Breedr for WordPress

The Dog Breeding Plugin For WordPress

Breedr is the #1 WordPress plugin for dog breeders all over the world. Breedr is the perfect solution for dog breeders as well as cat, horse and any other pet breeding business or activity. Breedr works with all WordPress themes.

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Your breeding website.

Out of the box. Now.

Keep caring for your beloved animals while Breedr for WordPress manages and runs your dog breeding website. It is a fully-featured plugin developed we your needs put first! You literally don’t need to type one line of code, yet you can do so much.

  • Slick Admin Panel

    One click and here you are, doing what you intended to. We work hard to keep your dashboard experience neat and smooth.

  • Dead simple Shortcodes

    Write a blog post and include any animal’s card, pedigree, health checks, achievements and titles, or anything else, really. Gotta love shortcodes!

  • Easy To Use Widgets

    Have a sidebar and want to add a quick list of your males, females or any of your dogs? Use our widget, tick boxes, and done, they now show up!

Create and manage your breeding stock, manage their litters, health screenings, achievements and titles earned in various competitions. Each animal’s pedigree is automatically generated, you can add pictures, galleries, videos… Again, without one line of code.

  • Automatic Pedigrees

    When seriously breeding dogs or horses, pedigrees and bloodlines are a valuable source of information. They are generated automatically, and beautifully.

  • Powerful Filiation Module

    Change a litter, or a dog’s profile, and it will automatically update all the children and parents accordingly. It saves you so much time!

  • Breedr Is Limitless

    Some breeders only breed Labradors, or Bengals. Others breed several breeds on top of breeding other species. All good, we’ve got all of you covered!

Breedr for WordPress will help take your dog breeding site to the next level. It is extremely easy to add to any new or existing WordPress site, and runs on every single WordPress Theme. You can even customise Breedr to your own tastes using our template files.

  • Runs On All WP Themes

    Breedr is the engine, but we all have different aesthetic tastes. This is why Breedr works with 100% of free and premium WordPress themes.

  • Customise The Look & Feel

    We’ve kept our code beautifully marked up in templates files. If you know HTML & PHP, feel free to adapt the layout and personalise it even more.

  • Google Loves Breeders

    The plugin is constantly updated to follow the latest requirements to score high with Google and other search engines. Your site will be viewed, naturally.

“Most breeders have amazing dogs they devote all their time to — Breedr for WordPress makes it easier for them to share their knowledge and showcase their dogs with the world.”– Lazhar Ichir, Founder & Lead Developer at Breeding Business

That’s awesome! What else?

A lot more under the hood… without you noticing.

Breedr is fully responsive, which means it will display beautifully on large screens but also on smartphones and tablets. Breedr is very Google-friendly which means you will rank quicker and better than most websites. For fans of customisation, we have template files the plugin layout can be changed immediately.

WP-Breeding: Our Free WordPress Breeder Theme

The plugin Breedr for WordPress is the website’s engine: it runs all the features a stable, cattery or kennel website requires. Our theme, WP-Breeding, is the skin and makes all these pages look eye-catching.

Although you can download WP-Breeding for free, you must use it with Breedr plugin to enable the features. If you already have a theme you love or want to use a different one, Breedr works with all WordPress themes, premium and free!

  • Works out of the box!

    Out Of The Box

    Breedr for WordPress is hassle-free and works right after you installed it. This is a plugin that is up and running within a few clicks and few seconds.

  • Very flexible

    Flexibility & Usability

    The autopilot mode lets you enter your animals’ details and litters, and it then handles all the rest on its own! (display to visitors, galleries, pedigrees, etc.)

    The manual way to do it is for experienced WordPress users, a lot more customisable, it does takes more time.

  • Google and Search Engine Friendly

    SEO & Google Friendly

    Having a powerful website is the first step, but we went one step further. Every single page of our plugin is optimised to rank high on search engines. Clean code, lightweight.

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly

    Fully Responsive

    Over half Internet traffic happens on a smartphone or tablet. Crazy, I know. We made this plugin 100% responsive so it seamlessly adapts to the device’s screen size.

  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited Users

    Each installation of Breedr for WordPress allows you to let an unlimited number of administrators so anyone else from your family or team can help you update the website.

  • Settings and Options

    Tweak It!

    We built Breedr for all animal breeders, but it is obviously suiting dog, cat, horse and other common animal breeders a lot better. Yet, you can absolutely and easily add custom fields and share them with your visitors.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Your Breedr dashboard and admin panel is slick, straightforward and extremely intuitive. One click and you are on the right page, we promised ourselves not to drown you with useless options.

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic Updates

    We attentively listen to our visitors, readers, and customers and act upon their feedbacks. Don’t worry, Breedr gets automatically updated as soon as we release an new version. Easy!

  • Priority Support

    Priority Support

    With Breedr Plus, you get all your technical and support questions answered within 24 hours, guaranteed. We don’t want you stuck in your progression so we are here for you and with you.

We all want to see our future puppy before we commit to it. Take a look at our live demonstration website — we pretended to be breeders of German Shepherd Dogs, and we added a few litters and dogs so you can see how Breedr for WordPress outputs it all.

demo dog breeder wordpress plugin

The theme we use is completely free.


Latest Update: Feb 1, 2018

= 1.6d =
* SERVER-SIDE: Our update servers now use AWS (faster)

= 1.6 =
* NEW: Shortcode [information animal="123"] to display an animal's information
* NEW: Option added to limit how many generations a pedigree should fetch and display show
* NEW: Limit the depth of an animal's pedigree in its admin page
* FIX: Refactoring of some key functions
* FIX: Bug fixes and speed improvements
* Upgrade of the embedded updater (March 2017)

= 1.52 =
* TWEAK: Now uses the animal's nickname in most lists (great for long dog names)
* TWEAK: Main page's slug changed an SEO-friendly term
* FIX: Hides date label for the lists of litters if no date entered
* Bug fixes and improvements

= 1.51c =
* Breedr for WordPress is compatible with new WordPress 4.7
* FIX: Download bug in your "My Account" panel

= 1.51 =
* Breedr for WordPress is compatible with new WordPress 4.7

= 1.5 =
* NEW: 'id' parameter for [animals] shortcode to show a list of animals by their IDs (ex. [animals id='1,44,55'])
* NEW: 'order' and 'orderby' parameters for [animals] shortcode mirroring WP_Query parameters (no meta order available, yet.)
* TWEAK: CSS columns have been replaced by the flexbox model
* FIX: IDs in admin tables can be highlighted and easily copied
* FIX: Litter card output corrected in certain cases
* FIX: Dashboard News widget outputs better

= 1.47 =
* FIX: Fixed a DateTime object error

= 1.46 =
* FIX: Litter Datepickers now work in German and other languages

= 1.45 =
* FIX: 'Editor' user role can now edit all litters
* FIX: 'Settings' was not always in the menu for some users

= 1.44 =
* TWEAK: General optimizations for faster load pages
* FIX: Cards now load the 'thumbnail'-sized image for better SEO
* FIX: Minified CSS files by 35%! They are faster to load!
* FIX: Clean up of delete all function upon full deactivation

= 1.43 =
* FIX: Fixed a bug with the admin's Invert Icons function

= 1.42 =
* NEW: Settings: Invert Icons setting to paint icons white on dark backgrounds
* TWEAK: Edit Link below each animal/litter's page now goes to the right admin edit page
* TWEAK: Meta Title tag is now compatible with Yoast SEO plugin
* TWEAK: Canonical URL is now correctly showing the animal or litter URL
* TWEAK: Canonical URL is now compatible with Yoast SEO plugin
* FIX: CSS IMG's 'display: block' only apply to the plugin's parts
* FIX: Clearfix to fix vertical pedigrees layouts

= 1.41 =
* NEW: You can now display animal pedigrees vertically (not just horizontally)
* FIX: Meta titles in the HEAD now correctly show on WordPress 4.2+
* FIX: Two opening brackets caused some errors in some older versions of PHP
* FIX: Removed two debugging functions that were preventing the plugin for being activated
* FIX: Lighter CSS code for pedigrees

= 1.4 =
* FIX: Empty pedigrees do not generate PHP notices and errors any longer

= 1.39 =
* FIX: The pedigree now doesn't show the date of birth if not set (used to show a date in 1970)

= 1.38 =
* NEW: Category filter for listing animals by category or categories
* TWEAK: Added the animal category menu in the admin sidebar for quick use
* TWEAK: Animal and Litter ID are now easily visible in listings
* FIX: Settings are now saving without glitch, ever

= 1.35 =
* Renamed several CSS classes to avoid conflicts with some themes (including BeTheme)
* Renamed some PHP functions to make sure they are uniquely named throughout WordPress
* Images in all lists of animals and litters are now displaying way way faster
* Fixed minor bugs on the front-end

= 1.3 =
* Revamped the [progenies] shortcode adding the possibility to show offsets from one or several litters, from one or several animals, and even from a precise couple (including littermates from all their litters)
* The [animals] shortcode is now having more filters: use alive="yes" to only see living animals, or dead="yes" to only list deceased animals
* Bug fixes and speed improvements

= 1.2 =
* Improved standardization: pedigrees now show the sire first, the dam second
* Mobile-friendliness of the CARDS improved so it displays perfectly on small screens
* Bug fixes and speed improvements

= 1.1 =
* Added support for filtering by OWNER for ANIMALS shortcode: [animals owner="My Name"] so you can hide animals belonging to other owners.

= 1.0 =
* First version!

Simple pricing.

While Breedr for WordPress is a fully working and satisfying plugin to run and manage your dog breeder website, The Big Bundle is an appealing all-inclusive package packed with all the knowledge and resources a dog breeder needs to stay professional. And it comes with a forever license to receive automatic updates for free forever!

Breedr for WordPress


For occasional breeders

  • Breedr for WordPress
  • Free Upgrades For One Year
  • Priority Support (Within 24hrs)
  • Breedr Theme for WordPress
  • The Dog Breeder’s Handbook
  • The Dog Food 101 Guide
  • The Dog Breeding Contract Library
  • The Bookkeeping Bonus Guide

The Big Bundle


For serious breeders

  • Breedr for WordPress
  • Free Upgrades For Life
  • Priority Support (Within 24hrs)
  • Breedr Theme for WordPress
  • The Dog Breeder’s Handbook
  • The Dog Food 101 Guide
  • The Dog Breeding Contract Library
  • The Bookkeeping Bonus Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started With Breedr?
In your WordPress admin panel, simply install Breedr plugin just like you would with any other plugin. Once Breedr for WordPress is activated, all you need is to make sure the ‘Breedr’ page has been created. It is automatically created during the activation. The ‘Breedr’ page should be as follows:

  • Page’s Title — ‘Breedr’ is the default title, you can change this with anything you want
  • Page’s Content — There should only be one line here, and it is the plugin’s main shortcode: [breedr]

This is the page that will make Breedr work intuitively for you. It will adapt to your WordPress’ theme and you won’t need to create any other page for each animal, dog, or litter you have bred.

However, if you want to show each dog (or any animal you breed) and litter individually, you can absolutely do it. You can remove the Breedr Page, and simply use our collection of shortcodes.

What Are Shortcodes?
A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.
Breedr has been created so you can either use the one-page model described above or, the more time-consuming but more customisable manual mode. In the latter, you create your animals, and they won’t be displayed unless you add them to any of your posts and/or pages using our shortcodes.


Displays a list of all your public animals.

Use [animals sex=”male/female”] to only list public animals from one sex only.

[animal id=”ANIMAL_ID”]

Displays an animal’s full page. You must specify the animal’s ID.

[card animal=”ANIMAL_ID”]

Displays an animal’s card. You must specify the animal’s ID.

[pedigree animal=”ANIMAL_ID”]

Displays an animal’s pedigree. You must specify the animal’s ID.

[screenings animal=”ANIMAL_ID”]

Displays an animal’s health screenings and checks. You must specify the animal’s ID.

[achievements animal=”ANIMAL_ID”]

Displays an animal’s titles, awards, and other achievements. You must specify the animal’s ID.

[litters show=”current/past/all”]

Displays a list of all your public litters. Use [litters show=”current/past/all”] to only list current, past or all litters.

[litter id=”LITTER_ID”]

Displays a litter’s full page. You must specify the litter’s ID.

[progenies litter=”LITTER_ID”]

Displays a litter’s progenies list, using each littermate’s card. You must specify the litter’s ID.

I am always happy to improve and add new shortcodes, just let me know if you need any addition.

How To Customise The Layout of Breedr’s Shortcodes & Modules?
Unless you are familiar with web programmings languages PHP, HTML, CSS & WordPress Codex, you should avoid customising and tweaking too much.

If you want to go ahead with your own customisations, we made this very simple by creating a folder containing all the layouts used to output the shortcodes. It is located in /public/partials/.

Remember that as soon as you update the plugin, you will lose your templates so always back this folder up before updating the plugin.

Is Breedr Compatible With All WordPress Themes (Free & Premium)?

WordPress has coding standards for us, programmers, so themes and plugins can interact nicely together. However, not all coders and theme-makers respect these standards, but most do. We’ve built Breedr for WordPress so it can work with 100% of themes, whether they respect these standards or not.

Breedr’s autopilot mode is the most convenient way of using the plugin, it automatically creates a Breedr page at install, and this page will handle everything. But this mode requires a theme that has been properly coded. If not, you can still use all features by including our shortcodes yourself in your posts and pages.