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20 Homemade Christmas Dog Treat Recipes

Written by Viena
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Published on
Monday 16 November 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
homemade christmas dog treat recipes
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You wouldn’t want to miss the most delightful treats on the table during Christmas, and your furry companion doesn’t enjoy it, too. One of the best ideas you can think of is learning several homemade Christmas dog treat recipes.

Get your pet a one of a kind present in the most wonderful time of the year by making their food extra special. If you want to keep your canine companion from sneaking some of your treats, make him feel belong with his own. This year, make the Holidays more memorable using your unique and special Christmas dog treat recipes. In this article, learn how to fulfill that desire while ensuring that your dog will get a healthy meal.

If you’re still thinking of what to give your fur babies as treats for Christmas, here are some of the best ones that your pups will surely enjoy.

1. Golden Butternut Squash Stew

If you want to make an effortless holiday dog treat, those made in slow cookers are the way. And one of the best Christmas dishes you can cook here for your four-legged companion is the Golden Butternut Squash Stew. Mainly made from chicken and vegetable stew, dogs will indeed find this meal a sure hit.

Not only that, as you can leave your doggy eating while you enjoy the dinner night because it is boneless. Adding some whole grain rice or barley could even make it more unique and delicious. The combination of butternut squash and skinless chicken thighs is quite too perfect for your dog to resist.

2. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Suppose you’re trying to find an easy and affordable circuit to cook Christmas dog treat recipes, this one’s suited for you. As delectable as it is, your dog will indeed feel solved once they have tasted this dish. The Peanut Butter Pumpkin is only made of five ingredients, that’s why more and more owners try to make it.

With only a leftover canned pumpkin, you can effortlessly bring smiles and satisfaction to your furry pal. So what are you waiting for? It would help if you tried this flavor combo for a pleasant dinner moment with your dog during the eve of Christmas.

3. Peppermint Pinwheel Dog Treats

A combination of peppermint and carob, this delight will surely make your furry pal ecstatic and playful. If you’re unfamiliar with carob, it’s a flavored bean that closely likens chocolate’s taste. There’s no catch! Unlike chocolates, it has no theobromine, which makes it safe to eat for dogs.

To make this homemade Christmas dog treat recipes, you have to look for these eight essential ingredients: Medium and overripe banana, eggs, honey, liquid coconut oil, baking powder, oat flour, roast carob powder, and most importantly peppermint flavoring. To make the Peppermint Pinwheel more impressive, it also releases a mint-like festive smell in your kitchen room.

4. Cookies for Santa’s Dog

If you’re not up to cooking dishes around this time, then most certainly you may like to bake instead. To make things even more exciting, baking your canine pal for its holiday dog treat is an exciting activity to do. Baking also means more Instagrammable pictures to post on holiday.

This doggy bites cookie dough can be made with ease using its wholesome ingredients that taste just fine. Made from the most delicate plain dough, red cranberry dough, and green spinach dough, you can already make your pet feel the love this Christmas. These combinations are also proven perfect to make your four-legged friend wag its tail.

cookies for santas dog
Cookies for Santa’s dog is a great treat you create for your dog!

5. Sweet Apple and Carrot Biscuits

While your four-legged companions are not allowed to eat chocolates, it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some delightful treats. If you’re looking for yummy alternative stuff to hand over to your dog, you may like sweet apple and carrot biscuits. Made with only easy recipes, it’ll surely make your furry pal feel the spirit of giving at Christmas.

It is commonly made from ripe banana, carrots, unsweetened apple sauce, whole wheat flour, rolled oats, and water. Within 25 minutes of oven baking, you can already have this treat to serve your lovely pet. Its shelf life can last up to six months in freezing storage and three weeks at room temperature.

6. Rustic Roast Squash Dinner

Are you trying to find a dish with a satisfying butter-esque effect that seemingly melts in your dog’s mouth? This Rustic Roast Squash Dinner should be it. It mostly consists of butternut squash, honey syrup, cumin, fresh rosemary, olive oil, sea salt, and balsamic vinegar. Its bite-sized cube shape attracts the dogs, and indeed makes their Christmas dinner more fun and exciting.

It is best achieved through an oven bake set at 475 F. The honey, salt, cumin, and balsamic vinegar are whisked together until it reaches consistency. The mixture will then be mixed with the squash and toss to serve as its coating, then sprinkled with rosemary. It is best suited when warm right after roasting for about half an hour.

7. Christmas Candy Cane Dog Treats

When we are engaged in baking all sorts of goodies this Christmas, we tend to forget creating sweets for our canine companions. They do deserve to have a memorable Christmas moment of their own by making them Candy Cane Dog Treats.

You’d be pleased to know that the vital ingredient for this treat includes peanut butter and pumpkin. Those two are one of the dog’s classic go-to for delightful meals. Along with it, you only need three other ingredients to complete the mix. Just add the eggs, oat flour, and red and green food coloring. You can already make your furry pal’s one of the best days ever with this treat in less than an hour.

8. Christmas Turkey Tree Dog Treats

Aside from the fact that it has a festive green color, this Christmas Turkey Tree also represents plenty of health benefits. This turkey dish has a low-fat content that could make a perfect holiday gift. It also contains a boost of omega-three fatty acids, which could help decrease inflammation to your four-legged companion.

With just a pound of lean ground turkey meat, you can already create 40 pieces of turkey trees to serve. Just add the mixture of egg, spirulina powder, dash garlic powder, dried oregano, and oat flour, you’d surely make a delicious good. However, the only catch is that it’ll take you 12 hours of cooking to accomplish its best taste.

9. Spinach Holiday Dog Treat Recipe

If you desire to take your DIY Christmas dog treats to the next level, this Spinach Treat recipe will let you achieve just that. As healthy as it is for your furry pal, you can make this good without inconvenience. With only four simple steps, make your Christmas dinner night with your pet a memorable one with this delight.

You will need a cooked and pureed spinach, whole egg, olive oil, and whole wheat flour to make this holiday yummy. If you are a bona fide student in the kitchen, you’ll have less time preparing this food for your doggy.

10. Liver Cake

The liver cake is best recommended to be served occasionally and not regularly. So this one should fit your holiday dog treats list as it ensembles a mouth-watering feature. It must only be given to your pal in small servings to maintain a healthy diet.

Despite the liver cake’s grandeur nature, note that it won’t consume you too much hassle as it’s easy to make. It only needs one lb. of lamb or ox river and self-raising flour and three eggs and milk. Blend the liver in a food processor, then mix all the remaining ingredients afterward. Continue to mix until sponge-like texture and consistency are achieved. Bake it at 180 degrees for 35 – 45 minutes, then boom! Your furry pal has a yummy treat for the holiday.

11. Healthy, Festive Christmas Dinner for Dogs

As a delicate owner, you would want to make sure your dog will get all the nutritious ingredients in their meal. And in hopes of achieving that, you will surely spare buying dog food from the list. The best way to do that is to handpick the ingredients and commit more time in the kitchen.

And if you think it may cost you a significant amount of inconvenience and money, luckily, you’re wrong. By spending less than an hour preparing your dog’s meal, you can already do incredible goods for a holiday. You can make your health present for your dog through a healthy, festive Christmas dinner for your four-legged companion.

12. Gingerbread Men (or Dogs)

Having a hard time finding an easy homemade recipe as dog treats for Christmas? Luckily, you’ll find this gingerbread men recipe a convenient one to make. So if your canine companion is feeling quite ecstatic and festive during the happy holidays, it’s the perfect time to bake this yummy biscuit.

Combine all the key ingredients like cinnamon, fresh ginger, whole wheat flour, and ground cloves. Mix it in a large bowl, use a gingerbread cookie cutter right after, then place it on a baking tray. In just 10-15 minutes, your furry pal can already have its best sweet goods for a holiday.

gingerbread man recipe for dogs
Your pup will surely enjoy this gingerbread man cookie recipe!

13. Snickerdoodles Dog Biscuit Recipe

Want something easy to make as a delight for your dog in the happy holidays? Well, you should know that snickerdoodle dog biscuits fit the bill. You can already provide your dog with something extra special in the most wonderful time of the year by making this recipe. It carries simple ingredients and smells truly perfect, one that your dog will surely love.

These snickerdoodle dog biscuits are gluten-free homemade good perfect for giving to your furry friend. It just needs brown rice flour, cinnamon, egg, honey, vanilla, and water. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and roll the dough into the shape you want, then bake. This easy recipe will already create yummy goods for your doggy.

14. Cranberry Holiday Dog Treat Recipe

These homemade Cranberry Christmas dog treats recipes speak for themselves. With festive and lively red dough with a touch of tangy cranberry. It depends though if you want its red color as bright as it can be. If you’re going to, add a little bit of natural red food coloring that varies according to your eye test.

Made from various ingredients to make it as delicious as it appears in bright red, you can prepare and cook it in just 40 minutes. Just add some fresh cranberries, plain applesauce, whole wheat and oat flour, eggs, and coconut oil in the mix.

15. Crockpot Dog Meal

This dog meal is another type which adds to the slow cooker recipe in the list. The best part about the Crockpot Dog Meal is that you can add every ingredient right in. It is also a convenient good to make in the holidays as it can last up to two weeks.

Aside from the fact that it’ll save you energy for two weeks of cooking a dog meal, it is also healthy and nutritious. Oh, and we’re not even finished yet. You can also have the luxury of picking the veggies you’ll include in your pup’s bowl. With all means, it’ll enable you to determine and know what kind of nutrients and food your furry friend will take into his body.

16. Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

With just four affordable and simple ingredients, you’ll be able to make your dog’s Christmas wonderful with Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits. This recipe is mainly made with mashed sweet potato and gluten-free flour. Not only that, it’s hassle-free and cheap, but it also gives plenty of nutritious stuff to help your dog stay healthy.

These lovely and attractive biscuits are one of the most uncomplicated goods to make for your furry friend. Just add egg and oil together with the aforementioned key ingredients; you can have no reason to resist giving your dog this delicious good.

17. Coconut Shortbread Snowflake Treats for Dogs

This Coconut Shortbread recipe is a perfect combination of coconut shreds, coconut flour, and coconut oil. You can already create a crumbly sweet cookie for your four-legged companion at Christmas. Not only that, it is an excellent idea for an unforgettable holiday treat, as it also creates an aromatic sense in your home.

Nowadays, coconuts have become a go-to good for dogs and even humans. It’s because of the coconut’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that it contains in its nutrition content. Remember to cool the snowflakes first before removing the cookie sheets as it is delicate when it’s still hot.

coconut shortbread recipe for dogs
This is a great recipe for dogs who like the taste of coconut!

18. Nutty Bacon Dog Treats

Want a grainy and bite-sized good to make your furry friend feel special during happy holidays? Then this Nutty Bacon Treats perfect for making. Its key ingredients include creamy peanut butter, maple syrup, soy flour, whole wheat pastry flour, and sliced bacon.

You won’t even spend too much time creating this tail-wagging work of art. In only 12-15 minutes of cooking, your dog can already experience the season of giving with this must-have good.

19. Doggy Egg Nog Recipe

This Doggy Egg Nog Recipe will surely make your doggy ask for more when he finishes his cup. Its okay, fresh, and creamy appearance indeed live up to your furry friend’s taste buds. One of the best things about this recipe is that it doesn’t require many ingredients and effort to taste good.

It only needs plain Greek yogurt, jar baby food, egg, gingerbread bunny biscuits, and water. All of which you can prepare in less than ten minutes. You don’t have to cook it. Just blend and mix the ingredients, and that’s it!

20. Grain-Free Sweet Potato Dog Treats

With just five wholesome ingredients, you can already have a Christmas dinner well-spent with your pup with this recipe. These Grain-Free Sweet Potato Dog Treats are indeed a hit to your dog. You’ll also love that these Christmas homemade dog treats have healthy recipe ingredients, which will make you spoil your pup even more.

It must not be only us humans that should feel the love during the season of giving. After all, they deserve to feel every love we can give in the most wonderful time of the year. As we make unique dishes in time for the Christmas eve countdown, let your furry pal belong in the wait. Serving them special Christmas dog bones will surely flatter their heart. You see, if they wag their tail, it’s just going to be an indication that you’re doing great to make your four-legged companion happy. As your family flock for the most-awaited recipe, share the same joy with them by making homemade Christmas dog treats.

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