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Dr. James Watuwa (BVM, MSc.)

Dr. James Watuwa (BVM, MSc.)

James Watuwa is a highly skilled and accomplished zoo and wildlife veterinarian with six years of experience in clinical medicine, pathology, nutrition, breeding, and more. He is passionate about animal welfare and focuses on preventive medicine. James has an MSc. in Wildlife Health and Management, a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, and several other certificates and diplomas in various areas of conservation and veterinary medicine. Watuwa has worked at several conservation organizations, including the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC), the White Oak Conservation Area in the USA, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).


  • Postgraduate Diploma, Environmental Impact Assessment, Nkumba University Uganda, April 2021- March 2022
  • Certificate, Scientific writing, research and Publishing, Tropical Biology Association, Kenya, Nov 2022-Dec-2022
  • MSc. Wildlife Health and Management (MSc. WHM), Jul 2018-July 2022
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM), Jul 2012-July 2017


  • Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre-UWEC-Zoo, Entebbe, Uganda, May 2019-Present
  • TRAINEE VETERINARIAN, White Oak Conservation Area, Florida, USA, May 2022-June 2022
  • SUPPORT VETERINARIAN, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Jan-December 2020
  • HERP MAPPER, Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation-EWCO, Kampala Uganda, Jan 2019-Jan 2020
  • WILDLIFE VETERINARIAN, Conservation Through Public Health-CTPH, Kampala, Uganda Feb 2017-Feb 2019
  • CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation-EWCO Jan 2017-Feb 2019
  • TEAM LEADER, Bwindi-Saranbwe Mountain gorilla census, Mar 2018-Nov 2018
  • INTERN TRAINEE, Uganda Small Animal Practitioners Association, Dec 2016-May 2017

More about James Watuwa

James Watuwa is an accomplished and dedicated veterinarian specializing in the health of exotic and wildlife animals. With six years of experience working with diverse species, James has developed skills in clinical medicine, pathology, nutrition, microscopy, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, animal breeding, and forensic pathology. James is passionate about animal welfare and emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine.

James holds an MSc in Wildlife Health and Management, a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, and several other certificates and diplomas in various areas of conservation and veterinary medicine. Throughout his career, James has worked with various conservation organizations, including White Oak Conservation Area, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation-EWCO, and Conservation Through Public Health-CTPH. James has also earned several certificates in various fields related to wildlife conservation, including Molecular Diagnostics and Phage Biotechnology, Designing Impact-Based Conservation Projects and Grant Writing, Scientific Writing, Research and Publishing, and Herpetology Studies.

As a senior zoo and wildlife veterinarian at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC), James leads, coordinates, directs, and supervises the veterinary and animal welfare roles at the National Wildlife Hospital and Quarantine. He is responsible for the optimal health, nutrition, husbandry, and welfare of over 60 animal species and 500 individual resident animals. James also provides veterinary health care to the animals, including providing wildlife veterinary care, teaching and coordinating wildlife capture, handling and translocation, diagnostics techniques for wildlife, wildlife production techniques, clinical wildlife medicine, laboratory diagnostic techniques, field research methods, environmental health innovations, study abroad programs, disease diagnostics at the human-animal interface, tropical diseases, parasitology, ecosystem health, ecotoxicology, applied epidemiology, environmental health, environmental microbiology, and other related work. He is also involved in field data collection, student research project supervision, curriculum development, grant writing, mentoring programs, research, and organizing student fieldwork.

In May 2022, James worked as a Trainee Veterinarian at the White Oak Conservation Area in Florida, USA. He was responsible for animal capture, conducting routine animal health assessments, providing prophylaxis and case-based disease care, conducting endoscopy, radiology, ultrasound, sample collection, and laboratory diagnostic techniques. James also performed post-mortem examinations, neonatal evaluations and care, hand-rearing, and formula calculations. He participated in assisted reproductive techniques and reviewed nutrition, dietary considerations/management, body condition scoring, and habitat considerations for rhinos. He also conducted egg management and artificial incubation for endangered birds.

In 2017, James began his career first as a volunteer wildlife veterinarian, then later as a staff vet at Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), where he worked until 2019. At CTPH, James was responsible for Participating in implementing the Animal Health and Conservation program. He conducted veterinary interventions in wildlife and livestock in and around protected areas where CTPH works. He also coordinated the Community Health and Conservation Education Programme, which involved training park rangers and local communities in One Health, a holistic approach to health that considers the health of humans, animals, and the environment.

From August  2017 to March 2019, During this time working first as a volunteer wildlife veterinarian and then later as a staff vet at CTPH, James Watuwa served as a team leader assistant researcher during the 2018 Bwindi-Sarambwe mountain gorilla census that led to the downgrade of the conservation status from Critically Endangered to Endangered  He led a team of fifteen researchers and rangers through the jungle, identifying gorilla trails and counting night nests while collecting gorilla feces samples. He also recorded sightings of large mammals and identified evidence of illegal activity in the park. James used topographic maps, GPS, compass, and altimeter measurements to plot pathways and gorilla sightings accurately. He counted gorilla nests and measured excrement to determine group age-sex makeup, and preserved fecal samples for DNA and pathogen testing.

In 2023, James was the first to join Breeding Business’ in-house veterinarian team dedicated to ensuring higher publishing standards through fact-checking pet-related content and adding insightful tips when needed.

With his extensive experience, James Watuwa is a highly sought-after zoo and wildlife veterinarian who has made a significant impact in Uganda’s conservation efforts. James is excited to share his knowledge and experience with our readers and hopes to be helpful with any issues presented by your non-human family members.

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