How To Find a Mate for Your Dog – Online & Offline

How To Find a Mate for Your Dog – Online & Offline

Finding your dog the perfect breeding partner can be difficult! You may require one who is located near you, has certain coloring, clear health and an owner with proper ethics. It is important for you, your dog and your business to fulfill your required criteria. Let us show you how to find the right mate for your dog.

Finding your founding stock is a special case and we also wrote about it.

Finding your dog a mate online

As responsible breeders, we want to make sure we find the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend for our dogs. Behavioral issues, health issues, and no traceable genetic lines are all concerns. As accountable business managers, we look for mates that are financially reasonable, offer an agreeable contract and are not too long of a distance away. All these factors much co-exist for both our dogs and us to be happy with their choice of mate.

Local Facebook Groups

Facebook can be a wonderful way to find dog lovers and dog breeding communities. These can be tailored for specific areas and specific dog breeds, thereby making your search easier. Join a group appropriate for what you are looking for. Specify the breed, area and sometimes whether you are looking for a stud or bitch. Once you have found a suitable community for your criteria, apply and wait for acceptance. Soon you will be able to make a post on the group. You can state what you are looking for in a suitable dog mate and start receiving replies from people who own a dog that meet those criteria.

Facebook does come with the large problem of scamming though. There are a few ways you can minimize these worries and confirm your dog breeder is legitimate. You can request references from your chosen breeder to identify if they are a backyard breeder.

Usually, poor breeders will have no references or be unable to provide their background legitimacy. You can also request a tour of their breeding facilities, puppies and their parents. This can allow you to observe their interactions with the dogs, see the cleanliness of the area and check the behavior of the dog you are visiting. Backyard breeders will be more informal with their animals and will often provide less clean areas.

Homepage of the Facebook Group “FRENCH BULLDOGS IN THE UK”

Reaching out to known bloodlines and breeders

Contact breeders or bloodlines that you are familiar with or have good reputations to see if they have any breeding individuals available to pair with your dog. You can usually contact these individuals through email or by phone as not all breeders are on social media. Usually, you will already know their verification and reputation so it can solve searching and failed attempts at finding a dog breeding partner.

However, you should bear in mind that not all of these breeders will have a suitable mate for your dog. There is also the possibility that they will want to check your references, your dog’s health and behavior, etc. This should not be considered a bad thing as this reflects the care and responsibility of a desirable breeder.

Dog breeding websites

These can be very useful due to the ease of access and for identifying your specifications and finding suitable individuals. A good example website is Breed Your Dog where you can find a suitable stud. You can easily find a reputable website and usually, they have search areas for location, gender, breed type, and even price. This increases the overall ease of finding a suitable mate without compromises the chance of finding a legitimate breeder.

Issues can arise in finding an appropriate website. Some may have less thorough or nonexistent examinations of owners or dogs displayed on their website. Therefore, you must do your research in finding a highly rated website with professional reviews. Look into each website’s process of reviewing and admitting an application:

  • Do they require references?
  • Are health checks performed?
  • Are screenings requested to be sent with evidence?

Finding a website with thorough checks on both breeders and dogs can help you feel comfortable in your dog’s mate choice. Furthermore, contact well-known breeding companies to see if the website is well known or has positive or negative reviews.

Online forums

Online forums are communities that share their knowledge, contacts, and advice with one another. In the case of breeding forums, they may discuss mate choice, breeding techniques and aid with birth. Firstly, you’ll want to find a good forum, one that has a professional atmosphere, experienced breeders and friendly undertones. Read previous posts, older threads, and general replies to see how knowledgeable and understanding the community is.

Example of a forum (message board)
Screenshot of’s forum homepage.

Once you have found a message board you think is appropriate, you can create a post. Title it with the requirements of the dog mate you are looking for but be sure the title is not too long-winded. Put a more thorough explanation of the criteria you require for your dog’s mate and wait for the replies! Usually, you are able to view each reply and personal profile to see reviews, their about and other descriptors. Be sure to ask a lot of questions to validate the identity of the person, check their motives and knowledge. This can eliminate a backyard breeder.

Dog breeding apps

Dog breeding apps are relatively new, they have risen in popularity over the last year especially. You can easily download one of these apps onto your phone or smart device and immediately start to fill in your dog’s details. One app we recommend is Perfect Dog, an app that allows you to easily choose your dog’s breeding partner. It works by getting you to fill in your dog’s physical and behavioral categories through checking boxes on scales. These terms are then used to advertise your dog to other breeders. Words such as large, built for speed or big head are all available tick boxes. This app also predicts the likely litter produced and their traits. This can be extremely useful for finding the perfect mate to aid the production of a desirable litter.

Similar to human dating apps, a common drawback is an over-exaggeration of positive or desirable traits and possible edited pictures. Once you have found a dog who matched what you are looking for in your pet’s mate, contact that breeder and ask for extra media of the dog and information to prove they are a reputable breeder.

Finding your dog a mate offline

There have been many popular ways for breeders to find one another and pick a suitable mate for their dogs for years. Far before the development of technology, kennel clubs have been formed for breed types, show dogs and breeding and training communities.

Kennel clubs usually have members from multiple different clubs and allow the cross of communities and discussions to take place. Such a conversation can help a breeder identify another who has a potential breeding partner for their dog. These communities will often host or advertise dog shows, another method to find other breeders with a much wider range of choices.

Dog shows

Dog shows bring individuals from a large range to visit. This allows you to find a whole new community of owners to communicate with and thereby, possible breeding partners for your dog. These shows also advertise communities, clubs and specific breeders throughout. Search throughout the show to find different breeders and question them on your interests and concerns. Furthermore, you can target certain breed types or body types at certain stalls, depending on the size of the venue. This can allow you to discuss options for your area or desirable breed type with renowned experts.

You should research each kennel show you are going to beforehand for reputation, the average number of visitors and their ethical standards. Unfortunately, some shows run for the existence of financial gain and may allow any breeder inside who are willing to pay for an advertisement. As opposed to ethical shows who require medical documents, references and occasionally interviews. These allow management to identify breeders who are in the profession for financial gain alone and not for the animals’ welfare. If you are able to locate a high-quality show, you will rarely find backyard breeders there.

Video explaining how do dog shows work?

Kennel clubs

Kennel clubs are organizations that monitor the ethical care, physical and training standards of dogs of a certain breed or in a specific location. You may have one for your state, for your breed type or follow the American Kennel Club. Such organizations, like the AKC or UKC, possess multiple ways to get you in contact with other breeders such as newsletters, magazines or community meetings.

Newsletters can be an easy way to find out advertising breeders of the current month, similar to magazines. The difference between the two advertising methods is that magazines will often go into much more depth about the breeders and their dogs, whereas newsletters may only give a quick summary and contact details.

Community meetings may take place that are open to the public of members to communicate with one another, similar to shows but do not have animals present. Verified kennel clubs usually have very high standards of welfare and care, as do breeders associated with them. Just be sure to check the association’s specifications for your breed type and training methods.

Not every organization follows the more ethical methods of breeding such as in between litter breaks and no direct inbreeding. Similarly, some organizations encourage the use of shock collars or other inhumane methods of training. Avoid these clubs and you’ll avoid poor breeders.

Speaking with other breeders

Being in the business of breeding means you may already have connections with other breeders. Those which you have purchased your current breeding bitches or studs from or those you have sold pups to are all connections you can contact. There are many positives to this as if you have already interacted with these breeders, you should already approve of their ethical standards and know they care for their dogs. This removes concerns about references, interviews, and backyard breeders. You already know you will be working with someone you approve of or someone they recommend which can reduce worry.

Be aware that you could be recommended a relative or friend of the breeder and therefore they do not necessarily have as high standards. It is always recommended to ask all breeders you are working with to go through the same checks of interviews, contracts, and references. Furthermore, be aware of the chance of inbreeding from working with the same few individuals each time, in a single area a suitable mate for your dog may be distantly related to your dog due to a small number of breeders. Ask for each potential mate’s family tree to minimize this risk.

To find the ideal dog breeding partner for your pet you will need to do a lot of research and background checks, regardless of the method you use. It is recommended that you use multiple methods that we have described today to not only find a satisfactory mate for your dog but the ideal mate. Remember to also prepare your dog for its first mating!