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Micro & XXL Bullies: Is Extreme Breeding The Breed’s First Epidemic?

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Published on
Friday 15 January 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
the hulk pitbull bully dark dynasty k9's
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Why do Pitbull and Bully breeders drift away from the official standard and breed bigger or smaller versions instead of sticking to the standard size? It is, nowadays, a clear trend with all breeds but a lot more with bully breeds where there are so many new types such as a pocket, mini, maxi, XL, XXL, giant, and so on.

In the bully world, we have seen an uproar of breeders breeding the biggest and the smallest of the breed. We’ve seen gigantic dogs like Dark Dynasty K9’s “The Hulk” weighing over 170 lbs. down to micro bullies only weighing a mere 30 lbs, with just about everything in between.

I think this newfound obsession with dog sizes has always been a part of human nature. We tend to have an obsession with getting the biggest house, the biggest car, the biggest everything. You have the same thinking process with the extra small version of the breed.

People thrive to have the most unique and customized of every dog, car, house, you name it. Now, to figure out if this is good is another story…

Why Have The Bully Breeds Taken That Turn?

In recent years, the bully and pitbull breeds have gained extreme popularity. This new profound popularity has got this amazing breed into the hands of all people from every aspect of life. I’ve seen totally different breeds emerge from these new breeders. It’s sad to see some of the nasty productions produced by breeders these days. While, on the opposite end, it is amazing the improvements the breed is taking year after year.

Most breeders are just giving the buyer what they want, a focus on size and color. But the biggest factor I have noticed over the years has for sure been the reason most things become popular: the good old money. I have personally sold multiple dogs for over $10,000 which, with that kind of money, entice too many people to start breeding this breed. Mostly because it sounds so easy to have some puppies, and then people think that bringing in that kind of money is just a matter of posting ads here and there. So, when something sounds that easy, you end up having a queue of people trying it. They will quickly find out otherwise if they really stick to breeding.

exotic bully
A short, very low exotic bully. More and more breeders breed these pocket-sized American Bullies. (credits: bullypedex)

The best way to put this into perspective is when you see someone playing a professional sport and witness the millions of dollars they are earning. Most people don’t just get off their couch and decide to be on the field the next morning. The reason these very people don’t do it is that they realize how hard and difficult it is to get that good at football. But what people don’t realize in breeding pitbulls and bullies is that you are also competing against thousands of other breeders for just a select few customers.

The Downfall Of Breeding Extreme Dogs

The main problem with breeding the XX(XXX)L or micro breeds is the many inherent health issues to happen because of such extreme breeding practices. If size is your determining factor in breeding you’re bound to have health concerns because most breeders that follow this fantasy disregard other attributes.


The most common health concern is body structure and hip dysplasia in the XL specimens of the bully breeds. More exotic breeds also have problems with hip dysplasia as well as bowed front and back legs. These poor health conditions result in short, painful lives sometimes only reaching 5 years. Joints and body structure issues result in immobility and handicap.

With so many people thinking every dog living is a prospect to breed, there is a guarantee for thousands of dogs to have no home. This is why breeding is not for everyone unless you are really serious about it and want to bring something special to the table (and the breed.)

How To Avoid This Epidemic As A Buyer?

For the future buyers who are probably wondering how to avoid these bad breeders that overcharge and sell unhealthy pups, the biggest action you can take is to research the breeder and find other customers they have sold dogs to. Your best bet is to find a reputable breeder.

I’ve also learned to stay away from breeders with their unique or major selling point being to advertise their dogs to be the biggest or smallest in size. These breeders tend to have more health issues found within their breeding stock and litters.

A breeder that takes his dogs in for a full health evaluation of the parents and the pup before you take them home is your best bet to ensure you’re getting a healthy pet. With that in mind, I would still not buy a puppy unless it has a 1-year health guarantee. Simply because several health problems can arise once the dog starts to fully mature like skin issues that cause the dog fur problems for life.

The Wrap-up

Bully breeds are moving in a better direction for breeders, owners, and everyone that interacts with them on a daily basis. If you are looking to add a bully to your household, make sure to research the breeder and only purchase puppies from health-certified and health-proven breeders. Don’t look to buy the biggest, buy the healthiest, buy the best.

Featured image credits to ABC News/Ruaridh Connellan/Barcroft Media/Landov.

2 comments on “Micro & XXL Bullies: Is Extreme Breeding The Breed’s First Epidemic?”

  1. David R Dubay

    I agree with the topic, however it fails to mention the unethical breeding of Merle bully’s.Most non breeders do not know this is not a color, but a nervous system disorder. All Merle’s eventually have extreme health problems such as losing their sight and /or hearing and live for an average of 5 years. If you breed two Merle’s all the puppies will die as they have the double k commonly referred to as the kill gene. The are unintentionally breading dogs that will suffer a short painful life just to prey on the ignorance of the average buyer. Their is a reason they can not be registered with the more reputable organizations.

  2. Zay howard

    I’d just like to add that what some of these people are trying to promote as “exotic bully’s” or the “worlds smallest bully” usually jst breed whatever dog they see are smallest and that’s it the dogs are just breed often time sitting in cages in garages usually never let out unless it’s time to breed these new breeders are also money hungry and sell there dogs to anyone not caring what may happen to them last thing I want to say is if your considering buying any bully breed wether it’s EB’s frenchies or pocket bullies please make sure your not just buying them as accessories or because it’s the newest craze understand that these are still dogs and animals who need Exercise and love and are a much bigger responsibility than what social media and breeders will lead you to believe

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