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$20,000 stud fees charged for Hulk, the World’s Largest Pitbull

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Published on
Friday 20 March 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Dark Dynasty K9's Hulk
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Hulk seems to have been bred as a publicity stunt and a money-making machine. Yes, it is the World’s largest pitbull and the breeders featured it in multiple videos with an emphasis on its enormous appearance and size. Why not, after all? Well, there’s more to the story.

Their website also features a video section, every single one highlighting how dangerous and deadly these dogs are. There is much to be said about the kind of clientele they are cultivating, and the fuel they are giving anti-Pit Bull advocates, but they are also contributing to the “designer dog” field…

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Over the top and unnecessary

Charging $20,000 as a stud fee is incredible, especially for a dog that is not precisely matching any breed’s standard and simply falls into the “world’s largest pit bull breed” made-up appellation. The breeders are famous in the bullies underworld for breeding designer dogs that appeal to “big dawgs.” Their dogs are huge, and they are getting more and more enormous. Hulk weighs 175 pounds and comes from big parents, but these are the lucky ones.

These videos, these unique dogs may not suit everybody’s taste but who cares, after all? ASPCA cares. Promoting these dogs makes them be hype and trendy, it is followed by a surge in the demand, and shortly after, a surge in euthanasias. Statistics provided by the ASPCA suggest that more than 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year; and it is without surprise that most of them, 800,000 to be precise, are considered pit bulls.

Dark Dynasty K9's Hulk
Hulk, posing, next to Dark Dynasty K9 entrance

Negative reinforcement is used a lot in Dark Dynasty K9 training methods, they seem to use, often, dog shock collars and prong collars. These types of collars are debated in several countries and a ban is on the table.

When dog fighting meets dog breeding

We do not know if Dark Dynasty K9 are promoting dog fighting, but for sure, most dog fighters use similar training techniques to raise pitiless dogs, ready to die for their “title.”

The dog fighting business (if we may call it so) generates revenue from gambling, stud fees, and admission fees. Top fights are said to have potential purses of $100,000 (USD) and obviously attract a whole lot of organized crime who enjoy this illegal dog sport. CNN also stated in an article from 2013 that more than 100,000 people are engaged in dog fighting on a non-professional basis.

It is without surprise that breeding dogs that are fit for high-level dog fighting competitions are appealing to some. Who else than a pitbull-obsessed billionaire or, more likely, a professional in dog fighting would pocket out $20,000 to get a baby Hulk? The breeders may voluntarily, or involuntarily, become part of a seedy side of dog breeding that is indeed fruitful but rather disgusting and shameful.

Hulk, from Dark Dynasty K9, pitbull
Another dog from Dark Dynasty K9 – screen capture

8 comments on “$20,000 stud fees charged for Hulk, the World’s Largest Pitbull”

  1. Nick Carter

    It’s sad to see the owner of Hulk has as much scruple as as a drunken delusional derelict shows when justifying drinking habits. This man is intoxicated by a freak of nature and I dare say, doesn’t give a damn who will buys his dogs. I prays Hulk’s progeny will not end up in a fighting ring. I pray too for the opportunity to soundly thump the owner one fine day in the not too distant future.

  2. Luis Guess

    Marlon hulks owner has some pretty animals they are not being mistreated in their training trust me game or fighting dogs endure much worse however Hulk is not a pitbull I repeat not a pitbull here’s why breed standard for the american pitbull terrier clearly states MEDIUM YES MEDIUM sized working dog with a muscular build no where in original breed standard does it say xl or xxxl males bred to standard should not weigh more than 70lbs females 45-50. Now to those who say these designer dogs are fueling the seedy underworld of dogfighting fear not these genetic monstrosities are wayyyyy to big to ever be put in the box Hulk is as is all of DDK stock a pretty mutt a dog mixed to create a designer dog to appeal to American greed and the bigger is better syndrome its a shame and a travesty that the ADBA has created a new class for these genetic miscreants the working american pit bulldog greed is one hell of a drug Marlon n your ddk staff please quit lying to the public for selfish gain a fool and his money soon part pride comes before a fall

    1. Bob Fish

      I agree . These dogs would never last in the pit . 1: if fought by weight . Where you going to get another the same size .2: you wouldnt need to find one the same weight. l have seen afew dogs less than 70lbs. That would wear that dog down in 20 min . And then take it out

      1. With such weight, clearly the more it lasts, the least chance it gets to ‘win.’

  3. Charles Jackson

    How do i one of hulk’s puppies

    1. fred fep

      You don’t one anything. One is not a verb.

  4. Hulk is not the largest in the world the actual largest is BGK Azore , I own his neice AOW Dolce. This is called marketing to make money. My pups are 150-175 males and I dont need to contact media

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