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What Is The Best Dog To Breed – Your Favorite, or What the Market Demands?

Written by Khalil
Khalil is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Monday 22 June 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
what is the best dog to breed
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What is the best dog to breed? I’m sure you’re torn between choosing the dog of your dreams or one of the most popular dog breeds. We’re here to break this confusion for you once and for all, by giving you insight into what option you should choose.

Whether you’re an individual looking forward to breeding or a breeding business, the first step is finding the best dog for breeding. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Let’s jump straight into discussing how you can choose the best dog breed and also give you a few options.

Breeding the Dog of Your Choice

Breeding the best dog doesn’t always mean one that offers more profit; you can go where your heart is. Almost every dog lover has a preference when it comes to the top dog breeds. That’s the breed that you know everything about or have always thought of breeding. Being a master of one breed is always better than being the jack of all. It’s because each dog has an intricate personality that you have to know and cater to. That’s precisely why comparing two dog breeds isn’t correct.

Now, you may also have a choice based on the expenses a dog breed may incur on you. Medical, grooming, and nutritional costs are some of the many expenses a dog breeder can be expected to cover. If you’re aiming to spend less, you might be after a breed that’s not too costly on the expenses. One last thing, choosing a breed of your preference doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. Dog breeding is a project that requires skill and determination. The time and work you’ll put in for your dog’s care will surely help you benefit in the long run.

Where the Market Demand Comes in

If you don’t have a particular breed in mind, you can always head back to the dog marketplace. Most dog breeding businesses focus on meeting the demands of people, and that’s quite profitable for their business. It will help you get the know-how of what breeds sell better, which dogs are easier to breed, and generally more insight into breeding. Just a disclaimer; we’re not encouraging breeding for profit. But it would be a disservice on our behalf if we don’t tell you that making some money is important to cover the costs associated with breeding.

Now market demand isn’t necessary to follow as long as you can find customers. If you’re a breeder and happen to know someone who’s interested in buying, let’s say Siberian Huskies, and you happen to breed them too. You can always pitch in some words to sell a pup or two from your litter. Not to mention, they’re one of the most popular and highly profitable dog breeds!

Alternatively, not focusing on the market needs might only attract a few buyers. Let’s say you’re into breeding some of the most popular small dog breeds. This will only allow you to target breeders from a community of little dog breed lovers. If you’re searching for the most famous dog breeds for breeding – French Bulldogs, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyeds are currently the leaders. Careful and ethical breeding can help you bag a reasonable sum when selling these pups.

Veterinary Consultation

If none of the options suit you, you can consult breeding dogs with your veterinarian. Not only will your vet guide you through the ‘how’ and ‘what’, but they should also be able to help you pick a dog breed. You should also inquire about hereditary conditions in dog breeds when talking to a vet. Some dog breeds are prone to hereditary disorders and diseases, which your vet should guide you about. You should keep up to date on all information as it’ll help you take better care of your dogs during breeding and otherwise.

Let’s say you’re interested in breeding French Bulldogs. These cute pups are the best dog breed for families, but they’re prone to diseases as well. They have breathing issues, hip and joint pain, and other allergies you have to take care of. But taking little steps towards improving your dog’s health will help you bag a high return. Point being, you can always consult with your vet about the dog breed you’re interested in. Once you’re well aware of all the hurdles you’ll have to face while breeding, you can proceed. They’ll also help you throughout labor – so this option is a must-do if you ever start breeding.

Availability of a Quality Parent Dog

If you own or can breed with a quality parent dog, that’s going to be quite beneficial for you. This means that the dog you’re going to breed lies in the top 10% dogs of that particular breed. Healthy dogs will give birth to healthy puppies with good traits.

Keeping this in mind, breeding with a quality parent also ensures the pups inherit their excellent abilities. Physical traits, temperament, and health conditions are some of the critical areas in dog genetics. People also look for particular characteristics in dogs when it comes to owning a new pet. If you’re going to sell your dogs, a quality parent will also help you make a more significant sale. It’s because purebred dogs are registered by kennel clubs and are under the ethical band. You can advertise them on popular breeding forums, marketplaces, or perhaps your own website.

What is the Best Dog To Breed – FAQs

Before we finish our article, we’d like to answer some questions for you. We’ll be giving short, concise answers in the next section to some of the most commonly asked questions on dog breeding forums. Here you go:

What is the Best Dog to Breed for Money?

French bulldogs, Siberian Huskies, and Samoyeds are some of the best dog breeds for selling. However, you should think long and hard before you go into breeding for money. This endeavor requires time, patience, love, care, and money (of all things!).

If you’re ready to put in work and devise a business plan, your breeding business might just take off. The dog breeds we’ve mentioned are surely profitable, but making a profit overall requires far more than that. You’ll have to market your business, your litter, engage with the community, partner with vets, and much more.

What is the Easiest Dog to Care for?

Basset Hounds are one of the easiest dogs to breed and care for when it comes to being low-maintenance. They’re versatile dogs with a mild temperament, quite easy to get along and require low grooming costs. It makes them the ideal dog for people who’re busy in their daily lives and love dogs!

Being easy to take care of can mean many things. Whether they’re easy to breed, take care of, train, or groom, it all adds up to their maintenance. As a breeder, however, you’ll still have to take good care and ensure your pup’s satisfactory health for breeding. Furthermore, this breed is prone to health issues, so be extra cautious when breeding them and make sure to use genetic testing.

breeding basset hounds
Basset Hounds are one of the easiest dog breeds to breed and care for!

Can you make a lot of Money Breeding Dogs?

Dog breeding can be a profitable business if executed properly. It’s a challenging yet fulfilling adventure that you’ll love to go on if money isn’t your top priority. The execution here matters more than anything else as your dogs are and should be your top priority.

In short, do dog breeders make good money? That depends on what they’ve done to execute their breeding plan. If you’re going to make a profit, you need to be able to reach a wide audience. As long as your clientele is able to get in touch with you directly, you’re good. A website, public appearances, or being active on dog breeding forums can be a huge plus. Remember to note that dog breeding can be expensive so be prepared for those costs.

Is Dog Breeding a Good Business?

Dog breeding is usually considered a hard business. That’s why dog breeding businesses aren’t your usual easy-to-go businesses with small investments. They require research, hard work, patience, and money to start and build. If your breeding business has a carefully devised business plan, you might just nail your execution and make a good profit!

Start off by researching the best dogs to breed. Look into the breed, learn more about breeding, and most importantly, talk to fellow breeders. If you’re not knowledgable on the subject, you can also take assistance from vets and they’ll guide you through the process. All in all, is dog breeding profitable? Yes, it is – but it comes with a twist. Whether you choose the best dog for breeding or not, miserable execution can thwart your business idea.

Whether you choose your dog from your own liking or based on the market trends, these small pups are living beings. You have to take better care of your dogs and treat them with the utmost respect in all cases. As a breeder, taking part in ethical breeding is the most important thing. It’ll help you stay under the ethical bracket of things and avoid blunders. It can also help you boost your sales as most buyers trust breeders who are open about everything they do.

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