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5 Things Your American Bully Or Pitbull Needs RIGHT NOW!

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Published on
Friday 29 January 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
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The American Bully and similar breeds like Pitbulls, Bulldogs or Amstaffs all have specific needs. They are special dogs so it makes sense. They are powerful and lean dogs, they exercise a lot and thus need a great recovery every day. Because of all these special needs, we came up with a list of the 5 things your bully or pitbull needs right about now!

Without further ado, let’s see what these items are (and no, they aren’t expensive!)

1. Bully Max Dog Muscle Supplement

Having an American Bully, American Staff or a Pitbull means having a dog that has been bred over several decades for its lean shape, powerful structure, and muscly body. Just like humans, dogs need a lot of exercise to perform better, get fit, and gain muscle mass. And just like humans, proteins and food supplements can accelerate the muscle gain process.

For a muscle to grow bigger and stronger, it needs to be damaged by an effort too intense that the muscles had to “break” (in a nice and healthy way.) As soon as the effort is over, the dog’s body will use the proteins it got from its alimentation and will rebuild the muscle fibers, bigger and stronger. And repeat.

This is why American Bullies you see are extremely well-built: most of them have a lot of exercise, a balanced diet and, you guessed now, a muscle food supplement. The supplementation will not replace the meals or the exercise, it just jumps in to speed up the process and fill the gaps left by the dog’s diet.

We Recommend… Bully Max Dog Muscle Supplement! Most muscle supplements only provide more proteins, and that’s fine in itself. Bully Max goes few steps further and provides nutrients and minerals that will no just help building those stronger muscles, but also reinforce the bone structure and the entire frame that supports these muscles. Tendons are also boosted up and few minerals will help the coat stay healthy, shiny and soft to the touch.

2. Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Be honest, you have your bully’s coat, muscles, mouth, food and toys in mind, but you never really think about its paws? It’s ok, neither do I with my dogs but like us, they are so many hours on their paws and thus require a lot of care.

Naturally strong, dog paws are often at use and some breeds tend to irritate, scratch and wound these a lot more than other breeds. Dogs that mush, run, hunt, jump, or just have a lot of exercise on harsh surfaces, need a lot more protection and care given to their paws.

Caring for a dog’s paws means moisturizing them and protecting them before, during and after the effort. Thick dog socks or dog boots may be of use but they will bother your dog as he or she will not feel the ground as he or she normally does. This is why wax-based creams are the most amazing protection for a dog’s paws.

The paw protective cream provides vitamin E that helps keep paws healthy but also moisturises and helps heal wounds faster. By wounds, we don’t mean deep cuts but rather micro scratches dogs have after exercising. Paw creams allows your dog to fully feel the ground and work or play as usual, just that this time, he or she stays protected!

We Recommend… Invisible Dog Boots Wax-Based Cream Musher’s Secret! Mushers’ Secret is the most appreciated easy-to-apply all-natural wax-based cream to protect dog paws. Most mushers use it in Alaska and Canada, and trust me, if it works on rough ice surfaces for hours a day, it will work for intense exercise in your garden. It is invisible and does not smell.

Just a little to apply, nothing crazy, either every day or when you know you will tire the hell out of your bully or pitbull. If your dog competes in weight-pulling events, you definitely want to use it daily, except on competition days to avoid your dog to slip.

3. Large Dog Rope

Pitbulls, Bulldogs and American Bullies all love tug of war. It is a great way to tire out the dog and it is an amazing way to bond with each other. It creates trust and hierarchy between both animals (you, and your dog!)

Yet, too many toys just don’t last. Sometimes a day, sometimes a week, but you never find that toy that virtually lasts forever. Kong, known for their durability with tough chewers, don’t even last much more than most toys.

Times are changing and with the increasing popularity of bully dogs and breeds, a few manufacturers of dog toys started to focus on that niche and put all their efforts into created really durable and sturdy tug toys for american bullies and pitbulls.

SatisPet tug toy for dogs
A 2 year old kid holding the SatisPet Tug Toy. It is HUUUUGE! (credits: Amazon review)

We Recommend… SatisPet Indestructible Jumbo Dog Rope Tug Toy! This tug toy for tough chewers is massive. It is seriously huge and heavy. Your dog will need to work hard to destroy it, if it gets there. The price is well worth the value as it really is a wonderfully sturdy chew toy specifically made for tough aggressive chewers.

Summed up on Amazon by a reviewer, “I have a pit bull and I do believe this toy will last longer than other rope toys because of the solid construction and the weight”, there is no forever-toy for big chewers but this one is definitely the best you will find out there. Give it a try, your bully will worship you!

4. Furhaven Orthopedic & Therapeutic Dog Bed

Too often I read on online discussions that a dog bed is a dog bed. This statement couldn’t be any more wrong. If your dog is a Pomeranian or a lazy dog, you can surely just use a bathmat as a dog bed. But this won’t work well for your pitbull or amstaff.

The bigger the dog, the heavier the body and skeleton, the more important the bed is. Dogs sleep hours every day and night, they bone frame are then unaligned since a regular dog bed does not offer quality support. An orthopaedic dog bed will improve your dog’s spinal alignment and save you from heavy vet bills a few years down the line because of arthritis or joint problems.

Your dog will feel the difference by both sleeping better and feeling better; both improving the recovery after each tiring day and exercise session. The outcome is a better structure, frame and healthier bones. The spinal cord is what holds your dog together, it is vital to look after it from day one.

We Recommend… Furhaven Orthopedic & Therapeutic Dog Bed! As described by the manufacturer, Milliard, the memory foam used in their beds achieves therapeutic comfort and maximum relief for aching joints and arthritis. It contours perfectly to your pet’s body for special comfort and orthopedic support.

This orthopedic dog bed features a non-slip bottom along with a waterproof, anti-microbial cover that you can simply pop in the washing machine every now and then to keep it fresh and clean.

Your dog bed will arrive rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a relatively small box. Unroll and lay completely flat. Please allow up to 24 hours for it to fully decompress.

5. All-Natural Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Treats

Dog treats are such a big thing for dog breeders and dog owners. Used to reward our dogs, to train them, to encourage them, they are just something we use often. Because of that, we can’t go with cheap bad quality dog treats. Average dog treats may harm your dog in the long run so be careful what’s in your dog food and dog treats.

Pitbulls and other bully breeds are powerful dogs, they must be muscly, lean and athletic. Their diet are usually protein-focused but the treats let them down. Most dog treats are full of carbs and fats which are good in small amounts but not easily digested by dogs in larger amounts. Manufacturers use them because they are cheap! Corn and wheat aren’t meant to be eaten by dogs yet, they are the #1 ingredient in most dog treats these days.

The solution? Go for alternative dog treats, and read the ingredients before buying it. The best would be a pure-meat treat but if your budget does not allow, go for something as close as possible to that. Or, if you can, do it yourself with some dry liver treats for example.

We Recommend… Whole Life Pet Pure-Meat All-Natural Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast Treats! Wow, this is insane. Perhaps the healthiest dog treats available today on the market, at a reasonable price because of being sold through value packs mainly. These Whole Life Chicken Breast Treats are 100% natural with no chemicals, additives or preservatives ever. They only contain chicken breast, not chicken bones, not chicken legs, not chicken feet, but purely and solely chicken breast, the leanest part of the chicken.

These treats are dried using the latest food drying process technology; they are freeze-dried. It allows the manufacturer to make treats where they maintain the full nutritional value and integrity of every ingredient that goes into it. Chicken, for instance.

A few people complained about the crushed treats upon receiving these, and the company Whole Life reacted promptly by changing for much better packaging. Say goodbye to crushed treats! This shows how the company is listening to the crowd, and actually cares about what’s being told.

If you’ve got anything you want to add to this list, drop us an email or use the comments below!

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