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10 Best Dog Breeding Forums

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Thursday 19 March 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Dog Breeding Forums
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If you’re stepping into the dog breeding world, but haven’t joined any dog forums for breeding – you’re missing out on quite the fun. Be it advice, cute puppy pictures, or information about litters; there’s everything for you on these forums. All you have to do is join!

An important point to consider here is that you don’t have to own a dog to join. Whether you’re a pet admirer, future breeder, or a veteran breeder, people on dog breeding forums are quite supportive. Sharing your information with fellow breeders and learning about their experiences could undoubtedly be an excellent decision for your own business. Still, have a few questions? We’ll answer everything for you. Simply read along!

What are Dog Breeding Forums?

Breeding forums for dogs bring together all dog lovers, breeders, and future pet owners into a single platform. There are no restrictions on who can join, who can help, and everyone is considered equal. It can be beneficial if you’re just beginning to breed your dogs as these forums are filled with tons of advice. Be it a pregnancy-related question or a different health issue, most breeders are quite helpful on these forums. These forums are divided into small sections so you can quickly get to your desired thread. Though you can post your question on the forum, there’s a chance a similar question has already been asked so that it can save you precious time.

You can even find a breeder for your dog if you’re not comfortable in breeding dogs yourself. Most of these forums allow you to chat up with members privately so you can set up a quick meeting. Just a small price to pay for a little advice to start your future breeding career. One other thing you can get by joining breeding forums for dogs is to advertise your breeding business. If you’re already breeding dogs, you can quickly market your business to fellow breeders. All it takes is for you to sign up on a few forums, answer to people’s queries, build a brand, and there you go! Next, let’s finally address the question you came for and introduce you to some of the best breeding forums online.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeding Forums

Ready to join a breeding forum? If you run a quick search for one on Google, you’re probably going to be confused by the number of options you’ll have. Lucky for you, we’ve already compiled a list of some of the best dog communities on the wide web! Enough chit chat, here’s our list of the best breeding forums for dogs:

1. Petforums

There’s a clear winner when it comes to the best dog breeding community – Petforums. Although originating from the UK, Petforums has been home to many pet lovers all over the world. Pet breeders ask all types of questions now and then, which are answered by gurus almost instantly.

Petforums hosts thousands of viewers almost every single day. Despite that, one of the best things about the pet health forum is that they support newcomers. Whether it’s a question for your dog’s medicine or to take care of a pregnant pup, they’ll welcome you with open arms.

As soon as you land on their website, you’ll be greeted by several informative threads on the top of the page. Breeders can make use of information like health tests, responsibilities, or perhaps how you can use the forum for your good. Search for all your queries and join your fellow breeders in a fun adventure!

2. Dogz Online Forum

Dogz Online Forum is yet another leading dog community from Australia. The platform boasts a tight, yet supportive community of pure dog breeders. From just a quick glance, the platform is quite active. There are several other pet breeders asking questions and helping others out by answering such questions.

There’s a pinned thread on the forum, which is a dictionary for all terms involved in breeding dogs. The thread itself can prove to be quite useful if you’re a newbie as you won’t have to be searching for everything now and then. Simply look through the breeds and begin your research.!

Breeding dogs can be hard if you’re alone. Well, the community has a post every month where dog breeders can talk about their litters. The platform also has several posts related to the well-being and health of breeding dogs, which can be quite useful for your pup.

3. Champdogs Forum

Champdogs are more than just a message board forum. This dog breeder website has everything you could wish for – advertise your litters, chat with dog breeders, get advice, meet breeders – and more. The forum hosts over 20 thousand breeders in a single day and is one of the largest forums to exist in the UK.

Furthermore, the entire forum is divided into dog message boards. All questions go into their relevant boards. So if you were to ask a question related to health, you wouldn’t be spammed with litter advertisements; you’ll view health-related questions only!

Dog breeding is a complicated task but requires proper marketing too. Luckily for you, Champdogs provides you the option to create a website along with getting in touch with other pet breeders. So if you were to advertise your litter online, it couldn’t be any easier.

dog breeding forums – definition
Use dog breeding forums to network and learn from other breeders.

4. Ask a Breeder

If you have a lot of specific dog breeding questions, there’s a very high chance your question is already asked on Ask A Breeder. The website has put all the questions in categories to help you ease in and only open up the section which you like.

There are breed-specific questions on the platform as well. So, if you were looking forward to a pet health forum on Border Collies, Ask a Breeder has its section. All you need to join in is sign in, and you’re good to go and become a member.

Other than the questions which are answered or are from articles, the forum allows you, pet lovers, to give answers as well. So, if you’re willing to share some knowledge, you can talk to fellow breeders as well.

5. Dog Chat Forums

Dog Chat Forums is definitely going to please you if you are in search of friendly, experienced breeders online. There are hundreds of questions answered on the platform, which are divided into several sections as well. Even if you don’t have a breeding question in mind, you can sign in and help other users with their queries.

One of the most intriguing features is the “online users” list. You can browse what your fellow breeder friends are doing on the forums and join in on the same conversation. This feature can help you stay in touch with a friend you’ve bonded over on the platform itself.

As pet owners, we’re skeptical about whether to trust online strangers for advice on our dogs. Dog Chats Forum has its own leader board, which will allow you to see how credible your user is. Unfortunately, few members maintain this feature anymore. However, you can still ask around and check out the available user reviews

6. Labrador Forums

Who doesn’t love Labradors? Well, to grow on this love for Labradors, there’s one whole forum dedicated to this cute breed called Labrador Forums. It’s one of the most acclaimed dog forums for breeding and kept alive by Labrador lovers all over the world.

Whether you’re thinking of breeding your bitch or your stud, there’s advice for both. Other than the pinned posts on breeding, you can ask any question related to Labs on the forum. Although there’s less activity on the dog breeder forum recently, pup lovers still keep the forum up and running, answering queries generously.

7. Dog Forums

If you’re looking for a general dog forum with a large following, Dog Forums should definitely top your list. It’s all in the community which keeps such discussions alive. Lucky for you, as a breeder, there are tons of informative articles and threads with many replies to help you out!

From recent estimates, the website rakes in thousands of new visitors every single day. As a breeder, you might also be conscious as to what products you should use and shouldn’t. There’s a separate section for product reviews that you can use to get the best dog products out there.

Still worried you’re not at the right forum? Well, Dog Forums only allows vetted posts and advice to be commented on their forums. Vertical Scope, the parent company, has several other forums, so you’re in good hands in terms of dog breeding advice.


Don’t be confused with dog breeder forum names as they tend to be quite similar, yet all host a somewhat different community in themselves. So is the case with, a pet community from the UK, with several questions to help you breed better.

The community hasn’t been very active in the last year or so. However, the posts or threads still seem to interest pet lovers on that platform. With that said, you’ll love the responses, help, and advice you’ll be able to get from experienced breeders on the platform. If you’re in the UK, you can even meet a breeder in person and have a great deal of knowledge shared.

9. is another pet forum from Australia with experienced breeders as the leading members. One good thing about it is the photos section where loads of people share their dog’s pictures and informative content. You can also share breeding techniques you know and learn more exciting techniques from other pet lovers online.

You can quickly sign up and join the dog forum posting for anything related to dogs. Luckily, it isn’t limited to just breeding concerns, and you can find any type of health questions as well.

10. Animal Forum

If there’s one forum that’s best at all sorts of animal-related information, it’s Animal Forum. It has a separate section for dogs, breeding, and their health. Again, there hasn’t been much activity on the forum recently, but people keep on answering on threads and posts.

Vetted individuals write blogs, articles, and FAQs to help you with breeding dogs. Be it a Labrador or a German Shepherd; there’s advice for all dog breeds on Animal Forum. If posts aren’t your thing, there’s a separate website for pet chat and other socializing as well.

Best Dog Breeding Forums
Top 10 Best Dog Breeding Forums

How to Ask a Question on a Dog Message Board?

If you’ve just stepped into breeding pets, you are probably full of questions. Dog message boards give you the platform to join hands with others, especially experienced dog breeders, and gain all those answers. Posting a question might sound hard at first, but it’s incredibly easy.

Simply pick any platform of your choice and sign up. Once you’ve done that and set up your profile correctly, you can now get in touch with your fellow breeders. Boards are further broken down into categories. Give it a little time and you can find the right ones for yourself.

Once you’ve done that, it’s all about asking the right thing at the right place. One quick tip to make your question sound better is to add a lot of relevant details. Be it text or pictures, try to convey your unique question in a good title summary and then explain all the details in the main question.

Dog Breeding Forums – FAQs

Whether you’re a newbie breeder or a veteran, you may still have unanswered questions. Lucky for you, these breeding forums for dogs are already home to some of the most commonly asked questions. Here are the top five questions from the most popular forums online.


How Much Money Can I Make Breeding Dogs?

It depends on the breed of your dog and the litters your dogs produce to estimate your breeder’s income. For a high-end breeder with breed standard puppies, you could earn up to $2,500 for each one. Keep multiplying these by the number of litters and the number of dogs in one; there’s your paycheck.

For a beginner or a low-quality breeder, the dogs can still go for up to $800. For starters, the figure seems to fit quite well as you can improve on it over time. With time, improvement, and maturity, you’re likely to increase profits as well.

How Do Dog Breeders Pay Tax?

Dog breeders usually register themselves as a business and have to pay taxes. Even if you’re unregistered, you will have to report the income you generate by selling puppies. Experts suggest it’s better to register your dogs than to write-off (breeding) business-related expenses.

Say you own five dogs, but only one of them is a breeding dog. In that case, you owe the tax agency, tax for one, or for 20% of the total expenses only. Not to mention, you should always hold on to your tax records for a few years before you let them go.

What Dog Breed is the Most Profitable for Breeding?

Samoyed, Pharaoh Hounds, and French Bulldogs are some of the most profitable dog breeds for breeding. If executed properly, breeding dogs of any kind can be quite beneficial. All you require is a well-researched business plan, funding, and hard work.

Before you choose a dog breed, you should think the decision through. You’ll need financial means to invest in your business, alongside specific breed considerations such as their personality and lifespan. Whether you’re passionate about a particular breed or in it for financial means, your dog’s well-being matters. You should always seek help from expert breeders and make sound decisions to prolong your furry friend’s life.

How many Litters can a Dog Legally have?

For males, the limit is once every day for three days in a row, whereas a bitch should only carry 3-4 litters during her lifetime. Dogs may come into heat twice every year, but it varies from breed to breed. However, there’s a legal limit to how many times you can breed your dogs.

Although the frequency of breeding is quite high in male dogs, the same is not the case for female dogs. They require rest and a healthy recovery between pregnancies. Breeders don’t recommend crossing the limit of 4 litters, which can help ensure your dog’s safety and well-being.

How Often Should I Breed my Dog?

You should breed your female dog once every year or two from the age of two. This allows your dog to have enough recovery time after pregnancy and nursing. So, despite the heat cycle, you shouldn’t breed your female dog more than once in a single year. Breeders don’t recommend back-to-back breeding in consecutive cycles. It’s better to breed your dog once every two heat cycles to ensure better health and recovery.

You can learn all about the genetics, breeding, and standards from dog breeding forums before you step in. You should give these a look before getting into breeding.

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