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The Best Social Media Platforms For Dog Breeders

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Monday 10 February 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
social media for dog breeders
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Social media platforms for dog breeders allow you to join hands with the community, and gladly call yourself a “petfluencer”. What is that you ask? Well, petfluencers are influencers with the sole love of breeding pups, loving dogs, and sharing their pictures – guilt-free!

But you might be wondering: what good can dog breeders social media platforms bring for my breeding business?

Well, with the development of smartphones and apps, businesses are changing how they operate. With these social media apps backing you, your presence won’t just be limited to the physical world. But you’ll also find a digital audience that would be eager to learn more about your breeding business.

Social media is not only great for connecting with like-minded people but can also help generate a solid income. As your businesses’ social media presence grows, more and more people follow you. And as you increase your popularity, your income will increase as well.

If you’re still not convinced of the power of social media, then take a look at some of the most famous dogs on social media platforms:

  1. Boo – 16 million followers on Facebook only
  2. WeRateDogs – started by a college student, has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram
  3. Marnie – 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone

With that said, let’s take an in-depth look at some of these social media platforms for dog breeders.


However, the list doesn’t just end here. Not only are these platforms great for individual pups, but excellent for breeders looking to connecting with potential customers.

What Social Media Platforms Should Dog Breeders Use?

Now, before we move on to discussing the social media platforms for dog breeders, let’s talk about how you can get started. Most of these platforms offer you the chance to sign up, either as a business or as an individual. If you’re wondering what distinguishes the two, then here’s a clear difference:

Individual accounts are simple user accounts with nothing more than personal connections. On the other hand, business accounts provide you with the following features from the start:

  1. Advertising to your target audience
  2. Analytics tools to track the performance of your posts and advertisements
  3. Messaging features
  4. Community building and outreach

Not only does a broad social media outreach open doors for you to grow your kennel, but you can also make money off your dog. Moreover, sponsorships are yet another excellent opportunity for you to make a profitable income through proper social media presence.

If you’ve been wondering about how to get your dog sponsored, then I’ll let you in on some of my secrets in this post. So, to help you with that, let’s dive right into the details of each platform.

Key differences between social media platforms (via


Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most dominant social media platforms in the world. With a social app of this popularity in your arsenal, you can market up to 2 billion people in the world!

Running website traffic campaigns and adverts on Facebook can help you generate a substantial number of leads. What makes the ads on Facebook so efficient is that they can be targeted to your intended audience by limiting them to viewers in a specific region or with a specific type of interests.

So, if you run an advertisement for pet lovers or owners, then you can reach people of that kind from all over the world. Now, maybe some of these are not potential customers, but they will definitely help you foster good connections for the long run.

Now, to the analytics. See, each person interacting with your business is different. So on such a diverse platform like Facebook, how can you figure out what your audience loves?

Well, Facebook’s analytics allow you to get one step closer to the people and get to know more about their likes, dislikes, and history. So, this can help you produce content which is according to your audience’s needs.

The benefits of choosing Facebook don’t just end there. If you find it hard to connect with all your followers, then they have a solution for that as well.

Facebook allows you to create ‘Groups’ that people in your community can follow. Now, these groups can help you connect to all your loyal followers in an instant. As your group grows in the number of its members, it grows in popularity as well.

facebook groups about dogs
There are hundreds of dog breeding and breed-specific Facebook Groups: pick your favorite ones!


So, here’s the thing: In this day and age, just telling someone something is not enough. You have to show what you mean, and that is precisely where videos and graphics come in. If you can click some stunning dog photos, then Instagram, the ruler of all photo and video-sharing platforms, is the perfect way to go!

With over 1 billion active users, the application is flourishing and gives breeders a new way to market their business. And what cost does it incur to make a video? Not much. So in your case, all you need to do is click a picture of your litter, and post it away.

Just a cute post can help your audience know what business you’re into which might lead to new customers. Not to mention, Instagram has great support for businesses and can help you connect with many followers.

Engaging with customers in a healthy fashion will only result in more earnings and a better following. For each post, you can check out how many people interact, whether they like it or not, or what brings them there.

Hashtags and day-long stories are fantastic features which expose your posts, videos, and pictures to a wider range of audiences. Instagram dog trends shift every now and then. But just by using popular hashtags like “#cutedog” under your post, you can get yourself trending overnight!

Stuck at googling on how to make your dog famous on Instagram? Well, it’s relatively simpler than what people showcase it to be. I’d advise you to be consistent with your posting schedule and adverts. Once you’ve got a nice following going on, you might even stop the adverts and generate passive income through your pup’s popularity over Instagram.

Increase Your Bully Kennel’s Instagram Followers With These Tips
Increase Your Bully Kennel’s Instagram Followers With These Tips

While Snapchat is not what it was supposed to be, a lot of younger dog fanciers are present on the network. It would make sure to use it if you are targeting a younger crowd.

Having a large Instagram following will allow you to increase your prices, and increase your stud service fees, too.


Community-based or picture-sharing platforms are not the only social mediums for you. One different yet effective dog breeders’ social media platform is YouTube. It is a video-driven social media platform which hosts more than a billion people and represents about 11 percent of all global video traffic.

YouTube follows a subscription-based method where users can follow or subscribe to your channel if they love your content. Also, YouTube Analytics is offered with YouTube to evaluate performance and measure audience engagement. Although it covers all basic fronts like counting likes, dislikes, and subscribers, this analytics tool also gives you a lot of other information like how long the average person viewed your view for. This may also help you create long-term customers for your breeding business.

As a kennel owner or breeder, you can advertise and showcase your channel to pet owners, lovers, and admirers so you can get traffic over to your website. Since Youtube offers great discoverability, your content will automatically generate revenue for years to come.

If you’ve been pondering long enough on how to make your dog famous on YouTube, then this might help you. YouTube has a separate section for the content which is trending in the region you’ve selected. So, if your channel trends in the US, more and more Americans can get access to it and your dog would eventually get more popular!

Hulk Video Youtube Pitbull
Hulk, the biggest pitbull, seems to have thousands of fans on Youtube…

In the past, dogs who got recognition on Youtube were even featured in TV commercials. So, if you’re wondering how can you get your dog on TV, then that’s exactly how!


If you’re looking for the ultimate place to get your litter’s pictures trending, then Twitter is the place to be. Twitter is one of the largest social medium and news-sharing platforms with over 300 million active users.

On Twitter, users get a chance to talk, discuss, carry live sessions, engage, and re-post content (called a retweet). The social media presence of pet owners on Twitter is increasing at a high rate, with many new accounts joining the race.

If you manage to get your content trending on Twitter, then it’s highly likely that people will follow you to other platforms as well. But how does it all happen? Hashtags. Although we’ve discussed using them on Instagram, they’re equally crucial for reach on Twitter as well.

Once your post gets famous in a hashtag, more and more people start to follow you, or better, retweet your content. And, believe me, trending pictures on Twitter spread like wildfire all over social media. But there’s more; most twitter users don’t just stop there. Rather, they’ll screenshot and post your content elsewhere as well. This creates brand loyalty and in turn, generates a steady source of attention as well.

Advertising is also possible on Twitter, and you can run paid campaigns for profiles, hashtags, or your own business. This might be your sole strategy in the start, but once your kennel or business gains some attention, you can shift to ad-free marketing as well.


To end our social media platforms for dog breeders list, we have Pinterest. It is yet another social network with over 250 million active users that are searching for billions of ideas and inspirations.

You might be wondering: how can I possibly use a social network for inspiration to market my breeding business?

Pinterest Board Teacup Micro Dogs
“Micro Teacup Dogs” Showcased On Pinterest

Well, for that, you’ll need to first understand how Pinterest works. Pinterest relies on pins – these are images which users put up, and other users can like, share, or save them to gain inspiration. However, inspiration is not the only thing that it gives away. So let’s assume you’ve put up a picture of your litter and a pet owner goes through it. Often, these viewers are potential customers.

Pinterest allows you to link the pins to your website. If you post a pin and link it to your website, then someone from your audience might visit your website. This can help generate leads and website traffic.

Dog breeders’ social media platforms like Pinterest can be an excellent source of generating an income. Apart from web traffic, which is a massive advantage, you can indulge in affiliate marketing as well. Affiliate programs allow you to suggest someone else’s product to your audience. Now, if someone from your audience purchases that product, you’ll receive a commission off of that purchase. If that’s not how you roll, then you could sell your own puppies and products as well, which is more time-consuming but a lot more rewarding as well.

So, dog breeders social media platforms like Pinterest can be an excellent source of generating a constant flux of attention. Among the many advantages that these platforms offer, you can advertise your business, reach customers, and make essential connections as well.

Benefits of Using Social Media as for Dog Breeders

We’ve discussed some of the most popular social media platforms for dog breeders. But, what good does a social media presence bring to your breeding business? Let’s discuss that in great detail now.

Low-cost advertising

Expensive, traditional advertising strategies are a thing of the past now. Not only is the social media marketing approach better for engagement, but it also costs a lot less.


Surely, the cost of advertising on social media isn’t ignorable. But it’s still a lot more cost-effective as compared to billboards, newspaper articles, and other traditional methods.

International access to potential customers

Popular pet social media sites can help you get in touch with potential customers all over the world. Social media is all about gathering attention from people, nurturing good relations, and building a community of followers.

You can quickly get most of this done by consistently posting updates, pictures, videos, or whatever your audience enjoys seeing and engaging with. Customers can contact you in case they’re interested in your litter or if they have a query.  

Easier assessment of your competition

Other than advertising your own business, social media can be perfect for analyzing your competition. Moreover, you can assess your competition’s marketing strategies on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms and see what works and doesn’t work for them.

This way, you can get a rough idea of what your own audience wants and can work on the negatives of your competitors to reach your audience more effectively. Be it cute pictures of Pomeranians, or questions about a medical condition, you can share all of this on dog breeders social media platforms.

Easier market analysis

Whether you’re just starting in the breeding business or are a seasoned breeder, social media apps can help you analyze the market better. From competitor analysis to understanding the needs of your clientele, you can research almost anything on social media.

You can also see what dog breeds are trending, assess their hype, and understand why people love that breed. Also, keep a check on prominent breeders to see how they price their puppies, breed them, or market their litters. This way, you can better market and price your puppies from the get-go.

Keeping with the Trend

Social media is undoubtedly the next big thing in business, and this trend isn’t going to wither away that easily. In this day and age, being a breeder means keeping up with people and following along on this trend to market your business.

Moreover, following this trend is surely a gateway to standing out in competitors and capturing a wider audience. Be consistent, helpful, and let your cute puppies do the rest for you!

Hopefully, we’ve won you over with the powers of social media for dogs and their breeders. Social media platforms for dog breeders are not limited to the ones we’ve discussed. Social apps for dogs like Dogster, Petzbe, and Wooof app are excellent options as well. You can go all-in and get the business started on every platform or grow one by one; it’s all up to you. But if you’re a one-man-army, then you’d be better off focusing on one platform at a time.

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