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Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones — Infused Chews For Dogs

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Published on
Monday 22 May 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones
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Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones are some of the best nylon chew toys for dogs. They are designed to be long-lasting and allow the dog owner to fill them with the dog’s favorite spread (i.e. peanut butter for most of us!)

There are no perfect chew toys for dogs but there are dog chews more adapted for your dog and budget in comparison to others. The Pet Qwerks Flavorit range holds a great spot thanks to their low price and durability.

In this review, we will see what’s good about the FlavorIt BarkBones chews (plus, there are further pictures of our unboxing below!)

Benefits of Pet Qwerks Flavorit Bones

First of all, let’s see where those Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones are shining; this goes from their low price to their very ingenious design, but there is more to them.

Ingenious Flavors Cells

Usually, flavored chew toys are embedding natural or artificial flavors and colors. Here, the strategy is different and I must admit, very smartly conceived and designed. Both sides of Flavorit BarkBones have tiny holes molded allowing the dog owner to fill them with the dog’s favorite spread. Most will go for peanut butter, but you can also use cream cheese, almond butter, etc.

Because the holes are so tiny, your dog will have to lick and chew for long minutes to start emptying them. Additionally, such small holes won’t drastically increase your dog’s calorie intake unlike other toys where you must use spoonfuls of peanut butter as the filling. Here, Pet Qwerks Flavorit Bones are definitely the healthiest option for the same result and enticement!


With such low prices, from around $5 for small sizes to just above $10 for extra-large Flavorit bones, Pet Qwerks makes the purchase decision very easy for dog owners and dog breeders.

Chew toys for dogs work mainly as a trial and error kind of process. But many organic and natural chews are triple the price so getting it wrong can end up being rather costly. Here, with a very decent price tag, you can give these Flavorit bones a slapdash try.

A low price for a poor product is useless, and we’re happy that Pet Qwerks didn’t fall in this trap and skipping over quality purely to showcase an attractive price.

Long-Lasting With Aggressive Chewers

Pet Qwerks clearly wants to offer a chew toy that will challenge even the most aggressive chewers out there. This includes small and large breeds since Flavorit BarkBones come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  The smallest size will suit any toy dog while the large is suitable for dogs weighing over 50lbs (over 25kg), including giant breeds.

To reach such a long-lasting built, you have to be very selective with the composition. As a dog owner, you do not want a chew toy that chips off every few hours, so the natural and probably best option is to go with a nylon-based chew toy.

Funnily enough, this is also our singular drawback for our review of the Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones.

Little Warning: It’s Non-Edible

Flavorit chews aren’t treats, they are nylon chews.

Nylon is a non-edible ultra-resistant material that is used when durability and reliability are both a priority. For example, rock climbing cords and parachutes are still using nylon in their design. So yes, it’s durable and rather sturdy and will face aggressive chewers.

Now, the problem with nylon is that it’s not edible; meaning as the owner you must monitor your dog to remove the bone if some bits get chipped off and ingested. Nylon is not a toxic material and should normally pass through the dog’s digestive system and come out in the stool as is. However, it is not something you want to see happen regularly.


With a low price, an allergen-free composition, a smart design, and a handful of sizes and deliciously tasty flavors, the Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBones are definitely in the top tier of chew toys for dogs currently available.

Pet Qwerks isn’t just making great nylon chews, they have a full range of high-quality dog toys beloved by plenty of dog owners and pet websites (example). Definitely worth trying the next time you’re on a shopping spree for your four-legged family member!

Disclosure — Breeding Business has contacted Pet Qwerks to ask for complimentary products so our dog-in-chief, Nala, could put them to through her thorough testing routine. This includes heavy chewing, licking, throwing, scratching… you get the gist! Pet Qwerks has accepted our request and compensated Breeding Business to write this fair review only based on our tester’s experience.

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