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How to Stud Your Dog for the First Time

↯ Key takeaway points

  • The dog should be mature enough, physically fit, medically cleared, and have demonstrated good traits and characteristics.
  • A stud dog should be fully sexually mature, have a clean health sheet and mate with experienced brood bitches.
  • The timing, as well as the place and environment where the dog is being bred, are critical to breeding success.
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Published on
Thursday 9 August 2018
Last updated on
Wednesday 10 May 2023
How to Stud Your Dog for the First Time
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As a dog breeder, you may want to mate your dog for the first time to start breeding puppies. This is called “studding” your dog, and it’s important to learn how to do it properly. While you may dream of having a champion dog, it all starts with their first mating with a female dog called a “copulatory tie.”

You should stud your dog for the first time when your male dog has fully sexually matured, has a clean health sheet, and is provided with a suitable, experienced brood bitch that exhibits the desirable features of your breeding program. Ideally, the stud dog will be kept at home during the breeding process to avoid external stress variables and ensure optimum comfort.

Choosing a sire to serve as your breeding base and breeding him with an ideal dam is called stud service. Breeders, generally, will have their own reasons for providing their dog as a stud in these breeding services. However, the main reason, which is the most important, is to improve that particular breed and benefit the gene pool greatly. By now, you should already have an established record and registry of your stud dog and have him officially registered in a Kennel Club.

First of all, when running a stud service operation, you must be able to show proper identification and documentation of your stud dog and the dam. A stud dog contract should be made before mating with details about the amount of any stud fee or compensation. The agreement should be mutual by both parties involved, the owner of the sire and the dam’s owner, and both should sign them.

How to Stud an Inexperienced Dog

To be a good breeding dog, or “stud,” your male dog should meet certain requirements. He should be healthy and free of diseases that could be passed on to his offspring, such as heart or eye conditions. He should also have a good physical appearance and have done well in dog shows and training. Ideally, he should be mature enough to breed successfully.

A qualified stud dog must prove himself to be physically fit, and appealing, and contain proof from various means through dog shows. Ideally, he has gone through the proverbial hoops of a show dog with dog trials, agility training, and show rings. With that said, your dog should have already reached a mature age that makes him adequately equipped to breed for success.

When you stud your dog for the first time, it is essential to remember certain tips that even the most experienced breeders will advise. You want to ensure success in your breeding program, so be sure you have a set of guidelines to go by, as well as common mistakes that dog breeders tend to make and how to avoid them. Read our bestselling handbook to find all of it in one handy place!

Mating Day

Contrary to what some breeders may believe, your constant interference in the dog’s affairs can actually hinder the process and disrupt the natural flow of things. Due to this, it is recommended you let nature take its course and let the dogs interact naturally according to their timing without forcing the outcome.

Likewise, you want to make sure you don’t hang around too long as this, too, will disrupt the breeding process. As much as it is tempting to want to meddle in your dog’s affairs and be around to watch things happen, give him some space.

Finally, by now, you should have a suitable mate (dam) for your stud that fits your ideal breeding program and has all the desirable traits and characteristics for your purpose. Similar to any other relationship between two subjects, both male and female dog should have developed a comfortable rapport with each other before the actual mating is planned to take place. This is to ensure optimum comfort and a natural progression of events. Remember, the dam chosen for mating must also be Kennel Club registered.

Where to stud your dog for the first time

where to breed male dog for the first time
Inexperienced dogs need to be bred in a familiar environment where they feel at home.

When breeding a male dog for the first time, it’s important to choose a familiar and comfortable environment where he feels at home to ensure the natural progression of events during mating or promote a natural breeding process. This will prevent any anxiety in both dogs and promote a stress-free environment. New and unfamiliar places can cause stress and anxiety in the dogs and make them feel lost, which can disrupt the breeding process, so it’s best to keep them in a place where they feel at home

Inexperienced dogs need to be bred in a familiar environment where they feel at home. This will promote the natural succession of events according to their natural timing. This will also prevent any of the dogs from experiencing anxiety during the process. In general, a new, unfamiliar place will provoke stress in the dogs because it will cause them to feel lost and they will, in turn, feel on guard.

When to stud a dog for the first time


Not only is the place where you stud your dog for the first time crucial to breeding success but so is the timing — so what is the best age to stud your dog? Timing really is everything in this case. Determining the best time to mate the dogs based on their fertility depends on several factors, including the dog’s age, sex, health, and size. Generally, smaller breeds sexually mature earlier than larger breeds.

Wait for the prime time to begin the act of mating both dogs. This is the best time a female dog should breed due to her high fertility rate and progesterone levels. She should be 2 years old at the least, have already had two heat cycles before mating, and be bred 11 to 13 days after the start of bleeding in her heat cycle.

Stud dogs, on the other hand, tend to be more sexually capable earlier than their female counterparts and can mate for each day of their lifetime. Yet, sires also should not mate before two years of age. Both the vitality (motility) and viability (spermatozoid count) of the sperm is what determines his most fertile time. For both male and female dogs, the older the dog is, the less sexually potent they become, so aging plays a major part in diminishing fertility and bad health.

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  1. Mr Alan Rawlins

    I have had a read your website with great interest, but I couldn’t find a copy of any forms that I can use to give to owner of the female dog that will be sired by an owners Stud Dog. Can you help me with this as I have an owner who is wanting to use my dog for her bitch this coming weekend, and would like to have all the necessary paperwork ready for when she comes on Friday of this week.

    Best wishes Alan rawlins

  2. Karina

    I have a pure-breed registered male German Shepard I would like to stud out – 600$

    1. Karina

      I want either 600$ for stud fee or if the female gives birth to a fully black Shepard.
      Let me know

      1. Steve gile

        Hello I have a male von hause. purebred German Rottweiler I’m looking to stud out. With papers

        1. Tina

          I have a lovely white toy poodle with great breed lines and would love to breed for him

        2. Alice Kavanagh

          I have a full pedigree cocker spaniel he is beautiful black and white male ready to stud out

  3. Debbie

    I have a registered pomeranian. We are interested in possibly using him as a stud, but we’re not planning to show him. Please advise.

  4. Rick

    I have a 5 year old, black, Flat Coat Retriever. He is such a intelligent and gentle boy that I would like to have a male pup from him.

    1. Amasia Exum

      I have a black French bulldog that I will like to stud out.

    2. Ron

      I have 8 month old male chawawa I’d stud out at least.once

  5. Taunya Morson-Peuplie

    I have a fully white gorgeous beautiful huge male Husky I’m looking to stud out! Message me for info

  6. pamela

    I have a Airedale terrier i want to stud message me for more info

  7. Kadija lawson

    I have a Mini Daschund – Daple colouring a year old – Looking to make some beautiful weenie babies

    1. sara

      I have a daschund a year old .my dog is boy

    2. Tammy Blake

      I have a 2 year old boy mini 12 lbs dashound he’s tri-Merle color black gray and brown , love to find him a mate.

  8. Martina Ortiz

    Looking to stud my French bulldog. He’s a good looking white coated babe. This will be his first time so he possibly will have some anxiety. Flexible on price.

  9. Jeff

    I have a full registered Blue male Staffordshire terrier I want to stud out he is 2 years old has full breeding history and paperwork can send pictures .I am located in essex .if any one has a bitch please contact me

  10. Christia Costello

    I have a CKC registered standard male dachshund who is 4 years old. He is a smooth coat chocolate and cream and has a very sweet disposition and his personality shines through and he is playful and a bit mischievous , as we all know that is typical of the breed. His sire and dam are CKC registered as well and I have no doubts about his ability to court a sweet young lady and produce excellent results. He resides in Texas, close to Houston. If you have a little lady your looking to breed,, I’m quite confident that Bentley would be a great sire and I will email you photos and of course, arrangements through a stud service contract.

  11. Adalia

    I have a Young Chiweenie ( Chihuahua/Dachshund ) That is able to stud August 1st 2021. Price is $200 or Negotiable.

  12. Douglas C. De Burgh

    I have a male english cream golden retiever I want to stud out for a male puppy.. In the northwest.

  13. Gilly Forrester

    I have an adorable female Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) 3 years old.
    I am looking to breed one litter from her so that myself, and my married daughters could have a pup each from her.
    Looking for an experienced Sire – Schnoodle, Schnauzer or Poodle in the North West.

    1. OceanLover

      Did you find your sire?

      I have a 12.5% Schnauzer,remainder Poodle. Gorgeous silver with black feet, tail end, wavy lower ears, dark eyes, black nose, white belly + undercoat. Curly to wavy. Great temperament, very agile, smart + responsive, a charmer. 2 3/4 year-old. Stud fee to be discussed.

    2. Olga

      Hello! I have AKC registered amazing Maltese, which is big for his breed. 25 pounds. Extremely good personality. Would like to have puppy from him for my grandchildren.

    3. Aubrey Challenger

      Ihave a male Havachon in looking to stud, I’d you’re interested!

  14. Toni

    I have a male brindle mastiff I would like to stud out.. he is 10 months old. 125 lbs. Very gentle good demeanor.Will send a pic I think he’d make beautiful babbies that catch a good price. Just need the right female..

  15. Cid

    I have a 2yr old male Peekapoo and would like to mate him, he has vaccinations,great temperament and good health

  16. Kimberly Knight

    I have a CKC registered (and pedigree papers) Yorkshire Terrier. I am thinking of studding him out. He is 13 months old. Is this too soon?

  17. Julie

    I have a gorgeous miniature tan/silver grey Yorkshire terrier for stud. Born 12/05/20

    1. lorie

      hi how much for stud i have 5 yrs old yorkie

  18. Martha Fehr

    I have a year and a half old rednose American Bulldog .He loves kids and has been a joy to train . Gorgeous muscle tone . Would lo,e to stud him out

  19. Jen

    I have an absolutely adorable teacup Korean Maltese male stud dog. He is almost 5lbs fully grown, 18 months old. Looking to breed him soon!

  20. Rita Barrett

    I have a year old gorgeous tri color Shi Tzu for stud.

    1. Lisa green

      Where do you live? I have a Shitzu going into her third heat I’m looking for a stud dog. Would have to be close in distance.

      1. Nellie


    2. Nellie


  21. Shaneen Tate

    I have a black and tan handsome yorkie stud he is almost 2 looking to mate with a simular looking yorkie.

  22. Suszy Christy

    I have 19 month f2 labdoodle male I would like to stud out

    1. Mary Morgan

      Hi I have a female labradoodle please contact me and we can talk about details.

      1. kevin maffey


        I don’t know where you are but I have a beautiful, healthy, sociable male Labradoodle I’d like to stud.Two years 1 month old. I am SE Queensland.


  23. Greg Mann

    I have a 14 month old, playful, energetic, sexually mature AKC-registered miniature Dachshund available for stud at our home. He has a neutered female companion and they get along marvelously. This would be his first stud. He is a brindle piebald (black, tan, white and some brown) medium-short coat. He has a very sweet disposition, very playful. He has a full medical examination and is free from any canine STD’s. He is in Northern Arizona. Message us with any questions and interest.

  24. Karen McCauley

    I have a piebald white with Isabella Isabella spots down back and his head his all Isabella aca registered short hair. I have his 3 year pedigree also. $600.00 fee

  25. Karen McCauley

    Duke is energetic friendly obedient has bred my bitch once so he is experienced. Would breed in a home environment. I got two chocolates piebalds females and one beautiful full Isabella with white spot on back and belly their mother is akc chocolate…he makes beautiful smart pups. They are 7 weeks old crate trained and potty trained. He gave his babys brains!!!

  26. Amy Payne

    I have a red fox male Labrador. I am looking to stud out. He was 2 In may and I have all his papers please contact me

    Thanks amy x

  27. Alyssa Rakidjian

    I have a mini Aussie doodle male I would like to stud out. He is black and white great temperament healthy and super smart

  28. Ren Thurston

    Seems folk haven’t bothered taking onboard the proved themselves in the show ring bit. Or the contribution to the gene pool- only the best dogs should be studded no matter how cute your pet might be.

  29. Julia Pero

    I have a pure english bulldog male I want to stud out. He is up to date on all vaccinations and a total sweet heart and good tempered. He loves kids and is a big all around sweet heart.

    1. p mc garry

      what do u charge to stud him out

      1. Eddie

        I got a boy to stud him out

  30. Shelbie

    Red merle mini Australian Shepard he is registered and is a really eye catcher, looking to stud out.

  31. Lori Coish

    I have a female nfld dog n im looking for a stud from the same breed……

    1. Eddie

      I have a male boy he is brindle

  32. Juan Mclean

    Hi, my name is Juan and I have a pure-bred German Shepherd with papers I am trying to stud him to anybody that is serious about wanting him. I am charging an 800 stud fee please contact me through email.

  33. Rob Langford

    Hi this is rob . I have a 11 month old male bullmasfitt huskey no papers .his name is bear he
    Is very big 3.5 ft at shoulder 5.5 feet long 110 lbs .I am charging 500 stud fee pl contact me on facebook.

    1. JaneMaxwell

      Nobody is going to pay $500 to breed with a mutt. And what the hell is “bullmasfitt?”

  34. Elissa

    I have a pure-bred French bulldog that I am looking to stud out in the near future. He is not AKC registered but I know for a fact that he is 100% frenchie. He has a beautiful Merle coat. I am asking $500 stud fee.

  35. Lori Ann Kearse

    I have a two year old white pure breed English bulldog for stud services. This would be the first time for him. Fee is negotiable. His parents are registered.

  36. Maria S.

    I have a beautiful male miniature pinscher (black & brown) that I would like to stud out because he’s got the most loving personality, and a very gentle spirit. He was born on May 19, 2020.
    Please inquire for pictures and prices.
    Thank you,

  37. Melinda Cook

    I have a pure bred blue French bulldog interested in studding him out
    This will be his first time

  38. Ashley

    I have an 11 month old f1b Bernedoodle male that I would be interested in using as a stud. He is registered and comes from very reputable breeder in the Denver area. Message for interest

  39. Lori Dueitt

    We have a male dapple dachshund that we would like to stud..he will be 2 on Christmas day.

  40. Victoria

    I have a male AKC registered Shiba Inu I’d like to stud. Reply if interested.

  41. Keela

    Hi I have a 9month old pedigree 4panel health cheak white french bulldog this will be his first time

  42. Mike Ziebell

    We have a beautiful white bichon frise male. He is AKC registered with clear family tree.

    Our price is to trade the stud fee for a male pup from the litter to add to our family.

    1. Lisa

      Hi do you still have your male available to breed with a female?
      Kind regards

  43. Cynthia

    Hi – Living in Arizona and I have a great female bichon. I would love to breed her.

  44. Linda Bridgeforth

    I have blue black dapple female will b going in heat in April. Can these to breed?
    Plz text nine72 nine22 355four.

  45. Lisa Chapman

    I have a golden labrador retriever who is 18mths old,I have no idea how to go about breeding with him plz can anyone help

  46. Mike

    I have an 8 Y/O male black lab that is AKC registered and I would like to stud him out in Colorado. He is very big for breed, 100lbs; not fat.

  47. Ana Gonzalez


    I have an adorable 4yr old about to be 5 in April 2022, pure Alaskan Malamute who’s name is Cronus!! I preferably would like to breed with another female pure malamute.. but will negotiate if mixed with Husky. It will be his first time in studding him & I am asking for $800 stud fee. I am willing to provide more information if interested.

  48. A.Martin

    I have a 3 Y/O Yorkshire, full breed. He weighs 3.8 pounds. Healthy w/ papers

    Tampa area


  49. Jennifer

    I have a 1 year old male golden doodle I would like to stud out. He is a very well behaved dog. He is very healthy. $400 or pick of the littler.

  50. Lauran H.

    I have a 3 year old male Akita that I am looking to stud out. Healthy, handsome, and a great temperament with papers.

  51. Kay Morby

    I have a chocolate labrador, his Dad is kc registered, his mum was a family pet, fox red.
    He is only 8months old, but not kc registered,he is such a handsome dog, lovely colour & temperament.I would like to know if i can use him as a stud without being kc registered.

  52. Danielle Coles

    Have a pure bread registered tri-color male english bulldog looking to stud out. This will be his first time so patience is needed. He’s sweet and a true loverboy, loves kids and other pets.

  53. Beth

    I have approximately a 2 to 3 year old English Bulldog with a nicely masculine physique. I am wondering if theres interest out there for his services?

  54. Keara Achane

    I have a 1yr old fawn and white male French bulldog I’m thinking of studding out.

  55. michaela m conca

    Hi, I am looking for an English Cocker Spaniel purebred Sire. He should be health cleared, registered and health cleared with One of his parents should be an English Cocker conformation/bench bred with the other parent being a field-bred english cocker.

  56. Charles and Amalia Harvath

    Hello! We are looking to stud out our Joey: he is a 1 year old, all white, male, pure bred, Shih Tzu. He is registered with Pet Records of America. His parents are pure bred Shih Tzu’s as well. He comes from an excellent and well known breeder in Sussex County, NJ. We have a stud contract that we can forward to serious inquiries only. We are located in Milford, PA (Pike County). Joey is such a loving, energetic, fun, and beautiful dog.

  57. Dale C. Kelley

    I have a AKC pedigreed 1 year old champion blood line male Maltese I would stood out for 1000 . Comes from a show dog pedigree by David Miller. His name is Dale’s Rockin K Scout a beautiful active pup.

  58. Anthony Policastro

    Magnificent brindle English Mastiff 30 mos. OFA’s hips,elbows. Genetic testing including but not limited to, DM,CMR,PRA.Very friendly! From a litter of 8 the other 7 were placed in permanent homes around the country. $3000 per. Excellent bloodlines.Available 2023.

  59. Greg Snyder

    I have a pure bread Male Sheltie 3 yr old looking to stud him for pick of litter and some money.Greg live in California Sacramento area.

  60. Bella Beans inc

    Pure bread Male Corgi, Beautiful Tri colored. AKC great blood line. Truely beautiful! 1000 up front. 1000 with successful delivery of litter.

  61. Taylor Casales

    Hello I would like to breed my male dog, how does it work? Is there anyway I can speak with someone on the phone?

    Thank you,


  62. Jeffrey Green

    I have an 8 month old Cavapoo looking to Stud out. $1,000 w/ papers.

  63. Linda Parker

    I have a pure bred male bulldog from the posher bulls line . He is chocolate and cream in colour and is very handsome and everyone stops to comment on him
    He will be two years old in July. I would like to stud him with another bulldog from a good line who is also kc registered
    I would like either the pick of the litter or the full cost of a pup.this will be his first time so I would like it to happen in his environment

  64. Ernest G Johnson Jr

    I have an AKC registered Golden Retriever that I would like to potentially stud out. I don’t know how to really go about this but if anyone is interested, please reach out. My number is 706-505-5153 and I can send pictures and videos of my dog. I have been told by groomers that he is show dog quality and a beautiful dog!

    1. Tori Osborne

      I have a Siberian Shepsky that is gorgeous and has a fantastic demeanor. I am interested in learning more about breeding him. I feel like it is selfish to not share is personality with others. Does anyone else have a shepsky?

  65. Taylor Mallett

    New to the studding process- I have a purebred golden retriever stud, AKC registered, and pedigree. Looking for tips on how to stud for the future.

  66. Melanie

    Hello, I have a 22 month old German Rottweiler that I would love to study in September. I live in the Richmond/Chesterfield area.

  67. Erica

    I have a purebred papered portuguese water dog looking to stud.

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