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How To Find a Mate for Your Dog – Online & Offline

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Finding the perfect breeding partner for your dog can be challenging, but it is essential to consider factors such as location, coloring, health, and ethics.
  • Online options such as joining local Facebook groups, reaching out to known bloodlines and breeders, using dog breeding websites, online forums, and dog breeding apps can help you find suitable mates.
  • Offline options include participating in dog shows and engaging with kennel clubs to connect with other breeders.
  • Speaking with other breeders with whom you already have connections can also be a valuable resource.
  • Regardless of the method used, conducting thorough research, background checks, and asking the right questions is crucial to ensure a suitable and ethical breeding partner.
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Published on
Wednesday 22 January 2020
Last updated on
Monday 6 November 2023
How To Find a Mate for Your Dog
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Finding your dog the perfect breeding partner can be difficult! You may require one who is located near you, has certain coloring, clear health and an owner with proper ethics. It is important for you, your dog and your business to fulfill your required criteria. Let us show you how to find the right mate for your dog.

Finding your founding stock is a special case and we also wrote about it.

Finding your dog a mate online

As responsible breeders, we want to make sure we find the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend for our dogs. Behavioral issues, health issues, and no traceable genetic lines are all concerns. As accountable business managers, we look for mates that are financially reasonable, offer an agreeable contract and are not too long of a distance away. All these factors much co-exist for both our dogs and us to be happy with their choice of mate.

Local Facebook Groups

Facebook can be a wonderful way to find dog lovers and dog breeding communities. These can be tailored for specific areas and specific dog breeds, thereby making your search easier. Join a group appropriate for what you are looking for. Specify the breed, area and sometimes whether you are looking for a stud or bitch. Once you have found a suitable community for your criteria, apply and wait for acceptance. Soon you will be able to make a post on the group. You can state what you are looking for in a suitable dog mate and start receiving replies from people who own a dog that meet those criteria.

Facebook does come with the large problem of scamming though. There are a few ways you can minimize these worries and confirm your dog breeder is legitimate. You can request references from your chosen breeder to identify if they are a backyard breeder.

Usually, poor breeders will have no references or be unable to provide their background legitimacy. You can also request a tour of their breeding facilities, puppies and their parents. This can allow you to observe their interactions with the dogs, see the cleanliness of the area and check the behavior of the dog you are visiting. Backyard breeders will be more informal with their animals and will often provide less clean areas.

Homepage of the Facebook Group “FRENCH BULLDOGS IN THE UK”

Reaching out to known bloodlines and breeders

Contact breeders or bloodlines that you are familiar with or have good reputations to see if they have any breeding individuals available to pair with your dog. You can usually contact these individuals through email or by phone as not all breeders are on social media. Usually, you will already know their verification and reputation so it can solve searching and failed attempts at finding a dog breeding partner.

However, you should bear in mind that not all of these breeders will have a suitable mate for your dog. There is also the possibility that they will want to check your references, your dog’s health and behavior, etc. This should not be considered a bad thing as this reflects the care and responsibility of a desirable breeder.

Dog breeding websites


These can be very useful due to the ease of access and for identifying your specifications and finding suitable individuals. A good example website is Breed Your Dog where you can find a suitable stud. You can easily find a reputable website and usually, they have search areas for location, gender, breed type, and even price. This increases the overall ease of finding a suitable mate without compromises the chance of finding a legitimate breeder.

Issues can arise in finding an appropriate website. Some may have less thorough or nonexistent examinations of owners or dogs displayed on their website. Therefore, you must do your research in finding a highly rated website with professional reviews. Look into each website’s process of reviewing and admitting an application:

  • Do they require references?
  • Are health checks performed?
  • Are screenings requested to be sent with evidence?

Finding a website with thorough checks on both breeders and dogs can help you feel comfortable in your dog’s mate choice. Furthermore, contact well-known breeding companies to see if the website is well known or has positive or negative reviews.

Online forums

Online forums are communities that share their knowledge, contacts, and advice with one another. In the case of breeding forums, they may discuss mate choice, breeding techniques and aid with birth. Firstly, you’ll want to find a good forum, one that has a professional atmosphere, experienced breeders and friendly undertones. Read previous posts, older threads, and general replies to see how knowledgeable and understanding the community is.

Example of a forum (message board)
Screenshot of’s forum homepage.

Once you have found a message board you think is appropriate, you can create a post. Title it with the requirements of the dog mate you are looking for but be sure the title is not too long-winded. Put a more thorough explanation of the criteria you require for your dog’s mate and wait for the replies! Usually, you are able to view each reply and personal profile to see reviews, their about and other descriptors. Be sure to ask a lot of questions to validate the identity of the person, check their motives and knowledge. This can eliminate a backyard breeder.

Dog breeding apps

Dog breeding apps are relatively new, they have risen in popularity over the last year especially. You can easily download one of these apps onto your phone or smart device and immediately start to fill in your dog’s details. One app we recommend is Perfect Dog, an app that allows you to easily choose your dog’s breeding partner. It works by getting you to fill in your dog’s physical and behavioral categories through checking boxes on scales. These terms are then used to advertise your dog to other breeders. Words such as large, built for speed or big head are all available tick boxes. This app also predicts the likely litter produced and their traits. This can be extremely useful for finding the perfect mate to aid the production of a desirable litter.

Similar to human dating apps, a common drawback is an over-exaggeration of positive or desirable traits and possible edited pictures. Once you have found a dog who matched what you are looking for in your pet’s mate, contact that breeder and ask for extra media of the dog and information to prove they are a reputable breeder.

Finding your dog a mate offline

There have been many popular ways for breeders to find one another and pick a suitable mate for their dogs for years. Far before the development of technology, kennel clubs have been formed for breed types, show dogs and breeding and training communities.


Kennel clubs usually have members from multiple different clubs and allow the cross of communities and discussions to take place. Such a conversation can help a breeder identify another who has a potential breeding partner for their dog. These communities will often host or advertise dog shows, another method to find other breeders with a much wider range of choices.

Dog shows

Dog shows bring individuals from a large range to visit. This allows you to find a whole new community of owners to communicate with and thereby, possible breeding partners for your dog. These shows also advertise communities, clubs and specific breeders throughout. Search throughout the show to find different breeders and question them on your interests and concerns. Furthermore, you can target certain breed types or body types at certain stalls, depending on the size of the venue. This can allow you to discuss options for your area or desirable breed type with renowned experts.

You should research each kennel show you are going to beforehand for reputation, the average number of visitors and their ethical standards. Unfortunately, some shows run for the existence of financial gain and may allow any breeder inside who are willing to pay for an advertisement. As opposed to ethical shows who require medical documents, references and occasionally interviews. These allow management to identify breeders who are in the profession for financial gain alone and not for the animals’ welfare. If you are able to locate a high-quality show, you will rarely find backyard breeders there.

Video explaining how do dog shows work?

Kennel clubs

Kennel clubs are organizations that monitor the ethical care, physical and training standards of dogs of a certain breed or in a specific location. You may have one for your state, for your breed type or follow the American Kennel Club. Such organizations, like the AKC or UKC, possess multiple ways to get you in contact with other breeders such as newsletters, magazines or community meetings.

Newsletters can be an easy way to find out advertising breeders of the current month, similar to magazines. The difference between the two advertising methods is that magazines will often go into much more depth about the breeders and their dogs, whereas newsletters may only give a quick summary and contact details.

Community meetings may take place that are open to the public of members to communicate with one another, similar to shows but do not have animals present. Verified kennel clubs usually have very high standards of welfare and care, as do breeders associated with them. Just be sure to check the association’s specifications for your breed type and training methods.


Not every organization follows the more ethical methods of breeding such as in between litter breaks and no direct inbreeding. Similarly, some organizations encourage the use of shock collars or other inhumane methods of training. Avoid these clubs and you’ll avoid poor breeders.

Speaking with other breeders

Being in the business of breeding means you may already have connections with other breeders. Those which you have purchased your current breeding bitches or studs from or those you have sold pups to are all connections you can contact. There are many positives to this as if you have already interacted with these breeders, you should already approve of their ethical standards and know they care for their dogs. This removes concerns about references, interviews, and backyard breeders. You already know you will be working with someone you approve of or someone they recommend which can reduce worry.

Be aware that you could be recommended a relative or friend of the breeder and therefore they do not necessarily have as high standards. It is always recommended to ask all breeders you are working with to go through the same checks of interviews, contracts, and references. Furthermore, be aware of the chance of inbreeding from working with the same few individuals each time, in a single area a suitable mate for your dog may be distantly related to your dog due to a small number of breeders. Ask for each potential mate’s family tree to minimize this risk.

To find the ideal dog breeding partner for your pet you will need to do a lot of research and background checks, regardless of the method you use. It is recommended that you use multiple methods that we have described today to not only find a satisfactory mate for your dog but the ideal mate. Remember to also prepare your dog for its first mating!

132 comments on “How To Find a Mate for Your Dog – Online & Offline”

  1. Nilda

    I am looking for a female partner for my Yorkir Terrier and it’s harder than I thought! There’s no reliable apps or websites for my area or at all. If anyone had any information please contact me.

    1. Lizzy

      Hi i have a brown female papillion we are breeding tell me if your interested.

      1. Nikita

        Hi Lizzy,
        I have mixed shitzu and Pomeranian male pet. he’s 3 years old and healthy.

      2. Ella

        Hi my sister has a boy papillon they are looking to breed in the future as he’s still a puppy ( about three months I think now) if I can give you my number so you can pop me a message I can send you some pictures of him he’s so gorgeous lol, we also live in Northampton!

        1. My German Shepard can mate with her bring her to me at 9713 3rd avenue Inglewood

      3. JASMINE

        I have mixed shitzu and Pomeranian male pet. he’s 18 month old

        1. Carolina Mendez


          I have a shih-poo cross mix. She is 8 months old will go into heat maybe in a few months.

          1. Gilberto Herrera

            Where are you located I have a2 month old male Shih-poo

          2. Tricia

            I would LOVE a puppy !!

        2. Robert

          Hello my name is Robert I have a all black female German Shepherd her name is Bambi she will be coming into her third trimester in the beginning of December I am looking for a mate for her to experience birth before she gets fixed phone number 720-649-2466

      4. Corrine

        Hi i have a male he is a chow chow and border collie mix

    2. Renee shadix

      I have a toy morky, looks just like Yorkie. She is in heat now.

      1. Kaushal Mehta

        Hello Renee,
        I have a King Charles Cavalier, 3 yrs and 7 months old. He has never experienced mating and I want him to experience it. Let me know if you are interested.

        My email address is [email protected]

        Kaushal Mehta

        1. Rob & Carole Sherring

          Has your dog found his mate yet? I have a cavoodle 18 months and looking to cross at next heat with a KCC. I’m in port stephens NSW. What about you?

      2. Lydia Garcia

        Hi I have a male Yorkshire terrier full bread AKC he is 5 years old. He has never been bred. I’d like for him to at least be a daddy one time before I have him neutered. He just turned five in July he is a silky terrier silver on top and brown on the bottom. A very good dog he listens to everything you’re saying he loves everyone from children to older people. I love my Yorkie very much his name is Rocky.

        1. Cindy

          Hello My name is Cindy . I have a scruffy terrier her name is lady. She was born April Easter Day 2020 and would like for her to be a mommy at least once. She has beautiful hazel eyes, nice of white color with one light brown spot. No fleeces very clean. House doggie.415-5595885

        2. Marina Mamaeva

          Hello, . I do have Yorkshire terrier female 1years and 6 months. Toy , very small. I am looking for male Yorkshire terrier for breeding.

          1. Miryam

            I have a male Yorker brown
            Can u send me pictures of your dog

          2. kitty

            Hello, I have Yorkie male born Feb 2020. He is cutie and ready to be daddy, no health issues. I am live in New York

          3. Sanja Kerkez

            Hello I have male Yorkshire terrier for breeding, please let me know if you Re still looking for it. Thank you In advance .

          4. DENISE MARSHALL

            Hey, r u still looking 4 a mate. I have a Yorkshire Terrier, his name is Tobi & he is 4 years old. Absolutely, adorable.

        3. Lourdes Castro

          I have a silky terrier female name zowie she in her second heat now I want her to be a mommy also she a very happy and affectionate dog she gets along with every one she blonde and silver she has her papers and she has shots I want her to experience being a mom she loves pups and very caring has all the mothering traits please contact me at my email I can send you pictures thank you for your time

      3. Maggie

        Hi a have a shorkie stud who’s looking for a Yorkie or a shih tzu female

    3. Tracy Fiorillo

      Hi Nilda
      I have a 5 month old patterdale terrier who had both parents of the same kind.
      He has a chocolate brown smooth coat with bright yellow eyes and a cute short tail. I dont want to fix him yet but he is very interested in all the female dogs right now!
      Please let me know if interested.

      1. Noah

        hi i have jacak russel yorkshire terrier he is 1 year and 4 months he is small brown fur and brown eyes he is the most playful and loves chasaing sticks and balls he doesnt get tired. as a puppy he had darker hair. may i see a picture of ur dog ill show mine my dog is called jaxx

    4. Tracy

      Hi Nilda
      I have a 5 month old patterdale terrier who had both parents of the same kind.
      He has a chocolate brown smooth coat with bright yellow eyes and a cute short tail. I dont want to fix him yet but he is very interested in all the female dogs right now!
      Please let me know if interested.

    5. Pamela M. Colvin

      Are you still looking ti breed with a female york terror? I know that your poder is pretty old but it couldn’t hurt to ask¡

    6. Marina Mamaeva

      Hello. I have female Yorkshire terrier 1,6 years. We on register with AKS. I bring her from Russia. She is very small . Looking for small male Yorkshire for breeding.We location in the Florida.

  2. Meena

    I can’t find any good apps or websites either, please email me if you have a small female dog looking to breed with a yorkie or maltipoo.

    1. Cathy Miller

      [email protected]

      Looking for a male multipoo or toy poodle or a Maltese. 10 lbs or under. I have a black multipoo. South eastern NC/ north eastern SC

  3. Maquita shaw

    I am looking for a Great Dane female to breed my Great Dane male

    1. oscar

      looking to breed my 2 year old husky he’s white and brown i want 2 dogs from the litter that’s all

      1. Alexandria

        Hi I have a female black lab rottie mix she’s a year and a half old would u like too breed with her? I’ll accept ur off of choice of two puppy’s from the litter….

        1. Jennifer Mcgeogh

          I have a gorgeous handsome black lab Catahoula Leopard mix so smart and so beautiful

  4. Jurassic Josh

    My husky is young but purebred and the thought of losing him someday breaks my heart. He’s only half a year, but in the future I plan to get puppies from him somehow, so I’m looking into it now so by the time it’s more relevant (2-4 years) I’m confident in what I’m doing and he can be safe and we can have a couple cool puppies.
    I don’t want the litter to sell, so if a breeder wants them, that’s fine. I’d just want 1 or 2 for myself and the rest are all theirs. Is that a thing people would do? The puppies are the product so asking for 1/6th of the litter or less seems like a steal for the other person involved but he’s also male, so the work wouldn’t really fall on me money wise or work wise so maybe that’s not a fair deal. I just don’t want to lose my baby and realistically I will someday, so I want to keep his line going as our “family dogs”. They’re so much work but after owning a Husky I can’t imagine any other dog for me.

    1. Nikita

      Hello jurassic
      I totally get what you mean. l have white German shepherd. she’s 3 years old and even my future plan is not to sale them. I don’t think this is the right thing to do. let me know if you are interested.


      1. Janell Lussier

        I have a year old male red heeler with one blue eye and the other is hazel and green very happy energetic well kept dog. I wang Him to have puppies before I fix Him

    2. Luz Dary Moncayo

      Hi, I want to mate my female GD with a husky, but she is too young, she is at the date 5 months old. I adopted a cat and she has been the greatest companion of my life, but from the shelter all the adopted pets will come fixed, she is 15 now and so her personality and her beauty will be gone with her and that is just not fair, and I do not want to happens the same with my GD. But I also love the Husky and the Malamute. Also I do not want the little be for sale, I want to keep one or two for a relative, not because I don´t want them but because I know how big of responsibility is to have a pet, not just monetary but time wise. So let me know if in the future you will be interested please. Thank you.

  5. Lizzy

    Hi I read your comment and i have a small female dog, she is a brown Papillion mixed with a shih tzu and chihuahua. she mostly just looks like a brown Papillion though. We are planning on breeding her but we don’t know how to find her a mate.

    1. Saini

      Where you located? I have a male Cavapoo dog.

  6. Lisa Moore

    I have a male mini poodle, looking to breed with female poodle

    1. Cathy

      I have a female yorkshire in heat now and I’m looking for a male mini poodle or a male Yorkie poo

  7. Hachel Cruz

    Hi, I have a Havanesse ready to breed with female. In West Virginia.

  8. dex booysen

    Hi ive got a huge white great dane looking for a beautiful girl that will match located in cape town

  9. Sam Wilson

    Hi I am looking for a female Beagle partner for my 2 year old handsome Beagle. (Houston, TX)

    1. I have a female in heat now

  10. Luke Pyle

    I have a silver lab male wanting to breed with a white lab female.

  11. Angie Smith

    I have a male 3 year old Chihuahua looking to breed with a female chihuahua.

    1. Petya Torres

      I have a female chug,that’s a bread between pug and chihuahua. She is adorable puppy. Looking for a male chihuahua,I can send you photos of her .

  12. Angie Smith

    I’m in Jacksonville, FL looking for a healthy female chihuahua to breed with my healthy 3 year old male Chihuahua. I have Vet papers to prove a clean bill of health. Wanting one male puppy from the litter in return. Will require a $300 deposit to hold until puppy is of age to leave its mother. $300 will be returned to the breeder of the female. Breeder of female may keep all other puppies. Basically we love our dog so much we want his son. To be able to carry on his genes.

  13. Jordan Navas

    I have a papillon female I live in bountiful

  14. Frank

    Male bichon 6 years old looking for a female. I only want to keep 1 Male puppy u can have the rest.

  15. Steven Oneill

    I have a female lerchere 2yeres old in sesen naw looking to breed here in m409dg ereyer will give pup to dad

  16. Danny Ahern

    My wife and I would like to breed our 1-year old merle border collie. His merle coloring came as the result of his mother being pure border collie (black & white) and his father being a pure traditional collie (tri-colored). Our boy also has two different colored eyes. One eye is blue. Like all border collies, he is extremely athletic and playful. He is also a very smart breeding dog, that will demonstrate his motivations by nudging and “speaking” to us. It’s important for whoever accepts our boy as a mate to know that he actually demanded our attention from the time we picked him up from the farm at 6-weeks old. We learned during training that his stubborn nudging at barking at us was not defying our attempts to cease those behaviors, but due to the generational instinct of being a leader himself. He was is out 1st ever border collie & had to train us in that regard. His intelligence amazes us more and more everyday.

    We are in Palm Harbor, FL

  17. Danny Ahern

    We are in Palm Harbor, FL

  18. Betty Babcock

    I have a 2 yr old female multipoo that I want to breed. I’m in Sacramento California

  19. Anna

    Hi, we have a beautiful black mini female dachshund, looking to breed with smooth haired mini male dachshund preferably not black.

    1. Amy

      I have a miniature male dachshund that is almost three years old. He is white with black & brown spots.

  20. Suman Kumar

    I have 2 year old Male Golden Retriever ( english cream), pure breed . I am lookin for a female match for him to breed puppies. If you are interested, please respond back .


    1. Jess

      Where are you?
      I have 1 female golden retriever 3 yrs old I want to find mate for her.

      1. Jessica

        I have a pure female golden retriever 1.5 years old

  21. Tifani Jackson

    Hello Everyone
    I think Diamond is ready for a girl friend
    I Have a maltese mix ,he is 1,1/2 yrs. He is mostly black with hints of white on his paws, not really sure how this works,but if your in the Downers Grove Like areas,
    Thanks for listening

  22. Nancy Sanchez

    1 and 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois ready for breeding large dog brown, and black.

  23. Suhuna

    I have a 3 year old black poodle. I am looking for a female match for him to breed puppies. If anyone interested please respond back. Thanks

  24. Pamela M. Colvin

    I’m looking for a male york terrier, in or around the San Francisco or Bay area. I have a 2 1/2 y.o. female who’s just came into heat. Serious inquiries only, please.

    1. Kitty

      I have male Yorkie born Feb 2020. He is cutie and well behave. He is ready to be Daddy. I am in New York.

  25. Kelly

    I have a 7 month old kcf french bulldog his colour is blue looking for breeder

  26. Paula Concha

    I have a male F1 mini goldendoodle (tan) looking for a female toy poodle (red). Please email me if you’re interested. We’re in TX.

  27. Shanmuganaathan

    Hi,I have brown male golden retriever of age 2years 8 months,I want the same female mate for breed.

  28. Nicolas

    I have 20 month male maltes looking for female partner for crossing

  29. Petya Torres

    My name is Petya and I have a female chug. She is adorable. I am looking for a male chihuahua to breed her. Text me anytime if you are interested.

    1. Maylan

      I have an adorable male pomchi. He is a calm and loving boy. He is a light brown and have kinda long hair.

  30. Gary

    My husky male is 1 year and 2 months in LA area looking for female husky partner

    1. Robert Mccormick

      What kind of husky? I have a Siberian

  31. Sherrie

    Hi my name is sherrie I have a German shepherd 2 years old he needs girl friend. If anyone is willing to mate please reply I live in Chicago

    1. Travis smith

      Hello my name is Travis I have a perfect girlfriend for your German Shepherd

  32. Lauren

    Hi I have a Maltese/bichon which is mostly a Maltese and I would like to breed it. If anyone is interested get back to me. It’s a male

    1. Hank meier

      I have a Havanese female, live in New Jersey, ready to make in mid October, 2021.

      1. Valencia


        I have a male cockapoo who is 8 months old. We are looking to breed him. We are also in NJ. Please reach out if you are still interested in breeding.

      2. Susan Hutson

        Hi Hank. What color is your dog? I have an all white/cream Havanese stud. Beautiful coat. Wonderful personality. Looking for a female havanese with same features. I can travel to Jersey or where ever.

    2. Valencia


      I have a male cockapoo who is 8-months old. We are looking to breed him. We also live in NJ. Please contact me if you are still interested in breeding. [email protected]

  33. Robert Mccormick

    Hi I have a pure breed Siberian husky female looking for male to breed. I live in Nevada

  34. Luis

    I have a 1 year old male cockerpoo that I want to breed. I live in Tampa, Florida. If anyone is interested please get back to me.

  35. Fiona

    I want to breed my female yorkie but I can’t find a stud

    1. Kitty

      My baby is born Feb 2020. No heath issue, well behave and is cutie. Where you live. I am in New York

  36. Shalet Boghossian Gharibian

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a 15 month old medium male F1B Goldendoodle. We’re looking for a female to mate with our Alfie. I’m willing to pay for the welping and I’d like to keep half the litter. I’m in the LA area of California.

  37. Monique Warner

    I have a 2 year old purebred miniature poodle who is now ready to become a Stud dog he has the most beautiful nature and is very effectionate.

    1. Latasha

      Hello how are you where are you located?? Any pics of your baby I have a female just turned a year yorkie and she has been in heat I want her to have one go at life before we zip her up…

  38. Nyssa

    I have a mix German shepherd. He is a sweet heart and I would love to breed him before I fix him. Any female German shepherd available ? I would love just to keep two puppies out of it. South Bay Area

  39. ross

    I have a black lab 8 years old, full pedigree and kc register, have certificate of pedigree, and family chart, loving dog great with kids, loves his walks, looking for female to breed my boy

  40. Jal

    Looking for a female Shorkie to breed with my male Shorkie 50% Shih Tzu and 50% York Shire Terrier. He is almost 2.

  41. Latasha

    Hello I’m the mommy of Xena whi is a full yorkie she just turned a year and I’m looking for a partner for her. We live in South Carolina if anyone has a handsome well mannered respectful male please let’s make a date.

  42. rin

    Hi, I have a full breed dog, a Pomeranian she is 4-5 pounds. We are looking for a mate for her. She is 1 year old first timer. We live in Los angeles

  43. Barry havener

    AKC BOSTON TERRIER 2 years old to breed. Beautiful dog.

  44. Alex

    Hey, I have a CKC red and white Boston Terrier stud who’s looking for another registered Boston Terrier! In Arkansas, we can split the puppies or anything else, well talk about it.

  45. Kyle banks

    I have a light brown red nose pitbull he’s 2 years light brown eyes looking to get three puppies off his litter if breeded I live in Mississippi text me at 6o128732o9

  46. Nicole

    I have a year old cockapoo is male my poor baby is looking to have sex bad I feel bad he humps everything. Pretty little boy you meet him and fall inlove with him. Black and white ask for a picture if you like. Looks like a poodle curly hair.

  47. Ramiro Prolo

    Hi im looking to breed my male golden retriever age 1 …

    1. Brett Pyke

      I’m looking for a female dog either a lab or a spaniel for my dog
      He is a cocker spaniel/lab and the most obedient and amazing hunting dog ever so I really would like to breed from him
      I have got a few takers already for his offspring so there will be no problem moving the puppies on

  48. Joan

    I have a female German Shepherd she is one years old and I’m looking to breed her with another German Shepherd

  49. Kartik

    We have a rottweiler (male) for breeding

  50. Peter

    Hi, I have a female tri-color Corgi, she is one years old and I’m looking to breed her with another male Corgi!

  51. Helen Wilson

    Hi fur baby lovers,
    Ollie is our adorable long haired dauchund with a timid and funny character and is now 1 year old very affectionate and looking for a bitch partner his coat is beautiful almost red black and tan his parents are also attractive with pics of them both, have met and are full perigee, Ollie would make a great partner and protector for any miniature dachshund if interested please contact, thanks.

  52. Leah

    I’m looking for a French bulldog male particularly a blue To breed with our French bulldog who is currently in heat

  53. Juan

    I need a female dog for my Yorkie he’s healthy and ready to go

  54. Ingrid Contreras

    Hello :) My bestfriend is looking for a female dog for her male husky before she gets him neutered. Please contact me where we can set up a date we’re you meet both of us to arrange something . Looking for someone around Orange County .

  55. Roe

    Hi I live in levittown I have a female she is ready to mate Yorkie.

  56. Mark

    2 years old Female German Shepard cross Boxer on heat , any one interested?

  57. Philip low

    My son has a little blue brindle Staffy, gorgeous boy, who is looking for a female to mate with.
    If successful would like one of his pups.

  58. Kara Kirk

    I’m looking for a female purebred husky to mate with my male husky

  59. Tanya miskin

    Hi, I have a full French bulldog

  60. Tanya miskin

    Hi, I have a full French bulldog male, I would like to mate him.

    1. Aaron McKeehan

      Hi Tanya,

      If you are still looking to mate your Frenchie, our site is looking for some studs. Hopefully it might be able to help you out.

  61. Rafaella

    Hi I have 2 male Shitzu looking for a girlfriend 👆

    1. Aaron McKeehan

      Hi Rafaella,

      If your Shitzus are still looking for a girlfriend, our site is looking for some studs. Hopefully it might be able to help you out.

  62. Ann Hodgson

    I have a 8 month old border collie I would like her to have puppy’s once she is a long haired

  63. Jacquie

    Victoria australia .. looking for red bitch to mate our tall pure bred kelpie with .

  64. Marcus sanders

    Hi I have a pedigree bichon frise male 1yr n some months ready too mate If interested please reach out!

  65. Hazel

    Hi I have a mix Shitzu and Lhasa Apso boy who’s 4 and is ready to mate with a female.

  66. Maritza

    We have the most fun loving, sweet Maltipoo-poo born May 1st, 2022z. please contact us

  67. Amber Knapp

    Hi, We have a 1 yr 4 mo old male Pembroke Welsh Corgi ready to mate. If interested please contact us.

  68. Sheila woodall

    I’m looking for a female Chihuahua to breed binky with he is blue Chihuahua male so if know of anyone that has a female Chihuahua binky is a really lovely Chihuahua and love other dogs and love his toys and loves to ride in the truck all the time and sleep in the bed with me just like a new born baby does there mom

    1. Annette

      I have a girl name Pebbles she is friendly tan and white will be 3 years on December this year want her to have one litter before I take her to get fix.

    2. Annette

      Girl chihuahua teacup name Pebbles-will be 3 in December she is tan and white would like to mate her one time before I take her mother hood away.

  69. Ralph

    Eiko is a beautiful purebred Rottweiler and very active (100 lbs). He has his CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advance) title. He has great characteristics and qualities along with his OFA certifications for hips (excellent), elbows (normal), basic cardiac (normal) and will be getting his eyes tested in August in order to obtain his CHIC number. He is a JLPP carrier so the female must be clear in order to maintain the standard and for the health of the puppies as well as the breed. He is AKC registered with an AMAZING pedigree that has produced time and time again. Looking for a female close to Massachusetts and similar qualities and characteristics.

  70. Jennefer Wong

    Hi i have mixed shih tzu/poodle shes 8 months old and shes in heat. I am looking for a mate for her. Thanks in advance

    1. Aaron McKeehan

      Hi, hopefully this could be of help to you, but has a few Yorkie Studs, hopefully that will be of some help

  71. Aaron McKeehan

    I know there is one Stud dog listing site mentioned on this article, but there are a few other sites to find Stud Dogs, like K9 Stud,, and KSL Classifieds.

  72. Brenda nuttall

    Hi I have a female havenese, and I am looking for a male havenese to mate with her. Lancashire

  73. Sandra Reed

    I am looking for a male Maltese stud 5 lbs or under to mate with my 18 month old female Maltese she has never been breed before, aI would like her to be a. Mama once before she is fixed. She weighs 5 lbs 6 oz Only full Maltese breeds answer this ad no mixed breeds In Jacksonville Florida area

  74. Shaya N

    Hi, I have the sweetest Japanese Chin/ Yorkie mix who will be 2 years old on November 30th. He is friendly and gets very excited. We are looking for a female purebred who is one of those pure breeds or medium sized.

  75. Robert

    I have a three-year-old female black king shepherd Bambi she will be going into heat mid December looking for male king shepherd to bring this will be her first letter then getting her fixed please only reply if have King Shepherds

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