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15 Wonderful Dog Breeds With Floppy Ears

Written by Viena
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Published on
Saturday 17 July 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
floppy eared dog breeds
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These 15 wonderful dog breeds with floppy ears will spark your interest. Their looks can be their #1 selling point. A few varieties wear long ears like a design articulation. At incredible rates, their ears become magnified wings. Furthermore, hardly a few things are more delicate and tasty than a long, smooth dog ear.

From a commonsense viewpoint, long ears help canines track the fragrance of their prey. Like a cap, robust ears pipe scents more like a canine’s nose. This clarifies why most canines with floppy ears are hounds, reproduced to follow prey for trackers over significant distances. On top of their excellent, hard-working attitude, people adore this variety for their warm characters and extraordinary friendship. Learn through this blog about the lovable floppy-eared dogs you would love to pet. Later on, it will answer your frequently asked questions about the dogs with floppy ears. Let’s get to it!

1. Beagle

Beagles are strong, muscular, and enormous for their inches. They stand at the shoulder for up to 15 inches, weighing up to 30 lbs. They come in such satisfying colors as lemon, red and white, and tricolor. The Beagle’s charm is in its lovely face, with its large hazel or brown eyes set off by long ears set low on an expansive head. A variety portrayed as “joyful” by its fanciers, Beagles are vocal dogs.

2. Gordon Setter

Gordon Setters are the biggest and generally significant of the setters. Male Gordons weigh from 55 to 80 pounds and reach 24 to 27 inches, whereas female Gordons can weigh 45-70 pounds and gain 23-26 inches. The shocking coat is a flickering dark, with tan markings and long hair on the ears, tummy, legs, chest, and tail. Gordons are highly adaptive dogs who are bold and very determined. Despite that, they are very affectionate.

3. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound stands no higher than 15 inches at the shoulder. Yet, with its strikingly weighty bone, incredible little legs, and giant paws, he has sizeable canine strength and endurance. Bassets are acclaimed for a vast, domed head that highlights amazingly long, smooth ears, sad eyes, and a wrinkled temple, which give the variety the appearance of a tragic comedian. Their smelling capacity is uncanny; Basset Hound’s sense of smell is second to the Bloodhound.

4. Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are huge, generous canines standing 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weighing as much as 110 pounds. Their most notable highlights are colossal, hanging ears, wrinkles with free skin, and a warm set eyes that total a grave, proud demeanor. Incredible legs and sense of smell permit Bloodhounds to smell over 130 miles of rebuffing territory. They are friendly, yet their nose can sometimes lead them into inconvenience.

floppy ears of bloodhounds
Bloodhounds resemble Basset Hounds – but with more height.

5. Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is the AKC’s littlest wearing spaniel, remaining around 14 to 15 inches. Its even body, weighing up to 30 pounds, is rigid and robust, and these brisk, solid gundogs move with a smooth, simple stride. American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel are the two types of this breed. They are adequately significant to be energetic and friendly to kids. However, they are conservative enough to be versatile.

6. Black and Tan Coonhound

Black and Tan Coonhounds have an incredibly touchy nose, long, fluffy ears, and a sweet mien. They are enormous, solid dogs. A decent size can stand 23-27 inches at the shoulder and cover the ground with easy, enthusiastic steps. This breed, like others, is sensitive to smell. Black and Tans are loving, sweet, gentle giants. They can stay up with the family, yet they also can hoard the couch for quite a long time.

7. Sussex Spaniel

Sussex are long, low-developed bird dogs of extraordinary grit and perseverance. Standing up to 15 inches tall at the shoulder, Sussex is portrayed as “huge,” with a deep chest and weighty bone. Their brand name is a generous, padded layer of the rich, brilliant liver. With its wavy-covered ears and enormous brown eyes, the excellent spaniel head projects a dismal, glaring articulation magnificently at chances with the Sussex’s natural happiness.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Named after King Charles II of Britain, this breed stands 12-13 inches at the shoulder, weighing 13-18 pounds. The sweet, delicate, softening articulation radiating from enormous, round eyes is its trademark. Another is the luxurious, lavishly hued coat that can be one of four unmistakable assortments. Cavaliers are aristocrats. This breed had become extremely rare and, when brought back, had lost most, if not all, its original form.

9. Dachshund

With its undeniable long body, little legs, and tremendous character, the Dachshund is a thoroughbred dogdom symbol. Dachshunds’ standard-size is generally 16 to 32 pounds, standing up to 9 inches at the shoulder. Dachshunds aren’t great for distance running, jumping, or exhausting swimming. However, these persistent dogs are down for anything. Shrewd and cautious, with a significant canine bark, they make fine guard dogs. They are independent with a big personality.

10. Afghan Hound

Since the ancient era, Afghan Hounds are a large but exquisite, and regal breed. Yet, the thick, sleek, streaming coat that is the breed’s delegated greatness isn’t only to look good. Despite their regal demeanor, they are incredibly goofy and loyal. Underneath the Afghan’s great exterior is an incredible, agile dog, standing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder. Its body, weighing 50 to 60 pounds, is ideal for a taxing day’s chase.

11. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is one of the most beloved breeds in the world. A male stands up to 27 inches at the shoulder, while females will be more modest and all the more gently assembled. The colossal head includes a wrinkled temple, a short gag, and dull eyes, consolidating to give Saints the canny, amicable articulation. Do not feel intimidation by their looks as this breed is a gentle giant.

12. Havanese

Serving as the national dog of Cuba, Havanese are well-known for their fluffy bodies and goofy-looking ears. Their little yet rigid bodies weigh up to 13 pounds, standing as high as 12 inches at the shoulder. The versatile nature and social abilities make Havanese an ideal city dog. Havanese, brilliant and teachable social butterflies with the comic senses of a conceived comedian, are normal stunt canines. Likewise, Havanese are astounding guard dogs and accept the position truly.

13. Poodle

Poodles are among the sharpest dogs, joined by the sort of pride that could equal any aristocrat. Whatever tone or whatever size, these beautiful canines are extraordinary competitors and surprisingly better buddies. This breed can come in three sizes – Standard, Miniature, Toy. Generally, they develop past 15 inches, weighing up to 70 pounds. Another extraordinary element of Poodles is their interesting haircuts. Disregard those old generalizations of Poodles as sissy canines because they are enthusiastic and athletic.

floppy eared poodles
Due to their bushy hairstyle, people often forget that poodles have floppy ears!

14. Irish Setter

Its hardliners have portrayed the Irish Setter as the most delightful of canine breeds. Standing from 25 up to 27 inches at the shoulder, Irish Setters are acclaimed for a splendid layer of mahogany or chestnut with a generous yet exquisite form. Long, solid legs and incredible back support put the Irish among the swiftest of every donning canine. They were bred to be gundogs. The Irish Setter’s adorable character has charmed the breed to athletes and pet owners.

15. Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano is a decisively and emphatically fabricated all-around tracker, standing up to 27 inches. A Spinone is solid and incredible, bred more for perseverance than speed. The thick coat has a characteristic, unclipped look and comes in different tones and examples. The face passes on the breed’s great Old World appeal. Those delicate, pleasantly expressive eyes set off by shaggy eyebrows and tufted facial hair growth have won numerous hearts in Italy.

Here are some of the most frequently searched questions concerning dogs with floppy ears.

Why is my dog’s ear suddenly floppy?

Pups are brought into the world with floppy ears. Their bones are still developing, especially in puppyhood. The actual highlights they present as little dogs can be considerably more extraordinary when they are grown-ups. Essentially being a little dog is perhaps the reason your canine has one floppy ear. As the puppy develops, one ear may become erect more rapidly than the other, even though it ordinarily ought to go with the same pattern rather rapidly.

Are floppy ears a health hazard for dogs?

Numerous natural highlights make our pets so cute, which includes floppy ears and silly faces. However, a large number of those equivalent features accompany explicit health hazards. Floppy ears pose a higher risk for ear infections. It can cause a foul smell from the ear, sensitivity and irritation, and even masses around the ear. Veterinary consideration isn’t one-size-fits-all. That is the reason it’s so critical to building up a relationship with a veterinarian you trust so that you can take legitimate care of your pet.

What breed of dogs have long ears?

Not all canine breeds have long and magnificent ears. Only a tiny part of them do! In particular, the American English Coonhound has extremely long ears. There are still other breeds with relatively long ears, such as the Basset Hound and the Afghan Hound. A Coonhound named Harbor claimed to have the longest measured ear. His right ear is 13.5 inches long.

Are all dogs born with floppy ears?

As referenced before, all young doggies are brought into the world with delicate and floppy ears. This is because they need intense ligaments and solid ear muscle. Some dogs may develop to have softer cartilages. Hence, they can have more floppy ears even if matured. It takes several months for a puppy’s ears to stand up fully. If you have a doggy belonging to a breed known for having floppy ears, you can watch their ears create after some time.

Why do some dogs’ ears stand up?

Regarding the physical parts of a canine, certain features have been reproduced into them for millennia due to selective breeding. Among these physical features, sharp ears are famously pursued. Ears that stand up are more commonly seen in breeds such as Dobermans. Whether it be for health reasons or style, getting your canine’s ears to stand up is a sensitive process. Some owners train the ears by keeping them taped into the shape they want by using medical tape.

We hope this article cleared up a ton encompassing why pups have floppy ears, just as our main 15 dog breeds with floppy ears! Keep in mind that this is undoubtedly not a selective rundown. There are a lot more floppy-eared canines out there who are altogether comparably incredible.

Notwithstanding, because floppy ears are charming, don’t fixate this adorable feature to the degree of purchasing from insatiable raisers. Instead, adopt one, and be 100% committed to taking care of a dog regardless of the size. Numerous floppy-eared dogs aren’t thoroughbred. However, they can give you the same amount of steadfastness and love as a genuine breed.

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