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20 Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Saturday 11 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best podcasts for dog lovers
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The idea of listening to podcasts for dog lovers all day sounds heavenly. It’s especially because of how convenient it is to put a podcast on and do anything along with it. Whether it’s a long walk in the park or a commute back home, listening to a podcast is the best way to pass the time!

Though there’s one small issue you might’ve come across; finding good podcasts about dogs isn’t as easy as you’d think. That’s where we hop in and share our list of the best podcasts to have EVER existed. So, sit back and give this list a read; you’re definitely going to find your new favorite here!

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Top 20 Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Dog podcasts are a great source of entertainment and knowledge if you’re a doggo enthusiast. Training, life, food, health, and anything else you can think of for your pup; there’s a podcast for it. Moreover, if you have questions about your dogs, you’re likely to have them answered as well.

With that said, let’s jump into some dog-tastic podcasts now:

podcasts for dog lovers
Podcasts for dog lovers are both informative and entertaining!

1. Can I Pet Your Dog

The “Can I Pet Your Dog” podcast is the perfect remedy for dog lovers. The show is hosted by two fellow dog lovers, Renee Colvert and Alexis B. Preston. Every episode features a new guest as the hosts all discuss all their personal and external doggy knowledge of the week. This includes their dogs, trending doggies from the news, and dogs they pet each week.

It’s up every Tuesday with some more bonus content during the week at times. There’s also a special section in each podcast called the “Mutt Minute” where they discuss facts about a single breed. So, what’s not to love? There’s everything you can imagine, and that too in a 30-minute podcast!

2. Canine Nation

The Canine Nation podcast goes a bit far into covering things related to behavioral sciences in dogs. These podcasts are up every month and hosted by a fellow dog enthusiast, Eric Brad. Each podcast will keep you hooked and really help you understand why dogs behave the way they do and how those behaviors can be modified.

Point being – you’ll love knowing more about your dog. Consequently, it’ll also help create a happier environment around your home. Apart from the podcasts about dogs, they also have a series of blogs and written materials that you can read in your leisure time.

3. Dr. Dunbar’s iWoof Podcast

iWoof – it’s not just the name that’s awesome, the podcast is near perfect too. Dr. Dunbar, the creator of the iWoof podcast, covers loads of topics related to dogs in these series. Currently, there are five full seasons of several episodes.

The stories Dr. Dunbar covers aren’t just made up. Rather, they’re faced by someone. Real-life scenarios and advice work wonders, and you’ll find that out after giving one episode a go. However, the last season dates back to 2016 – so it’s not active anymore.

4. The Dog Trainer’s Quick and Dirty Tricks

Our next podcast will definitely change the relationship between you and your pup. If you’re a new doggo parent,The Dog Trainer‘ has loads of new cool tricks that you can make use of to train your pup. However, the tips aren’t just for young pup owners. If you’re a parent of an adult dog, there’s tips and tricks for you too – as no age is too old to learn something new!

These tips are also helpful if you’re hiring a new trainer for your dog. Go through the podcasts, and see if your trainer has an idea on how to tackle your questions. That’s a good way to start your process. Again, that’s not the only use of these podcasts – you can also use them if you’re house-training or simply teaching your pup a new habit.

5. Creative Dog Training

Creative Dog Training is your one-stop podcast for learning about dogs and their training. These are the ideal podcasts for dog lovers as they mention their goals to be educating people about dogs and their lifestyle. That said, it was enough to make me fall in love with their work!

The podcasts are great with extensive lessons on a particular topic. Moreover, the website also has a search option so you can easily search for a podcast. All this adds up to make this podcast a pretty good option for beginners and veterans alike!

creative dog training
The Creative Dog Training podcast talks about dogs and their training.

6. It’s a Doggy Dog World

I love the joy we get every day in being with the companionship of dogs and that’s what our next podcast is about. “It’s a Doggy Dog World” is one of the few dog podcasts that’s an all-rounder. They have discussions on dogs, their breeds, their behaviors, problems, and lots of other interesting topics for you to cherish about, with your pup!

The hosts, Liz Palka, Petra Burke, and Kate Abott, post these talk-show style podcasts every week with interesting celebs as well. Apart from the formal discussions, the hosts also discuss their lives with dogs and their cute habits. It is also one of the few dog breeding podcasts that you’ll come across so you can find more on breeding as well.

7. DogCast Radio

DogCast Radio is enough to make a dog lover go bonkers. They cover every latest news about dogs so you don’t have to go through it all by yourself. The creators profile dog breeds, discuss training tips, and talk about trending dogs. Similarly, they also conduct interviews with pet breeders and other admirers for you to gain tremendous information.

What’s great about this podcast is that they have a separate section for kids. So, if you have a kid who loves to talk about puppies, the “Puppy Play Time” section will be great! One last thing – they also fancy requests so if you have something particular in mind, you can ask them to feature it.

8. The Dog’s Way Podcast

The Dog’s Way podcast is run by Sean McDaniel, a dog trainer, who excels at his craft. The training lessons are amazing, thorough, and so well-explained that this podcast soon landed in our favorites. I’m sure you’ll have a similar opinion when you start binge-listening to these!

If you head over to the website, there’s a special feature to ask questions as well. Sean features some of these questions in his podcasts and answers them to relieve dog owners of their problems. Our personal favorite series was the “Sit Command”, just recently covered by him. One other thing – if you’re looking for a dog podcast on Spotify, The Dog’s Way is there as well. Not just that, but several other streaming platforms as well. Give it a look to see if your preferred medium is there or not.

9. Frenzi Dog Sports Podcast

Frenzi Dog Sports is an online school that teaches dog owners about competitive dog sports. The videos, webinars, and courses are thoroughly explained to give you a good head start.

Apart from that, they also run one of the most popular dog podcasts to date. These podcasts cover several topics ranging from sports, training, dog behavior, and others.

10. Something to Bark About

Most dog podcasts are run by dog enthusiasts who love to share their everyday experiences. On the other hand, we have Something to Bark About‘ which is hosted by Chad Mackin, an internationally recognized dog trainer, writer, and speaker. This podcast is his personal project where he shares his experiences, tips and tricks, and discusses dogs in general.

The podcast is great if you’re just stepping into knowing more about dogs and the pet world. He picks up trending topics, questions, debates, and answers them in a simplistic manner.

11. Positively Dog Training

The Positively Dog podcasts feature Victoria Stilwell and Holly Firfer, two dog lovers and their conversations about doggos. This podcast series will keep you up to date with all the latest dog news.

Other than that, Victoria also has a special session called “Ask Victoria” where she features special guests and answers some of the most interesting questions ever. You can subscribe to her podcasts on several platforms and keep up to date with all the latest postings!

12. Dog Save the People

Dog Save the People” is one of the best podcasts for dog lovers. John Bartlett, an animal rights activist, believes in bringing the canine community together and strengthening them through amazing dog stories. He features guests from all over the world with dogs of all breeds, and there’s love and positivity imprinted all over the podcast.

It’s one of our favorites and really helps to see how dogs are changing the world. Honestly, they’re a beautiful living being and the stories you’ll be hearing on the podcasts will surely fill your heart in awe.

13. Robert Cabral’s Canine Conversations

Canine Conversations focuses on covering new and left-out topics when it comes to dog training and their behaviors. It’s run by Robert Cabral, who’s a master trainer and behavior specialist for dogs.

Other than training and discussions on dog behaviors, these podcasts also cater to sports, health, competitions, and nutrition for dogs. It’s on every dog lovers list of podcasts for dogs to listen to, and you shouldn’t shy away from adding this to your Spotify pet playlist either!

14. Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Our next podcast used to be the buzzword when it comes to some great time with dogs. The ‘Vegas Rock Dog Radio‘ is hosted by Sam Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo also known as the “Queen of Rock n Roll Dogs”.

In less than an hour, the host and her guests discuss everything there is to know about the dogs in the news, their lives, people around them, and some tidbits of pop culture. This is yet another classic radio and will help you gather information on what’s happening around you.

15. Working like Dogs

Working dogs are amazing and helpful to humans in so many fields of life. In this podcast, ‘Working like Dogs‘, the author talks a lot about such working dogs, their trainers, handlers, and researchers. So whether you’re the owner of a working dog or plan on owning one soon, this podcast is a gold mine.

There’s so much invaluable information for you to harvest, you’ll love it. You’ll also have the first-hand experience and listen to stories of what it’s like to work beside working dogs as the host features celebrities and trainers.

16. Dog Tales

Dog Tales is all about stories, courageous attempts, sacrifices, and heroics displayed by dogs. The podcast will help you fall in love as the creators discuss stories of our beloved canine companions who’re with us at all times.

There’s much to learn from these podcasts on how dogs are beautiful beings and deserve the utmost love from their human counterparts. The podcast is up every Monday and each story is remarkable in itself! It’s one of our favorites when it comes to selecting podcasts for dogs on Spotify.

17. Bad Dog Agility Podcast

If you’ve ever thought of improving your pet’s performance in competitions or take part in them, you’ll have to put some work in. The ‘Bad Dog Agility‘ podcast is where they thoroughly discuss agility training, dog competitions, and relevant news for you to keep up to date.

The podcast also features dog owners who’ve previously won with their doggies and share some tips for newcomers to benefit. You’ll have a great time listening to the bad dog podcast if you’re planning to participate with your dog.

18. Cog Dog Radio

The ‘Cog Dog Radio‘ is an initiative by the Cognitive Nation, a training school focused on agility and behavioral modification. It’s run by Sarah Stremming, an amazing dog trainer who plans to make the relationship between canine and humans better.

Each episode contains experiences, training advice, and thoroughly vetted methods that you can try on your dog. The podcasts are posted every week along. Similarly, there’s a write-up for each podcast if you’re a fan of blogs as well.

cog dog radio
Cog Dog Radio is focused on agility and behavioral modification.

19. The Golden Ratio Podcast

Our next featured podcast is all about Golden Retrievers. If you need some amazing doggy content in your life or a cheerful time in your mid-week, the “Golden Ratio” podcast is the perfect thing for you.

It’s a series about the owners’ Retrievers and updates about their lives. It’s so much fun just listening to people talking about their goofy dogs. This daily dog podcast is surely the one I’ve missed out on but not anymore as this is next on our wishlist!

20. City Dogs

As the name suggests, City Dogs is all about living a city-life with your pups. It’ll give you an idea of what it’s like to live and care for a pup in a fast-paced life. You’ll love the experiences, stories, and delightful events the creators and guests discuss. Moreover, the flow of content is superb and will even help you feel as if you’re in the conversation yourself.

Such podcasts for dog lovers are true gems. If you’ve been missing out on it, be sure to quickly hop in and get up to date with it. It’s especially important if you’re a city person and plan on getting a dog – see what it’s like to own one!

Whether you are trying to relax or learn, these podcasts are sure to help you pass the time in the most enjoyable way! Check out one or two today.

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