Do Cooling Dog Beds Work

Do Cooling Dog Beds Work

A cooling dog bed is one with properties that help dogs to stay cool even in the warmest temperatures. But how do cooling dog beds work? Many owners also wonder how effective they are and if they run out of cooling properties? We will be exploring the answers to all these questions and more in today’s article. Moreover, we will look at what benefits these beds bring to your dog and how they help their health. Some argue that they can actually prevent life-threatening conditions, and we would argue that they are right.

A huge risk to your dog’s life is them having a heatstroke. Providing them a cool area to rest and lots of drinking water can help to minimize this risk when they are in a hot area. A cooling dog bed can make a huge difference in providing your dog somewhere to cool off. Therefore it can help prevent overheating and aid your dog to feel more comfortable.

What are Cooling Dog Beds

Dog cooling beds are a type of dog bed that helps to keep your dog cool during summer, or when it is warm outside. They can be especially useful in hot areas so your dog always has somewhere to cool off. It can look exactly like a normal dog bed but the added internal properties are what makes them so effective at what they do. Not only do they have special elements to encourage this use, but they also can allow for extra airflow to help with their cooling.

You can place them on the floor just like a normal breathable bed, and many can be used outside just like any summer dog bed. Just be sure to check if the external material is waterproof in case of rain. Many cooling beds are though. You also don’t have t worry about these beds needing any kind of electrical input. They work entirely by themselves. This means there is no fire hazard, and no added prices to keep your pup happy.

Do Cooling Beds For Dogs Work

Cooling beds work through either having an internal layer of water or cooling gel. Between the two layer types, many recommend the cooling gel for effectiveness more than water. Although, some beds offer both materials in two separate layers which can be very effective. This quickly absorbs the heat your dog’s body is putting out and thereby your dog feels cooler. This of course will work for so long until the bed itself starts to warm up, so many owners buy two cooling beds. That way your dog can move from one to the other and always have an area to stay cool in. The beds will cool down as quickly as they heated up, so it won’t take long for your dog to be able to move back once more.

Some cooling beds are entirely filled with water so be sure to get a cooling bed that is appropriate for your dog’s size. If you purchase a small cooling bed for a big dog, then they may be able to pop it. Furthermore, a small cooling bed would be far less effective for a big dog as they will need a larger space to cool off their body. Providing a small bed will mean that they will take a much longer time to cool off and it will be much less effective.

Benefits of Cooling Dog Beds

There is not just one benefit to these useful dog beds. Here are the top 3 uses for cooling dog beds.

Help Your Dog Stay Comfortable

Beyond the obvious benefit of helping your dog to avoid health risks such as heatstroke, they also help to make your dog feel more comfortable. The heat can be really unpleasant, especially if the humidity is high. Having a cool surface to lay on can improve your dog’s mood and help them too feel more comfortable. This is especially important for bigger dogs as it takes longer for them to cool down.

Avoids Dehydration

Dogs can become dehydrated when the temperature is hot because of sweating, evaporation, and drooling. When a dog pants they may drool more which will lead to them losing liquid, furthermore the heat can evaporate off their tongue even if they are not drooling while panting. As for sweating, dogs have sweat glands on their paw pads and this can also lead to a loss of water. By keeping your dog cooler they will pant and sweat less, therefore they will lose less water.

Beneficial for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs can struggle more with their movement and this can be a disadvantage towards trying to stay cool. Firstly, many old dogs suffer from joint paint or arthritis. Cooling beds actually work to help reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain. This in turn helps their mobility. More than that though, older dogs will often struggle to move from hot areas to cool, especially with the ever-moving shade. A provision of a cooling bed gives them a stationary area to maintain cool.

importance of cooling beds during summer
Cooling down is very important for your pet after an entire day of play.

Cooling Dog Beds: FAQ

Here are a few most frequently asked questions about dog cooling beds with their answers below.

Which breeds are most recommended for a cooling dog bed?

There are three main categories of dog breeds that benefit the most from cooling dog beds:
Brachycephalic: such as the English Bulldog or Pug
Heavy coated: such as the Siberian Husky or Chow Chow
Active: such as the Border Collie or Poodle

Brachycephalic dog breeds have shorter snouts which can make breathing difficult for them. Therefore in hot weather, they struggle to pant and breathe properly so need the cooling element. Those with thicker coats have a high level of insulation for keeping the heat in, so need to be groomed and provided proper areas to cool down. Lastly, active dogs will be active in any weather, they will just end up more tired and overheated at the end. Make sure they have this provision to cool off after the zoomies.

How do I cool down my dog?

There are a few ways you can cool your dog down, some of the best include:
– Providing fresh cold water regularly
– Avoid walking your dog if it is too hot
– Make sure they have somewhere cold to relax
– Bring water and water bowls when taking them for a walk
– Buy a fan for inside
– You can give them frozen treats, just be sure they aren’t too big to be a choking hazard

What should I consider when getting a cooling dog bed?

The most important factor to consider is its effectiveness. Check reviews and what materials each bed uses to decide if it is high-quality. Next you need to consider the size and decide if it is appropriate for your dog. A large dog will need a large cooling bed. You also need to consider where the bed will be. If you are moving it from inside to outside it should be easy to transport. However, if it is staying outside, then you probably want to check if it is waterproof and machine washable.

How can I tell if my dog is too hot?

A few ways you can tell if your dog is too hot include:
– Panting
– Drooling
– Lethargy
Foaming at the mouth
– The tongue or gums become darker in color
– Their nose can become dry
More severe symptoms may include vomiting, confusion, and even passing out. These can be signs of heatstroke and require immediate medical attention.

Should I leave the fan on for my dog at night?

A fan can help to cool off your dog as long as they are not afraid of it. Fear will increase their anxiety and their temperature with it. If they do like the fan, turn off the rotation feature so your dog can move away from it if they like. Furthermore, only use it if it is very hot and your dog enjoys it.

Cooling beds will transfer the heat from your dog into their own material to cool off your dog. This can help them to feel more comfortable and keep them safe from overheating. Making sure your dog is cool is incredibly important for their safety as well as their happiness. Finding the right cooling bed is just as important as the purchase, so why not take a look at our review guide of the best cooling dog beds and mats and mat specific reviews?