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10 Best Dog Training Podcasts

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Saturday 1 August 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog training podcasts
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You should acquaint yourself with the magic that dog training podcasts are. Why? Well, if you’re trying to teach your canine some proper doggy decorum, then you’ll certainly require some expert advice to properly teach your dog.

One of the biggest benefits of tuning in to training podcasts about dogs is that you can learn from home. If your life revolves around a tight schedule, then these podcasts can be your saving grace. And, here’s the best part – we’ve compiled a power-packed list of some of the best podcasts for dog training out there, so all you have to do is keep reading.

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10 Amazing Dog Training Podcasts

After hours of scouring the internet and some spectacular sleuthing, here are the best dog training podcasts. The world is full of podcasts for dog lovers. Such as hunting dog podcasts and podcasts dedicated to canine diets. But only some of them are fully effective when it comes to dog-owners looking for answers.

Our compilation of dog podcasts is a comprehensive list that can be beneficial to people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog training fan, puppy-parent, or someone interested in a service dog – we’ve done our best to include something for everyone.

1. Ian Dunbar’s iWoofs Podcast

We’re big believers in starting strong, and that’s why our first podcast of choice is Dr. Ian Dunbar’s iWoofs Podcast. Ian Dunbar is nothing short of a dog whisperer. Apart from being the Director of The Center for Applied Animal Behavior, he’s a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer. See what we mean?

He’s also the author of several reputable books, and his dog-training DVDs include How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks and the SIRIUS® Puppy Training video. Armed with degrees from illustrious institutes like the Royal Veterinary College and UC Berkeley, Dr. Dunbar’s podcasts are full of dog training tips and tricks.

Be it puppy training myths, dog aggression, or icky habits like doggies eating poop – Dr. Ian’s Podcast has something to offer for everyone. We particularly recommend the podcast for new puppy parents because it touches upon the important topic of socialization as well. Did you know research suggests that a lack of proper socialization in young puppies can lead to improper behavior development? We didn’t know that either, but that’s exactly why you should learn more about the iWoofs Podcast.

2. Dog Training Q&A – What Would Jeff Do

You know how doctors tend to refer to sensitive cases to “specialists”? Well, Jeff Gellman, the owner of Solid K9 Training, is that kind of “specialist” trainer.

Jeff deals with dogs that have intense behavioral problems. He believes that when it comes to rehabilitating dogs, it’s best to focus on the small things daily. For instance, Jeff says that routine and rituals can help dogs keep their focus on basic skills. And that rewarding good behavior can keep your furry friend away from developing any big behavioral problems.

But what we like best about Jeff is that he doesn’t believe in giving up on animals, no matter how severe their aggression. It’s no wonder he’s extremely popular with dog owners who have trouble training their pets. These are only some of the reasons why we’ve added the Dog Training Q&A Podcast to our list. The podcast covers topics like training a dog with separation anxiety and how to start a dog business during the Covid-19 lockdown. This podcast is a treasure trove of information that we’re sure you will not mind diving into.

dog training podcasts
Training podcasts can help you train your dog from home.

3. Animal Training Academy

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get second and third opinions, then the Animal Training Academy (ATA) Podcast will appeal to you.

Also, much like all the other entries on our list, this training podcast for dogs is not a filler that’s meant to engage people with pointless blabber. It features countless gems from the animal behavior consultant world like Ken Ramirez, Vidhya Karthikeyan, and Sabrina Brando.

The episodes feature spectacular personalities from all around the world who’re at the top when it comes to dog training. And each contributor brings their unique perspective on dog behavior. As a bonus, the podcast covers a wide range of topics. So whether you’re a dog fitness enthusiast or just someone who’s looking to extend their knowledge about canine behavior, the ATA podcast will most certainly benefit you.

4. Positively Dog Training

Have you heard of Victoria Stilwell puppy training? If you haven’t, that’s ok because we have you covered. Victoria Stilwell is a veritable gold mine when it comes to all things canine. You can also catch her on the hit television series – It’s Me or the Dog. She’s nothing short of a celebrity in the world of dog behavior training and has appeared on many shows for popular channels like BBC1 and CBS.

Although, that’s not exactly why we love her. The fact that she’s a passionate advocate for positive reinforcement dog training is what makes her a legend to us. Apart from all that, she’s also the CEO of Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training. And she’s the host of the insanely popular Positively dog training Podcast. What’s not to love about an empowered and spirited woman? The podcast includes highly-informed and timely episodes that highlight several relevant topics such as fostering animals during the lockdown and safety tips for pets during the pandemic.

Plus, if you’re on the lookout for stellar advice on how to turn your love for animals into a practiced profession, then you should give episode 818 a listen. The episode has pet photographer extraordinaire, J. Nichole Smith, handing out ideas about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur, in the doggy world. Suffice it to say, the podcast is full of terrific suggestions, and you will not regret a single second you spend listening to it.

5. Cog Dog Radio

Podcast enthusiasts insist that there’s nothing like the canine nation podcast. But we say that Cog Dog Radio is one of the best online resources for canine behavior. The Cog Dog podcast is part of the Cognitive Canine Online Dog Training Program. The two special ladies behind the initiative are Sarah Stremming and Leslie Eide.

Sarah is a globe trotter who helps dogs around the world be on their best behavior. Whereas Leslie is a certified canine rehabilitationist. She’s also a vet with the Sound Veterinary Rehab Center in Seattle, WA. With over a hundred episodes, the Cog Dog Podcast is a gold mine of information. The episodes cover topics that most dog owners are curious about.

For instance, The Happy Crating episode talks about how you can teach your puppy to relax in a crate. We chose this particular episode because crating is controversial among some dog owners. But Sarah explains how crating is not at all frowned upon in the world of positive dog training. Puppy parents looking for answers on such divisive issues stand to learn a lot from this podcast.

cog dog radio podcast
Cog Dog Radio podcast discusses topics that most dog owners are curious about.

6. Drinking from the Toilet

There’s no doubt that the dog consultant and behavior world is full of professionals. But sometimes, you just want an expert you can level with. That’s why Sarah Branigan’s podcast is like a breath of fresh air. Don’t get us wrong, Sarah knows what she’s talking about. But she describes herself as a training nerd, which is cool. How many of you can relate to that? We know we do.

Aside from a fresh perspective, Hannah has the uncanny ability to break down complex training techniques. She makes difficult concepts easy to understand and implement. Oh, and did we mention that Hannah has a background in sports and biology? All that, including her quirky sense of humor, makes her training podcast for dogs worth listening to.

Not only does Drinking From The Toilet Podcast feature great guest speakers, but it’s also entertaining. One of our favorite episodes – Working With Aging Dogs – has Lori Stevens handing out precious advice. The episode also covers everything you need to know about training older dogs. You can also learn about how to help dogs switch to tactile cues when they lose their hearing. As dog lovers, we know how attached we can grow to our furry babies, even when they’re old and grey. That’s why we recommend this podcast to all readers with older dogs.

7. Dog Talk with Dr. Jen

If you’re looking to learn doggy tricks from a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, then look no further. Dr. Jen is a vet and a professional dog trainer. She focuses on issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, and compulsive behavior issues. To us, this is one of the best puppy training podcasts ever. All the episodes of Dr. Jen’s podcast are enlightening, hands-on, and very thorough.

Not only does Jen lay all the information out in a competent manner, but all her advice is backed by science. She covers issues like puppy socialization, house training, and how to handle canine boredom. We suggest you pay special attention to episode 12. This is where Jen talks about the factors people should consider when choosing a dog. Unfortunately, some people are prone to picking a dog the same way they pick out furniture – based on how it looks.

But Dr. Jen explains why people need to be smart about selecting their pets so that their relationship isn’t strained in the future. We hope that all future dog parents will give this episode a try because there’s nothing worse than feeling you can’t connect with your dog.

8. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

The next entry on our list is a remarkable opportunity for all competitive dog sports fans. The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) is a reputed online school. And they deliver excellent guidance when it comes to competitive dog sports. Their training methods focus only on the most innovative techniques.

The FDSA is big on three things – clarity, respect, and education. They promote learning methods that are easy for everyone. The Academy also believes in a learning environment that’s helpful for dogs and their owners. Sometimes, competitive sports can be taken a little too seriously, which is why it’s important to focus on positivity. The Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast isn’t like most hunting dog training podcasts, though it does cover nose work extensively. With over 160 episodes, this podcast is an astounding source of sports-related topics.

Whether you want to know more about training your canine from home or are uncertain about how weave poles work – this is the podcast for you. It’s also a treat for horse-lovers and horse training enthusiasts. All we can say is that episode 162 is so much more than just informational – it’s illuminating.

9. Canine Conversations

You know you’ve hit a dog training jackpot when the podcast makers claim they are obsessive about all things canine. The Canine Conversations Podcast (CCP) is the joint effort of the following dog training programs:

Kayla Fratt is CEO of Journey Dog Training, and she’s got an impressive list of credentials. She’s a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Apart from that, JDT has been covered by publications such as Reader’s Digest, PopSugar, and Bustle. Canis Major Dog Training is in Denver, CO, and boasts a team of highly-qualified behaviorists. Canis Major follows the least intrusive and minimally invasive (LIMA) method of training. Whereas, Paws and Reward Dog Training is the initiative of Marissa Martino. She’s the brilliant mind behind the book – Human-Canine Behavior Connection.

The point behind telling you all that is to assure you that the CCP has something to offer for everyone. Each episode of this training podcast for dogs is a breakthrough experience for any dog owner. From tackling troublesome puppies, to reinforcement training, and dog gut health – each hearing is a treat. If you’re still not convinced, then give one episode a try. We guarantee you’ll find yourself returning to the podcast in no time.

canine conversations podcast
Canine Conversations podcast talks about all things canine.

10. Hope Service Dogs, Inc: How to Train Your Service Dog

Our last entry is the Hope Service Dogs, Inc Podcast, and we love it for several reasons. Reason number one is its association with service dogs. We can all agree that there’s nothing more loveable than a loyal assistance dog. Hope Service Dogs specialize in service dogs for:

  • Medical & Mobility Disabilities
  • Psychiatric – PTSD & Anxiety (for civilians and veterans)
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Dysautonomia

They’re dedicated to providing disabled owners with professional training for service dogs. And, they’re also involved in educating the public about the rights of disabled persons with a service dog. In short, they’re worth their weight in gold.

The Hope Service Podcast sheds light on all aspects of training an assistance dog. From helping owners choose the right service dog to topics like off-leash training, the podcast is extremely helpful. The least we can say about this podcast is that its purpose is more than enough of a recommendation.

Dogs are fantastic animals, and they make fabulous pets. They’re also loving, loyal, and very generous with their attention. While your furry companion may exhibit a few behavioral issues from time to time, there’s always a solution to be found. We hope our list of the best dog podcasts provided you all the help you’re looking for, and that you and your doggy continue to share a dogtastic relationship.

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