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Delomo Pet Products Review – How Good Are They?

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Published on
Friday 21 January 2022
Last updated on
Friday 21 January 2022
Delomo Pet Hair Removers Review
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Delomo is a popular brand of dog grooming products, specifically targeted at taking care of shedding dogs. Gloves, rollers, and other pet hair removal products and bundles are what they specialize in. We wanted to review Delomo products and see whether they live up to their hype, as well as compile a list of the best pet deals from Delomo.

As all pet parents know, owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. You need to make sure that they get the right vitamins and nutrients for them to be healthy. You also need to ensure that they exercise daily for your dogs to have stronger muscles and of course, you should groom them regularly for them to be clean and free from any unwanted parasites for healthier skin and fur.

Though their needs are hard to maintain, especially when it comes to grooming long-haired dog breeds, there are products that you can purchase online to make your work easier. Just like these Delomo hair removers and grooming products.

Today, we will review their top products and see how these can help you maintain your dog’s fur and skin to keep them healthy and prevent any health risks. But before we start reviewing these items, let us first know the manufacturer behind these amazing products.

About Delomo

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Delomo’s number goal is to provide the most satisfying pet supplies by giving the best care to our fur buddies. It was established with the idea of strengthening the bond between human and their fur buddies by making pet-friendly products that help owners to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their dogs.

Pet brand Delomo also believes that each pet is considered a part of your family and should feel comfortable, happy, and safe. That’s the reason why they are passionate and determined to develop professional pet hair removers products that are tested for each dog’s safety and are improved over a long period of time.

They aim to give pet owners quality products that will help them brush away the mess and bring a healthier home. This is also one of the reasons why most of their customers trusted Delomo since they don’t only make products for profit but they are also eager to provide the best and safest grooming products for every dog.

Personally, as a pet owner, Delomo is one of the manufacturers that have gained my trust when it comes to maintaining my dog’s fur. It’s a huge help especially during shedding season and an effective way to have a healthy and clean environment at home. Apart from these, they also have a dog harness and leash set, pet beds, interactive slow feeders, and many more. You can check all their products on the website and they also offer some discounts.

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Reviews

Dog shedding is inevitable, every pet owners know this and have experienced this. If you’re tired of cleaning all the fur on your furniture, clothes, and in your dog beds, here are the best quality product of Delomo that you must try to make all your dog hair cleaning easier and faster.

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller

– Top Deal: 45% OFF with coupon J9D2E7MV

Are you tired of seeing dog fur in your house? It’s time to try this effective hair roller remover! The Delomo pet hair remover can easily clean and remove dog hair on your couches, carpets, blankets, beds, comforters, and other furniture in your home.

It’s very convenient to use since it doesn’t need any power source, has no sticky tape required, has no adhesive paper, and is reusable which makes it different from other hair removal products. You don’t need to waste your money on refills and batteries, a very cost-effective product that can last for years. 

The Delomo pet hair remover roller also features durable nylon and ABS plastic to make sure that all pet hair will be collected and removed from your furniture. It has a self-cleaning lint roller,  a large capacity dustbin, and electrostatic adsorption that works perfectly with quilts, pillows, sofas, car seats, etc.

It’s very easy to use, you can simply follow Delomo pet product instructions and roll it back and forth over your furniture and it will pick up all the loose hair. Once you’re done using it, you can empty the dust chamber and repeat the process until your furniture is clean. Take note that it’s not suitable for smooth and hard surfaces such as wood, tiles, concrete, clothing, thin carpets, and wet objects.

When it comes to maintenance, you should not wash the brush surface directly with water. Instead, you can use a soft towel that’s soaked with water or any synthetic detergent to clean the surface of the brush. You can also apply this cleaning method when cleaning the dustbin.


– Top Deal: 40% OFF with coupon UZOKE93T

Are you conscious about your home decors and want to have a certain theme and color in your home? Do you love pastel colors products so they can easily blend with your home decor? This Delomo pet hair remover roller features a purple and pink pastel color and works perfectly with your furniture.

It’s made of butadiene styrene and acrylonitrile that can be used on most home furniture like linen, wool, and cotton surfaces. You can completely clean all the loose dog hair by rolling it back and forth several times on your couches, pillow, carpets, and bed.

It has electrostatic adsorption that works like a magnet to collect all the visible loose hair. You don’t need to plug it in, use batteries or refill sticky tapes to use this which makes it very convenient and worthwhile. Most of their reviews are satisfied customers who even mentioned that this is the best product that they have bought.

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Gloves

– Top Deal: 50% OFF with coupon 2F8VAZZZ

This new version of pet hair remover gloves is more effective and easier to clean compared to Delomo’s previous product. It has an enhanced 255 grooming tips that are made of skin-friend silicone and have longer tips for a better massage and hair removal.

This upgraded Delomom dog hair removal brush features a non-sticky effect since it has a special layer of coating on the silicon. The loose pet hair will easily peel off from the gloves when it’s time to clean them. It’s also machine washable and is very easy to maintain.

It’s also considered a multi-functional pet glove that can be used as a bath brush, hair removal gloves, and massage gloves to keep your dogs relaxed. Of course, Delomo also made sure that pet owners will feel comfortable while using these gloves. That’s why they made sure that it has a flexible five-finger design that can help you fully groom your pet even in areas that are hard to reach.

And since you can use it as a bath brush and expect it to get wet, it has a fast dry mesh to prevent sweaty hands and a breathable mesh that keeps your hand comfortable while grooming. It also has an elastic velcro adjustable wrist strap. Before using these pet hair remover gloves, make sure to spray a bit of water on the surface of the silicone for better effects. It’s perfect for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses too. 

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller & Gloves Bundle

– Top Deal: 50% OFF with coupon KCKFA43O

An efficient pet fur remover that comes with multipurpose pet grooming gloves. This Delomo package is a must-have especially for pet owners who own two or more dogs. This bundle will surely make your pets happier and your home cleaner.

Delomo’s pet gloves are perfect as a de-shedding brush that’s ideal for long, short, and curly-haired dogs. It’s free from any harmful materials and skin-friendly compared to other gloves. The soft rubber tips give a gentle massage and grooming without painful hair pulling or skin scratching. It can also keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy while reducing loose hair inside your house.

The hair remover roller is 100% reusable which makes it very cost-effective. It’s perfect for your home furniture, you can carry it anywhere you want since it’s cordless, doesn’t need batteries and power, and has no sticky tape required. This Delomo pet hair remover bundle is a perfect gift for your family or friends who have dogs in their homes.

Delomo 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Gloves

– Top Deal: 50% OFF Price Drop

These 2 in 1 pet grooming gloves are one of the most functional Delomo products available on the market. Each side of the glove has its own use – the first side is a furniture cleaning that has special brush fabrics. It’s an effective furniture cleaning helper and removes loose hair from carpets, couches, clothes, pillows, etc.

The other side of the glove is a pet grooming that features 255 silicon tips that work like professional de-shedding brushes. Besides these functions, it can also be used as a bath tool, hair remover brush, and massage glove.

Delomo’s 2in1 pet grooming gloves feature an ergonomic flexible 5-finger design that provides maximum flexibility of different fingers, as a pet owner, you’ll feel comfortable using this while cleaning your dog’s face legs, and tail. The measurement of the glove is 9 inches x 5.3 inches, while the elastic velcro strap is 3.2 inches – a one size fits all hand. These gloves are painless to use, simply follow the provided instructions of Delomo’s pet grooming gloves for a more effective effect and maintenance. 

Delomo Pet Products: FAQ

Got some questions about Delomo? Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions people asked online.

Which countries does Delomo ship to?

Delomo ships directly to their customers in North America and Canada. But if you’re currently located outside the USA and Canada, you can email them first at [email protected] before placing an order to ensure that you’ll receive your Delomo products safely.

What is Delomo’s refund policy?

If you encounter any problem with their product, you can reach Delomo at their email address and they’ll make sure that they will accommodate your concerns within one business day. They also have a last 30 days policy which means that if 30 days have gone by since the customer’s purchase, the refund or exchange will no longer be applicable. To know more about the refund policy, you can visit their page here.

Is Delomo open for influencer/brand ambassador collaborations?

Yes, Delomo is very much open to working with influencers all over the world. If you’re a brand ambassador and you’re interested to work with them, you can contact Delomo by their email address ([email protected]) or message them directly at the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How many days does it take for my Delomo product to arrive?

Delomo orders within USA and Canada usually arrive within one week. Usually, for their USA customers, the processing time is 1-2 business days while the shipping time is 1-3 business days. If you’re currently located in Canada, the processing time is approximately 1-2 business days while the shipping time is 5-7 business days – also Delomo offers free shipping service to the USA and Canada.

How can I track my Demolo hair remover glove order?

If you have already ordered items from Delomo, you can track your parcel here. Just enter your name, email address, and tracking number. Usually, Delomo arranges their deliveries within 24 hours after placing the order. You will receive a shipping notification and they will provide a tracking order number once your purchase is confirmed.

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