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Dog Bedding Supplies

Breeding Business Wednesday 5 December 2018

Well, this is a big category and we’ve published several in-depth buying guides because different dogs definitely require different beds. Some need orthopedic beds, others require chewproof beds, while some just need dog pillows to be comfy and lounge around. Then, some owners need a bed that looks good in the living room or one that is low, or high, or just different.

Once you have that dog bed, what do you add in it — some padding, a blanket, some pillows?

Indestructible Dog Beds

indestructible dog bed

One thing dog owners know, regardless whether you own a pit bull or a chihuahua, our lovely dogs chew, scratch, dig and destroy pretty much anything they want. Having bought so many dog beds to all my dogs, and seeing my friends doing the same, it was about time I wrote a review of the best indestructible dog beds.

It is virtually impossible for a dog bed to be completely indestructible since such a material would cost way too much for most of us! However, plenty K9 manufacturers have put a lot of effort into producing a high quality of chewproof, waterproof and scratch-resistant dog beds, able to last years even with the most intense dogs out there.

Whenever a product promises to be long-lasting and resistant to so many different potential attacks, you can, of course, expect the odd reviewer narrating how his or her dog managed to ruin such dog bed in one hour. But besides these unusual people, our review is full of high-quality beds (except one that we single out!)

Extra Large and Giant Dog Beds

xxl dog bed

Large dogs, and even more so when they get senior, have a heavier body that drains and weakens their joints, muscles and overall bone structure. Such dogs tend to become very at risk with arthritis and hip dysplasia for example, and this is because of the fragility of their frame.

Provide large and giant dogs with a high-quality XXL dog bed is key to soothing any pain they may have, but to also reduce the pressure put on their joints. Most of the dog beds for giant breeds have specific orthopedic features that will truly make a difference in how your pet will sleep.

We can all sleep on hard concrete and feel okay the next day, but what matters with sleep is to have consecutive resting nights for years in order to reap the benefits. If you have an active or large dog, make sure to invest in a memory foam bedding design for dogs especially. Your pooch will thank you later!

Cooling Dog Beds

cooling beds and pads

Summertime is challenging for a lot of dogs that are equipped to handle cold weather better. You have probably witnessed your dog going in your bathroom to sleep on the floor tiles, or trying to stay near an open door to catch some cold air stream. This is a sign that your dog is a tad annoyed by the heat and since dogs cannot sweat, they need external help to cool down.

Cooling dog beds and pads are engineered in ways that enhance heat dissipation and ventilation. First, the dog’s body heat needs to be dissipated and not retained (the opposite of what winter dog beds are trying to achieve). Then, you need to make sure fresh air circulates under, around, or through the bed itself. The elevation or raise is the way most manufacturers to that. For very hot days, using cooling pads will offer some instant relief.

Elevated Dog Beds

raised and elevated dog bed

Sick, elderly and injured dogs tend to prefer raised dog beds so they do not need to flex their legs to get in and out of them. However, dogs that suffer from warm weather will enjoy elevated dog beds thanks to the ventilation it inherently provides. Usually, dogs sleep on beds that are directly on the floor – there is no air circulation below the dog so the heat remains trapped. With elevation, you allow colder air to circulate and the dog’s body temperature to dissipate.

Elevated dog beds are also recommended for aggressive chewers as they are often built with very strong materials and offer fewer opportunities for dogs to chew on them. The mesh your dog will lounge on is very important and a lot of manufacturers use military-grade fabrics or chewproof blends.

Luxury Dog Sofa Beds

dog sofa bed

Sofa beds for dogs are hybrids between loungers and fancy dog beds; they are mainly design-focused but if you are willing to spend enough money, they also get practical and comfortable. One of the best dog couches could easily be a great replacement for a damaged dog bed.

Dog sofa beds are usually plush and offer a lot of padding, making it a favorite place to lounge in for all dogs. If you own a large breed or giant dog, you may want to make sure you are getting the right product for your pooch — a dog couch still has to provide great support for your dog’s body.

Dog Pillows and Cushions

dog pillow

Pillows and cushions for dogs exist for two simple reasons: provide our pets with added comfort and also because, let’s be truthful, it also looks quite cool and refined (as long as it is not covered in dog hair)! Using dog pillows in a crate is also a way of making your dog feel more at home in it.

Once you skip the how the dog pillow looks part, you are left with the essence: a great dog pillow is a functional dog pillow especially because dogs don’t have that judgment on looks. Dogs prefer an ugly pillow that is super comfy over a super cute cushion that does not feel right.

Obviously, if you have puppies at home you do want to focus on having a waterproof cushion, or at the very least a cushion that is machine-washable.

Sleeping Bags for Dogs

dog sleeping bag

Dog sleepings bags are a thing, yep! Whether you go for a single overnight escapade or are more of an adventurer with regular camping trips, having a sturdy long-lasting sleeping bag for you and your dog is a must. There is very little choice on the market and they are definitely not the cheapest out there — around $100 for the top pick, the Ruffwear sleeping bag.

Several aspects count when deciding on which dog sleeping bag is more suited for your dog. Generally, it’s all about warmth retention, bottom lining for both comfortable padding and waterproofing, quality of materials for a long-lasting life, easy to unpack and store, and obviously you want something that is easy to clean.

Unlike sleeping bags for people, dogs aren’t yet submerged by too many options right now.

Blankets for Dogs

dog blanket

Dog blankets are a mystery because they exist but they don’t seem to have any particular purpose. Sure, they keep our dogs warm but they are also loved by our pooch to the point where they keep dragging their favorite blanket all over the house, mopping your floor on the way.

Blankets for dogs are somewhat of a hybrid of an actual bedding supply and a lovely dog toy.

This is why any dog owner and dog breeder reading this should, as soon as possible, invest in a dog blanket. They are extremely cheap, you can even buy 3 of a different style each, and see which one your dog prefers. Remember, dogs can also have tendencies to play tug-o-war with rags and blankets so be sure to not overspend in that department!