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Q&A With Veronique Pluim: Woman and American Bully Breeder!

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Published on
Tuesday 31 January 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Veronique Pluim American Bully Breeder Excellent Bully's
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Being involved in the American Bully breeding circles is tough: it’s full of clans, hypes, trends, and personalities. Some would say it’s a man’s world with very little room for the opposite sex. But we found her — Veronique Pluim runs Veronique Excellent Bully’s and she is smashing Instagram.

A quick interview that we wanted to organize because there aren’t many popular and successful female breeders in the American Bully world. Veronique is one of them and she was happy to speak to us and share her opinion on the breed and its community. You can find her on the ‘Gram at @veronique_excellent_bullys.

We always say dog breeding is a difficult endeavor that requires a lot of passion, dedication, and to remain pragmatic, money, and time. But if you manage to go through the first hurdles, breeding dogs is the most fulfilling experience. Thanks to Veronique Pluim for demonstrating this on a daily basis!

Pocket, Standard, XL, Micro, Exotic: confusing, no?

I do understand that for people who are new to this breed it can be a bit confusing. But with a little bit of research, it is really easy to keep them apart.

With pocket, standard, XL, and micro: it’s all about Height — so if you measure your dog you will know which category you have.

Myself, I breed pockets for example but I also have a micro out of 2 pockets, just because she is too little to be a pocket. My main focus is to breed pockets, but there is always a chance you will get a micro or a standard out of 2 pockets.

american bully interview
Veronique with one of her strong dogs.

Any bloodline you respect and want to work with?

I love Muscletone Bullys because of their bone structure and muscle tone.

The American Bully is a breed that is constantly changing and there will be a lot of new quality bloodlines in the near future. Obviously, the American Bully is not perfect yet, so we all have to look into different bloodlines to create a better American Bully over the next generations.

What goals did you set for your bloodline?


I want to have American Bullies in my bloodline who have the bone structure I like with the right amount of muscle tone and big heads. However, I still want to breed an American Bully who can run and live a happy doggy life. For me, a dog like Magoo is a real American Bully, the way I like them to be.

When I look for a stud for my females I will look at my female first:

  • what is she missing,
  • and what are her flaws

Only then I can start looking for a better-suited stud. One who has everything that she is missing and that can correct or attenuate her flaws.

If the line is good I will do linebreeding. I did it with my last breeding because I like the lines from which the two dogs came from.

Bully circles are manly; how do you deal with that?

It definitely is a men’s world, but I am getting so many compliments for being a girl who breeds a strong breed like the American Bully. I never heard anyone being disrespectful to me, just for being a woman.

Also, I think I do have a little advantage as a woman because of social media. I am doing a lot with social media, and I am noticing that if I am posting a picture of me with one of the dogs it will attract new followers, so I can use my feminism to sell my puppies, ha!

Veronique Excellent Bully's champions
Veronique Excellent Bully‘s shows several American Bully champions.

What exercise and diet do you provide your bullies with?

I live in a farmhouse with a lot of ground and field around it. Yet, I walk them every morning in three groups for 45 minutes per group. The rest of the day they are running and playing in the garden.

Most American Bullies are not really working dogs or really active dogs, especially when they are on the heavy side. Therefore, you don’t have to give them hours of exercise daily.

I feed them fresh complete dog meat and twice a week they are getting dry dog food with fish oil.

Don’t you think that too many bad breeders have too many Instagram followers?

I do think that there are a lot of breeders who aren’t doing enough to improve the breed but they still manage to sell their puppies.

However, I also feel that as a buyer you should do a little research and look at different breeders. You have to open your eyes and buy a healthy puppy with a breeder who really cares about the breed and not just their wallet.

It isn’t very hard to see breeders doing a good job from those trying to only line their pockets with cash.

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Any tips for those wanting to start breeding American Bullies?

if you want to begin breeding, you have to know that even though they are being sold for a lot of money, you have to invest a lot of money too before you can make some.

I see so many people who think that you can make a lot of money by breeding these dogs, but the fact is, there are already a lot of bully breeders out there. So what are you going to do differently to sell your pups? What are you bringing to the table? Why you and not somebody else?

Trust me, it isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

But if you still want to start breeding, at least your main focuses have to be on improving this breed:

  • So what is your vision of an american Bully?
  • What are the dogs who look like your ideal American Bully the most?
  • Is your ideal Bully healthy and not exaggerated?
  • What can you do better than other breeders in your lane?
american bully breeding
Check out our American Bully guide for owners and breeders.

Then, just go out there to research and buy healthy dogs/pups out of those lines, and stick to your initial vision. Don’t go changing it just because there is a new hype or trend — because there is ALWAYS a new shiny object to chase!

Where do you see the American Bully in 20 years?

I hope the American Bully will still exist in 20 years, but I hope it will be healthier while keeping its amazing and unique bully look, that we all love so much.

And I hope that my bloodline will contribute as much as possible to bettering the entire American Bully breed and community.

4 comments on “Q&A With Veronique Pluim: Woman and American Bully Breeder!”

  1. Jamal

    We definitely need more female breeders in this game but her sex should not matter to be perfectly honest. Let’s hope she breeds quality dogs and doesn’t spend all her time playing the Instagram model.

    1. Veronique pluim.

      I agree with you for 100% that sex doesnt matter. And no i am not just playing the Instagram model lol. If you check my page you would see that. ?

  2. Josh

    Is there another site to see her dogs/pups website ?

    1. Veronique pluim.

      Hi no only Facebook and Instagram.

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