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Why Micro Pitbull Queen Califia Is Not Worth $75,000

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Published on
Thursday 23 February 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Queen Califia micro pitbull price
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It struck again — the nonsensical pricing of an overhyped Pitbull-type dog. When it first happened with Hulk, supposedly the largest pitbull in the World, it was a little entertaining. Here, it’s the opposite. Queen Califia is said to be the World’s smallest pitbull and is worth $75,000 according to her very own breeder, John Truitt, 30, from California, who runs The Collectibulls.

Now, let’s not kid ourselves: Queen Califia is not worth $75,000, and because her own breeder says she does not make it a market price.

It is definitely a well-executed PR stunt from this bully breeder but it’s not enough to fool people in the dog breeding circles. In the video (below), John says his other puppies are commonly sold for $20,000. I question that, too. It’s another example of extreme breeding purely for extreme prices.

Health and Genetics Are Average

John’s dogs aren’t known to be super healthy, or health beast or anything that would add so many zeroes to their price tags. Don’t believe me? Watch the official Barcroft video of his highlighted self-valued $75,000-dog Queen Califia and listen to her breathing. And then, go watch any video of a real Pitbull and listen to the breathing. Yes, Queen Califia’s breathing is messed up. And when you ruin your dog’s health, you don’t quadruple her price.

Some say the dog is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Pitbull. Maybe, maybe not. It’s not really the point because whatever the mix is, you don’t ruin your own dog’s health for marketing purposes. And because it’s common practice in a few other breeds does not make it fine to replicate it for your dogs.

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So clearly, John isn’t pricing his dogs so expensively because of thorough health checks and screenings. Genetically, his pitbulls seem to be average. They aren’t coming from incredible pedigrees and bloodlines. Again, you may fool some foreign buyers with your nonsense marketing names, but you won’t fool the bully community.

So clearly, Queen Califia is not worth $75,000 for her health record or genetics. In fact, she should not even be bred considering her breathing issue (and probably a few more that are hidden.)

Social Media Marketing Is Average

John’s social accounts and the ones for his kennel, The Collectibulls, are both worrying low in terms of followers and engagement. Especially if you compare them to Hulk’s breeders or even other random American Bully or Pitbull breeders out there.

This video and the undeserved buzz around it will surely boost John’s following on social media but that will die down in a few days, or weeks at best. I am convinced that he will try to capitalize on that hype and maybe make some smart business decisions. That would be good for him, bad for his unhealthy Queen Califia (he already started an Instagram account just for her…)

Queen Califia is not worth $75,000 for her breeder’s huge following because the numbers are pathetic as per today, February 23, 2017:

american bully breeding
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Maybe Queen Califia Is a Reputable Champion Bitch?

Nope, she is not a reputable Champion bitch.

Why Is Queen Califia Worth $75,000?

The truth is, she is not worth $75,000. I know a lot of parents who say their children are the most beautiful in the World and we all know, they aren’t. John is Queen Califia’s breeder and he said he received several offers and the highest bidder was ready to shell out $75,000.

First thought is that we have no proof of these offers and even less of the hypothetical highest bidder. Now let’s say John speaks in good faith and he actually received such offer. His girl did not get sold at that price, the potential buyer said he would pay that much but never did. A lot of buyers bullshit constantly just to get the breeder’s attention or to hype themselves up. If I want to be a big baller in the bully world, I would happily let other breeders spread the word that I am filthy rich (yet have not actually bought any dog for more than $1,000.)

The point is everybody can make numbers up and justify them with a load of nonsense hypothetical buyers and fake offers. But if you do it, at least have something behind to back it up: social media following, proven health records, top genetics, show results, or anything tangible.

Don’t come in front of a camera with some sort of aspiring model, taking your dog for a photo shoot, showcasing how bad her breathing is and then saying she is worth almost $100,000. You are making a fool out of yourself and also lose all credibility in the Bully world because that hype won’t last long.

Perhaps I am totally wrong and Queen Califia could be sold $75,000 or even more in the future; but it would be a disgrace because to me and to specialists in the Bully community, Queen Califia’s price tag has two or three zero too many.

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  1. Branden

    It really sucks when real breeders are working hard doing well-researched selective breeding and a dummy like this one gets all the attention…

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