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20 Best YouTube Channels for Dog Lovers

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Saturday 4 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best youtube channels for dog lovers
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We’ll be honest here – we are guilty of spending hours on youtube channels for dog lovers. It’s just how adorable, fun, and heart-warming it is to see dogs being dogs. Youtube truly is one of the best social media platforms to see dogs on. As we’re all dog adorers here, we are certain you’re quite similar to us in binge-watching dog videos – if not, don’t worry as this is what we’ll discuss today!

Dog Youtube Channels don’t just end on goofy videos of puppies. Most channels convey important tips, tricks, and knowledge about dog breeds in general – which can be quite helpful if you’re new to being a dog owner. Not sure who to follow at the first? Let’s get to that next!

dog videos on youtube
Youtube is a great platform to watch dog videos on.

Top 20 Best Youtube Channels for Dog Lovers

YouTube is home to some of the best content creators on the Internet. Luckily, some of those amazing creators are avid dog lovers and post amazing content of their pups. We’ll introduce you to some of them and show you how to start a pet YouTube channel yourselves!

Before I jump right in, let’s be clear – we’re super hyped for this. Puppers and YouTube? Probably the best combination. Here we go:

1. Cooking With Dog

Who doesn’t love binge-watching cooking videos? Dreaming of the days you’d cook those delicious recipes yourself. Following this theme, ‘Cooking with Dog‘ is an amazing channel that’s hosted by two partners – a Japanese chef and Francis, a cute Poodle who narrates the recipes (how cool!).

The chef cooks all sorts of amazing Japanese recipes which are suitable for everyone (not just dogs). The channel currently boasts over 1.5 million followers and 280 videos, and was started back in 2007. Unfortunately, Francis passed away a few years ago – but the videos still feature a cute poodle in place (why don’t you go find out!). It’s so adorable how the pup’s just sitting beside her on the slab, glaring at the scrumptious food.

2. Gardea23

Huskies are my personal favorite and our next YouTube channel is all about that. Gardea23 is a fun YouTube content creator and a dog lover (just like us guys!). He owns some of the cutest, well-trained, and adorably fun Huskies that you can imagine.

His videos date way back to 2008 with all sorts of fun videos on his Huskies. They’re short videos so you won’t be bored anytime soon. Whether it’s a fun ride in a dog trailer, a hike, a beach trip, or a lazy Sunday – he’s got it all. Have a blast with some cute Huskies!

3. Zsianz1

Doggy videos are surely hilarious – but let’s get to some of the most popular dog YouTube channels for training. Zsianz1 has tons of videos you can search through for training videos and behavior modification in puppies. She owns four cute dogs who she trains repeatedly throughout her videos.

Let’s say you’re interested in backwards circles. She’s got a video on that – where she explains the whole process with great instructions on screen. So, you can use such videos to train your pup. The behavior modification videos are top-notch. We all know some pets don’t get along with others or maybe they don’t appreciate their food. She’s got videos of how you can calmly train your dog to comply with your will (it’s amazing!)

4. DomesticatedManners

The name has it all – this channel is all about your pup’s behavior and training. DomesticatedManners is also a dog school where they enroll dogs and work on their behavior. Their channel hosts tons of videos on these topics and can be considered an excellent resource for training dogs!

Chirag Patel, the owner of Domesticated Manners, is also an organizer for WOOF. It’s an animal behavior and training conference which is held to conduct workshops, seminars, and consultations for pet owners. Domesticated Manners also offers these services to pet owners to learn more about their dog’s behaviors. This is just to show their authenticity and that you’re learning from a well-known organization.

5. Mr SillySpoon

Mr SillySpoon is a fine mix of adorable dogs, funny dog videos, and pranks. This channel will keep you hooked for hours as they’ve compiled some of the funniest videos online. However, they don’t have many videos posted as it’s a fairly new YouTube channel.

So, if you’re in for some fun videos, this YouTube channel will be your favorite. They also feature famous YouTube dogs so you can find more channels and dog lovers over there!

mr sillyspoon youtube channel
Mr SillySpoon also features dogs and dog lovers in their videos!

6. Howl Of A Dog

Howl of a Dog is an animal rescue organization with the mission to rescue dogs and provide them good shelters. Similarly, they’re also working hard towards developing a lovely dog lovers community so they’re constantly posting informative videos. They have heart-wrenching videos that will tear you up, but instantly cheer you up with how they take care of dogs.

Most of their videos on how they find, rescue, and provide shelter to dogs. So, if you love to see doggies, this channel is amazing. Also, if you like their cause, you can help them by heading over to their channel, showing them some love, or even adopting one of their pups. Make sure you check their channel out (our personal favorite!)


You might’ve heard of this channel, DarkDynastyK9s, or maybe the owner Marlon Grannon, who owns the largest Pitbulls to date, the Hulk, who weighs over 173 lbs. The channel is all about breeding, training, and posting big dog YouTube videos of their beautiful Pitbulls, Hulk and Kobe!

If you’re interested in following fellow dog-lovers, this channel is great. The creator’s vlog their own lives, their Pitbulls, and their cute puppies as well. This is your chance to get up and close with a creator’s life and see what it’s really like to get into breeding and owning doggos.

8. Animal Wised

Animal Wised has got to be the go-to channel for all dog lovers. They’re amazing at what they do and have so much information on the animal kingdom. They also have teams of experts, dog lovers, and fans who support and give them ideas for posting.

With that said, it’s the best YouTube channel for dogs to watch at all times. So, go show some love and enjoy some cute puppies on there.

9. Gohan The Husky

Huskies, to the rescue! Gohan the Husky, is yet another beautiful pupper that you’ll love – for sure. This channel has a great following of over 2.4 million followers with loads of videos of a cute Husky and fun activities. We all know Siberian Huskies shed more often than others. He’s got some good videos on this as well, making it one of the best dog grooming YouTube channels.

If you’re interested in owning a Husky or own one already, this channel will be great for you. There’s loads of advice, everyday activities, routines, and training skills you’ll pick up by following them. So, go show some love and enjoy Huskies being purely blissful beings.

10. Sophia Yin

YouTube is open to anyone and everyone. You’re not always sure if the instructors on YouTube channels for dogs are authentic or not. That won’t be an issue for this channel as it’s owned by Dr. Sophia Yin, with amazing techniques for you to work on with your pup.

Whether it’s training or low-stress handling, there are amazing videos on all training and behavioral modification topics. She also used to host Q/A videos so if you have any questions, maybe give those videos a look. Unfortunately, the last video posted is three years old so you’re probably not going to receive any new videos.

11. Eileenanddogs

Eileenanddogs is one of the best YouTube channels for dog lovers and new owners. She’s got many detailed videos of training her doggies. Whether it’s reinforcement learning or inventing fun dog games – she’s got it all.

Although she’s got a small set of followers on her back, the videos are top-notch. Apart from that, she’s been posting frequently lately so you’ll always have something new to watch from her. One of my personal favorite videos was learning about reinforcement learning – they’re a great series of videos.

12. Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

Getting your dogs trained by someone else might incur heavy costs. If you’re with your pup and can maintain a good training schedule, Kristin Crestejo is another great trainer. She believes in training both humans and dogs about mutual love so both of them are in a happy relation – what a great motto.

She’s got FAQs, training videos, advice, tricks, and everything you can imagine in one place. Thanks to such YouTube channels for dogs, this advice isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The instructor also has a website which you can follow for personalized training (also they’re completely online!).

13. Donna Hill

Most pet YouTube channels don’t focus on what it’s like to own a dog, live with one, and train them. Donna Hill is an accredited dog trainer who posts easy to follow, step-by-step videos about living and training with dogs. So, if you’re a beginner or need dog video ideas, this channel will be great for you!

She also has videos on topics that we usually find hard to get our heads around. They’re explained in simple words for everyone. Be it clicker training or sports activities, you and your dogs are in for some fun!

14. Hope For Paws

Hope for Paws‘ is a recognized non-profit organization (NPO) that’s dedicated to rescuing dogs all over the US. They have dozens of videos where they rescue pups, give them shelter, and help them recover overtime. It’s another heart-warming channel you just can’t get enough of.

This channel will really show you the delicate part of dogs. They’re a tight group of doggy lovers who support this organization to pay for the expenses, vet care, and rescue operations. Do show them some love or maybe even adopt a pup with their help.

15. FunnyPetsMedia

FunnyPetsMedia will turn your mood around in minutes, if not seconds. They have so many funny videos, clips, and compilations of dogs being super funny that you’ll never run out. Although they stopped posting last year, they’re still one of the best youtube channels for dog lovers.

They’ve got some famous dog YouTube videos and their compilations. If that’s what you’re after for your own YouTube channel, you can take inspiration for your dog YouTube channel ideas as well.

16. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Our next channel is run by a fellow dog lover and trainer, Zak George. If you’re looking into ‘How to Start a Dog YouTube Channel’, this channel is perfect for you. Zak started his YouTube journey in 2006 and has over 2.3 million followers now!

It’s a slow journey but the videos are amazing and super informative. Besides learning how to train your dogs, you’ll also have some great pet YouTube channel ideas for yourselves. Whether it’s the way of training, showcasing, or presenting to people – you’ll learn a lot.

17. Puppy Apartment

Apartment training your puppies is a tedious task. You’ve first got to research into it, learn techniques, and then help your pup take part over time. Puppy Apartment is all about potty training your dogs, with some of the most efficient techniques ever known.

Most creators only own one dog and generalize the whole technique for all breeds. Yet we all know, every breed is unique in itself. That’s precisely why Puppy Apartment has tons of videos on potty training for several breeds! So, if you’re looking towards finding some magical potty training techniques, this channel is super informative.

18. Training Positive

Training Positive is a great channel if you’re just starting into training your puppies. All techniques are purely scientific so they aren’t methods to get your way quickly and unethically. They’re tested reward-based and relationship-focused learning methods you’ll surely enjoy.

If you’re looking into pet channel ideas, this channel will be a great addition to your inspirations list. The videos have useful content you can utilize at all times with your pup!

training positive youtube channel
Training Positive is a great channel to watch when you are training your puppy for the first time!

19. Grisha Stewart Dog Training & Behavior

Grisha Stewart is another author and dog trainer from our dog lovers community. The videos on her channel aren’t only about dogs. She’s got song covers, music videos, advice, doggy training videos, and so much more.

If you are interested in an eclectic channel with lots of doggy content, check out Grisha Stewart. You’ll learn and laugh your way through the content!

20. EHowPets

As a new dog owner, you’re going to have loads of questions. It’s totally fine because you’re a responsible owner and want to take care of your pup. EHowPets is one of the most popular dog YouTube channels to watch!

There are literally hundreds of videos on Q/A’s you can watch, on some crazy doggy questions. It is one of those dog YouTube channels that you’d put up on the TV with your pooch and enjoy your time learning. Other than Q/A’s, there are entertainment and funny videos as well.

So, that’s it for today, people! Do you know have any other Youtube channels for dog lovers that you love watching? If so, then comment below!

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