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Is Pet Insurance a Wise Investment for Dog Breeders?

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Published on
Tuesday 25 October 2016
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
pet insurance for dog breeders
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“What a great idea!” exclaimed every dog breeder who came across the idea of Pet Insurance for the very first time. The question here is; do these pet breeders purchase insurances for the pets? Are insurances really functional and purposeful, and most importantly is it wise to invest in them?

Let’s understand the history of pet insurance and the factors influencing the need.

Why Do Dog Breeders Need Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance saw the light of day for the first time in the USA in the year 1982 when it was offered to the television star Lassie (the dog). This soon became very popular and almost all onscreen animals were being insured. Insurance for home pets was then not as popularized, but the scene has changed massively now. The insurance plans then carried on for pet owners and breeders.

Some of the reasons that are influencing more and more breeders to get pet insurance for their dogs are listed here below.

Evolution of Treatment

The fact that veterinarian treatments have diversified and expanded in scope is a major thumb up for all the pet breeders out there. But the fact that the costs of these treatments are skyrocketing makes it necessary for them to opt for pet insurance.

More Importance to Pets

Unlike times before, pet breeders are much more aware of the pet’s health, which has readily influenced them to settle for the insurance policies. Pet breeders tend to breed healthy dogs with a good temperament. Breeding of healthy dogs will result in healthy puppies. In fact, the breeders raise the puppies in order to prepare them to be a family pet.


The Revolutionizing Pet Insurance Industry

The regular launch of better policies and proposals by reputed companies have convinced many pet breeders that pet insurance is the way to go. Insurances keep the pup’s life secured for a lifetime.

Increasing Awareness

With more pet breeders committing to insure the health of their pets in the best way possible, a general awareness for pet insurance is spreading across the world.

Major Marketing

Marketing has a great role to play in the soaring awareness amongst pet breeders. This is one of the most influential factors for the increase in pet insurance policies and raises healthier pets.

In spite of these major influences, only but a meager part of the total pet population in the western world is insured. The question persists – do you or do you not require pet insurance?

A little evaluation of the pros and cons of opting for pet insurance will help you find your answer. But before diving into a dialogue with yourself, compare the dog insurance plans.

dog insurance infographic
Awesome dog insurance infographic!

The Pros of Buying Pet Insurance

There are a number of benefits that you could put yourself and your pet at the receiving end of by opting for pet insurance.

It allows you to opt for pricier treatments

In case that your dog is in sudden need of a crucial treatment that costs much, the pet insurance is the blanket protecting your finances? Costly therapies, such as chemotherapy, surgery, drug therapy, etc, can burn a huge hole in your pocket. With the help of pet insurance, you can opt for all these treatments and others that are covered by the policy, instantly. In case a family comes on to purchase a pup from a breeder, the pet breeder can handle all the insurance plans and papers to the family.

You pay for only what you need

Not all pet breeders need the same policy, since not all pets are in the same state of health. For a younger pet, which is fit and active, you can always opt for a lesser premium, while an older pet might require a higher premium policy. Having insurance for the pet right from the start will secure all the issues, rather than waiting for the correct time to insure them. Late insurance might not support the previous illnesses of the pets.

Deductibles and Coinsurances

Unlike earlier, the emergence of deductibles and co-insurances allows pet breeders to customize the pet insurance owned by them. This allows you to settle for a specific coverage only. As the pet becomes older, the frequency of claims will increase. Some pet insurance providers do give an option to increase deductibles. Approved treatment costs could also lower the whole treatment amount to some extent.

The Cons of Buying Pet Insurance


Like the pros, there are a few cons too that speck the pet insurance market, such as – if you do not choose wisely, you might end up spending more on premium, than what you get back for treatment; also some insurance companies might refuse insurance to severely ill pets.

It is important that you use your own judgment on the matter. Pet breeders are well aware of the health condition of the dog before deciding upon getting life insurance. It helps them save money and use it wisely, plus it will help the pet lead a more healthy and prosperous life.

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