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DELOMO Red-Furbuster Pet Hair Remover Roller Review

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Published on
Wednesday 20 July 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
DELOMO Red-Furbuster Pet Hair Remover Roller Review
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DELOMO is one of the trustworthy pet companies when it comes to pet needs. They specialize in making grooming products to help make the lives of pet owners like you more convenient and safer. This article focuses on their Red-Furbuster Pet Hair Remover Roller.

To check whether a household owns a dog or cat, look for pet hairs! Pet hair everywhere has been the norm for many dog and cat owners’ homes. You will see fur in blankets, bed sheets, furniture, carpets, couches, and practically on anything.

To help you with your pet hair problems, we have prepared an informative and honest review about DELOMO Red-Furbuster Pet Hair Remover Roller. This review article will discuss the key features, pros and cons, and FAQs about this pet hair remover product.

Key Features of Red-Furbuster Pet Hair Remover

DELOMO Red-Furbuster offers many wonderful features to help eliminate pet hairs from carpets, sofas, blankets, beds, comforters, and more. Here are the key characteristics of the Red-Furbuster pet hair remover:


DELOMO Red-Furbuster is an environmentally-friendly cleaning tool. It does not have any batteries on it to work. Therefore, you do not need to recharge or change the batteries after frequent use. 

Additionally, this pet hair remover roller does not come with disposable sticky paper. So, you only have to throw away the fur and reduce any additional waste materials—no need to tear papers anymore.

Easy to Use

This pet hair remover is very easy to use. You just have to roll it back and forth to collect all the hairs on the surface of any furniture. As you move it, one side of the roller will collect the pet hairs, and the other side will release the collected fur into the portable compartment.

After cleaning the surface, you can open the waste compartment by pressing the button and dispose of the collected pet hairs. You may now use the roller again, good as new.

Convenient Fur Cleaning

With the DELOMO Red-Furbuster, you will now be free from the crazy amount of fur around the house. With its easy-to-use feature, you can clean your pillows, seat cover, and other soft surfaces conveniently, without a sweat.

Say goodbye to your traditional lint roller that you need to tear off and replace every now and then. This innovative pet hair remover from DELOMO will make your cleaning job effective, quick, and easy. It will take you less than a minute to clean a surface.


Since it does not have disposable paper, DELOMO Red-Furbuster is a cost-effective pet hair remover that you can use and reuse for a long time. It is 100% reusable without the need to refill or recharge. Simply clean the bin after each use, then you are good to go again. 


DELOMO Red-Furbuster is a versatile pet hair remover. You can use it on almost all surfaces with pet fur. This pet hair remover is not limited to a single object or part of the house. You can roll it on any linen, wool, and cotton surfaces at home.


The Red-Furbuster roller is made with ABS plastic and durable nylon to ensure long-lasting service. ABS plastics are heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and do not break easily on impacts. They are known for their tensile strength, surface rigidity, and stability.

Therefore, DELOMO has done a great job in using this kind of plastic for their roller. It will not break easily when you roll it on a surface. It will not easily have scratches as well. So, if you need a durable yet aesthetically looking roller, this one’s for you.

Easy to Clean

Last but not least, DELOMO Red-Furbuster is an easy-to-clean pet hair remover. You do not necessarily need to wash the brush with running water or soap. You can use a soft towel soaked with water or synthetic detergent instead to clean the brush surface. 

The dust bin can also be cleaned in the same manner. In this procedure, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of your roller and keep it good as new. If you do not want to clean it with a wet towel, you can just remove the dust and fur manually after every use.

Pros & Cons

Below are the pros and cons of the DELOMO Red-Furbuster pet hair remover roller:


  • It has a one-button operation for easy cleaning.
  • It uses fine brush bristles for cleaning the surfaces.
  • It has an ultra-large compartment for pet hairs.
  • It also has a soft-silicon isolation layer for more effective and safe cleaning.
  • It’s a wonderful gift to give to pet parents.


  • You can’t use it on rough surfaces.
  • It’s unsuitable for tiles, wood, and other hard surfaces.
  • You can’t use it directly on pets or human clothes.

Customers’ Feedback On DELOMO Red-Furbuster

DELOMO Red-Furbuster received a high 4.5 rating on the website and a 4.4 rating from 20,300 plus customers on Amazon. Here are some thoughts from the users of the product:

Many customers said that DELOMO Red-Furbuster is effective on heavy shedding dogs and cats. They can now easily clean after their pet using this roller. The pet hairs clump inside the roller, so they can also be taken out conveniently after use. Together with other de-shedding tools for dogs, they are now using DELOMO Red-Furbuster to keep the house clean and safe.

First-time users loved how different this roller was from their traditional lint roller. They like that it works on almost every surface like a vacuum cleaner, without the noise and electricity use. With its great effectiveness, many customers are giving it great reviews and high ratings on both the website and Amazon. 


Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about DELOMO Red-Furbuster:

Can I use it directly on my pet’s body?

No, for safety reasons, you cannot use it directly on your dog’s or cat’s fur. Since the roller works by moving it back and forth, it can hurt your pet’s skin and cause irritation. Your pet hair can also be stuck inside as you roll it the other way.

Can I wash it with soap and water?

You can wash DELOMO Red-Furbuster with soap and water but with a soft towel. You can’t put it directly on running water as it can damage the brush surface and affect the effectiveness of the roller in collecting fur. Wipe it clean with a wet towel and let it dry before using it again.

Can I use it on my clothes?

Red-Furbuster is not highly recommended to be used on clothes. Since clothes are made with various materials, you can’t be sure the roller will not damage them. Therefore, if you want to use it on your clothes, do it with caution, or use another hair remover.

Does this collect human hair as well?

Yes. DELOMO Red-Furbuster can also be used to collect human hair on soft surfaces. However, since human hair is usually longer than pet hair, it can be harder to collect and store in the compartment. Tip: Push the soft silicon back and forth several times to remove the hair.

How long can this pet hair remover last?

With proper use and care, DELOMO Red-Furbuster can last for a year and more. Some users have it for six months up to 2 years, and it still works like brand new. Don’t forget to clean it properly after each use and make sure to store it properly as well.

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