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Find Out What a Dog Breeding Business IS NOT About!

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Published on
Friday 16 January 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
What dog breeding business is not about..
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The last years have seen thousands of people starting their own dog breeding business, or so they like to call it. There is a difference between selling your car and being a car dealer, it is pretty much the same for any breeding business. It is good to the precise about what dog breeding is not about, at least, when you are serious about it.

A Quick Way To Make Money

First and foremost, if you intend to make money and become rich within months of breeding dogs, you are going to fail. Only serious breeders make (a lot of) money and they work hard in order to achieve and go beyond their financial targets. Every newcomer in this industry has to understand that to breed dogs you need to spend an awful lot of money and only then, you will get a satisfying return on investment if you put in the time and effort it will take.

Buying dogs, raising dogs, feeding dogs, bringing them to the vet, purchasing all the toys and accessories, getting a website, and a marketing strategy, paying the fees to enter competitions… These are only a few examples of how you will dilapidate your budget… It will make money, eventually, but it is not a miracle happening when the pups are 8-week old. Be prepared to spend and go minus before going plus.

Dog Breeding Business Is Fun

Oh, you can’t be wrong. Having a dog, at home, is fun. Breeding dogs as a business is like any other business: exhausting, nerve-wracking, and stressful. Even more, as you are working with animals you love and care for, you are with these dogs all day long, all night long.  It is hard to disconnect as unlike any other job, you do not leave your responsibilities behind at 5 pm.

There is indubitably a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction after each moment spent with your dogs and even more after your see what your previous litters have become, but to reach that stage, you will go through a lot of challenges and it is your job to find solutions, over and over again, and be successful at walking through fire.

I just need a male and a female

Technically, yes, you could do with only a male and a female. But, if you want to generate a regular stream of revenue, you need to understand that it is asked for breeders to mate their bitch every year, or year and a half. With one bitch, you would have only one litter, and do not forget that we never know how many puppies she will give birth to.

Most successful breeders try to have more females to produce more puppies without mistreating their animals, they also use their males at stud if they are known and promising. By doing so, you can generate more money, from both your females and your males.

Easy As Posting An Ad!

Once you have a litter, you need to sell all or some of the puppies, this is how you will generate your revenue and keep your dog breeding business going and growing. Putting your dogs on sale is always a crucial moment as it means you are about to harvest the benefits of months, if not years, of draining yet exciting work. Thinking that you simply need to post ads on specialized websites and other forums is a huge mistake.

The competition is huge and hard to beat so how will you differentiate yourself? If you sell them at a cheap price, are you going to have a negative balance on this litter? If you sell them at a higher price, are your prospects going to understand why these puppies are so expensive? Do you have anything to back and justify this high price tag? What if you sell them at a high price and your clients then complain online and ruin your reputation as a dog breeder?

A Puppy Farm Or A Puppy Mill

A puppy mill, also called a puppy farm, is a very commercial dog breeding business that is operated with an emphasis on profits over the welfare of the dogs. Many associations are searching and prosecuting these (wrongly called) businesses and no normally constituted human being should ever think of doing that. The dogs resulting from such organizations end up with behavioral troubles and can become extremely unstable and dangerous.

We depicted a dark portrait of dog breeding businesses but it is for you to understand that doing this seriously requires a lot of work, commitment, and sacrifices, including financial. There is so much joy to get from breeding dogs, and most breeders do it for a reason, not just for the money and the fun – these little loving creatures give so much love!

2 comments on “Find Out What a Dog Breeding Business IS NOT About!”

  1. janetlee

    From what I just read I would never sell my precious babies to someone that did’nt have love for animals

  2. FloKhader

    I do have many questions ?
    how and where do i find my breeder from on your site .
    I have a beautiful male pomsky Male stud them ‘I’m interesting in working with some other breeders that been doing this for a while .

    Thank you

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