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Dog Breeding Stands – Definition, Benefits, Risks & FAQ

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Sunday 19 April 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog breeding stands
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The world of pets is full of controversial topics and dog breeding stands is one of the most. So, why are they such a controversial topic? There are a number of reasons for this. Some argue that breeding stands are a topic of controversy because there’s not much information available about it.

Breeding stands for dogs have been used worldwide with breeders for years, but that cannot justify their use alone. The questions regarding the safety of the bitch during the process and the morality of its use are all part of a raging debate that has been going on for years. So let us discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of the dog breeding stand in detail so you can make a decision for yourself.

Let’s be very clear, we do not recommend anybody using these devices.

What are Dog Breeding Stands?

Breeders use a dog breeding stand to restrain the bitch during the mating process. It consists of two main parts, a steel frame and two rubber or leather hoops. The steel frame is often adjustable and is according to the height of the specific dog breed.  The leather loops are there to hold the bitch. One loop secures the neck and the other secures its abdomen.

Breeders all over the world use these stands for easy dog breeding. These stands are helpful for dogs who have trouble mating for a number of reasons. The stand not only helps dogs engage in mating but it also protects the sire from the bitch in case the bitch has a tendency to bite. However, the restraining nature of the stand is highly controversial.

Sure the stand is there to protect both the male dog and the bitch but because of the fact that the bitch has to be restrained people question: how ethical can it be when it is non-consensual? It may seem odd to consider this concept for dogs, however, in a world where animal rights are a thing of importance, this can’t be overlooked.

unethical dog breeding stands
Dog breeding stands are extremely unethical in this day and age.

Why Dog Breeding Stands Were Often Used?

Let us initially consider the practical benefits of using dog breeding stands, regardless of whether or not we actually agree with this practice.


Mating stands for dogs are especially useful when someone wants to mate two aggressive dogs. In such a situation, even if the female dog is willing to mate, she might end up biting the male dog. This can have serious consequences for the sire. Dog breeding stands eliminate this possibility by securing the neck of the bitch in a leather loop.

Help the Bitch Bear Weight

In situations where the heights and weights of the breeds aren’t comparable, mating can be more difficult. If the male dog is considerably heavier than the female, the female dog can sit down during the mating. This makes it difficult and complicated for the male dog to engage in the act. Dog breeding stands help in this situation and make the process easier for both participants.

Due to its shape, a breeding stand for dogs helps to distribute the weight of the male dog. As a result, the female is able to bear weight since the stand supports her. So, the bitch doesn’t sit down and the process goes smoothly.

Useful for Dogs With a Height Difference

Sometimes the male dog is shorter than the female dog. You can imagine how this can be a problem since the sire won’t be able to penetrate the bitch. Dog breeding equipment like a dog breeding stand can help eliminate this issue.

A dog breeding stand is adjustable to your dog’s height. This way you can customize and adjust the height of the stand to make sure the male dog doesn’t have any trouble penetrating the taller female.

Stops the Bitch from Running Off

This is perhaps the biggest risk when two dogs are allowed to mate naturally. There are situations when at first the bitch is willing to mate but halfway through the process she changes her mind and decides to run off.

When a sire penetrates a female, a genital lock takes place. The male is then bound to the female until the deed is done. If during the process, while the genital lock is still in effect, the female decides to run off, it can critically hurt the male dog.

The consequences include a broken penis bone and degloving of the penis. Both of these situations are extremely painful and dangerous for the dog. These stands stop this from happening because the bitch is restrained, she can’t run off.

Drawbacks of Using Dog Breeding Stands

Stands for dog breeding, despite their obvious benefits, are coupled with controversy. Animal rights activists all over the world call this method of dog breeding cruel and inhumane. Some even go as far as to label it rape.

Restrainment of the bitch

This is the main point of controversy. A dog breeding stand restrains the bitch to make it easier for the male to engage in mating. Restraining an animal for the purpose of mating can be uncomfortable and distressing. To make the matters worse, profit-hungry breeders use these stands even when a female dog is not ready to mate, this is commonly seen wit backyard breeders. Restrained while being ready for mating is one thing but forced to mate when the bitch isn’t even ready is utterly gut-wrenching.

A bitch should only be used for mating if she is healthy and old enough to do so. Although many females can be sexually mature at six months, we recommend waiting until the age of two years when they can physically support a pregnancy.


If you have seen a breeding stand for dogs in action you don’t need to be informed that mating while restrained can be pretty uncomfortable for a female dog. The bitch will have their neck and abdomen strapped to the frame. They can’t move their body in that position. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch and no doubt is equally uncomfortable to be restrained like that.

In short, the whole conversation around dog breeding supplies like the breeding stand depends a lot on which side you stand with. If you use them cautiously and for the sole purpose of facilitating the mating process when the bitch is ready to engage in the act, then more breeders support it. But these shouldn’t be used solely to produce more litter so that the breeders can make more money.

Dog breeding stands are often called rape stands
Dog breeding stands are often called “rape stands”.

Dog Breeding Stand Alternative: Artificial Insemination

For breeders who want to breed their unwilling dogs but don’t want to use dog breeding stands, artificial insemination is a viable option. This technique has been used for cattle for decades but has only recently been used for dog breeding. Artificial Insemination works by artificially introducing the sperm of a male dog in the vagina of a female dog when she is in heat. This method is effective when the female is in heat but is reluctant to be social with other dogs.

Artificial Insemination also has its critics. Some say that artificial insemination can end up producing dogs who don’t know how to mate. Another concern regarding artificial insemination is that it fails to eliminate the cross-infection between the breeds. In all of this, if you are looking to buy a puppy, make sure the breeder follows the proper ethical code of conduct.

Dog Breeding Stands – FAQs

Now that you have a fair idea of the basics of stands for dog mating, here are the answers to some of the questions people ask all over the internet.

Is it safe to use a Dog Breeding Stand?

It is safe to use a dog mating stand from a physical standpoint, whether they are morally right or not is another discussion. Dog breeding stands are there to facilitate the mating process. They hold the female dog in place, in a secure position, while the male mounts her. Holding the female dog down has several advantages. First, these stands let the females bear the weight of the sire. Sometimes the male dog is far heavier than the female which prompts the female to sit down. Sitting down during mating can pose trouble for the male dog.

Secondly, a dog breeding stand is one of the breeding strategies to keep the female from biting the male. This is a serious issue in breeds that have been bred for fighting or hunting as these breeds are overly aggressive. As a result, during mating, the female can bite the male and impair him for life. In short, putting morality aside for a while, a dog breeding stand is safe to use.

Are dog breeding stands unethical?

Dog breeding stands can be unethical depending on their use. They can be used in situations where the female dog is unwilling to mate or not ready. Dog breeding stands practically force the animals to mate and this can be a reoccurring event that induces stress and anxiety in the bitch.

However, even if the female dog is willing to mate, she still may need some help. In cases where the male dog is bigger and heavier, the female may sit down to bear the weight. This makes the process of mating difficult for the sire. Dog breeding stands can make it easier for the bitch to bear the weight. The same is the case when two aggressive or anxious dogs try to mate. The female can bite the male or run off after locking. Both of these situations are extremely bad for the male, so the breeding stands help in that regard.

Do all dog breeders use breeding stands?

Not every breeder uses a dog mating stand. Most breeders, today, never use breeding stands. Breeders may use these stands for help breeding dogs of different heights or temperaments, or unfortunately, they may be used unethically for quicker forced mating.

The breeders who don’t use dog breeding stands often mate non-aggressive dogs. In other cases, some breeders also use artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is a process by which the female dog doesn’t have to go through the process of mating.

How to use a dog breeding stand?

First, untie the loops of the stand. Next, carefully walk the female dog over to the stand and first secure her neck. Securing her neck first is crucial since she won’t be able to bite you in the process. Next, you have to secure her abdomen, make sure both the neck and the abdomen loops are tied. To finish the setup, adjust the height of the stand according to the height of the male dog.

While the process is simple, the unethical implications should prevent anybody from using these devices.

dog breeding stands
Dog Breeding Stands – Definition, Benefits, Risks & FAQ

Dog mating stands may have been very useful in the past, but no breeder in their sane mind would consider the purchase of one, even if they believe they follow the ethics and morals of responsible dog breeding. This career is more than just finances, each dog’s physical and mental health matters before anything else.

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