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How to Find the Perfect Mate for Your Dog: A Guide to Successful Breeding

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Understanding your dog's strengths and weaknesses is crucial before deciding to breed them.
  • Breeding dogs should focus on complementing each other's features to balance out traits.
  • Measurable characteristics should be used when selecting an ideal breeding partner, and breed clubs and dog shows can be helpful resources.
  • Health checks and pedigree analyses must be performed before breeding.
  • It is important to establish trust with the breeder over time and gradually progress towards the desired plan.
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Published on
Sunday 19 August 2018
Last updated on
Wednesday 14 June 2023
How to Find a Dog to Breed with My Dog
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To find a dog you can breed your own dog with, you must follow three simple steps:

  1. Understand your dog’s weaknesses
  2. List the partner’s ideal complementary characteristics
  3. Find the ideal mating partner in dog shows or online communities

Most dog breeders will own a single breeding dog or a single gender. Some prefer to focus on breeding male studs while others favor bitches. Unless you are very experienced, you do not want to breed both genders within your own kennel. Ideally, you want to own one dog, and look outwardly to find complementary mating partners.

Finding a dog to breed with your dog is a process that happens in real life as well as on popular and trusted online communities. Health checks and pedigree analyses must be performed assiduously to avoid expensive mistakes.

Assess Your Dog

Long before making the decision to breed your pet and finding a dog to breed with your dog, you must take into consideration your dog’s weaknesses and strengths. Knowing what your dog is good at, what he excels at, and what he can improve will prove to be absolutely invaluable when it comes to the future of your breeding business.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Running a kennel is a long process that entails numerous periods of trial and error and backtracking from initial plans. These experiences serve to provide valuable insight into your dog’s basic assessment. Often times, a breeder may recognize certain traits that at first glance were not apparent and will have to consider these new findings into their future breeding plans. Breeding dogs is a moving target.

Finding a mating partner and recognizing certain litter aspects will only produce fruition when a certain amount of predictability can be expected. In doing so, you will be able to take into account what certain desirable, and undesirable, traits in your dog are worth accounting for. You can, at any given time, be able to gauge with a more confident certainty which strengths are present in litters and how they affect the overall regime in terms of breeding perfect and being recognized in shows.


Your dog’s shortcomings should also be a focus as it will help determine where exactly a breeder needs to take charge and begin making viable changes to lessen the effects of the weaknesses, or at least be able to assess how these traits are likely to reproduce.

It’s a good idea to look back on your dog’s track record now and fortify a legit track sheet of all his strengths and shortcomings by looking into pedigrees, distinguishing what activities he is best at, and past accomplishments, as well as the activities he does not particularly enjoy or is necessarily “skilled” to do.

Past Litters

Moreover, if your dog has participated in dog shows and trials in the past, keep track and take note of what judges have said about your dog and the type of praise and criticism he has received. In addition, it’s a great idea to take note of his or her offspring. If your dog has already produced a litter, look at the puppies’ trajectory and evolution in terms of appearance, skills, and overall health. Assess your dog’s siblings’ puppies in the same manner by determining factors that are missing, and those that are worthy of praise.

Outline the Ideal Partner

At this point, you should already have a clear appraisal of your dog’s most strategic aspects as well as any critical attributes that may hinder the bloodline in the future. Now it’s time to draw a portrait of an ideal mating partner that will accommodate your breeding plan and provide the right mix of qualities to secure your findings.

finding a mating partner for your dog
Finding a dog to mate with your dog takes three steps: knowing your dog’s shortcomings, visualize the ideal partner, and find the right mate!

Imperatively, you must realize that without a correct and measurable evaluation of your own dog’s positive and negative features, you won’t have the necessary foundation to instruct the formal proceedings of finding the perfect partner. This is because you just won’t have concrete traits to base your outline off and judge dogs by.

Strive for Balance

You want a dog who will unequivocally complement your dog in every way possible. Consider this, your dog’s weaknesses are not necessarily bad nor does it make him any less valuable in a breed standard. What your dog’s weaknesses tell you and highlight is that you need more of what is missing, basically, to make up for it in a potential mating partner. Likewise, your dog’s inherent strengths will hold as a leverage for his mate’s shortcomings within the same means. In finding a mate for your dog, you want to strive for balance.

Measurable Characteristics

You want to find measurable and factual criteria, as opposed to observing the abstract features many breeders often mistakenly do. Measurable qualities include features such as possessing a muscular body as opposed to a weaker stature, long legs as opposed to shorter ones, or the color of the eyes and coat, to name a few. This is to give you a general idea of what to look for when creating the ideal outline that will produce measurable results. Try to avoid abstract descriptions that don’t necessarily define your dog’s factual appearance, but gives more of an open, general assessment such as “fast dogs“, for example. Once your ideal dog mate is established, the process of picking him or her out in the herd will be much more feasible.

Finding the Dog to Breed with Yours

Finding the right mating partner for your dog really depends on what type of dog you own and most importantly, what gender of dog you are trying to breed. If you own a female, you may want to consider looking into a stud service. If you own a male, you can initiate your own stud service for attracting the perfect female dogs. If you don’t know enough about stud services, now is the time to inform yourself about how it works.


National Breed Clubs

National breed clubs are often prime candidates for seeking your desired canine mate. Check your breed clubs for your selected breed. After contacting your specified club, you will automatically be referred to stud owners who match your criteria. This process can be quite handy as they provide stud contracts that detail the dog’s performance, skills, and pedigree analysis and both parties will remain with a copy. In addition, the best places you can gain insight into a dog and his or her life is by making yourself present in the places where you can actually see the dog in action and perform.

Dog Shows

Dog shows are brimming with opportunistic applicants and all you have to do is sit back and observe. Dog shows, as well as the numerous national and international pet events, all help breeders in seeing the dogs in all their rawness and originality. This serves as a way to shop and “peruse the aisles” before purchasing, so to speak.

Additionally, by attending dog shows regularly and even when you have no cock in the fight, you will inevitably learn which breeders should be trusted. On the same token, you will be able to know what bloodlines are popular, and frequently winning.


Using the Internet and its wide range of media to find the right breeder is possible but not recommended, unless the breeder is very much reputable in your location. Facebook Groups are binary so they will either be wonderful and packed with knowledgeable breed fanciers, or full of scammers. Never ever go ahead without seeing the dog and visiting the breeder’s kennel facilities first.

It’s important to remain in close contact with the breeder in which you will be conducting your breeding affairs. The point here is to make worthwhile, and profitable, connections. However, do not rush the process. This needs to be taken in gradual steps. Get to know the breeder over time and let the process naturally progress. This will also give you time to assess things with clarity. After enough trust has been reasonably established over some time and both breeders have gotten to know each other, as well as both the mating dogs, you can go ahead with your desired plan. The dogs, at this time, will already be familiar with one another.

101 comments on “How to Find the Perfect Mate for Your Dog: A Guide to Successful Breeding”

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    I am looking for a male Dachshund to breed my female pure breed.

    1. April Atkins

      Where are you located? I have a beautiful male smooth hair dachshund, that is black with brown markings.

    2. Samanta

      I have a male dachshund 1 year old color isabella/tan. Located in Kendall

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    I am looking for a male cavapoochon to breed with our adorable black female

  3. Bea

    I’m Looking For A Male Maltese Or Maltipoo To Breed With My Lil Lady Maltipoo

    1. abby

      Hi, I have a pure bred male maltese
      I want one girl puppy for my dog to have a friend, you can have the rest of the liter.

      1. Tanya

        Did you find anyone with a female Maltese to breed with your male Maltese? I have a beautiful 8 mth old female that I’m thinking of breeding to get another female. Where are you located?

      2. Chiquitita

        Hi Abby.
        I have a silkytzu, half shihtzu half Sydney silky 2 years old lil girl and looking for a small Maltese or Maltese mix to have a litter with. She is just about going on heat for the third time. We are in Auckland. Please let me know if they could meet.

    2. Kathleen Elliott

      Hi I have a 3 month old Maltipoo boy black and white where are located

      1. cindy m hensley

        pleasanton female white and tan

      2. Jan Thorburn

        I have a black and white Maltepoo that I would love to breed.

        1. Charlotte Doran

          We have a make Maltipoo w/ papers chipped , Al shots , one year old and looking for female. We live in Ft . Lauderdale . He is affectionate and healthy – ready for a mate!

    3. Kevin

      Hello, I have a 3.5 year old Male Maltese that I’m interested in breeding.

      1. Fahad

        Hi I have a female Maltese x chinawa 8 months can I breed it with yours

    4. Charlotte Doran

      We live in Ft. Lauderdale , our healthy male Maltipoo Will be 1 year old 3-2022. He is healthy, chipped has all shots and he is ready for a female. Where are you located? Skylar is 10 lbs and playful loving and gorgeous! Call Charl Doran at 954-533 -3189 .

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      Hey I have a male maltese

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    1. Inez Girardo

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    2. Tolulope Odeba

      Is your Yorkie male or female? I have a female Yorkie that was in her period right now,I want her to mate with male. Located in Newark.

  7. Inez Girardo

    Hi, I am not certain if I am in the right place, but I thought I would give it a try.
    I have a lovely little four year old Maltese.
    She has a very pleasant disposition and is beautiful as well.
    She has not had a boyfriend yet but has started to behave like she would like one.
    I am not stuck on her breed and would consider most small breeds I will leave my telephone number here.
    I am Inez 250 589 3358
    Please call

    1. Rashida Bullard

      Hi, I have a 5 year old male Havanese that seems to be VERY interested in finding a girlfriend. Maltese and Havanese are similar so maybe we could work this out.

      1. Sherry

        Is he fixed I am looking to bread my female bichon havanese

      2. Chiquitita

        Hi. I have a silkytzu 2 year old girl who looks like a havanese. Would like one litter if your boy is on a smaller size. Located in Auckland.
        Let me know if it could be an option.

    2. cmrouse

      I have a 7yr old male morkie 1/2maltese 1/2yorkie nicest smartest prettiest dog blond and silver coat he needs to father some puppies. where are you located

      1. I have 1yr2mnths female Yorkie in her period set to mate with male. Located in Newark NJ. Call 5512213577

    3. Sherry hawkins

      What state are you in???
      I have a small male so pretty 14 lbs

  8. Inez Girardo

    Hello, I have a four year old maltese female I would like to find a partner for.
    She has a lovely disposition and is gorgeous as well.
    Please give me a call. She has not had babies to date.

    1. Jade

      Hi I have a beautiful male Maltese shitzu named rocky and looking for a female to breed with him his had one litter when he was 2 his almost 7 but is very healthy and still very young at heart beautiful friendly little boy.

      I’m located pointcook Victoria if your interested please email me thank you very much.

      Kind regards Jade & rocky

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    im in the new york city area.

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  13. Faith Brooks

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    1. Clare

      Hi we have a 3 year old male welsh terrier with a very loving nature. Where do u live ?

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    i am looking for a male scotty for my female would like her to have one litter before i have her done she is very friendly with other dogs love to play she is 2 years old

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    I’m looking for a female Irish Doodle for our 1 year old red mini Irish Doodle. If you are interested please call at 216-205-5839.

    1. Elijah M.

      we have a standard poodle for f1bs! he carries parti, abstract amd tuxedo. I think their pups would be beautiful considering our genetics and yours. Located in Orlando, Florida.

  17. clarity cotman

    I am looking for 2 female dogs to breed with my dogs.

    First dog- 100% American Staffordshire terrier male

    Second Dog- Male Miniature Schnauzer Mixed breed ( Mixed with a Maltese/ cocker spaniel/ miniature poodle/Dachshund/ and unknown) pedigree is available for him.

    Hampton Roads VA. Reply if interested.

    1. I have a beautiful 3 year old American Staffy brindle colour she is very loving loyal I’m looking for her to have a little or two befor she get to old lol very healthy very loyal friendly I’ve got all documentation from the vet saying she’s just got back from Queen had all her vaccinations got all records my phone number is 0422011446 Inbox me so I can send you some photos of her or some more info by the way my name is Jasmyne and the little princess is named hope
      p.s hopefully you located in Adelaide as well somewhere lol anyway I hope to hear back from you soon

  18. Toni Ford

    Searching for a female French Bulldog to mate with my male five year old male Frenchie for the first time before having him “fixed”. He is all white with one brown ear. Full of energy and loves attention. Looking forward to hearing from someone with a female “Frenchie”.

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      I have an adorable 18 mo. old pooshi that is health checked and experienced in mating. He is under 12 pounds. His mother was a mini poo and father shitzu. We are located in Oregon.
      His colors are black and white, tuxedo looking. Please reply if interested.

  20. MR.

    I have a male chow, miniature collie.hes looking for well you know. Very handsome dog.almost two yrs.

  21. Moises Morales

    I have a lovely 7 months old Black & Tan GS dog ready to breed with a beautiful female shepherd.

    My dog is playful, smart, kind, not aggressive…and very handsome

    1. Nat

      Which area are you located at?

    2. Bryce

      Hello, where are you located I have a beautiful Red GS that im looking to have bred!

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    I am looking for a female white and tan Pomeranian to breed to my little stud. Must have the same markings. Very good blood line. First time.

  23. Yvette Favela


    My parents have a male Maltese turned 1 year in May of 2021, he needs a mate, we are located in Baldwin park, CA. If anyone has a female Maltese or multipoo to breed, we would like to keep two babies if possible.

  24. James


    I’m looking for a female Labrador Retriever to mate with my purebred boy in Fresno, CA. He’s a full black lab with a square snout and a very stocky body. His mom and dad were champs but his registration doesn’t allow for breeding. I just want the first pick of the litter for my son’s family.

  25. Shadi Rezaie

    Male Maltipoo, all white. Located in Northern CA. Looking for female to breed with.

  26. Lauren

    Hi! Wanted to post here to see if there are any female golden retriever owners interested in breeding their dog with my 1.5 year old handsome male golden :)

  27. Lauren

    Hi! Thought I would give this a try to see if there are any owners of a female Golden Retriever interested in breeding their dog with my handsome 1.5 year old Golden :)

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    We have a 2 yr old shitzu/poodle female 12lbs. that we would like to breed with either a shitzu or a miniature poodle. Her name is penny and she is black with white patches. I live in abbotsford bc.

  29. Ilona

    I am seeking a male toy cavoodle to breed with my female toy cavoodle aged 2yrs based in Sydney Hills District.

    1. Rachel Slizewski

      I have a beautiful 2y/o male, AKC registered purebred Beagle looking for a female to breed near Athens,Ga

  30. alley

    I am seeking a sweet female dog to mate with my Peruvian dog, 30lbs, 5 years old.

    We are happy to travel!
    [email protected]

  31. Nicole

    I’m looking for a female Havapoo, havanese or toy poodle to mate with my handsome black with a little white and tan Havapoo male.
    I’m in Pensacola Florida

  32. Gabi

    Hello All–
    I have a 4 year old(in October) all white with some apricot markings on his ears and tail shepski, in tact. Looking to breed with similar breeds or other working/herding breeds…eskimo, aussie.. Great temperament, very intelligent. If you are interested please email me 9abere11a

  33. Casey

    Hi! I have a male beautiful border collie (brown and white) and am looking for a female border collie. He’s sweet and extremely loyal. Please reply :)

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    Hello I have a 5 month old yorkie who is very interested in meeting a nice young lady anyone interested

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    What state are you in???
    I have a small male so pretty 14 lbs

  36. shane Allen

    Hello! I have a male Wirehaired pointing griffon who is One year old and has great genetics. We are located in Macomb Michigan and he is very interested in a girlfriend.

  37. Kristy Rumpf

    I have a sweet 4 year old, 49 lb, male Goldendoodle that would love to have puppies. I am located in Cape Coral, Florida.

  38. Camila

    I’m looking for a someone who has a vizla and would like to breed their female dog.
    I have a 6 year old handsome dog. My dog is obedient, loves to cuddle and just the life of the party whenever people are around. He would make a great dad.
    We are in the Chicagoland area (Illinois).

  39. Ben Laub

    Hi! I have an 8 month old male red Merle mini Australian shepherd/poodle mix (he looks like a full Australian shepherd) with a beautiful coat and ice blue eyes. Looking for inquires to breed him.

  40. Kaldip

    I’m looking for a female Border Collie as I have a pure breed Male 41/2 years old.
    My purpose is to have a couple of puppies only

  41. Lourdes Martinez

    I have a 7 myths male syberian husky would like to bread just want one puppy

    1. Jessica Paye

      I am looking to breed my AKC pure breed female husky. Where are you located?

  42. Mariluz Restrepo

    Hello, I have a black little pomapoo (Pomeranian Poodle mix) his name is Sirius and he’s three years old. He’s a fully black very cute 6-pound man, I would love to share his pictures. He’s a very energetic and easy breed to train, I’m located in the Florida Palm Beach area. Email me if you’re interested in chatting, I’m not looking to keep any of the puppies just want my man to have some release :)

  43. Alexus Fairchild

    I have a black and tan min pin purebred. He was born February 2020. I’m looking to breed him with a black and tan female min pin. We live in Georgia. I only want to keep one of the puppies.

  44. Tammy rich

    Hi my moo moo is a maltese, shitzoo mix. I would like to find him a girl and carrying on his lineage. I’m in Northern NY.

  45. Bailey Hanthaley

    I have a 3 year old male Alaskan husky Klee Kai mix that I am looking to breed! If anyone is interested, feel free to reach out!

  46. Andy Menic

    hello, I have a pure breed male Bernese mountain dog and I am looking to breed him with a Lab or Poodle! He is imported from the Czech Republic and weighs 130 lbs and is a very good-looking dog. Feel free to reach out!

  47. luna

    hello, i have a beautiful female pure Shih Tzu and i am looking to breed her with a Shih Tzu! I am, located in Montreal Quebec, If anyone interested feel free to reach out !

  48. Tricolor Cavalier Female

    I have a beautiful female two year old tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ready to breed in one week. American Canine Association registry — seeking same or AKC, preferably tricolor healthy male. Thank you!

  49. Coco

    I’m looking for certified pure breedAmerican Labrador male for may female chocolate lab. She a Beautiful two year old wanting to have puppies of her own. If anyone is interested please reach out.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi! I have a 1 yr male golden and lab mix, where are you located? My email is [email protected], email me if your interested

    2. Hannah Gutowski

      I have a beautiful labradoodle. He’s got the best temperament and knows several tricks! Super smart!
      [email protected]

  50. Emiliya

    I am seeking a male chackrussel to breed with my female not pure chackrusell aged 3yrs based in Orpington, kent

  51. Tina Goyal

    I have a AKC registered pure bred beautiful golden retriever 1.5 year old. I’m looking for a pure golden retriever female for breeding. Please text or call (908)-596-0490 Hampton NJ 08827

  52. Anonymous

    I have a lab and golden mix, I are located in Ajax, ON, I am looking to breed him with either a lab or a golden. He has a pedigree. He is a year and 3 months now. Please contact me if you have a female lab or golden and are looking to breed anytime soon. My email is “[email protected]”. Thank you!

  53. Libni Giralt

    Hi 👋 I am looking for a girl for my golden retriever to breed, I have his birth certificate and vaccine records and also family tree available upon request if interested in breeding. He is a very healthy dog he weights 75lbs looking for a girl to look like him
    He has blonde/golden hair he is very friendly if tou want more info please contact me at
    [email protected]

  54. David Munroe

    Hey! We have a 9 months old Bluetick Coonhound! We are located in Port Alberni. He is just looking for a partner before his surgery. Please let us know if you are interested.

    1. Cryslynn

      I have a female Bluetick Coonhound, she will be ready for breeding soon. We want the female runt of the litter.

  55. Ricky

    Hi I’m looking for a female Chorkie for my year-old He is lovingly playful and loves humping his toys.I think he just wants to get some loving. he lives in the York area any interest please email me!

  56. Melissa

    Male 20 month purebred fawn pug perfect temperament, perfect with kids, perfect attributes, looking for a female to mate with. Pittsburgh PA general area. AKC registered has all his papers.

  57. Kevin

    I have a male Brendal chihuahua he’s getting fixed really soon and want to mate him I want one puppy from liter pls get back to me soon.I’m in Tillamook area

  58. Cryslynn

    I have a female Bluetick Coonhound, she is 7 months old and just had her first heat. We want to breed her during her third heat and then spay her. We are in the Sacramento.

  59. Shaya

    Hello I am looking for a smallish size female purebred dog to mate with my Japanese chin/yorkie. He is going to be 2 years old in November and I’d like to get the process started. He is very sweet,adorable,and extremely friendly.If I’d have to give a weakness, he does not have a lot of experience with other dogs. We are located in Fresno, Ca and would be looking for some one fairly close.

  60. Kat

    I have a male black & white parti toy poodle (CKC). I am looking for a black female toy poodle to breed him with.

  61. Elena Mack

    I have a 8 month black and brown dachshund. Looking to find a male with the same colors.

    1. When is the best time to impregnate her with another male?

    2. Where can I go, locally, to do that?

    Located in South Fl

    Please reply to my comment to email or text me info. I would appreciate that very much!

  62. Arizona Eubank

    I have an 8 1/2 month old male Labrador retriever. One parent is papered the other is a full breed but not. We are wanting to breed him with another full breed.

  63. Monica

    I have a black and white male YorkiPoo. I am looking for a black female toy or medium sized poodle to breed him with.


    I’m looking for a pure-bred MALE West Highland Terrier to breed with my 12-month-old female Bonnie. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.

  65. Adrian

    Looking for a female Belgian Malinois to breed with my dog (7 Years). I am living in Michigan

  66. alexander zalmanov

    Looking for a female GS to breed with my dog (2.5 Years). I am living in Los Angeles

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