail Clipper
  • Ball Tipped Pet Grooming Scissors

Download The New Puppy Owner’s Checklist

This is what should be ready, more or less, on the new dog or puppy’s arrival day. There are many items that most households already have in their closets (sheets, bowls, wipes, etc) so going through the checklist will help pet owners know what they are missing and should buy.

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  1. You are missing baby gates or x-pen/baby pen to help puppy learn and respect the lay of the land slowly as it gains your trust to potty appropriately

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