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16 Best Floating Dog Toys

↯ Key takeaway points

  • Dogs enjoy playing games in the pool or at the beach during summer.
  • Choosing the best floating dog toy involves considering qualities such as floatability, visibility, versatility, size, material, and durability.
  • Dogs benefit from having a floating toy during swimming as it provides more fun and motivation, and playing fetch gives them extra physical exercise.
  • When introducing dogs to playing in the water, start in shallow areas and gradually progress, considering factors such as temperature, age, and breed.
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Published on
Monday 30 October 2023
Last updated on
Monday 30 October 2023
16 Best Floating Dog Toys
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Dogs are thrilled to play their favorite games in the pool or at the beach during summer. So, to level up the fun, you’ll need floating toys that will survive the splashing water and your pup’s rough play. So, we came up with the best floating dog toys, to help you find the perfect swimming dog toys for your pup.

Our Top Picks!

Product Name Best Feature TypeMaterialDurability Scale (1-10)Rating
Nerf Dog Felted Foam StickMulti-functional; good for chewing, fetching, and tugging. Stick toyFelt material, sturdy foam, and rope84.6
KONG – Aqua – Floating Fetch Toy for Water PlayA floatable version of the Classic KONG design, plus a built-in rope.Chew toyRubber and nylon rope8.54.5
Ruffwear, Lunker Durable Floating Toy for DogsFloatable stuffed toy with a durable ropeStuffed fabric toyNylon fabric exterior, Kernmantle rope, and foam interior84.5
WEST PAW Zogoflex Rumpus Dog Chew ToyA chew toy with 3 lobes to engage the pupChew ToyRubber8.54.5
Starmark Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy Sturdy and floatable foam ball with a ropeBall with ropeStrong foam and nylon rope74.4
ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch ToySoft yet durable fetch toy with a built-in ropeFetch ToyEVA foam, rubber, and knotted rope84.4
WEST PAW Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat ToyDurable, treat-dispensing chew toyChew toyRubber-based8.54.4
Starmark Treat Dispensing Pickle PocketPickle-shaped treat dispensing chew toy that bounces and floatsTreat-dispensing chew toyMaterial undisclosed84.4
ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer  Dog Frisbee  Toy FloatsNylon and rubber-made frisbee with a glow-in-the-Dark featureFrisbeeMultilayer nylon and rubber rims74.4
Outward Hound Floatiez Dog ToyA floating toy with a squeaker shaped in various animalsFloating squeaker toySturdy fabric74.3
16 Best Floating Dog Toys

1. Nerf Dog Felted Foam Stick

Nerf Dog Felted Foam Stick made it to the top spot with the multiple functions it offers! You and your pup can enjoy games of tug and fetch with this toy. Plus, it’s strong enough for moderate chewing, too. Its stick design also makes it an effective and fun toy for training and other games. It’s water and weather-resistant, plus it comes in bright colors, too. 

Take caution though, if your pup is an aggressive chewer. This toy may be sturdy for moderate chewing but not for power chewers. This toy comes in 2 sizes, but the smaller one differs in design. It is missing the tug on both ends. Some pet parents got disappointed with this difference in design. Also, the small size may still be a bit big for small breeds.


  • Multiple uses: chewing, tugging, and fetching
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Weather and water-resistant


  • Not intended for power chewers
  • Smaller version differs in design
  • Small size may still be big for small breeds or puppies

2. KONG – Aqua – Floating Fetch Toy for Water Play

With the success of KONG’s classic treat-dispensing rubber toy, comes the water version, Aqua Floating Fetch Toy. Despite its similarity in design, it differs mainly due to its foam core. This makes the toy float on water. Plus, it has a rope, too. So, it’s easy to throw or retrieve from the water. Its orange color makes it distinct from the other variants. However, they are still equally durable and high-quality. 

Medium or large sizes are available. But you’ll need to be careful with the metal washer inside the toy. It keeps the rope from slipping out but also is a hazard for ingestion in case your dog breaks the toy. Additionally, the nylon rope isn’t durable enough for chewers. Another con is the missing space for treats, unlike the classic version. 


  • Floating version of the classic KONG toy
  • Has a foam interior to make it float
  • With a built-in rope for easy retrieval


  • Has a metal washer inside that may be a hazard to dogs
  • Fraying issues on the nylon rope
  • Not a treat dispenser

3. Ruffwear, Lunker Durable Floating Toy for Dogs

Have a slobber-free game time with Ruffwear’s Lunker Durable Floating Toy for Dogs. This stuffed fabric toy from the famous outdoor dog gear brand has a protective nylon textile and Kernmantle rope for fetching games with your furry pals. Launching the toy is a breeze, so your pooch will have more fun catching or retrieving it from the water. Plus, it comes in fun bright colors. 

The interior of the toy is made of soft yet durable foam. It’s abrasion-resistant in case your dogs get extra excited and play a bit rough. But, like any other floating dog toy, it is not meant for chewing. So, save it for fetch games only. This also makes it less versatile compared to other floating toys on our list. 


  • Made from a soft yet sturdy foam interior
  • Exterior consists of an abrasion-proof nylon fabric 
  • With an attached Kernmantle rope


  • Not for heavy chompers
  • Not a versatile option

4. WEST PAW Zogoflex Rumpus Dog Chew Toy

A floating and a chew toy in one, that’s what WEST PAW offers with their Zogoflex Rumpus Dog Chew Toy. This sturdy chew toy boasts three chew lobes that keep your dog engaged. It’s a fun accessory to bring to your swimming trips because of its bright colors. It will surely delight your pooch when this toy floats on water. 

It’s available in two sizes, small and medium. But, despite the smaller size, it may still be too heavy for puppies and small breeds. Unfortunately, this toy lacks a rope that could have made it easier to throw into the water. Also, even if this toy is tough, your power chewer may still manage to break the toy if left unattended.


  • With 3 chew lobes for your dog
  • Tough floating toy
  • Available in 3 bright neon colors


  • The smaller size may still be too heavy for puppies
  • No built-in rope
  • May still be vulnerable to power chewers if unsupervised

5. Starmark Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy

Play fun fetch games in the water with Starmark Swing ‘n Fling Durafoam Ball Dog Toy. Made from a strong foam material, this bouncy ball offers long-lasting play times. And because it floats, you can bring your fetch game to the beach, lake, or pool. Despite being sturdy, it stays soft and safe for dogs of all ages. It has a built-in rope for enhanced throws and easy retrieval. Plus, it doubles as a rope for tug games, too. 

Even if it’s durable, this toy is not for chewers. Its material is foam and not rubber. So, chewing may break it apart. The nylon rope is not for chewers, too. It tends to fray after some time. Some dogs even manage to detach it. The shrink wrap that protects the rope also doesn’t hold up that long. 


  • Made from a strong foam material and nylon rope
  • Floatable and bouncy ball 
  • With built-in rope for tugging, throwing, or retrieval


  • Foam ball is not for chewers
  • Nylon rope frays over time
  • Shrink wrap protecting the nylon rope is also vulnerable to chewers

6. ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy

Another great addition to your dog’s floating toys is the ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy. This waterproof toy is made from soft but durable EVA foam and rubber materials. It also comes with a knotted non-slip rope handle. Throwing and retrieval of this fetch toy are made easier with this feature. Its bright orange and blue colors make it highly visible in the water. 

Because it has a soft nylon exterior, this fetch toy is gentle on your dog’s mouth, too. Plus, it comes in two sizes! However, this protective nylon fabric can get easily torn by chompers. The seams where the blue and orange parts of the toy meet are weak points. According to some dog owners, this is the first part that comes off. Since it’s meant to be a fetch toy, it is not for chewing. 


  • Made from memory foam or soft durable EVA and rubber
  • With a protective nylon fabric that’s gentle on the dog’s teeth
  • Has a knotted, non-slip rope


  • Nylon fabric exterior can easily get torn apart
  • Weak points on the seams
  • Not for chewing

7. WEST PAW Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy

West Paw did a great job in checking as many boxes with their Zogoflex Qwizl Puzzle Treat Toy. For one, it’s durable enough for power chewers. Second, it floats and bounces. Third, it’s available in eye-catching colors. And most importantly, it dispenses treats! What more could you ask for? It’s a mind-stimulating toy that keeps your pooch busy with the treats inside. Additionally, it’s shaped like a bone, so, it’s easy to grasp. And it comes in a small or large version. 

However, the treat-dispensing design of this toy can be a bit challenging for some dogs. Which is why it is a hit or miss. Some dogs absolutely love it while others aren’t that interested. This toy is also on the pricey end


  • Durable floating toy for aggressive chewers
  • Dispenses treats to keep your dog busy
  • Shaped like a bone for an easy grasp


  • Design can be a bit challenging and some dogs may lose interest
  • A bit expensive

8. Starmark Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket for Dogs

Entice your pup to play by luring them with the Treat-Dispensing Pickle Pocket for Dogs from Starmark. This treat-dispensing toy resembles the shape of a pickle and comes in a neon green color. It has a slit in the middle where you can hide the treats. Aside from stimulating your dog’s mind, it helps clean his teeth too. It doubles as a perfect water fetch toy as it floats and bounces. 

The treat-dispensing feature is great for your pooch, but it’s quite hard to find treats that fit into the slit. Normal kibbles are quite big for the slit. The only treats that are good are those from Starmark which can be pricey. Cleaning can also be a hassle. Plus, this toy is in one size which may be too large for small breeds.  


  • Pickle-shaped toy with a slit for treats
  • Bouncy and floatable
  • Stimulates the mind and helps clean teeth


  • Normal kibbles don’t fit into the slit
  • Treats from Starmark can be costly
  • Difficult to clean

9. ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy Floats

Playing at dusk or night time is not a challenge with ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Frisbee Toy Floats. It is extra visible to your and your pooch, thanks to its glow-in-the-dark feature. This sturdy frisbee keeps its shape because of its multi-layer construction and rubber rims. Your dog will enjoy mid-air catches with this toy since it’s designed to lose altitude slowly. It’s also safe for your pup’s teeth because of its gentle rubber rims. 

But, some reviews pointed out that the rubber rims tend to melt over time. The melted rubber can even stain surfaces. The nylon material of the toy is also not strong enough against aggressive chewers. Lastly, the flight performance of the small version is not comparable to the larger one due to the thick rims. 


  • Low-light visibility with its glow-in-the-dark feature 
  • Designed to lose altitude slowly, perfect for mid-air catch
  • Multi-layer nylon construction and thick rubber rims


  • Melting rubber rims over time
  • Not sturdy enough against chewers
  • The small one varies in flight performance compared to the large one

10. Outward Hound Floatiez Dog Toy

Squeaky toys always bring out a different level of excitement in our pooches. That is why we love the Outward Hound Floatiez Dog Toys! These cute floating toys are shaped like various animals in different bright colors. So, they are easy to spot as they float on water. Most of all, it squeaks making your dog’s swimming activities more fun. 

The only downside is these toys are in one size only. It is also not sturdy enough for chewing. The fabric construction of the toy makes it vulnerable to the powerful jaws of aggressive chewers. 


  • Fun animal-shaped fetch toys
  • Colorful, squeaky, and floatable
  • Made from strong fabric


  • Available in one size only
  • Not sturdy enough for power chewers
  • Made of fabric that is vulnerable to damage from chewing

11. KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy

Another squeaky nylon-covered toy is the Wet Wubba Dog Toy from KONG. This interactive toss-and-tug toy has a tennis ball and squeaker interior. Its four fringes make it even easier for dogs to grab and play. The fabric used for Wet Wubba is neoprene similar to a wet suit. So, it is sturdy enough for water activities. You can choose from various sizes and colors available. 

However, since this toy is not made of rubber, it’s not tough enough for chewers. The neoprene fabric is sturdy for toss-and-tug games but not for long-term chewing. With that said, it may pose a risk of ingestion if you leave your dog unattended with this toy. 


  • Boasts a neoprene or “wetsuit” fabric exterior
  • Contains a tennis ball and a squeaker inside
  • Vibrant colors and various sizes are available


  • Not made from sturdy rubber for chewing
  • Limited use; For tug and fetch games only

12. Kurgo Fetch Toy for Dogs

Double the fun with Kurgo’s Fetch Toy for Dogs pack of two. Stone skippers will love Kurgo’s design as it’s light enough to skid effortlessly on the water. Plus, these stone-shaped floating toys have neon colors so it’s easy to spot on the water. They are easy to clean, too. Just toss them in the dishwasher, then it’s done in no time!

But these toys seem to be too small for large dogs. When you purchase a pack of two, you won’t be able to choose colors and may get the purple one. This color is not too visible when on water. So, your dog may miss it. This toy is also not strong enough for chewers. 


  • Pack of two toys in one purchase
  • Glides flawlessly for stone skipping
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Too small for large breeds
  • The colors of the toy are preselected randomly
  • Not meant for power chewers

13. Dog Squeaky Toys Floating Toys for Interactive Fetch & Play

Got multiple pups at home? You’ll love CoubonTail’s pack of 4 squeaky toys. The interactive fetch-and-play set boasts different shapes. There’s a tire, dumbbell, ball, and a football. Each toy comes with a textured surface so it’s easy for your pup to hold them even when in water. You’ll be able to save on costs since each of your pups will get a toy from this set. 

Aside from the buoyancy, these toys are also durable and bouncy. However, it’s not tough enough for chewing. The interior of the toy is hollow, so it won’t stand a chance against chewers. Some pet parents also shared that the squeaker stops working after some time. And that the toys give off a certain chemical smell of rubber. 


  • 4 toys in one pack
  • Durable, buoyant, and bouncy toys
  • Has textured exteriors for an easy grip


  • The interiors are hollow making it vulnerable to chewers
  • Squeaker is not long-lasting
  • Has a rubber smell

14. Hyper Pet Fetching Dog Toys

Keeping your dog active is made easy with Hyper Pet’s Fetching Dog Toys. Engage your pup in interactive play with 5 unique shapes to choose from. All toys are made from lightweight EVA foam, so it floats on water. Fun shapes include a ball, stick, bone, disc, or lobes. These toys are squishy and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, these toys are only good for fetch games. They are not for chewing or tugging. So, it is not a versatile option for your pooch. The material is also a bit soft and not good for aggressive chewers. Also, the toys are sold separately per design. 


  • 5 unique designs to choose from
  • Made from soft yet sturdy EVA material with a neon color
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces


  • Not versatile function
  • Not meant for power chewers
  • Each of the 5 designs is sold separately

15. Wags & Wiggles Floatable Dog Toys

Wags and Wiggles offer cute little floatable dog toys resembling plush toys. The shapes and designs are random from fruits to animals, and other common household items. They all boast fun bright colors that stand out when floating on water. The toys are made without any sharp edges or areas to make them safe even for puppies. 

Sizes vary according to their design. It features a squeaker too, which adds to the fun. However, it’s only for light chewers. The exterior of the toy is made from fabric which may tear easily with repeated chewing. The stuffing is also a choking or ingestion hazard to your dog. 


  • Cute floating plush toys
  • Random animal or fruit designs
  • No sharp edges or stitching


  • Can easily be ripped by aggressive chewers
  • The stuffing is a choking hazard
  • Squeaker isn’t that durable

16. Dog Frisbee Toy Soft Rubber Disc for Large Dogs

Looking for a frisbee that’s soft enough for your pup’s mouth? Get the Soft Rubber Disc for Large Dogs from IMK9. It boasts a natural fiber material that is gentle on your dog’s mouth and teeth. It flies smoothly too, thanks to its well-design grooves that boost aerodynamics. With a canine’s dichromatic vision, its blue color makes it more visible to dogs. And since it floats, you throw your frisbee into the water.  

But, this product has been receiving mixed reviews on its durability. Although it’s evident that it’s not intended for chewing. Some pet parents mentioned that the toy got damaged just from the teeth marks of their dog as they retrieved the toy. 


  • Gentle to the dog’s teeth due to its soft rubber material
  • Visible to your dog’s dichromatic vision
  • Great aerodynamics from its grooved design


  • Not for power chewers
  • Mixed reviews on its durability

How to Choose the Best Floating Dog Toy 

To get the best floatable dog toys for your furbaby, it’s vital to know what features to look for. So, here are the qualities in choosing the best dog toys for water activities


First and foremost, the dog water toy should float on the water without any issues. It’s best if it stays on the surface so it’s easy for your dog to grasp and retrieve it. Otherwise, it would be unsafe for your dog to dive into the water for the toy. 


You’ll likely throw the toy into the water for your pooch to catch. So, look for toys that are easy to spot even at a distance. If not, the toy will drift away into the lake or beach. 


The best dog toys that float in the water should also be versatile enough for games on the grass or ground. In this way, your dog may still enjoy the toy at the dog park or in your backyard. 


Getting the correct size for your pup is important not just for fun but for safety reasons, too. Small toys may get lodged in the mouths of large breeds. While large toys may be too heavy for small breeds. 


Make sure the materials used for the toys are not toxic to your dog. The material also dictates the buoyancy, durability, and weight of the floating dog toy.


Your furry pal may get extra rough on his toys, so it’s essential to get durable ones. Not only will it help you save money, but also keep your pooch safe from ingestion of broken pieces of the toy. 

Common Questions

Do dogs prefer water fountains?

Because water fountains offer running water, dogs would prefer them. It mimics the natural source of water in the wild, plus, it’s fresher than stagnant ones. It’s safer too because the water is filtered. 

Do dogs need a floating toy?

Yes, dogs will have more fun and motivation during swimming if they have a floating dog ball or toy. Playing a game of fetch will also give them extra physical exercise. According to a study, regular swimming can help improve mobility for dogs with osteoarthritis. 

How to encourage my dog to play in the water?

If your dog is not yet confident in the water, it’s best to stay with them in the pool or the beach. Start in the shallow areas and gradually progress to throwing a bit farther. Gauge your pup’s responses and be consistent with your training.

How long should dogs play in the water?

The ideal length of time dogs should spend playing in the water depends on many factors. One, you should consider the temperature isn’t too cold for them. Second, the age and breed would matter too. Dogs with double coats can stand the cold longer than short-haired ones. 

At what age can dogs play in the water?

Several dog breeds are natural-born swimmers. But that doesn’t mean you’ll toss them right into the water. Please wait until the puppies are around 10 weeks old before introducing them to water. 

Bonding with your furbaby at the beach or in the pool is always better with floating dog toys. Not only will you have more fun, but your pup will get health benefits from the exercise, too. With the tips and advice we shared, you’ll surely find the best dog water toys for your four-legged companion. 

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