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Can You Get Pet Insurance For Older Dogs

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Pet insurance for older dogs is becoming more popular, as vet bills are increasingly expensive.
  • Some companies have age limits for pet insurance, while others may be more flexible or expensive.
  • Dogs are considered seniors between the ages of 7 to 11, but smaller dogs age slower and larger dogs age faster.
  • Top pet insurance companies for older dogs include ASPCA, Embrace, Healthy Paws, Pets Best, and Figo.
  • Pet insurance for older dogs is more expensive due to their higher risk of illness and medical conditions.
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Published on
Tuesday 2 January 2024
Last updated on
Monday 30 October 2023
Can You Get Pet Insurance For Older Dogs
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Our furry companions, especially senior canines, are prone to sickness. Moreover, we should prepare some backup plans for them in cases of emergencies. With that said, that’s the main reason pet insurance for older dogs came into context. Yet, how can you apply your old pet to one? Well, to know more about it, keep scrolling. 

Can You Get Pet Insurance For Senior Dogs? 

Pet insurance goes way back as early as the 1900s. However, not many animal lovers availed them for their pets since only very few people knew that the same policy existed. Moreover, before, vets don’t have the proper recognition they have now, so that’s one of the reasons why pet insurance only became famous until the 21st century. 

According to statistics, more and more old pets keep getting insured in the US by the end of each year. To be precise, as the year progressed, vet bills became more expensive for pet owners to cover. Hence, many pet owners decided to enroll their old canines in dog insurance for older pets.  

In addition, the pet industry has been leading the market ever since 2021 with a total of $123.6 billion of dollars spent on animal products. To be precise, at least $34.3 billion are spent in terms of vet care for both young and old dogs. But, unfortunately, among those pets enrolled, seniors have limited access when it comes to insurance. 

Well, it’s possible for seniors to avail of old dogs’ pet insurance. The only problem is that some companies have age limits. Like human-based insurance policies, dog age is one factor aside from pre-existing illnesses, taken into consideration before the approval of pet insurance for senior dogs.  

With that said, some companies won’t admit dogs as old as 8 years old and their reason would be that senior dogs are prone to tons of sickness. While other companies allow age limits for senior dogs ranging from 10 to 12 years. Also, there are a few existing pet insurances that don’t have age limits but take note, they are very expensive. 

When Are Dogs Considered Senior or Old? 

From a physical aspect, you can detect whether a dog is a senior or not. Over the years, we, pet owners learned that as a dog enter seniority, his physical and mental features decline. Also, he suffers from diseases that are quite costly, hence all the more reasons he needs insurance for senior dogs. 

However, how do senior dog pet insurance agents measure and qualify a dog’s age? Normally, dogs enter seniority when they reach ages between 7 to 11, with 7 to 9 as early seniors and 10 to 11 as late seniors. Well, that concept is correct, but according to science, age alone can’t determine seniority. 

All canines age and apparently, smaller dog breeds age slower compared to medium and large-sized dogs. With that said, they reach seniorhood at 11 to 12 years old. On the contrary, based on research, large dogs age quickly because they have wide physiological properties and therefore their cells reproduce and mature fast. 

To be precise, bigger pets are active and have faster metabolic rates which in turn leads to a fast aging process. Plus, according to the rate of living theory, aging happens fast when there is a lot of fluid lost. Hence, large dogs are seniors at 7 to 8 years old and are suggested to be enrolled in pet insurance for old dogs as soon as possible. 

Is It Worth It to Get a Pet Insurance for Senior Dogs? 

Pet insurance for older dogs is worth every penny. Come to think about it, insurance is like health investments. You don’t use it on your healthy dog for now, but when things get worse, it’s something that will cover up expensive vet care units. 

Moreover, to help you decide whether or not you’ll get pet insurance for an older dog consider the following factors below taken from a study in 2018

  • Age and breed are relative in terms of canine longevity. 
  • 18.3% of old dogs suffer from skin diseases. 
  • 10.4% of seniors acquired ear defects. 
  • 6.6% have visual problems.
  • 6.4% are suffering from musculoskeletal diseases.
  • About 5.9% of dogs have respiratory defects.
  • 4.4% are for canines that gained injuries. 
  • 8.1% are for neutering and genital problems.
  • And, 14.4% were listed as other senior defects. 

In addition, degenerative diseases are much more prevalent in senior dogs compared to young ones. In short, as canines age, they are likely to suffer from heart diseases, neoplasms, and the most common of all defects, arthritis. Plus, what’s worse is that dogs older than 8 years old have slight chances of surviving heart attacks compared to small and young canines. 

Further, the facts above only showed the importance of having pet insurance for senior dogs.  We live in a changing world and nothing is ever constant, including our pets. Besides, as they age, certain diseases are unavoidable. So, the best thing we should do as dog owners is to prepare them when the worse happens. With that said, let’s get them the proper pet insurance for seniors that they deserve. 

What Pet Insurance Can You Get for Older Dogs? 

There are lots of insurance for old dogs available in the market. Yet, how will you choose the right one? To be honest, picking the most suitable pet insurance for older pets is a challenge. But, worry no more because here are the top 5 insurance companies that are worth enrolling your dogs into. 

1. ASPCA Senior Pet Health Insurance

Among the other pet insurance for old dogs that have age limits, this ASPCA insurance company doesn’t. Moreover, this also covers a wide range of age-related defects such as arthritis, thyroid disease, and even cancer. 

2. Embrace Old Dogs Health Insurance

Well, if you want more flexible coverage of pet insurance for a senior dog, then why not choose Embrace? This type of pet insurance policy also covers all dogs without any upper age limit. Plus, it includes dental benefits and coverage for some curable pre-existing health conditions.

3. Healthy Paws: Pet Insurance for Cats & Dogs

Next is this Healthy Paws insurance for both cats and dogs. This covers pretty much everything ranging from accidents and diagnostic treatments to surgeries and even congenital conditions. However, you have to enroll your pets early because this has an age limit of 14 years. 

4. Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best insurance company covers a wide range of diseases, surgeries, diagnostics, and even congenital defects. Also, the best part is that it doesn’t have an age limit and it offers travel insurance for pets anywhere in Canada, the US, or Puerto Rico. 

5. Figo Cats and Dogs Insurance

Insurance for older dogs will never be the same once you enroll in Figo pet insurance. This provides coverage for curable pre-existing illnesses, accidents, chronic conditions, and even cancer. Moreover, the best part is that this doesn’t have any upper age limits.  

Is Pet Insurance for Older Dogs More Expensive? 

Senior pet insurance for dogs naturally costs more than those for puppies and young dogs. The main reason for that is due to a senior dog’s faulty physiological system. In short, old dogs are more prone to sickness, fractures, and other medical conditions that cost twice or thrice as much as the expenses of younger dogs.  

Although pet insurance for older dogs pretty much works the same as those with younger pets, the only difference is its price. Young cats and dogs experience insurance coverage at a much cheaper option because they don’t get sick often. As a result, insurance companies get to save money and devote their funds to other projects or animals that may be in need. 

In addition, take note that specific breeds, especially when they’re older have breed-specific illnesses. Hence, insurance companies decided to hike up plan prices to cover the frequent back-and-forth medical expenses of specific dog breeds. 

Further, there is also dog insurance for older pets that’s much cheaper for pet owners who are a little tight on the budget. With that said, you may want to do your research about them or consult your vet for more affordable options. 

Pet insurance for older dogs is a wise investment. It saves dog owners from accidental vet expenses and also ensures that your beloved senior dog is well taken care of. Moreover, despite the many pet insurances available, take note to choose the one with the best coverage and at the same time, affordable. 

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