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10 Best Dog Beds for Labradors

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Friday 8 January 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog beds for labradors
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Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. But, they’re also the most prone to developing orthopedic problems. This is why you should be super careful when you’re selecting Labrador dog beds.

As a dog parent, we’re sure you’re always on the lookout for what’s best for your fur baby. And, that’s exactly why we’ve scoured the internet to bring you a list of the best dog beds for Labradors. All you have to do is go through our excellent selection and pick the one that suits you and your pooch the best.

Do Labradors Need Special Beds?

Any breed of dog may develop orthopedic problems. However, experts agree that large breed dogs are at a greater risk. Additionally, orthopedic problems can be a result of several factors, such as genetic disposition, obesity, poor nutrition, etc.

Labs are classified as large breed dogs, and they’re also super active. That means they’re prone to problems like joint stiffness and arthritis. They can also develop conditions like hip dysplasia and muscle soreness. The best dog beds for Labradors are orthopedic because they can lessen the aches and pains linked to such conditions.

If your Lab is still in puppyhood then there’s no need to buy an orthopedic bed just yet. But, adult and senior Labradors can benefit a lot from them. The layers of foam and additional support found in orthopedic dog beds can bring relief to stiff muscles and joints. Not to mention, orthopedic dog beds can also help stimulate improved mobility in aging Labs, or dogs suffering from orthopedic ailments.

What Size Beds do Labradors Need?

Choosing dog beds for large dogs is not as difficult as it may seem. Thankfully, most pet stores have helpful dog size charts that you can refer to before making a final choice.

However, if you’re planning on doing your shopping online, all you need to remember is that Labs are a large breed dog. Nothing short of a large, or in some cases, extra-large bed, will do for an adult Labrador.

Also, if you have a dog crate for your furball, then you’ll have to consider its dimensions as well before making a decision. If, however, you’re still not convinced about how to determine what size of Labrador puppy bed to buy, then simply refer to the next heading.

How to Choose the Right Dog Beds for Labradors?

Selecting a dog bed can be a little intimidating for some dog parents. But, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. That’s because we’re here with brilliant tips and tricks as to how you can get the perfect sized bed for your canine.


A Labrador dog bed size mostly depends on one factor – your pooch’s weight. Adult Labs (both male and female) can weigh anywhere from 25 to 36 kg (55 – 79 lbs). This means you’ll have to opt for either a large or an extra-large bed for your dog, to make sure its comfort is not compromised.

Labrador pups can weigh up to whopping 25 lbs at mere three months. And, at six months they’re weight can double to 50 lbs. This is why we’d recommend you buy a large size bed from the get-go because large breed dogs grow real fast. Although, if you have space constraints then a medium-sized bed will do for your 25-pounder pup. On the whole, it’s just easier for you, your dog, and your wallet to buy a large bed that’ll last you a long time.

Your pet’s length (not height) is also important to note when it comes to dog beds. For instance, you should know that an adult Labrador measures around 23 to 24.5 inches in length. To make sure your doggo has plenty of room to toss and turn, you’ll want to buy a bed that measures at least 10 to 12 inches more than their actual length.


As we said earlier, cushioning in dog beds is not something to be taken lightly. Not unless you want your doggo to be uncomfortable and look for more comfortable alternatives, such as your bed.

The best dog beds for Labrador Retrievers, according to us, are the ones that offer adequate cushioning. Any bed you purchase for your Lab needs to be supportive and firm enough to provide its joints the relief they need after a full day’s fun and exercise.

Also, if your doggo happens to be approaching its senior years, then cushioning plays an even more vital role. Senior Labs are prone to developing ailments like arthritis which can affect their movement. However, a well-cushioned bed can help aid your dog’s mobility by helping to keep joint inflammation under control.

dog beds for labradors
Make sure the dog bed has enough cushioning for your Lab!


You know how you pay particular importance to your mattress’s material before buying one? Well, doggy beds are no different. The material of your pooch’s bed can directly affect your pet’s comfort, your wallet, and your work input level.

Here’s how: Buying a dog bed made of a lasting material like polyester or thick cotton can be a blessing. Even if your pooch isn’t the canine equivalent of Jaws, the sturdier the material of your dog’s bed, the better. Some people prefer to buy beds made of leather or other synthetic materials. But, materials like leather can’t hold up to the damage your dog’s paws may inflict while scratching or digging. Plus, if you don’t want to throw money on a new dog bed every year, getting one with reinforced stitching is the way to go.

Also important is to look for a doggie bed that comes along with a removable cover. It’s only common sense that you’re going to have to clean your furball’s bed once in a while. When that happens, you’d want a bed that requires minimum effort on your part. A removable cover will allow you to just chuck the cover in a washing machine without having to worry about alternate (more demanding) washing options. Speaking of washing, look for a doggy bed that has a waterproof inner lining so that the bed’s cushioning or foam are safe from doggy accidents. A waterproof lining will also ensure no harmful bacteria or bugs penetrate the inside of your canine’s bed – keeping it hygienic.

Bed Type

The best part about going Labrador dog bed shopping is the sheer volume of choices you have available regarding bed type. It doesn’t matter if your doggy is in the prime of its health, or needs some extra TLC concerning orthopedic problems – you’ll be able to find what exactly you’re looking for. Here are a few of the options you’re likely to run across:

Orthopedic Bed with Memory Foam

Memory foam orthopedic beds and mattresses are pretty popular for humans and dogs alike. That’s probably because memory foams give you a flawless combination of comfort and support. Such mattresses allow your spine to stay straight while your joints get the support they deserve.

For dogs who suffer from orthopedic ailments such as hip or elbow dysplasia or arthritis, memory foam can work wonders. Not only does a memory foam dog bed allow your dog to huddle down with ease, but it also helps in preventing pain associated with joint and muscle problems by giving your pooch’s bones the care they need.

Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated cots can provide great relief in terms of temperature, no matter the season. For instance, when it’s warm, an elevated bed provides for ample airflow around your pet’s body to ensure its body temperature stays comfortable. Kuranda is a popular brand of durable raised dog beds.

On the other hand, when the weather turns cooler, elevated beds bring your doggo contentment by allowing it to stay off the cold floor. They’re also a great option for dog parents who like going on outdoor trips with their furry pal.

Fiber-Filled Dog Beds

This type of bedding is certainly the most economical option you have. But, fiber-filler beds don’t provide much in the way of cushioning. Also, the fiber filling tends to clump or may shift over time, and may cause discomfort. Remember, that any money you save will likely be spent on replacing such a bed because their shelf-life isn’t very long.

10 Best Dog Beds for Labradors

Now that we’ve imparted all our knowledge regarding what factors you should watch out when buying doggie beds – let’s get a move on with our list. There’s something for everyone here, no matter the age, size, weight, or ailment of your Lab.

1. Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed

We’re kicking off our best dog beds for Labs compilation with the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed. And, the best part is, this one comes with an attached headrest.

Available in large, extra-large, and giant sizes – you will not have to worry about your Lab not fitting into one of these babies. But, what truly convinced us to add the Big Barker Bed to our list is that it’s been clinically proven to reduce pain and improve mobility in dogs after only 28 days of use.

Additionally, the product comes with a 10-year warranty for its therapeutic foam. Handcrafted in the USA, this bed comes with a 100% micro-suede cover that machine washable and super-cozy.

2. Happy Hounds Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed for Labradors offers your pooch the comfort of its reversible design. On the one side, the cover features velvety smooth microfiber, while a luxurious Sherpa panel lies on the other side. You can switch between both sides with ease, depending on your dog’s comfort level and the weather.

Not only does this bed have a fantastically hidden zipper closure, but it also has double-sewn boxed edges to provide for extra durability.

Available in sizes from extra-small to large, this dog bed by Happy Hounds certainly checks all the right boxes. From being water-resistant to having orthopedic foam – this doggy bed is a definite keeper.

3. Furhaven Plush and Suede Dog Bed

Clocking in at number three is the Furhaven Plush and Suede Dog Bed/Couch. This is another excellent option for dog parents who’re looking for an orthopedic bed for their Labrador.

Not only is it available in various sizes, but it’s also available in different padding types. You can choose to order the bed with either an orthopedic foam, memory foam, or cooling gel foam. Talk about multi-functionality.

Apart from that, the product comes along with a removable cover that makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The plush faux fur cover and the product’s three-sided design only add to its comfort factor. To top that, the Furhaven bed offers optimum support for your pet’s neck, back, and hips.

4. Go Pet Club Memory Foam Bed

Still on the hunt for the best dog bed for a Labrador puppy? If so, then your search stops now because the Go Pet Club Memory Foam Bed has pretty much got it all.

Apart from being available in four attractive colors, this dog bed also comes equipped with a super-comfortable and removable suede cover. But, that’s not all – the Go Pet Club bed also has a water-resistant inner cover. This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the product if your puppy has a little accident.

With a 4″ high memory foam and a non-slip bottom surface, this bed is also ideal for adult Labs with hip and joint problems. This product is nothing short of an all-rounder in the world of doggy beds.

5. Armarkat Dog Pillow Bed

The Armarkat Pet Bed Mat by AeroMark finds its place on spot number five on our list. And, just so you know, it also happens to be featured on the Amazon’s Choice list – with many positive customer reviews.

This particular Bed Mat has been made from heavy-duty canvas material to provide for durability and permanence. The top of the bed mat includes a super-soft plush panel, and the entire cover is removable and machine-washable. Aside from all that, the product also boasts of a skid-free base and a water-proof inner lining.

Available in two classic colors and four different sizes (from medium to extra-large), the Armarkat Dog Bed has all the makings to become an essential part of your pet’s comfort routine.

6. AKC Casablanca Dog Bed

If you’ve always been a fan of round beds, then the AKC Casablanca Dog Bed is just the thing for you.

Apart from the fact that this dog bed is a product of the illustrious American Kennel Club Brand, it’s got a plethora of features to offer. The Casablanca is available in 11 whopping color options, and it’s suitable for small-sized pets.

Additionally, if your little Lab puppy is a bundle of nerves that loves to chew and dig, then you’ll be glad to know that this product is made from 100 percent long-lasting polyester. The top of this round pet bed is extremely plush and soft and can be a great source of comfort to your puppy in the cold winter months.

7. PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam

The PetFusion Labrador dog bed seems like a product straight out of your Labrador’s dreams. It’s available in four sizes and three different shades of grey. But, what it lacks in color, it makes up for in heavy-duty features.

Starting with the product’s 4-inch memory foam that helps alleviate joint pain and improve your pet’s health and mobility. Made from recycled support bolsters and a combination of polyester and cotton twill – this bed practically shouts of its durability from the mere look of it.

Other useful features include one water and tear-resistant cover, non-skid bottom, Certi-PUR-US Memory foam (with superb safety standards), and a 36-month warranty. Phew! It’s no wonder this product has been featured in Forbes and Business Insider on the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds List.

8. Brindle Waterproof Dog Bed

If you prefer to surround yourself with objects that are simple and functional, then the Brindle Dog Bed should appeal to you.

But, don’t let the Brindle Bed’s looks fool you. This dog bed is ideal for any large-breed dog suffering from orthopedic problems thanks to its innovative design. The mat is made up of 2″ of memory foam that provides relief to your fur baby’s pressure points, while the 2″ thick high-density support foam makes up for optimal support.

Like all great dog beds, the Brindle bed also features a removable (and machine washable) cover and a waterproof inner lining. While the mat isn’t tear-proof, it does have a non-skid base and a 3-year warranty.

9. Frisco Pillow Dog Bed

When it comes to being adaptable, the Frisco Pillow Dog Bed truly takes the cake. The product is available in two sizes and is suitable for both dogs and cats. This bed isn’t suitable for dogs with joint or orthopedic problems. But, nonetheless, it’s an overall outstanding option as a pet bed.

It features a polyester fiber-filling, along with a plush and ultra-soft suede outer cover. Not only is the bed machine washable, but it also includes a machine washable cover, so that your life remains as hassle-free as possible.

However, one of the things that we liked best about the Frisco bed is its step-on design, which makes it easier for small pets to get into bed.

10. FurHaven Nap Deluxe

The FurHaven Pet Bed finds its way on to our list for several reasons. But, one of the main reasons is the product’s egg-crate foam. This foam helps to evenly distribute your pooch’s weight and helps relieve the pressure on painful joints and muscles.

Made from durable polyester, the FurHaven Dog Bed has a smooth and silky faux-fur top, along with a step-on design that helps pets get into bed easily. Additionally, both the cover and the bed are machine washable, and the bed is perfect for senior or disabled pets.

There we have it, folks. Our list of top ten beds for Labradors is complete, and we truly hope you’ve found the right pet bed somewhere within it. As far as dog breeds go, Labrador Retrievers are pretty low-maintenance. And, they’re extremely attached to their owners.

labrador dog beds are essential
Labrador dog beds are essential!

It’s no wonder then that many Lab owners want to return their fur baby’s affection by taking care of all its needs. Speaking of needs, Labrador dog beds are an essential part of your pet’s comfort and care routine. And that’s exactly why you should think about investing in one today if you haven’t already. Till next time, stay paw-sitive.

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