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Dark Dynasty K9 Tell The Truth About The Famous Hulk

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Published on
Wednesday 23 March 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dark dynasty hulk american bully interview
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Dark Dynasty K9’s CEO and Founder, Marlon, wants to discuss the truth behind his breeding program. Over the past months, his kennel and his dogs have received a lot of skepticism because of his breeding and marketing practices. The dog in the center of this fire is Hulk, the dog who has been labeled by the media as the biggest pitbull in the world

Here, at Breeding Business, we’ve been writing on and on and on about extreme breeding: be it for tiny Pomeranians or XXXXXXL bullies. It is indeed a massive problem nowadays that many breeders only consider the look of the dog, and breed towards their extreme idea of that physique, with very little care given to the dog’s health.

So we’re looking forward to watching these two videos as Hulk is a major figure in the pitbull and bully breeding circles, and although we don’t really have a clue about Hulk’s health (he seems fine), we can only dread having new pitbull or bully breeders following DDK9 footsteps, with this time a lot more medical consequences.

Despite all the drama surrounding them, Dark Dynasty and the family behind it are one of the most influential and famous Pitbull breeders in today’s time. For good or bad reasons, it’s for you to judge.

Let’s watch both parts, and debrief below. Each video lasts around 30 minutes.

Marlon From Dark Dynasty K9’s: The Full Interview

The Debrief

If you had to only watch one, you should watch the first video. There is a lot less boring mindset talk and more actual facts about DDK9’s and their dogs.

The second part of this interview is mostly for fans, the content is less interesting for outsiders but still provides good content for fanciers of DDK.

Hulk & The Drama

In regards to Hulk and all the drama that have been surrounding DDK9’s so-called pitbulls, Marlon remains smartly playful. He starts by defining what a pitbull is (technically) and was back in the day. Marlon says that Pitbulls have always been a type of dog more than a pure breed of dogs, and it is true in some ways as they were indeed bred to fight. The first dogs were rather big and muscular with powerful jaws to bite and beat, and over time they became smaller so they could also be fast in their movements.

But times have changed and now, the Pitbull is either purebred and registered, or purebred and not registered, or not purebred thus a pitbull-mix cross. And this is where it becomes smartly playful.

At around 19:00 of the first video, he says that he can prove Hulk is a purebred pitbull by doing some DNA testing. But he won’t. Many people would argue that if your girlfriend does not want to do a DNA test, she may have given birth to someone else’s baby. Saying you can prove something that has caused so much drama but not doing it is a little weird. And clearly raises suspicion.

Marlon also explained his problems with the various pitbull registries and kennel clubs and here as well said they were trying to keep their records clean by releasing statements saying Hulk was not registered. But he says also that they were right: Hulk is not registered although 95% of his family are apparently registered. Some would be cheeky and say the size probably comes from the unregistered 5%…….

The Money & The Fame

Dark Dynasty K9’s life changed over the last year or two: massive TV appearances, social media explosion, incredible prices mentioned online, and so on.

Marlon clearly says that he is in business for the money but loves his dogs profoundly and both are possible. He said that prices given online are usually inflated and wrong, his dogs are around $2000, or a lot more expensive if security trained. He confirms that he refused a $1,000,000 offer for Hulk because Hulk is like family and he generates more than that and will still do so in the future.

With the fame coming, DDK has given itself a mission of educating dog lovers and fellow dog breeders. They’re now cautiously taking pictures of Hulk in different situations and with children to show how to deal with such big dogs within a household.

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The Marketing

Let’s not fool ourselves. Marlon is smart and masters the Art of modern marketing and social media channels. I don’t even think that he actually cares whether or not his dogs are purebred pitbulls or mixed, his dogs are his commodities (and family) while DDK is a brand in its own right.

Somebody who wants to buy one of his dogs or pups is not somebody who cares much about having a purebred pit bull. He may be using other breeds to increase his dogs’ size and he should keep on doing so as long as he makes it clear that his dogs aren’t purebred. To me, he started saying it in this video by mentioning how pitbull and Bulldogs were the same in the ’80s, how he just didn’t register his dogs because he was busy, and so on. When you give one reason/excuse, you are usually not lying; when you start giving a boatload of them, you’re just straight-up lying.


A one-hour interview that could have been condensed in 15 minutes. The man clearly loves his dogs and he says it himself, they offered him this life including his wealth. Loving them does not seem to be against profiting from them hugely and he deserves it. He worked hard and started way before his sudden worldwide fame.

All I hope and all we hope is that his dogs are in good health and they look like it. The rest is just a big melting pot of drama and politics offering him massive publicity for free.

From this free promotion, Marlon has probably realized that now is the best time to capitalize on this sudden fame. He has books on the way and a TV show starting very soon. Several other projects are in the pipeline and this shows us that he is a businessman more than anything else, and we’ve got to respect that.

9 comments on “Dark Dynasty K9 Tell The Truth About The Famous Hulk”

  1. Richard Schlapper

    noticed a big tumor on his right leg, not sure what else it could be, and possibly nothing depending on how old he is.

  2. naomi welch

    I am an owner of 2 pits. 1 is 11 yrs and I adopted him fully trained. I have just gotten a pup he is now 6 month and shows the perfect temperament and ability to be trained to be not only the perfect family dog,(he already is) but I want to get him trained to be a protection dog as we live in Claremont NH and we do have to worry and utilize my older pits training for protection. I do not myself know how to do this and I ask if there is any info, training or any help you can offer me to get Ollie as amazing as Chance my older pit. Do you offer working with and courses to train him with me? or can you please direct me in the proper direction.

  3. ashten

    Biggest pot of crap I have been fed in a long time lmao That is why his dog just died at a young age. Its called hung papers and crappy breeding. Makes th APBT and ABKC world look horrible.

    1. Ashten

      oh wait… Thats right he didn’t have to hang papers bc he was not registered. Unhealthy dogs and are mutts. Point blank. Its not that breeders dislike the dog himself it is the shady owner

      1. JMA

        You need to be a little more clear when discussing “purebred” pitbull. I don’t where you are getting your info, but a purebred pitbull doesn’t exist. First you mentioned how Marlon stated pitbull is a type of dog and not a breed, which is correct, then you went on to say all purebred pitbulls are registered. Are you referring to the American Pit Bull Terrier?! It would be more responsible to use the full breed name or an acronym to avoid confusion.

  4. LG

    If Marlons dogs aren’t purebred how is it any different from many of the other ‘so called designer’ dogs being sold for thousands of dollars? Labradoodles, maltipoos, suchons, teddy bears, etc. etc. etc.? They are all mixed breeds with the label ‘Designer Dogs’.
    Keep doing what you do Marlon!❤️❤️❤️

  5. dharmendra sah


    1. Darius

      Hey how you doing my name is Darius I have a to my ear all American pitbull terrier and I need some guidance on puppy trainer is there a way for you to reach back out to me or something that I can subscribe to you definitely one of my favorites and I hope that you reach back out to me thank you so much and I support you so much being a dog trainer is something I always wanted to do as well not there yet or nowhere near trying to work on my own puppy DDK9 Hope to get a response

  6. Michael Richards

    ATTENTION BUYERS BEWARE These dogs are not Pitbulls ( Bull Terrier) they are medium size Mastiff mix breed , cutting the ears off of a Mastiff doesn’t make it a Pitbull , Mastiff’s can
    reach a weight of 230 lbs and 36 ” in height ,Great Danes , Rottweilers are German Mastiff breeds there are more than 15 Mastiff breeds , DO THE RESHEARCH BEFORE BUYING ONE OF THESE DOGS , but they are nice dogs if your looking for a large breed dog average price of most Mastiff breeds range between $1000 to $5000 depending on the bloodline and registration history which can easily minupliated by fake registration by dishonest breeders get a DNA test before you purchase any papered dog

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