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Breeding Dogs

Dog breeding articles that cover canine genetics, dog heat cycle, puppy litter management, dog pregnancy, and anything that comes into play in a mating program.

For dog breeders and dog fanciers, we also cover how to breed specific purebred and mixed dog breeds. Each of these articles discusses the breed’s background and origins, current health concerns, as well as best breeding practices, and a FAQ.

We know dealing with your pet’s pregnancy is a tough time. We’re always afraid that something may go wrong and every time the pregnant mother eats less, we start thinking of the worse. Our articles try to help you realistically assess every odd situation you bump into and drop your stress levels.

Our dog breeding guides are thoroughly researched and checked by our editors before we hit publish. Feel free to discuss any point in an article’s comment section for the author(s) to get back to you.

It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed; after all, we are dealing with live beings that love us more than we could ever imagine. So it is our turn to learn as much as possible in order to give back. Let’s make sure that your dog’s pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.

Breeding dogs is a sensitive topic. Some people hate specific breeds. Others have a very narrow-minded mindset. This is why, at Breeding Business, we try to focus on facts and information rather than opinionated content. So if you love breeding dogs and learning lots while doing it, you landed on the right website!