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Run, Manage & Promote a Kennel

Breeding Business Wednesday 5 December 2018

Being a breeder means spending 95% of your time doing the dirt so you can enjoy the 5% of exciting activities with your dogs. Cleaning, licensing, accounting, promoting, outreaching, and so many more chores.

This page is for you to get the tips and tools to perform these chores with ease just so you can then refocus on the good part of being a dog breeder: dog shows, promotion, networking, etc.

Every ethical dog breeder must nurture a healthy relationship with their breed club as well as any other kennel clubs they are affiliated with. Indeed, such clubs can help you over the years by promoting your bloodline, providing you with interesting reads, inviting you to events, and so on. You should absolutely sign up to the right clubs on both the national and local levels.

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Published on
Thursday 6 October 2016
Last updated on
Wednesday 5 December 2018