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Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed

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Published on
Thursday 4 May 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed
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Scruffs Expedition Dog Beds are water-resistant beddings manufactured by a renowned brand specialized in pet beds of all sorts! Scruffs produces pet cushions, mattresses, loungers, heavy-duty dog pets, and more. Scruffs reputation is so good that the famous British Kennel Club even teamed up with them for a branded product range.

Their Scruffs Expedition Box Bed is overall one of the best dog beds you will buy at this price range: it’s well-built, water-resistant, and so far so good with the way it keeps its comfortable shape.

Highlights of the Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed

Being one of our most favorite dog beds currently on sale, the Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed has a lot to offer even to the most demanding dog owners. It’s built to last and to be comfortable even with large and heavy dogs.

Price-wise, it’s very reasonable! Obviously not a $10 dog bed, it’s around $40-60 depending on the size you need, but it offers a whole range of features that would have easily made us pay the double. It’s undoubtedly great value for money!

Blending Look

To be totally honest with you, I never thought I would be so deep about how a dog bed looks. I always had normal dog beds that I bought from a supermarket or from Amazon but they were very average looking. While trying to do my thorough Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed review, I realized how versatile its look was.

I used it in the crate, on the go, as a dog bed by the sofa, and so on. It really blends in wherever you put it. It’s obviously not the most spectacular feature one would expect, but it’s most definitely noteworthy. It would now feel weird to go back to a basic dog bed.

Comfortable and Long-Lasting

Scruffs dog beds won't flatten anytime soon.
Scruffs managed to build a dog bed that resists the test of time!

The Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed is built using a one-piece design, ensuring improved support that won’t flatten after a few weeks. The stuffing is made up of 100% recycled fiber and definitely long-lasting. It hasn’t changed one bit since the first day — we can only applaud that! Most dog beds tend to flatten after a few weeks of your dog lounging on them.

When buying a dog bed, you want it to be as durable as possible, indestructible if possible. Here, you don’t necessarily have the durability that a metallic or PVC dog bed has, but you have a lot more comfortable and so far, it’s resisting all challenges an active dog can offer.


This water-resistant dog bed is ideal if, for example, your puppy is not yet fully housetrained. An accident won’t be as frustrating as it could be if it was done on a regular dog bed. Additionally, the Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed is offering valuable insulation characteristics allowing it to be the ideal bed during the cold days of winter (see our reviews of dog heating pads and kennel heaters for more resilient solutions.)

What’s Wrong With The Scruffs Expedition Box Bed

The only potential issue I can see with this dog bed is the cleaning. It is definitely waterproof so the dirt doesn’t get stuck to it that easily, but washing it can be a somewhat longer process than expected. Now, my last dog bed was washed every three or four weeks so it’s not much of a problem for me.

The bottom part is removable and machine-washable so this allows you to quickly and easily wash this part without any hassle. The rest of the bed, however, is a little more challenging when it comes to cleaning it: we wouldn’t risk putting it in a washing machine, instead, we would recommend washing this Scruffs dog bed by hand and letting it air dry. It takes more time, but it won’t destroy the recycled green-fiber stuffing; you want to keep that padding impeccable so don’t machine-wash it!

Cleaning of the Scruffs Expedition Pet Dog Box.
Unzip the bed, remove the bottom padding, and wash it. Washing the entire bed would take more time, though.


Should you buy one? Yes! Are there better dog bed with some orthopedic features? Yes, but you’re looking at prices reaching several hundred.

After testing it for weeks with an excitable dog that goes out, gets very messy, and comes back to the lounge for hours on her Scruffs Expedition Dog Bed, we can most definitely recommend it. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this Scruffs dog bed is the massive value you get for the decent price you pay. At $60/£50, this is one of the best dog beds you can buy today.

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