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12 Best Couches for Dogs – Brands, Features, Reviews & FAQs

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Tuesday 1 June 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
couches made for dogs
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Dogs love couches. You love couches, too. But only one of you can sprawl out on the couch. That’s exactly why you should look into buying the best couch for your dog.

This is a hard decision to make, isn’t it? Fortunately, there is a simple solution. The 12 best dog couches that we are going to list down will put an end to this struggle once and for all. Let’s go.

What are Dog Couches?

Dog couches are dog beds that have raised edges. The raised edges make these beds look like little couches. But why would you want to have dog beds that look like sofas? First up, let us be clear that although these are couches for dogs, they can serve a bigger purpose than just offering your dog a place to sprawl.

Dog couches are often lined with memory foam which means they can serve as orthopedic aids. Orthopedic beds relieve pressure from the joints of your dog (especially for big dogs). The memory foam inner molds itself according to the shape of the dog’s body, providing relief.

The raised edges also add to this orthopedic effect because an elevated head is quite relaxing for a dog. Finally, they also look pretty cute which is something you can’t say about regular dog beds.

Choosing the Right One

Choosing the best dog couch is like choosing a bed in some ways. Of course, you need to look for quality products with good materials but there is more to the story when it comes to picking up a dog couch.

Following are some of the most important factors that you need to pay attention to.


Contrary to us, dogs don’t like beds that dwarf them. Dogs feel safe when they are protected from all sides. This is where a bolstered bed/couch comes in.

So, when choosing a dog couch, make sure you get the right size. For instance, if you have a small dog, choose a small bed.

Remember that different brands have different sizing. In other words, one brand’s medium may be another brand’s small. To make sure this difference in sizing doesn’t affect you, correctly measure your dog.


Different dogs have different needs. Where a healthy pup may not need an orthopedic bed, a senior dog with achy joints will appreciate it.

Similarly, the height of the edges will depend on your dog’s preference.

In short, there is more than one type of dog couch, and you should choose one according to your dog’s needs.


Materials used to make covers and the filling determine the comfort level of a dog couch. This means different couches will provide different levels of comfort. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is whether your dog is a heavy chewer. If he is, then you want a cover that can stand up to aggressive chewing.

Similarly, when it comes to filling, you need to mind your dog’s preference. For instance, if your dog is allergic to a certain type of fabric, you don’t want that filling.

Common fillings include polyester, beads, and memory foams. Where polyester and beads are best suited for healthy dogs, a memory foam filling, albeit expensive, can be beneficial for all dogs. If you’re okay with buying a luxury dog couch, you can check out our favorites. Put simply, don’t overlook the type of materials used as this is the primary factor that determines whether your dog sleeps in comfort or wiggles about sleeplessly.

do dog couches have health benefits
It’s good to have a self reflection if you have the budget to spoil your dog with its own couch!

12 Best Dog Couches for Dogs

Couches are awesome. They are comfy. More importantly, they give us a chance to spread as much as we want. The following couches make sure our best friends can experience the same.

1. Pet Craft Premium Orthopedic Lounger

Just one look at the Pet Craft Premium Lounger and you can tell that it is a high-quality product. As the name suggests, this couch for dogs has an orthopedic foam filling which means that it will provide pressure relief for your dog’s joints. And to make sure this filling is protected, there is also durable, machine-washable linen covering on top.

Next up, the padded bolsters are robust, providing a soft surface for your dog to rest his head-on. The plush cushion and the soft sleeping surface add to the overall comfort that the Lounger provides.

Finally, there are two sizes available, a Medium (30”x20”x9”) and a Large (36”28”x9”). In short, the Lounger is durable enough to withstand the abuse and is comfortable enough to guarantee your dog plenty of satisfying downtimes.

2. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

Measuring 31”x22”x7”, the JOYELF Dog Bed is orthopedic in every way. It has a dense memory foam base for providing relief to the joints. And to make sure this memory foam is not damaged by accidents, there is a liner.

But what good is a couch without bolstered sides, right? Thankfully, the JOYELF Dog Bed has cotton-padded bolstered sides for added support for leaning and snuggling.

Moving on, the dog bed has a non-slip rubber bottom for the time when your dog pretends to be a bull. And when everything is said and done, you can take the cover and toss it in a machine. If you are alright with the bed not as shapely as the pictures, then this is a really good choice for people who have large, senior dogs.

3. Uozzi Cuddler Cushion

For small to medium-sized dogs, the Uozzi Cuddle Cushion presents quite a good value proposition. First up, the bed has 100% polyester filling which means it is soft and hypoallergenic. The sleeping surface is also soft, shaggy faux fur, providing warmth and comfort.

Secondly, the raised edges of the bed are also soft, faux fur. The presence of these soft raised edges makes leaning against the bed possible and comfortable for your pet.

Lastly, the bed has a waterproof, anti-slip bottom for protection against pushing and spilling. With an X-Small measuring 15”x15”, and a medium measuring 23”x23”, the Uozzi Cushion is a worthy dog bed even if it has a little chemical smell to it. Just wash the bed once and your dog will have a super couch to snuggle in. Although this one isn’t really a couch for dogs, it does serve the purpose as a bed.

4. Furhaven L Shaped Chaise Bed

The problem with heavily-cushioned orthopedic foam beds is that sometimes they can get too warm for dogs with a double coat. And here enters the Furhaven Chaise Bed with its cooling gel-covered memory foam. The memory foam provides orthopedic support, and the cooling gel keeps your dog cool when things get toasty.

Aside from this standout feature, the velvet-covered, filled bolsters provide great support for the neck and back.

Finally, there are two sizes to choose from; a small measuring 20”x15”x3”, and a jumbo plus measuring 53”x42”x5”. Both of these models have removable covers that you can toss in the machine. So, if your dog is not an aggressive chewer, the L shaped Chaise Bed is a great alternative to regular cushions.

5. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is one of the most highly rated pet beds on the market. It has a 4 inches thick memory foam base that provides orthopedic support.

Aside from the thick memory foam insert, everything else is pretty standard. The bottom is non-skid, so your dog won’t be pushing the bed around. The sides are bolstered to provide a feeling of security and comfort. And the cover that keeps everything nice and clean is machine-washable.

Summing it all up, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed measures 36” x 28” x 9”, has a thick memory foam insert, bolstered sides, and a washable cover. If you can contend with the lack of waterproofing, the PetFusion Ultimate Bed will prove to be worth your cash.

6. EMME Sofa Dog Bed

No products found.

When it comes to dogs, the bigger the dog the harder it is to find quality products for the size. You can see this pattern when it comes to things like crates. Fortunately, the EMME Dog Bed is a treat for larger dogs.

The bed has a memory foam base protected by a Polyamide Corduroy covering. Similarly, a plush faux fur protects the sleeping surface. The covers are also pretty easy to clean since they are machine-washable and come with two zippers.

With a non-skid base, both the medium (27”x20”x7”) and the XXL (50”x40”x13”) options are worth spending your money on, provided your dog is not a heavy chewer.

7. Bedsure Snuggly Soft Pet Sofa Bed

The Bedsure Sofa Bed looks like someone took a denim jacket and morphed it into a dog couch. The result is a dog bed that looks like a hip denim jacket. So, how does the bed perform? Really good.

The memory foam bottom provides comfort and the pillow-like bolsters on the side add to it. Protecting the filling is a faux linen fabric cover. The sleeping surface is also covered with micro-sherpa providing a soft, cozy surface for your dog to sleep in.

Finally, to make sure the bed stays in place, the bottom is non-skid. The verdict? Both sizes, medium (23”x28”) and X-large (50”x60”) are excellent for younger dogs that don’t need a lot of padding. For senior dogs suffering from arthritis, the padding is not enough.

8. BDEUS Orthopedic Dog Bed

The next entry on our list is a chaise design with raised edges. The BDEUS Dog Bed comes with 6.5 inches of sponge foam that provides the bed its signature softness. And while the word ‘orthopedic’ may suggest there is memory foam inside, there isn’t any.

On the other hand, the bed has a bolstered side. Combine this with the soft, sponge foam base, and one can make an argument for a pressure reliving orthopedic effect.

Moving on, the bed comes in two sizes; A Large measuring (26”x35”) and a Jumbo Plus measuring (36”x50). Both of these sizes come with a non-skid synthetic fabric cover to keep the bed from slipping. All in all, if you have a large dog, give the BDEUS Dog Bed a look.

9. Casper Dog Bed

The Casper Dog Bed combines the best of both worlds: a memory foam insert that relieves pressure, and a support foam to provide durability. Add to it the side bolsters and a microfiber protective cover and you are looking at a bed that has a lot of potential. Let’s move away from the features for a second and ask: Is this bed worth it? The short answer, yes it is.

The longer one: it’s worth it if you are not looking for a full-fledged memory foam filled orthopedic bed. Because while it will give a young dog a comfortable night’s sleep, senior dogs won’t find much love from this bed.

Put simply, get this bed if you have a young, healthy pup. Look elsewhere if you don’t.

10. Furhaven Microvelvet Snuggery Bed

With Furhaven Microvelvet Bed you have the option of choosing between an orthopedic foam, a memory foam, and a cooling gel foam. This is great since you can buy a bed that your dog really needs.

Moving on, the blanket that comes with the bed can be used as a hood over the bed. In other words, your dog can have his cave. Even if we place the coolness of this design aside, the hood serves a practical purpose because dogs instinctively want a sense of security. The hood provides this sense of relief to your dog.

Next, both the sleeping surface and the hood are a long-pile micro velvet blend. Micro velvet blends are quite warm and soft which means your dog will remain cozy and comfortable. Long story short: the Furhaven is a soft, comfy, and machine-washable bed that satisfies the instincts of your pet.

11. Furhaven Orthopedic Ultra Lounger

The Furhaven Orthopedic Lounger is as simple as it gets. It a thick orthopedic foam, contoured to improve ergonomics. And because it is ergonomic, dogs fit right in.

The sleeping surface, on the other hand, is pretty standard. It is lined with plush faux fur for warmth and softness.

Finally, you can either get the bed in a small (14”x21”x4”) or a giant (58”x42”x9”) variant both of which come with machine-washable covers.

12. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

The last dog couch on our list is the MIXJOY Orthopedic Bed. While the bed/couch is pretty good, there is nothing that makes the bed explicitly orthopedic.

The bed has a standard donut design. As a result, it has raised edges on all sides, making the bed a comfort zone for the dog. The use of shag fur also adds to this sense of comfort since it is soft and warm.

Lastly, the bed measures 23”x 23”x 6” which means it is only good for small dogs. In conclusion, the MIXJOY Orthopedic Bed is a basic, donut-shaped bag that will get the job done and nothing more.

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It’s important your dog knows their house rules by not sitting on the human’s furniture!

Couches For Dogs: FAQ

Now lets answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

Is orthopedic or memory foam better for dogs?

Both orthopedic and memory foam can be good for dogs because these foams serve the same purpose.
An orthopedic foam works by relieving pressure from the joints. For older dogs with arthritis, pressure on the joints is quite uncomfortable. This is why orthopedic foams are recommended for senior dogs. Memory foam adapts to the shape of a dog’s body. In other words, the foam can remember the shape of the body, hence the name. Molding in regards to the shape of the body provides support where support is needed. This, in turn, leads to relief from pressure.

In short, both types of foams are better than regular foams. For senior dogs, go with an orthopedic one. For young, healthy dogs, memory foam will serve you much better than a regular one.

Are raised beds better for dogs?

Raised beds are better for your dogs. Because they are raised, dogs can get in and out of the bed much easily as compared to regular beds. And because raised beds are a little above the ground, dirt and debris build-up is not as severe of a problem.

Take both of these reasons together, and you will find that raised beds are better than regular beds in almost every way, provided that the materials and all other features remain the same.

Do dogs need a pillow?

Dogs don’t need a pillow. But this doesn’t mean they don’t like to rest their heads on something. They like to feel comfortable. They also like to cling to things that smell like you. So, if you find your dog clinging to your pillow, your boy is just feeling lazy and wants to lay down on something that makes him feel safe.

What if my dog eats the memory foam?

Memory foam, or any foam in general, can obstruct if ingested. Therefore, if your dog has bitten some off, stop him from swallowing. And if he already has swallowed some, get the piece out if you can. If you can’t get it out, go to a vet.

Large pieces of memory foam are a choking hazard. So, always make sure the dog bed is in good condition and there is minimal wear and tear.

Can a dog bed be too big?

A dog bed can be too big. Dogs like to feel secure. This is their instinctual behavior. Growing up, pups always snuggled against their littermates and mom. This behavior persists even when they become adults.

Therefore, dogs love to snuggle against you, a couch, and their beds. Beds that are too large don’t let them snuggle against the sides. This not only makes the dogs feel insecure, but they also can’t get cozy.
In short, choose a bed according to the size of your dog.

Your dog deserves his own couch. One, because he occupies yours and you deserve your couch. Two, because dog couches can elevate the level of rest that your dog gets. And the better the quality of sleep the better the health. Now, different dogs will react differently to a new couch. Some dogs will accept their new sleeping place, while others will insist on sleeping with you. So, if possible, do try a dog couch before buying one.

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