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11 Best Indoor Puppy Toys

Written by Laura
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Published on
Tuesday 6 July 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
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As a new puppy parent, you know that indoor puppy toys are essential. Your puppy needs plenty of toys to keep them occupied and happy in its new home. But which toys are best for puppies? Are there toys that can help with puppy teething? And what makes puppy toys suitable for puppies in particular?

The best indoor puppy toys will provide good variety, chewing opportunities, and mental stimulation. Your puppy will quickly tire of toys that don’t keep them engaged, so toys with treat pockets, highly visible colors, or interesting textures will be sure to capture their attention! To find some of the best indoor puppy toys, read on with us today!

11 Best Indoor Puppy Toys

Your puppy is a unique individual with its own preferences. As such, your puppy will begin learning which toys they prefer as they grow and try new things. It’s your job to introduce your new puppy to a wide variety of toys as early as possible to find out what they prefer. And by incorporating new toys into your puppy’s adventure-filled day, you’ll also help to build their confidence, satisfy their needs, and keep their mind working hard.

Our Top Pick: FOSSA Interactive Toy

When keeping your puppy indoors, crate training is an essential tool. As such, a toy that can aid in the process is an equally important tool. Your puppy is sure to love this toy, as it can be used to hide treats, while also providing interesting chewing surfaces and the option to pull.

Product NameBest FeatureBest Used ForMaterialRating
FOSSA Interactive ToyInteresting textureCrate trainingRubber & rope5
Nylabone Chill & ChewFreezableTeethingRubber5
KONG ExtremeSuper durable materialTeethingKONG rubber5
PetSafe Treat & TrainPuppy training aidTrainingPlastic4.9
Mammoth Flossy ChewsMultiple sizes availableTug gamesRope4.9
Chuckit! Indoor Dog ToySuper lightweightFetch gamesFabric4.8
PAZ’S GIFTS Elephant ToySuper softComfortCotton4.7
Apetpup Treat DispenserRolling actionEnrichmentPlastic4.7
ALL FOR PAWS UnicornCalming lavender scentComfortFabric4.6
Chuckit! Indoor SliderSliding actionChase gamesRubber4.5
YEPPUPPY Snuffle Dog ToyVariety of piecesMental enrichmentFabric4.5
11 Best Indoor Puppy Toys

1. FOSSA Interactive Dog Toy

FOSSA Interactive Dog Toy is a great aid for puppies learning to enjoy their crates. The toy is made with durable, natural rubber that can hold up to more aggressive chewers, while its ridges around the opening keep your puppy’s teeth clean. This interactive toy attaches to your puppy’s wire crate, providing ample enrichment whilst they rest. Moreover, you can add kibble to this ball as well to provide your puppy with extra enrichment. For extra safety, this toy also comes with an air vent to keep your puppy’s tongue from getting stuck. Overall, this is our top pick for the best crate-training puppy toy.

However, the main issue with this toy among critical reviews is the rope’s durability. Some puppies are able to shred the rope within hours. The other issue with this toy is that it may be difficult to clean, with some pet parents stating that treats may get stuck inside the toy. This could lead to some issues with bacterial growth, later on, so be sure to clean your puppy’s toys when they are dirty.


  • Training aid for crate training puppies
  • Suitable for more aggressive chewers
  • Can add treats for more enrichment
  • Air vent for safety
  • The toy is made with natural BPA-free rubber


  • Some issues with rope durability
  • Some issues with ease of cleaning

2. Nylabone Chill and Chew

For teething puppies, Nylabone’s Chill and Chew is one of the best puppy toy options! This specialist toy comes also with tasty peanut butter flavoring that any puppy will enjoy. For extra comfort, this toy can be soaked and frozen for a cool texture and relief whilst your puppy is teething. As well as this, its textured surfaces help to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew while massaging their gums. Overall, this is our top pick for the best teething puppy toy indoors.

However, the main issue among critical reviews is that this toy may not stay cold for a long time. Other pet parents also have had some issues with the scent of the toy, stating that it may smell like cigarette smoke. Lastly, some puppies may be able to tear through the fabric portion of the toy with ease if they are more aggressive chewers.


  • Can be frozen for teething relief
  • Tasty peanut butter flavor
  • Different textures keep your puppy occupied


  • Some issues with cloth durability
  • Some issues with the toy scent
  • The toy does not stay cold for very long

3. KONG – Extreme Dog Toy – Toughest Natural Rubber

The KONG Extreme represents the brand’s most durable product. This toy is designed for the toughest of chewers, offering enrichment and satisfying your dog’s instinctive needs. KONG’s ultra-durable rubber formula offers plenty of bite for dogs who love to chew, while its fun and erratic bounce fulfill your pup’s desire to play. You can also stuff this toy with tempting treats to keep your pooch occupied. This dog toy is also available in five sizes, ranging from small to XXL. Because of its durability and size, this is one of our top picks for the best puppy teething toys indoors.

Some critical reviews bring up a few issues. For example, this black KONG toy is prone to leaving marks on walls, floors, and fabrics. As well as this, some pet parents find that their puppies are able to chew through the toy after a few days – perhaps suggesting an issue with quality control through the Amazon seller. Lastly, there appear to be some sizing issues through this seller, with some customers reporting that the larger sizes appear closer to small or medium.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in five sizes
  • Made in the USA (with globally sourced materials)
  • Super durable material for aggressive chewers


  • Leaves black marks on walls and floors
  • Some puppies are able to chew through the toy
  • Possible issues with sizing through this seller

4. PetSafe Treat & Train – Remote Treat Dispensing Dog Training System

PetSafe’s Treat & Train is a remote-controlled reward system for dogs. This treat dispenser can aid with positive reinforcement training for dogs who behave appropriately at home. With this treat dispenser, you can teach dogs from a distance – whether it’s for potty training or more specialized skills, this dispenser is an invaluable tool for remote learning. A great example of how this tool can be used is when your reactive puppy anticipates someone arriving at the door. You can hold your reactive pup’s attention while answering the door, keeping you and your pooch safe while also shaping better manners. Of course, this is not a replacement for more intensive training with a professional dog trainer.

However, there are a few downsides to this training tool. Firstly, the manufacturer states that it is not suitable for dogs younger than six months old. So, if you’re looking for an item for your younger puppy, this product may not be suitable. It’s also unsuitable for puppies with physical disabilities or who are unable to reach the feeding dish. Also, some pet parents state that the treat dispenser jams more often than desired.


  • Indoor training tool
  • Can dispense most types of treats
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Easy to clean


  • Unsuitable for puppies younger than 6 months old
  • Some issues with treats jamming

5. Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Tug

Mammoth Pets’ Flossy Chews are designed for playing tug-of-war with your puppy. Nothing beats a game of tug with your pup – not only does it strengthen your bond with your pooch, but it also builds muscle and provides ample enrichment. Additionally, this dog toy is available in nine sizes and four styles, ranging from a two-knot version to a five-knot version. This dog toy is also made with safe, non-toxic cotton-poly yarns sourced in North America and Mexico. Because of its range of sizes and availability, this is one of our top picks for the best puppy tug toys indoors.

The main issue with this dog toy is its durability. Some dogs and puppies have been also able to shred the stringy ends and swallow them. As such, it’s important to monitor your puppy where possible when they play with this tug toy. Always replace your dog’s toys as soon as they show signs of damage that could lead to harm.


  • Available in nine sizes
  • Available in four styles
  • Great for bonding with your puppy
  • Encourages exercise
  • Keeps your pup occupied at any time


  • Some dogs may swallow the stringy ends

6. Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toy

Want to play fetch indoors without destroying furniture? This is one of the best indoor puppy toys for the job. Chuckit!’s Fetch Ball is designed for play indoors. This ball is 4.7 inches in diameter, making it slightly larger than a softball – but it’s lightweight and plush design protects surfaces in your home. Its textured chenille fabric is also soft on your puppy’s mouth, making it comfortable to catch and carry. Moreover, this toy is made for long-lasting use with its multilayer construction and should stand up to the light to moderate chewers. As well as this, the ball is designed with high-visibility colors to keep your dog’s attention while also making it easy for pet parents to spot in the home. Because of its high visibility and soft design, this is our top pick for the best puppy fetch toy indoors.

Of course, with its soft fabric, this dog toy is not suitable for aggressive chewers. As well as this, some customers note that the ball may be too large and hard for young puppies to catch and carry. Because of this, this toy is most suitable for large breed puppies and puppies who do not chew aggressively.


  • Lightweight and plush design
  • High-visibility colors to keep your puppy’s attention
  • Soft on a puppy’s mouth
  • Multilayer construction to withstand chewing


  • Not suitable for more aggressive chewers
  • May be unsuitable for very small puppies

7. PAZ’S GIFTS Elephant Toy

PAZ’S GIFTS’ Elephant Dog Toy is a great way to add entertainment to your puppy’s day. This plush dog toy is made with a knotted, soft surface to keep it safe and comfortable for your pooch as they play. Its cotton legs make it more durable, and able to withstand biting and pulling. Moreover, it features a squeak inside! This is sure to keep your puppy’s attention. For extra enrichment, the toy also features creased paper inside the ears for an added crunch! With all of these qualities, this toy rounds off our list of the best indoor puppy toys.

However, the durability of this toy is the main problem among critical reviews. Some dogs are also able to chew through the ears of this elephant toy quickly. Others also state that the threading on the back of the toy is weak, allowing it to open easily.


  • Soft and plush design for your puppy’s comfort
  • Durable legs for pulling and chewing
  • Contains a squeaker to keep your puppy’s attention


  • Less durable than some other plush toys
  • Some issues with threading durability

8. Apetpup Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toys

Apetpups’ Treat Dispensing Toy is made for puppies or small-breed adults. This toy is made with highly visible colors to keep your puppy’s attention, while also making it easy to spot in the home. As well as this, treat dispensing toys like this one encourage mental stimulation for your puppy, as they must work to release their favorite treats from the toy. Overall, this toy is sure to keep your puppy active and engaged while encouraging them to work for their food. Because of its high visibility and fun rolling action, this is our top pick for the best puppy treat dispensing toy indoors.

Furthermore, as with most puzzle toys, there comes a risk of your puppy breaking into them and eating all of the treats. For this reason, it’s best to supervise your puppy when they play with a puzzle toy like this one.


  • Ideal for puppies or small-breed adults
  • Highly visible colors to keep your puppy’s attention
  • Encourages physical and mental activity
  • Can stuff with treats to reward your puppy


  • May be broken into by more persistent puppies

9. All for Paws Dog Anxiety Relief Puppy Toys

ALL FOR PAWS’ Unicorn Toy is made with puppies in mind. This puppy toy is unique for its ability to be warmed in a microwave. It also features a “beating heart” component to replicate your puppy laying with their mother. Lastly, some pet parents may have concerns about the inclusion of essential oils. Lavender essential oil is also very potent, and cannot be placed on your dog’s coat or skin. However, it is generally safe to use for aromatherapy – as long as your dog does not ingest it. For this reason, this toy is only suitable for young puppies who are not prone to chewing on toys. Because of its soft design and lavender scent, this is our top pick for the best puppy comfort toy.

However, the main issues with this toy are its warming packet and heartbeat device. Some pet parents note that the warming packet does not get warm enough to heat the stuffed toy. As well as this, the battery lifespan when working continuously is 20 minutes – and it can be difficult to find a replacement.


  • Can be heated in a microwave
  • Beating heart feature for puppy comfort
  • Calming lavender scent
  • Super soft material for extra comfort


  • Batteries are difficult to replace
  • Heartbeat works for 20 minutes
  • The heat pack may not warm up enough inside the toy

10. Chuckit! Indoor Slider Dog Toy

Does your puppy have a high drive to chase? This is one of the best indoor puppy toys for your pup. Chuckit!’s Indoor Slider Dog Toy is sure to give your puppy hours of fun indoors. This toy is also designed to glide safely on floors with its slick base. By sliding this toy, you encourage your dog’s natural instinct to chase – and it zips away when your puppy tries to catch it. This indoor slider even features a squeak, further engaging your puppy’s attention. As well as this, the toy comes with a durable rubber dome to withstand long periods of play. Because of this toy’s movement and extra features, this is our top pick for the best puppy chase toy.

The main issue among critical reviewers is the durability of the base. If your puppy is a large breed, it may be able to pick the toy up and chew the base. This will also cause it to separate from the rest of the toy, removing the sliding quality instantly. As such, this toy may be unsuitable for aggressive chewers.


  • The sliding toy encourages physical activity
  • Contains a squeak to keep your puppy’s attention
  • Durable material to withstand prolonged play


  • Some issues with base durability
  • May be unsuitable for aggressive chewers

11. YEPPUPPY Snuffle Dog Toy

YEPPUPPY Cute Snuffle Dog Toy is a fun squeaky puzzle toy that puppies and pet parents love. This toy contains five plush “chips” that can be used to hide tasty treats. The three “smile” chips contain ring paper and a squeaker, while the “wink” chip offers a space to hide treats. The “oops” chip contains give pockets to hide treats in. Moreover, each chip is made with soft material that’s gentle on a puppy’s mouth. Because of its range of toys inside and its ease of use, this is our top pick for the best puppy puzzle toy for indoors.

However, the main downside that critical reviewers bring up is the fact that not all of the components inside the bag can be used to hide treats. Only two of the chips offer space to hide treats out of the five provided. Other pet parents note that the front window of the bag contains vinyl plastic that will not hold up to chewing by a puppy. As always, be sure to supervise your puppy when they play with a new toy.


  • Snuffle toy encourages mental activity
  • A variety of pieces offers plenty of enrichment
  • Soft, plush material is soft on puppy mouths
  • Contains squeakers to keep your puppy’s attention
  • Treats can be hidden inside the toy


  • Vinyl plastic is unsuitable for chewers
  • Only two pieces contain treat pockets

The Importance of Toys for Puppies

Toys aren’t just for entertainment. They can help puppies through teething and with training, socialization, and providing an outlet for all of that energy. Toys are also important to a dog’s emotional well-being.


Puppies start to teeth from about 3 weeks old and don’t stop until their adult teeth have come in at around 6-8 months.

Most mammals experience teething. It is simply the process of losing baby teeth and growing out adult teeth, but it can be very painful on gums. Chewing provides relief for puppies, so teething toys are essential for puppies.

Dental Health

Chew toys are kind of like toothbrushes for dogs. Chewing toys also helps to remove plaque & tartar from dogs’ teeth, and the action of chewing promotes saliva production which rinses away food particles and bacteria.

So providing your dog with plenty of great chew toys is a surefire way to keep their dental health in check.

avoiding puppy boredom with toys
Bored puppies can really get destructive – toys are good tools to keep them occupied.

Training & Socialization

Toys can also be helpful when training puppies on what they can and cannot chew on. By praising puppies when they chew their toys, you are reinforcing what is theirs to bite.

By using a firm but gentle negative signal when they chew on furniture and redirecting their chewing towards their toys, you are sending a clear signal that the furniture is not for chewing.

You can also use interactive & cooperative toys to help socialize your puppy, such as tug-of-war ropes.


Puppies have a lot of energy. Toys like balls and frisbees can provide a wonderful outlet for some of that energy, and exercise your dog’s natural instincts to chase.

Toys can also provide comfort, fun, and mental stimulation. This is not only essential to a dog’s wellbeing, but it prevents boredom and subsequent behavioral issues from developing. Such as destructiveness and separation anxiety.

leaving toys inside your puppy's crate
Leaving toys inside your puppy’s crate will make your crate training life a lot easier!

Things to Consider When Buying Puppy Toys

These are the most important factors to consider when buying your puppy a new toy.


The size of the toys you want should depend on how big your dog is. It should be small enough that they are able to pick it up in their mouths, but it should not be small enough that it is a choking or swallowing hazard.

You also don’t want anything that is too heavy for your pup to carry around and play with. Owners should also avoid anything with removable parts and always check the toy’s label for age suitability.


Puppy toys are made using soft materials that are easy to chew like plush or soft rubber to avoid damaging developing teeth.

However, because teething puppies love to chew, are curious, and don’t know right from wrong yet, you should avoid plush toys that contain stuffing. This can pose a choking hazard should the puppy chew their way through the toy.

You also want to make sure that rubber toys are made using non-toxic chemicals. Again, check the label of the toy or enquire with the company if you’re unsure.


No toy is indestructible but opt for toys that are strong and high-quality. Teething pups can get very rough when playing with their toys. The more likely a breakage is, the higher the risk of choking or swallowing & creating an internal blockage. Puppies will try to eat literally anything!

Remember to inspect your dog’s toys from time to time and always supervise playing puppies, especially with new toys.


Different toys have different functions, and all of them are important for dogs. Some toys keep dogs active and exercise their basic instincts such as balls and frisbees.

Others encourage cooperation and socialization, which is essential for puppies, like tug-of-war ropes. Plush toys are very comforting, and toys such as puzzle games are great for keeping your dog mentally stimulated. Whilst most puzzle games are too advanced for puppies, there are toys that use bright colors, flashing lights, sounds, smells, tastes, and different textures to stimulate the senses & mind.

These can be very helpful for teething puppies. It also encourages learning, solo gameplay, and is ideal for occupying the mind and calming crazy puppies down at the end of the day.

Your Dog’s Personality

It’s also important to remember that, like humans, different dogs have different personalities. No toy is a one-size-fits-all, not even a ball! Some dogs just don’t like certain toys or enjoy certain activities, and that’s fine. It’s all about trial and error.

Certain breeds, however, are more likely to enjoy certain toys. For example, Golden Retrievers are likely to love ‘chase’ toys such as balls, because of their retriever instincts, whilst brainy Border Collies are likely to enjoy puzzle games because they crave the challenge.

toys for puppies who love to chase
Some puppies are born with a natural prey drive and would love toys that they can chase around!

Indoor Puppy Toys: FAQ

Why do puppies need toys?

Puppies need toys for a lot of the same reasons that human children do. They need toys as an outlet for some of their abundant physical energy and mental stimulation to avoid getting bored and becoming destructive. 

They also need toys for emotional comfort, especially when they are young pups that have recently been separated from their mothers and siblings. Teething puppies need to chew toys to help them through the painful process, and to aid them with training and socialization.

How many toys does a puppy need?

It’s best to have at least five toys for your puppy, each fulfilling a different need. But be careful not to overwhelm your puppy with too many toys. If they have bucket loads of toys to chew, they may assume everything is theirs to chew. It’s best to just have a few high-quality toys until the dog is older.

What toys are best for puppies?

Chew toys are essential for teething puppies, as they help to soothe teething pain and encourage good chewing habits; if pups have toys that they enjoy chewing, they’re less inclined to chew things that aren’t theirs. 

That said, puppies should have access to many different kinds of toys that enrich their overall well-being.

What toys should I not give my puppy?

Always check the label of a toy you’re thinking of buying for your dog. Look for toys that are stuffing-free and non-toxic. For puppies, this is extra important. 
It’s also important to avoid toys with removable parts such as puzzle toys for adult dogs and children’s toys that may contain beads or batteries which could be toxic or choking hazards.

When buying toys for teething puppies, look for toys made from materials that are soft enough that they won’t damage baby teeth, but strong enough that it’s unlikely to break, creating choking/internal blocking hazards or sharp edges. 

Do I need to play with my puppy all the time?

Puppies do need plenty of playtime, but be careful not to overdo it. Their bones are still developing, and it can be dangerous to overwork them.
Short walks and multiple playing sessions throughout the day are recommended, with plenty of nap times in between. Young puppies sleep for around 18-20 hours a day, and this gradually decreases with time.

Can I leave my puppy unsupervised during playtime?

Puppies should never be left unsupervised because they could easily hurt themselves. This is especially true when puppies are playing with new toys.
Unsupervised pups could rip their toys apart and swallow or choke on dangerous parts. This will change as the dog gets older and understands right from wrong.

What to do if your dog chokes on a toy?

If your dog is choking on something, he may panic, cough, drool, make coughing or gagging sounds, paw at his mouth, and have difficulty breathing.

Owners should try to stay calm and look inside the dog’s mouth. Retrieve any objects that can be seen, do not push objects further down into the throat, and don’t put your fingers into the dog’s mouth if you can’t see anything there. Larger objects can sometimes be dislodged by placing pressure underneath the jaw at the base of the throat using your thumbs and pushing forwards.

If you cannot see or retrieve the object, you need to try and perform the Heimlich Maneuver. Put your arms around the dog and make one big fist with both of your hands at the top of his abdomen, directly underneath the ribcage. Push upwards and forwards a few times, then check the dog’s mouth again. If this does not work after 2 minutes, go to the nearest vets for help immediately.

Is it dangerous if your dog swallows a toy?

Swallowing parts of toys can be very dangerous, especially if they swallow large quantities or something like stuffing, which is a very common cause of internal blockages.

Dogs with intestinal blockages may have an upset stomach, loss of appetite, bloating, and abdominal pain. Pets suspected of having an intestinal blockage should be taken to a vet for examination as soon as possible, as blockages can become very dangerous, even deadly. Dogs may require surgery to remove whatever is stuck.

Additionally, if you see your dog swallow something large or dangerous, you should take them to the vets and ask them to induce vomiting before it becomes a blockage.

How to play with puppies indoors?

There are many options for playing with puppies indoors. You can play chase, fetch, tug-of-war, or introduce them to a more mentally challenging toy, such as a treat dispenser. You could also practice training or play games like hide and seek.

Can I make my own puppy toys?

You can give your pup an old sock or rope – as long as they’re clean, an appropriate size, and made from safe material. But manufactured toys from reputable companies are best as they are designed to meet puppies’ needs and safety standards. They also need different kinds of toys to meet different needs.

Those are our 10 best indoor puppy toys! Toys are super important for the development and well-being of young pups, and we personally recommend the Kong puppy toys on this list. Are you going to try out any of the products on this list? Or do you have another suggestion for new owners that we didn’t include? Let us know!

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