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Best Tricolor Dog Breeds – List & FAQ!

Written by Larese
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Published on
Wednesday 6 January 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
most beautiful tricolor dog breeds
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Those beautiful tricolor dog breeds add overload cuteness to pups, and it is also one of the most common color schemes on dogs in many breeds. Most of the time, tricolored dogs feature a classic combination of white, brown, and brown coats that are in different patterns like brindle and spotted. It happens because of the genes passed from the parent dogs.

However, even with all this variety, we still encounter dogs that look so special that we have to stop and appreciate beauty. Let us admire some of the unique tricolor breeds of dogs and patterns that you can commonly see.

20 Most Beautiful Tricolor Dog Breeds

Single-colored dogs are cute, how much more if you see multi-colored dog breeds? Let us start by explaining the 20 most beautiful tricolor dog breeds out there. Who knows, you might even have the chance to adopt one of these adorable gorgeous tri-color pooches in the future? We will also talk about the best things about these canines.

1. Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are medium-sized breeds that almost always come with traditional tri-color coat patterns – white chest blaze, a mostly black body, and brown markings. It may not be as popular as other canines in the dog show world, but this cutie is an attention-catcher with striking good looks and a loving heart.

Entlebuchers are hardworking breeds. So, if you love sitting on the couch all day, it is the kind of dog suitable for you since it requires daily exercises and activities. The Entlebucher is also not suitable for first-time dog owners because of its high energy levels and strong will. Due to its short fur, this breed is quick to groom. Moreover, it is extremely loyal to its ‘hooman’ parents.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog, or what others call the ‘Berner,’ has a massive built, and perfectly balanced black, brown, and white dense coat. Black is the dominating color at the back of its body, while brown is common on legs and white on the chest. However, take note that you should love physical exercises and activities if you want to adopt this breed.

Berners look sharp on the outside, but it has a gentle and loyal heart on the inside, making it an excellent companion even for children. However, you need to train it during the early stages for controlling instincts and attitudes towards other people.

beautiful tricolor dogs
Bernese Mountain Dogs are also known as Berners.

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are one of the most adorable and cutest small tricolor dog breeds. The majority of this breed has a dominating white color and some black and brown spots on its back, head, and tail. If you’re a laid-back person, this breed will cuddle with you all day and night. However, training may become difficult, so you have to take advantage of its keen smelling senses to learn.

Another excellent quality about Basset Hound is that its short fur requires minimal grooming care, but maintains cleaning of the ears due to its prone ear infections. In maintaining weight, daily short walking exercises is a good idea as well.

4. Bull Terrier

Most Bull Terriers are white or brown and color or combine the two with some black spots on its head or body. It is another small tricolor dog breed that is so easy to love. Famous for being joyful and playful, there’s no reason for you not to like Bull Terriers. Plus, you only have to groom its fur frequently. All you have to do is a weekly bath, and some brushing to keep this canine clean.

Just like other breeds, it is better to train Bull Terriers during its early stage to be sociable towards other pets and other members of the family. Due to its firm built, moderate exercise is essential to maintain it. Giving some durable chew toys is also proper training since these pooches love to gnaw.

5. Pit Bull

Pit Bulls have many coat patterns, but the dominant in tricolor are the black ones, with brown and white spots on legs and the chest. This breed looks like a muscleman, but it has a soft heart and a playful attitude. However, it requires regular training to maintain its build. Otherwise, fats will pile up on Pit Bulls’ tummy. Still, maintaining its good looks is easy.

When adopting Pit Bulls, you may want to keep some tennis balls and durable toys where they can consume their high-energy. While the nozzles may look short, this breed can also be your jogging buddy. It is best to positively channel its strength and enthusiasm into a sport like running, fetching, or dock jumping.

6. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mostly has a black body, with white lines from its head to chest and brown spots on its legs. This canine is a close cousin of the Bernese Mountain Dog in short-haired versions. If you want a gentle giant pooch, Swissie is your best option.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are large, powerful, and it is common to belong in those multi-colored dog breeds. Moreover, it is affectionate towards family members and even to kids. However, just like other large canines, training is essential to control its behavior. Despite his working history, he has only mild daily exercise needs, with a long everyday walk or hikes adequate to keep him content.

7. Basenji

Basenji is one of the most popular small tricolor dog breeds. Most of it only has two tones of fur, but a tricolor is usually black with white and brown shades on its face, legs, and tail. Some call it a silent dog because it tends to bark less than other canines, but this breed can make a variety of noises like yodels, chirps, and even screams.

If you are a first-time dog owner, Basenji is not a good idea to adopt. Yes, it looks cute and handsome, but it can get stubborn without proper training. This canine also requires exercise to consume its energy. Otherwise, it would bite or chew on the stuff that you own.

8. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are short, but they offer a lot of personalities. This tiny and tenacious do breed is incredibly loyal to his master and perfect for laid-back dog owners. However, it can be highly stubborn, so it is a challenge for first-time dog parents. With a regular weight of 6 pounds, imagine a tri-colored Chihuahua running around your house. How adorable would that be?

Chihuahuas are one of the longest-lived breeds, and, apart from dental or eye disease, mostly healthy. However, you have to support it with a proper diet and some exercises and indoor plays.

9. Panda Shepherd

From the name itself, Panda Shepherds look like a panda with those black circles around its eyes. It is actually a German Shepherd! It belongs to the family of shepherd dogs, but what makes it different is the tri-colored coating with the breed’s trademark big ears. If you love playful, affectionate, and loving canine – you should look onto this breed.

Just know that Panda Shepherds require daily physical and mental exercises to train its obedience and socialization skills. Taking into account for it to burn off its resources while growing up wouldn’t hurt.

10. Boxer

Most Boxers have a brown body with a white coat on its forehead down to the chest and black spots around its eyes. It is a medium-sized breed famous for its square-built head and body, just like a real boxer. What’s more impressive is that correctly bred Boxers have a harmonious proportion of muzzle to skull, stiff limbs, short back, and tight-fitting coat. No wonder it has been on the top 10 of America’s most loved breeds.

11. Australian Cattle Dog

These tricolor dog breeds often have dominating black coat colors, with brown fur on its legs and face, and white spots on its body. Most Australian Cattle Dogs have a strong head with a broad skull and muscular cheeks that add more power to their appearance. Moreover, it has pricked ears, suspicious glint, and healthy teeth with a slightly intimidating demeanor.

Australian Cattle Dogs are exceptionally muscular, but it doesn’t mean they are not lovable. These canines are highly energetic, playful, and friendly towards their owners. If you want to adopt one, make sure that you are ready to give your time because it requires ample exercise and playing time.

12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one of the largest, not to mention fluffiest, toy breeds. It comes in different tricolors combinations, wherein some have dominant black coats while others have white fur. Still, the combination black, brown, and white results in an adorable tri-colored Cavalier Spaniel. Due to its size, you can expect athleticism, high endurance, and trustworthy canines suitable for sports and hunting adventures.

It may sound like a strong and independent dog breed; Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly and loving to the point that they are active therapy dogs. However, note that this breed is not a capable guard dog, although you sometimes hear it barking on your door. After all, these are toy breeds that can play some sports and are highly active.

13. Collie Tricolor Dog Breed

Once you see it, we dare you not to hug a Collie Tricolor Dog Breed even though it is impossible. A perfectly bred Tricolor Collie will have a fur that is smooth as the colors black, brown, and white spread out through its body. It is a canine with high energy and always eager to please its owners. If you want the best candidate for agility and obedience, this dog is the perfect match.

Most Collies have a long and thick coat that requires regular combing and brushing, which can consume lots of your time. Moreover, note that these breeds are sensitive to a few common medications, so always take it to the vet whenever you observe that something is not right. Health screenings are also critical for detecting possible eye problems in the breed.

14. Beagle

tricolor beagles
Beagles are scenthounds.

Beagles are one of the most common tricolor dog breeds and come in a colorful kaleidoscope with an 11 coat pattern that meets the AKC standard-six of which are tricolor variants. It is a small hound that is both playful and an excellent family friend. Initially, Beagles are hunting in packs since it is a scenthound that can follow tracks through its nose.

However, know that this breed requires regular exercise because it is the most susceptible dog to anxiety about separation. So, whenever you go to the office, make sure that you leave your pooch something to play on where it can consume its energy. It is essential to avoid destructive behaviors. Check out some cool tri-color dog names for Beagles.

15. Nue Bernese Mountain Dog

Beautiful tricolored Nue Bernese Mountain Dogs have a natural black coat with white fur from its forehead down to the chest, while the brown hairs are often visible on its feet. It is another gentle giant breed for heavy lifting and helps farmers back in the days to pull cards and drive livestock.

Today, most Nue Bernese Mountain Dogs are also excellent being a companion, although some still prefer big and tough jobs and activities. Nonetheless, it is a superb friend at home, a guard dog, and even cuddling when you feel lying on your sofa the entire day.

16. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A beautiful tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi doesn’t meet the AKC breed standard, but it is another typical pattern that you can see for this canine. It is a fun and lovable pet with a short tail, which makes this breed even cuter. Even with short legs, you can still let your pooch do some herding and agility tricks. Most people love its small built, thick coat and playful traits, making it sprung toward the top of the popularity charts.

With proper care and training, Pembroke Welsh Corgi will become a natural member of your family due to its friendliness and clownish mannerisms, making it an excellent therapy dog. When you love to play, a Corgi is your dream furry match, because it is always going to wait for you to throw the next ball.

17. Australian Shepherd

The mixture of brown, black, and white colors on Australian Shepherd’s fur is a perfect example that not all flaws are ugly. This breed is famous for being the dog world’s chameleons due to its multi-color and patterns in its fur. Aside from looks, these dogs are versatile when it comes to sports and excel in obedience and herding.

If you are a dog owner who loves physical exercises, this dog should be a part of your list. Australian Shepherd requires daily exercise, which makes it an excellent jogging companion. However, it would be best if you are also patient in combing its medium-length coat to avoid tangles and splits.

tricolor australian shepherds
Australian Shepherds are the chameleons of the dog world.

18. Pomeranian

We often see either white or brown Pomeranians, but what’s even cuter is the tri-colored fur of this breed. The Pomeranian comes in many colors and fur patterns Pom’s fluffy coat gives it a teddy-bear look, but it’s challenging to keep up with regular brushing required to avoid matting. It would help if you also clean its teeth regularly to prevent dental problems that normally happen in toy breeds.

Pomeranians are entertainers with vibrant demeanors. Poms are happiest when they are with their parents. As an active dog breed, this breed has two faces – a lapdog and an adventure buddy. Poms are sweet and affectionate, but they are not ideal to adopt if you have children living with you due to their fragile and sensitive nature.

19. Papillon

Papillons are special and distinct dogs due to the long fur that may grow around its standing ears, or what they call butterfly-like ears. It is another small tricolor dog breed with an exuberance for life. Like Beagles, you can also enjoy different sports with this canine due to its excellent agility and playfulness. Best of all, it only requires a moderate amount of exercise that you can easily do through short walks and indoor plays.

20. English Bulldog

Just like Pit Bulls, English Bulldog exhibits a considerable body and short legs. Believe it or not, these breeds once drew bulls out and held them through Bulldogs’ noses. Today, the tan point gene mixed with white and black has become common in different breeders.

The English Bulldog is a perfect family pet that is dependable and reliable and caring for most children. Being people-oriented, this consciously calls upon human interest. Plus, you can quickly get along with it well on the first day of adoption. Take notice, however, that English Bulldogs can be hostile towards foreign dogs, and even strangers.

About Tricolor Dog Breeds

One of the most favorite pets around the world are dogs due to their cuteness overload, and some have beautiful tricolor dog breeds. Moreover, each canine has unparalleled intelligence, loyalty, and obedience that make them good therapy for lonely people. The best thing about having tricolor breeds of dogs is they are attractive. Still, single or dual colored pooches will always look distinctively good.

What does tricolor mean in dogs?

Tricolor dog breeds are usually a combination of black, white, and brown coat colors due to its genes. White means the absence of color instead of pigment the dog expresses. On the other hand, pooches with black and tan colors must have “n/n” as the dominant black gene or the K locus. It only means that there is no expression in the K locus, resulting in dogs with black fur. Brindles can also have three colors, but they are combined or stripped together, while merle is a more marbled pattern of dark patches of color on the same color background.

What is the coolest dog breed?

The coolest dog breed depends on your preference. Some pet parents prefer dogs with thick coats; some want a companion with minimal maintenance, while others are looking for specific color requirements. Nonetheless, each dog breed has unique traits and characteristics that you can love and appreciate. Just like humans, pooches also have flaws, but it is a matter of accepting that these flaws are the things that make them more beautiful.

Pugs, Shi Tzus, Terriers, and Beagles are some of the most common toy breeds. On the other hand, Shepherds, Huskies, and Labradors are great options for medium to large-sized canines. When choosing your furry companion, make sure that you can take care of it. Adopting a pet is like having a child. You need to devote some time playing, exercising, feeding, and giving it a comfortable home.

What dog is black, white, and brown?

Most black, white, and brown dogs are referred to as tricolor dog breeds. It happens due to the genes inherited from the parental canines. The most distinct colors are brown, black, and white, or blue, black, and gray. Regardless, the fur of beautiful tricolor dog breeds makes them unique and adorable. In some cases, tricolor is also a result of brindle or merle.

Brindles can also have three colors, but they are combined or stripped together, while merle is a more marbled pattern of dark patches of color on the same color background. Regardless, all pooches are awesome in their unique ways and special traits.

What is a multi-colored dog called?

A multi-colored canine falls under beautiful tricolor dogs. There are several patterns and colors used in dogs, and the names of colors are often rarely breed-specific. For example, all three breeds are genetically the same color but are called dapple, merle, and harlequin. This color is also the same genetically but named chocolate, red, brown, and liver.

The genes are a primary driving factor of the dog coat color. Dogs have about 19,000 genes in their genome, but just a few affect their coat’s physical variations. The normal rules apply when the majority of genes come in pairs, one from the mother of the dog and one from its father. There is more than one type of genes of interest or allele.

Dogs are the only living thing on earth that will love you more than itself and without asking for anything in return, well, maybe except for some kibbles. Regardless, Tricolor dog breeds or not, these pooches will always be our most loyal best friend.

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