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25 Best American Bully Interviews – Text, Video & Podcasts

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Wednesday 8 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best american bully interviews
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In this post, we’ve decided to bring you 25 of the best American Bully interviews out there. Why? Well, we live in a world where trends come and go. From different dog wedding dresses to human-sized pet houses, we’ve seen it all. But one thing has remained constant over the years – our affection for American Bullies and how quickly this breed has been taking the World by a storm.

If your love of the American Bully dog is anything like ours, you’ll learn a lot from these discussions. From how the breed came about to how you can get into breeding XL American Bullies yourself, we have something for everyone. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get to our list of interviews of American Bullies.

Top 25 Best American Bully Interviews

Whether you’re fascinated with American Bully videos, YouTube Channels (including dog training), or podcasts, our compilation has what you’re looking for.

1. Damien Brooks – Silverback Bullies

Featured in the Bully King Magazine, this interview has Damien Brooks revealing precious knowledge about the American Bully breed. Not only has Brooks been working with dogs since his early teens, but he’s also the owner and operator of the Silverback Bullies.

To start with, he talks about how he got introduced to the American Bully breed and that for him it was ‘love at first sight’. He also discusses how he built his breeding business without having a mentor. This part should please anyone interested in breeding Bullies themselves. It’s doable, people – if you’re not shy about asking questions and learning.

Our favorite part of the interview is where he talks about exotic Bullies. Silverback Bullies is all about producing puppies that have nice heads, wrinkled snouts, and a chest that is all about the mass. If your taste of American Bullies runs to the exotic, then this the interview for you.

damien brooks silverback bullies
Damien Brooks built his breeding business without having a mentor!

2. InkRedaBull

InkRedaBull has been in the Bully breeding business for a staggering 35 years, and the kennel is all about promoting and improving the Bully breed. This interview makes for a fascinating read as far as American Bullies are concerned.

Shaun from InkRedaBull is a treasure trove of information when it comes to the Classic American Bully breed. The interview covers so many aspects, from genetics to phenotypes, and what to look for in a well-pedigreed dog, that you can’t help but marvel at the information provided. The most gripping part of this interview is when Shaun talks about how his proud history ties up to his vision for the InkRedaBull kennel. He’s also interested in including breeds like the Black & Tan Bulldog within breed standards – a goal we can get behind.

The interview is nothing short of insightful for all American Bully fans because of its no-holds-barred nature. Shaun doesn’t shy away from highlighting the disunity that exists between kennels based on controversial topics like chemical enhancements. According to us, anyone who loves the Bully breed stands to gain a lot by reading this mind-blowing conversation.

3. Veronique Pluim

Don’t we all love hearing stories of people shattering the glass ceiling? Veronique Pluim is one such amazing woman who defied the odds in the Bully breeding business. She admits that the American Bully Breeding world is a man’s world, but doesn’t let that little fact stop her from doing what she loves.

Coming back to the interview, we wholeheartedly endorse this interview for all Bully fans out there. Be it the Pocket American Bully breed, or the Standard American Bully breed, Pluim breaks down all the relevant information professionally.

Also, she doesn’t shy away from sharing some useful tips for future Bully breeders. For instance, she talks about how the Bully breeding business is not about making money. It’s about improving the American Bully breed and what you can bring to the table. No doubt, Veronique is a credit to the Bully breeding world.

4. James Combs – Bullyera Kennels

Are you scrolling through our interviews list for an option that tells you more about American Bully vitamins? Or are you in search of Bullies that are friendly, fantastically well-behaved, and boast of amazing bone and muscle structure?

If your answer is yes to any one of the questions above, then read this interview by James Combs. Combs owns and runs BullyEra Kennels based in North Carolina. He specializes in Standard and Pocket Bullies. And the bloodlines that he uses include Daxline, Miagi, Luckyline, and Boss blood among others.

He’s one of the first breeders we’ve come across, who was willing to share the names of the vitamins and supplements that he gives his dogs. For instance, he gives his Bullies Sportsman’s Pride Sport Mix in their diets. Combs also reveals what supplements he feeds pregnant Bullies and Bullies in heat. But, we’re not big on spoilers, and you’re going to have to read to find out more.

5. Dave Wilson at Bully Talks with Zeb Pits

When someone has an entire bloodline named after their kennels, you know this person is worth listening to. Which is why our next video interview features none other than Dave Wilson.

Dave Wilson is one of the founders of Razors Edge Kennels, and he’s renowned in the American Bully dog world. In the two-hour interview, Wilson talks about how difficult it was to establish his bloodline. And how the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) came about.

He also touches upon how the ABKC helped fight against the hateful misconceptions against the American Bully breed. The video is a treat for all Bully dog fans who are looking for a way to improve the breed. We can assure you won’t regret watching this discussion.

dave wilson at bully talks with zeb pits
Dave Wilson is one of the founders of Razors Edge Kennels.

6. Larry Duran

Did you know the American Bully dog breed was produced by breeding American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers to Bulldog type breeds? Or that the American Bully breed was meant to be a family dog?

It’s okay if you didn’t. But, if you want a detailed interview discussion about American Bullies, then you need to hear what Larry Duran has to say. Duran is something of a famed historian when it comes to Bullies, and he’s the president of the Bully Kennel Club (BKC).

In the video, he talks about how the BKC came into existence and how they ended up arranging the largest Bully shows of its time. He also mentions how the Bully dog breed has changed and evolved over the years, and what implications that can have for upcoming breeders. This terrific history lesson of an interview is worth listening to by all American Bully fans.

7. Danny Cervantes

Up next, we’ve Danny Cervantes’s interview conducted by Bully Girl Magazine. Danny is the founder of 2nd2nunBullies Kennels, located in New Jersey. Anyone interested in XL and Standard American Bullies needs to hear this interview because that’s what Danny specializes in.

He began his Bully breeding journey as a single father of three girls. He wanted a job that suited his interests and passions, and that’s how he came to realize his dream of breeding dogs. Cervantes also refers to the diet of his dogs and how he switches it up sometimes so that his Bullies stay clear of health issues.

All in all, Cervantes gives a thoughtful and honest interview about his likes and dislikes. And, he advises all upcoming breeders to be humble, focused, and consistent. Cervantes highlights what it takes to be the best in any field – sportsmanship. This interview is full of wisdom for future Bully breeders with dreams of greatness.

8. OG China Boy with Eddie Bonilla

Some people say OG China Boy is a million-dollar dog. Eddie Bonilla, his owner, says China Boy came into existence by combining American, Exotic, and Pocket Bullies.

There’s no disputing China Boy is a strong contender in the Bully breed, and he’s made his owner $200,000 in stud fees. That is pretty sensational. It seems like Eddie knows a good thing when he sees it, and that’s why we’ve included him in our mega list.

Eddie Bonilla runs 038 Bullyz with his wife, Jennifer, and he rose to fame with China Boy. In the interview, Bonilla talks in detail about how he ended up getting China Boy, and how that changed his life. He also focuses on how the American Bully community gets misrepresented and how he tries to combat that. Bonilla’s interview will appeal to American Bully fans who’re all about top-lines and short height.

og china boy with eddie bonilla
Eddie Bonilla’s OG China Boy is a million-dollar dog!

9. Jesse Sloop – ABKC GRCH Soul Train

Continuing with our tradition of famous Bullies and their owners, the next interview features Jesse Sloop of BullyInnovations. The conversation starts with how Jesse managed to get a Bully like Soul Train, and how that helped propel BullyInnovations. Surprisingly, Jesse became an American Bully breeder, to help overcome the bad image some people have about the breed.

This interview is perceptive and a must-read for anyone who wants to start small in the Bully breeding arena. It’s a useful read because Jesse covers details such as dogs’ diets, and how Bully popularity is shifting. Especially in North Carolina, where people are now focusing more on athletic dogs.

There’s also beneficial advice for prospective Bully breeders at the end that emphasizes the importance of quality work. It’s not the size of the kennel that matters, Jesse advises, but the work you put in.

10. Cody Blackburn with CBF

One of the best things about the American Bully community is that it includes people of all ages. We haven’t forgotten the aspiring youths who’re dreaming of becoming famous breeders one day.

This is why our next interview features new blood in the form of Cody Blackburn from Carolina Bully Farms (CBF). Cody started his Bully breeding journey back in 2009, and he hasn’t looked back since. Slowly but surely, he made his way to success.

Now, CBF is the proud owner of many famous dogs, the chief among them being Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money is not only an ABKC Champion, but he’s also the only champion Bully to have fathered three other champions. In the interview, Cody chronicles his journey from day one to how he managed to change his luck around and build CBF from the ground up. In our view, this interview could benefit the young and the old – there’s no age limit to good advice.

11. Interview with American Bully Kennel Club Show Participants

The American Bully Kennel Club Show 2018 took place in the UK, and this video interview gets up close and personal with the organizers, participants, and judges.

If you’re an American Bully enthusiast, but don’t live in the USA, then you should give this video a try. A correspondent of SmartBreederTV does an excellent job of highlighting all the best qualities of the Bully breed.

Willy Bryne – the show’s organizer talks about how the ABKC show gave dog owners and breeders in the UK a unique chance to showcase their Bullies, because earlier no such platform existed. The video also features a chat with the show’s judges who provide valuable insight into the American Bully dog’s companionship traits. This video interview can benefit international fans of American Bullies and give them something to look forward to in their countries.

The American Bully Kennel Club gave dog owners and breeders a chance to showcase their Bullies during a time when no such platform existed.

12. Living with the American Bully

Fred Duran of Primoline Kennels is another up-and-coming name in the American Bully circles. He’s been in the business for 10 years, and you can see him imparting his knowledge in this Dogumentary Channel video.

Fred sheds light on the different behavioral aspects of an American Bully’s personality. He also mentions how Bullies are safe around children. We encourage all prospective breeders confused about the Bully business to watch. Why do you ask? Because that’s what Fred struggled with at the start of his mission.

Fred also dishes out information on how he uses constant socializing to keep his dogs happy. This part of the interview is relevant for breeders who want to familiarize their dogs with outings and going out in crowds. Additionally, this is also a good watch for people who’re interested in American Bullies from the security aspect.

13. Dave Wilson (All About the American Bully)

Dave Wilson has too much information and experience about the American Bully breed to appear on our list only once.

Being one of the co-founders of the ABKC, he’s has a lot of wisdom to impart for any American Bully fan. From breeding techniques to training, and routine care – Dave Wilson knows about it all. In this particular interview, he talks about the annually held ABKC premier show. This interview is a must-see if you want to find out more about a place to showcase your Bully champion.

That’s not all though, Wilson also talks about the standards that judges take into consideration regarding the flaws of Bully contestants. He emphasizes how the judging process has evolved and gotten more stringent over time. The interview is an eye-opener for all American Bully breeders.

14. Dave Wilson and Carlos Caicedo

In this next interview, you can have the rare opportunity of observing Dave Wilson and the World Breeds Association’s Carlos Caicedo together. Dave Wilson gives his professional opinion on how the American Bully standards have developed over time, and how they’re continuing to change. He also mentions how the Bully breed came about with a specific analysis of different lineages.

What should interest listeners in this interview, is what Wilson says about Bully standards becoming focused on unifying the look of the breed. The American Bully breed is in its infancy compared to other dog breeds, he says, and so the standards related to the Bully breed are still developing.

He also touches upon how the ABKC hasn’t reached any final judgments about the final form or look of the Bully breed. It’s a fascinating conversation for any American Bully breeder who’s looking for some clarity about standards.

dave wilson and carlos caicedo
Dave Wilson is renowned in the American Bully dog world!

15. Bossy Kennels

This next interview brings some additional female perspective on the American Bully breeding arena.

Kat (the owner of Bossy Kennels) speaks with Big Dog Talk in this podcast about a variety of things. She’s an expert on beautifully colored and perfectly chiseled Bullies. Also, she’s nothing short of a rockstar on social media, with her following in the millions.

She chats about how she got her start in the breeding business in 2009 when she was in college. She started small with her pet Pit Bull ‘Gigi’ and now has NBA and NFL players in her clientele. If you’re a fan of female empowerment in all walks of life, then don’t miss out on this discussion. Additionally, it’s also a great opportunity for breeders to learn about how to battle negativity and bad press.

16. Aaron Lee with UK Bully TV

Britannia Bullies owner, Aaron Lee helps bring some international flavor to our American Bully interviews collection. Aaron starts the conversation talking about how he got his start when he fell in love with his friends’ Blue Tribe dog. However, the pivotal turning point of his life, when he decided to become a Bully breeder, came when he attended the AKBC’s show.

What’ll intrigue listeners is the fact that he never had the intention or desire to become a breeder. Yet, when he bought his first American Bully, he just kept on wanting to get more. His interest in the breed grew to a point where it became a passion.

Seeing Aaron talk about his love for the Bully Breed is a treat because it’s so entertaining. It’s also beneficial for all international fans of the American Bully. His discussion can help other upcoming breeders from the UK if they’re thinking about ways to get started.

17. Ty Lumley of Double L Kennels

Ty Lumley established Double L Kennels in 2005, and he’s come a long way since then. His interview includes captivating details about his story. For instance, how he grew up with Bully Breed dogs. He was finally able to get an American Pit Bull Terrier when he turned 21. His love for American Bullies began when he saw a picture of Juan Gotty on the internet.

One of the more interesting details about Ty’s interview is what he says about failures. He looks at the failures of others as a kind of mentor – advising him what to avoid.

But the main reason why you should take a moment to learn about Ty is that he’s become a respected judge at Bully shows. If you’re looking for tips and tricks about how to win at an American Bully competition then Ty’s your guy.

18. Muscletone Bullys

Bashar Daoud of Muscletone Bullys is an insanely famous name in the American Bully breeding circles. His business is worth an estimated $1,000,000, and people refer to him as the richest American Bully Breeder.

Do we have your attention now? Muscletone Bullys is in Michigan, USA, and it’s all about raising American Bully Kennel Club dogs with large heads and stunning bone structure. Bashar advises breeders to surround themselves with people who do what they say.

He also urges others to stay away from petty negativity in life and on social media. The best part of the interview is where he talks about the financial difficulties that some breeders can face. His tip is to create a five-year window and forget about profits for that period. Bashar also helps clear out some of the myths surrounding Dax dogs and much more. The video discussion is insightful and helpful for all future breeders.

19. Bully Talk with Zeb Pits

We love it when Zeb Pits and Dave Wilson get together to create an American Bully dialogue unlike any other. And, that’s exactly what this interview does. It contains Dave Wilson discussing Razors Edge in-depth, but that’s not why this interview made our mega-list. We highly advise all American Bully fans to watch this interview because it discusses the topic of BSL.

BSL or Breed Specific Legislation works to prohibit or restrict certain breeds of dogs under the presumption that such dogs are dangerous. The BSL covers breeds like Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and any combination of the Bully breed that resembles a Pit Bull.

Not only is the BSL a controversial topic, but it’s also a topic that every American Bully owner and breeder should be aware of. This interview goes a great length to clarify the issue of BSL and how the American Bully community can fight the legislation from taking hold.

20. DDK-9 with Big Dog Talk

Dark Dynasty K9’s ‘Hulk’ is the world’s largest Bully dog, and his owner Marlon is one of the most famous big dog breeders. Marlon runs the Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK), and his American Bullies are nothing short of a work of art. He relates his intriguing ‘rags-to-riches’ story in his interview, and how Hulk ended up becoming an overnight internet sensation.

Marlon possesses deep knowledge and instinct about the American Bully breed. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his humble beginnings and how he came up with the idea of training and breeding Bullies. It’s an engaging interview that can benefit all fans of American Bullies.

Marlon, unlike the other breeders featured on our list, didn’t have any mentor or helpers. Instead, he relied on his instincts and worked his way to the top with sheer determination. We guarantee you will not regret a single minute spent listening to his interview.

21. Angel Huffman – Double Muscle Line Bulls

Angel Huffman of Double Line Bulls chats with Bully Girl Magazine, in this interview, about all things Bully.

He’s been in the American Bully breeding business since 2012 and deals in Pocket and Standard type Bullies. Huffman talks about how his interest grew when he saw his friend’s champion dog – Leroy Brown. Huffman also shares some of his tips and tricks as a breeder, starting with the kind of diet he uses for his dogs. He has different diet regimens for show dogs and breeding dogs.

His dogs are all from the bloodline of the Grand champion, Dax. Huffman’s initial strategy in the business, focused entirely on breeding to achieve a certain look. And, that is what he advises up and coming breeders to do as well. While the interview isn’t very long, it’s filled with advice for future breeders, especially.

22. Dogman Tha Great

Dogman (not his real name of course) owns a total of around 21 high-pedigree American Bullies. And they’re all from the World-famous bloodline. Not to mention, five of his Bullies are champions.

He’s on his way to American Bully Breeder stardom, and that’s one of the reasons why his interview is part of our collection.

One of the things he highlights in the interview is how he’s trying to fight the misrepresentation American Bullies face. He’s also interested in getting genuine people involved in the Bully community, to promote Bullies in a positive light.

23. Gary ‘Doc’ Moore

Gary Moore of Greyline Kennels, adds a new angle to the American Bully breeding world with his interview. He starts off the interview stating how American Bullies are his passion, and that he isn’t in it for the money. He breeds his bullies to produce high-quality companionship traits. His perspective is definitely unique in the Bully world.

He also talks about his plans for improving the drive of his American Bullies. Though, for us, the best part of the interview is where he sheds light on how to create a bloodline.

Moore calls out people trying to create their bloodlines by purchasing dogs from different breeders. He explains that the process takes at least four generations of dogs and that it requires careful cultivation. If you’re researching American Bully bloodlines and what it entails, then this is the interview for you.

24. Jay-R ‘Anytime’ Gonzales

Jay-R Gonzales is a prominent American Bully Breeder, in the Philippines. He resides in Manila and has made a name for himself there. A shout-out to all the American Bully fans in the Philippines, because this interview is for you.

Gonzales has been in the breeding business for seven years, and since that time he’s picked up on the ins and outs, by trial and error. He doesn’t hold back from sharing his mistakes and failures and answers all questions with candor.

For all who are interested in purchasing an American Bully in the Philippines, you need to watch this video. Gonzales talks in detail about what mistakes new buyers can make when purchasing Bullies, and how it can affect them later. He advises all buyers to strictly stick to legitimate breeders and avoid any option that’s based on the idea of discount.

25. Alex – TP Kennels

The last interview we’ve lined up for you features TP kennels’ owner, Alex. Born and bred in New Jersey, Alex starts the interview talking about how grateful he is for being able to do what he does.

Alex is one of the many genuine breeders out there, who are looking for ways to fight against the reputation people think the American Bully has. He regularly takes his dogs out in public to show people how gentle the American Bully breed truly is.

Alex also openly talks about how breeders and handlers can have a big part to play in how a Bully behaves. If a dog displays aggressiveness, it has more to do with the handler and less to do with the dog itself. This interview is a treat for all, especially those who want to see American Bullies displayed in a positive light.

American Bully Interviews – FAQs

If you’re still confused or have some questions about the American Bully breed, make sure to go through the FAQs we’ve laid out for you.

How much is an American Bully dog?

On average, buying an American Bully can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000. Though, prices can fluctuate, and move above or below that range. Before trying to find out how much an American Bully dog costs, there are a few things you need to consider. For instance, the price of an American Bully will vary depending on the type of dog you want.

A show dog will cost considerably more than a Bully you want to keep as a pet. The price of breeding stock American Bullies will depend on the dog’s lineage. The class of an American Bully will also affect the price factor. By class, we mean whether you want a Classic, Standard, Pocket, or XL American Bully.

Having said that, the reason why you want to buy an American Bully will decide the price you pay for one. We also advise that you thoroughly research any source or kennel you pick to buy from. Sometimes breeders may ask for an exaggerated price even when the Bully isn’t top quality.

american bully price
The average price of an American Bully ranges from $1500 to $5000.

What is a Standard Bully?

A Standard American Bully is recognizable by its muscular body, bone structure, and broad, blocky head. The body of a Standard American Bully needs to be compact, though the size of the dog can vary between large or medium. Apart from that, the American Bully has all the traits of a companion breed.

It makes a great family dog, with its enthusiasm and love of life. People sometimes mistake American Bullies, as dangerous or vicious dogs, but the exact opposite is true. They are gentle dogs, who are friendly with strangers, and completely safe around children.

A Standard Bully Male can measure around 17 to 20 inches at the withers. Whereas Females are smaller, measuring 16 to 19 inches at the withers. However, the ABKC does not penalize Standard American Bullies that are heavily muscled or have a massive, Bulky body.

What is an Extreme American Bully?

The Extreme American Bully dog is a variation of the Standard American Bully. Many big-dog enthusiasts are interested in the Extreme American Bully breed. This type of American Bully is gaining popularity due to its massive build. It differs from the Standard breed in its mass and body structure.

Extreme Bullies have a bigger mass concentration, in comparison to the other breeds. They also have a bigger frame because of their thick bones. But, there is no set height or weight for this type of breed.

Extreme American Bullies generally have a higher rear compared to other breeds. Their hocks (also known as hindquarters) tend to protrude more, and their appearance can be wide and wrinkly.

Do American Bullies have health issues?

Like all animals and pets, American Bullies can develop health issues. Despite the controversies surrounding the breed’s health, the average lifespan of the American Bully is between 10 to 12 years, which is solid for a breed of its size.

Apart from that, some American Bullies can develop issues like hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. But this seems to be a common issue in most big-sized dogs.

Sometimes, more complex cases can develop demodicosis, which is a type of mange. It’s caused by a species of mite and can be transferred from a mother to her puppies at the nursing stage. However, these mites do not cause issues for the vast majority of dogs, and there are many treatment options available.

American Bullies are wonderful dogs. If you love them as much as we do then you should check out a few of these training podcasts. They are sure to pass the time and you may learn an interesting fact or two!

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